Sony boss outlines PS3 rescue plan

June 22, 2007

Sony boss outlines PS3 rescue plan The PS3 is sitting in third place behind both the XBOX 360 and very popular Nintendo Wii. Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer is not bowing down to defeat and has outlined a plan to save the ailing console. Stringer holds both US and British citizenship but he played that down saying “I am not a foreigner. I am a Sony warrior.”

He may be a Sony warrior but he has quite a bit of work to do. To that end, Sony is preparing to release at least 380 new games for the PS3 but only 145 will be headed to the US, whether any of them are good or not is another story. It wouldn’t make much sense to release a lot of bad games, all Sony needs to do is release a few blockbuster hits, preferably not based on movies.

Currently there are 150 titles available for the PS3, including downloadable content. I can name only one good game on the PS3, Resistance: Fall of Man, if you own a PS3 you had better own that game as it’s really the only one worth owning, in my opinion.

“Attractive game software is the key to accelerate PS3 growth over the next year,” said Stinger at the annual shareholders’ meeting.

Despite those 150 titles and upcoming games, there is still a lack of good games for the PS3 compared to other consoles like the XBOX 360 and Wii which have contributed to the PS3 not being that popular as well as its relatively high price tag.

Sony’s game division still isn’t turning a profit, especially on the hardware side. Most revenue for consoles comes in through the games. Nintendo is able to make a small profit on the Wii itself where both Sony and Microsoft are losing money on the consoles; Microsoft is able to make some of it back in the games and Sony, well, its all in the red.

“All the production problems have been solved. We are making a comeback already,” promised Stringer.

“We always lose money in the hardware initially, and we recover that money gradually, we believe that the PS3 going forward will be vital to our future, and succeed.”

Success is relative, for Sony, its goal should be to start turning a profit in the games division or, at the very least breaking even. As far as this round of the console wars goes, Sony is going to have a tough time clawing back market share from the outrageously successful Wii, though Stringer – the “Sony warrior” – is showing that Sony still has a lot of fight left.

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  1. acid:

    lol resistance is good but motorstorm was and is better…
    this article reeks of crap lol…
    the Wii isn’t in for the long haul, the true contenders are the 360 and the ps3.
    as for saving the ailing console…wow….hasn’t even been out a year yet…..hahaha

    what a joke of journalism this is.

  2. shadonin:

    excite truck for the wii got beter ratings then moterstorm almost everywere so much for PS3 grafixs

  3. Daniel Maitland:

    Blu ray has practically won the format war so the ps3 is doing its job.

  4. WarriorWthn:

    the 360 is gonna die out max 1 year……it looks like it was made only for halo3 and no other game.the hardware is gonna kill it not the software(real chinese quality stuff)

    the wii hype is already starting to chill out

    and in nintendo japan, finally a ps3 title has become no.1 in terms of sales(ninja gaiden)

  5. greatest quote ever:

    Xbox 360 for those gayish fanboys who masturbate reading Microsoft’s and Apple’s articles on PC Mag and Posterize their bathroom walls with posters of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs…..

    PS3 is for true HCG’S (Hard Core Gamers). Hail Ps3 ….

  6. T:

    All you Sony loyalists are so funny. By the way HCG’s don’t play consoles, they play on PC’s which have graphics capabilities that blow any console away. What’s amusing is that many people assumed this gen of consoles would destroy the PC gaming market. How wrong they are!! The game lineup for PC”S (many exclusive to that platform) in the next year is more exciting than all the console line ups combined.

    In regards to the future of the PS3 like the article states they have alot of ground to make up. Sony won’t have a problem yanking monetary support for this system if there is no sign of a turnaround in the nex year (after all its about $$$ for these guys). The game line up for its two rivals is superior b/c of exclusive content for the Wii and cheaper price tag of the 360 and game overlap. Unless the PS3 gets a killer exclusive app in the next 8 months its finished.

  7. ybot:

    You all get so hyped up over these consoles.

    I really couldn’t give one if any of these rich companies were losing money on their consoles. It doesn’t really affect the consumer. They don’t need our worry or our support. They are making so much money on other products and so often treat us like dirt with their controlling of the consoles. I like playing on the damn things- this isn’t ever going to end. There is no end to rich kids who will buy almost every game that comes out and play it sick.

    The same thing happened when the ps2 was released. I didn’t really enjoy mine until a year after it was released. Same with the 360. Now its happening with the ps3.

    However, I agree that the pc is the ultimate gaming platform- at any level of hardware really. There will always be a online game where you can join a clan and have fun to whatever extent.

  8. Jonathan:

    Let’s not confuse winning the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray wars for winning the console war. These are two different issues…

    The PS3 isn’t selling for the console, it’s selling because it’s a Blu-Ray player which is vastly more popular than HD-DVD. That is not the same as winning the console wars for being a console.

    And it’s pretty sad if you’re just buying a PS3 to watch Blu-Ray movies on.

  9. dan:

    actually stand alone hddvd players outsell bluray players. its only because of ps3 forcing bluray on you that it has a bigger share in the market. this however wont always be true. neither format is exactly gone mainstream.
    as for the article it sounds pretty accurate to me. sony have lost touch with what made the ps2 so great ie a wide variety of games at affordable prices. sonys hardcore fanbase arnt big enough to save the ps3 alone they need the audiance they got from things like the eyetoy and the vast library of games on ps2

  10. nick:

    its funny they claiming to release 380 games, theres no mention that more then half of those games are crappy mini games you download off the net. At least the Xbox360 has exclusive content. i still cant find a wii but the first store i go into has a ps3 in stock. I got a 360 and a wii for just about the same price of a ps3 and im lovin it!!

