World of Warcraft fan with cancer gets fund, quest

May 26, 2007

Warcraft fan with cancer gets fund, questLast week 10-year-old Ezra Chatterton helped design a new quest in World of Warcraft. The Make-a-Wish Foundation had arranged a day-long session with Blizzard Entertainment for Ezra, who is fighting metastatic brain cancer. Since then gamers worldwide have emailed their support — and yesterday an online fund was created to help him with his fight.

Ezra’s been facing discomfort, his father told the local paper. But last week’s visit “impacted his health and happiness,” and their limousine ride home from Blizzard Entertainment was one of the few times he’d seen Ezra feeling “contentment and peace.” A second time was yesterday, “as his mother and I read letter after letter from World of Warcraft players and others across the globe who wanted to send their love. ”

The heart-warming story comes from Southern California, where a local reporter is also providing updates on the paper’s blog. “He sat back from his dinner in the bed and just smiled deep from his heart,” Ezra’s father tells them, “as we read him each of your messages.

“You gave him that smile, and I will always be thankful for that.”

Ezra spent 7 hours with Jeff Kaplan, the lead designer on World of Warcraft, to create a new quest for the game (which should appear within four weeks). The quest of the lost dog involves Ahab Wheathoof, an old Tauren rancher. He asks players to find and feed Kyle, a lost dog who is modelled after Ezra’s pet Corgi.

“I just know he’s running around Bloodhoof Village, lost and hungry…” the characters says. “Once he eats he will settle down and come home.”

Kaplan told the newspaper that when designing the quest, “Ezra’s knowledge and enthusiasm really impressed us.. And “To be in a position to grant someone’s wishes directly and immediately was truly special.” But Ezra has also become a celebrity within the game itself. The newspaper reported that Tuesday Ezra stepped back into the world of WoW.

And as his character passed by, other characters would bow and cheer.

Click here for information on Ezra’s fund

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  1. Trötter.:

    [...] Idag är jag jävligt trött. Men jag blev glad ivarjefall när jag hittade lite positiva nyheter. En pojk vid namn Ezra Chatterton har fÃ¥tt vara med och göra en quest till spelet world of warcraft. Det var “Make-a-Wish Foundation” som arrangerade det hela efter en dagslÃ¥ng session med Blizzard. Ezra som kämpar mot hjärn cancer har fÃ¥tt stöd frÃ¥n massor av gamers runt om i världen och för nÃ¥gra dagar sedan startades även en fond online för att hjälpa Ezra. Läs mer om Ezra och hans WoW quest här. [...]

  2. World of Warcraft fan with cancer gets fund, quest - - Saving computers one at a time from their owners:

    [...] Source [...]

  3. Jenn:

    According to the quest, the rancher is in Mulgore, not Outland. I’m happy that Blizzard did this for him, though. Kudos to them, and the Make a wish foundation.

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    And as his character passed by, other characters would bow and cheer.

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