Research shows playing action video games improves depth perception

March 25, 2007

Research shows playing action video games improves depth perceptionKids everywhere should rejoice and parents should pay attention because this is going to blow away everything you have believed about video games until now. Whether you are a parent or a kid, you have told or been told that playing video games is bad for your eyesight. A new study says otherwise.

Research that was done at the University of Rochester reports that playing any first person shooter or action based video game for an hour per day increases the ability to perceive objects accurately in cluttered environments and improves depth perception. Those who played video games regularly consistently scored higher than those that didn’t (there are people who don’t play video games, where?).

People who played board games were also compared with those that did and did not play video games. The results were on par with those that didn’t play video games. Board games did nothing to help visual acuity for the purposes of this study.

There is a downside in that too much time in front of a bright display can cause eyestrain and may disrupt the biological clock especially for late night gamers who play games up until the minute they go to bed. Claims are also floating around that some games are psychologically damaging, just don’t call Jack Thompson. I know the story in that link is old but it’s just to showcase how over-the-top the man is. Good luck in the UK, don’t come back.

I just have one question for the University, where did they find people that didn’t play video games or only played them for an hour per day?

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