  11. Mojo:

    They need to sack stringer and all their appalling marketing department. Sony really has become the new Microsoft, loathed.

    The PS3 has become a tombstone for Sony’s arrogance.

  12. M$ SUCKS:

    The PS3 is doing just as well or better than the PS2 in the same amount of time. The PS3 is doing better than the 360 in the same amount of time in Europe and Asia.

    All you people saying Sony messed up and isn’t doing well are saying this because they are comparing the Wii to the PS3. How many months will it take PS3 to be out to realize PS3 is not actually competing with the Wii.

    There is not one single person that wanted a PS3 before it came out that went and bought a Wii instead. There is not a large number of people that will buy a Wii over a PS3 if they are a true gamer after this holiday season noting the Wii will be outdated.

    The PS2 went through the same ridicule, and the same internet smacktalk. Articles and articles about it failing etc. Look at it now, boy, look at it now.

  13. Adrian Firmin:

    I have a PS3 and a wii… I haven’t touched the wii since I bought the ps3… it’s just another typical nintendo product aimed at children.

    I know it’s not PS3 exclusive but Oblivion is awesome… and lets not forget the upcoming MGS4… that will make the microsoft fanboys cry.

  14. Mojo:

    The gaming market has grown over 130% since the PS2 , making the PS3 figures NOT comparable to the PS2 start-up figures.

    Also if some people here want to believe the Wii is so vastly different, and it’s not really for gamers at all, go right ahead.

    9 out of 10 PS2 buyer’s are your typical {Wii-type} user, without these “casual” players, the PS3 future will be niche, and unsustainable.

  15. Mike Tyrell:

    what ps3 needs is games with easy codes to break and pirate and lots of porn HD 10 diffrent views
    or how else are they going to sell this thing

  16. Xbox360/Wii good but.....:

    “The PS3 isn’t selling for the console, it’s selling because it’s a Blu-Ray player which is vastly more popular than HD-DVD. That is not the same as winning the console wars for being a console.”

    This was what people were saying about the PS2 if I recall, that ppl baught it coz it was also a DVD player:-
    DVD owned VHS
    PS2 owned the Dreamcast/Game Cube/Xbox.

    So maybe winning the Disc format war goes hand-in-hand with winning the console war. Many parents out there who no jack shite about gaming will go for the PS3 coz of the extra bells & whistles (mainly Blu-Ray).

    Same will probably happen again, ppl buying these HDTV sets will be persuaded they need a Hi Def player, and you can bet the commission hungry sales reps will recommend the highly priced PS3 ;)

    Another plus for PS3 will be the ‘hdmi 1.3′ ppl will need for the new generation of 1080p/24fps/120Hz tv’s that are coming out later this year – (10.2 Gbits bandwidth for 48-bit Deep Color/TrueHD and DTS-HDlossless audio). I have heard much on AVforums about the beauty of Blu-Ray @ 1080p 24fps :)

    Cant wait!

  17. Xbox360/Wii good but.....:

    I forgot to add that the wii though fun for about 10 minutes is pretty crap really and the Wiimote and nunchuck thingy have already been done to death!

    At the end of the day the only ‘revolutionary’
    aspect of the Wii is its peripherals – the console itself is no advance on the Gamecube???

    The Wii’s a rip off really, just like the DS lite & the backward N64 which used Cartidges instead of CDrom.

    What peevs me the most is this backwarard piece of shite (wii) is damaging the Xbox360 and the PS3 which both MS and Sony have worked really hard to create.

    I wish Sega survived & Nintendo died!!!

  18. Matt:

    Nintendo will survive because it has a large fanbase of people like me who have been playing their games since we were old enough to pick up a controller.

  19. Kurt:

    Nintendo will survive until Miyamoto retires :)) Then they’re f__ked.

    To be fair to Sony I think they really pushed the boat out this time with the ps3 by daring to use cutting edge technology like the Cell processor, hdmi 1.3 and of course Blu-Ray. I think it will do well despite the criticism it has recieved so far because it simply is the most advanced console on the market.

    Looks like all the people who hate Sony may get their wish eventually though as I fear with crazy Ken Kuteragi gone (his head went 7 years ago) the Playstation brand will be nucked after ps3.

    Maybe Panasonic will save our asses and have another go, the Neo Geo was a brilliant effort.

  20. fallen:

    I read your another article yesterday. It was all about how you don’t understand why people like Wii so much while PS3 is the real console.

    On this article, however, you say PS3 has only one good game.

    So in your opinion PS3 is the best console but you should play only one game on it?

    Looks like you just addicted to that game and you don’t give a damn about anything else.

  21. badblorge:

    LOL! Well spotted fallen.

    G.B chalks up another F grade reporting effort.

    Still no mention of a price cut in that article, Sony really dont know the consumer all that well do they. Sack the PS3 marketing department and pass the savings on to the consumer.

  22. EdwardOCallaghan:

    How about Sony open up the damm RSX to Linux and sell it pre installed as a home computer as well !?


  23. ps3 owner:

    Only one game worth buying (RFOM)? This guy is IDIOTT!!!!!!

  24. ps3 4 life:

    ps3 will own xbox and wii. the wii is not a true console and will slowly die out and the xbox. doesnt have any where near the fanbase of playstation there are millions of people with ps still out there do you honestly think there are going to buy an xbox they may by a wii because of the price in the end ps3 will win

  25. sam miles:

    uncharted: drakes fortune,motorstorm warhawk.
    All excellent games exclusive to ps3. in 2008
    there will be MGS4, killzone 2, haze, gran turismo 5 the next final fantasy and many more. so your obviously wrong about resistance being the only good ps3 game

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