Halo 2 for Vista contains nudity, goes on sale "as is"

May 25, 2007

Halo 2 for Vista contains nudity, goes on sale "as is" Those of you following the Halo 2 release on Vista will know that it was delayed to give some more development time on the code. During that “development time” it seems that some minor nudity due to an “error” is present in the game.

Retail stores are not supposed to begin selling Halo 2 until May 31st but that isn’t stopping those that have received stock from selling it. According to The Inquirer Microsoft has issued content warning stickers to be placed on the game packages but that doesn’t mean stores have to deploy them.

It has also issued a downloadable update to fix the problem but I look at it this way, why would you want to.

Microsoft is tossing around words like “obscure content error” and no one really knows what that means, spokespeople from Microsoft are not being very forthcoming either but I think it’s just due to a programmer who was having a little fun.

Besides, after that underwhelming “Hot Coffee” mod for GTA, the “nudity” in Halo 2 probably isn’t what all of us are thinking. It’s probably something off in the background that can hardly be noticed, especially if you’re trying to fight off a Covenant horde.

At any rate, those looking to purchase Halo 2 for Vista can either pick it up now and install the patch or live with it “as is.” I have no doubt Microsoft will begin including the patch on all future versions of the game so if you want this “flawed” version with “nudity” get it while you can.

Now it falls on the hacking community to undo the built-in patch on future versions of the game, they will succeed, they always do.

As a side note, if you are looking for a larger image of the thumbnail, you can find it here (warning: music plays) or just view the image here.  We are in no way associated with either site.

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  1. Jonathan:

    It seems there is some confusion, some sites are correcting it and some sites aren’t so before it starts here, I want to clear this up. The image referenced in the article is NOT, I repeat NOT from the game, I would have thought this is obvious but I guess not.

    Do a search for Halo Girl or Cortana human and that’s what you will find. I honesty don’t know how this got started because it’s an anime/manga style drawing, how did that get confused with an in-game image?

    This has nothing to do with the game itself, the image just happened to fit the situation so from all of us here at Blorge.com, we’re sorry for the confusion.

    But it is our group consesus that it’s common sense the image is not from the game, as someone on another site pointed out but many are still missing that point.

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