How to tell if your Xbox 360 will break

August 3, 2007

How to tell if your Xbox 360 will breakIn reality there’s no 100% sure way to tell if you’re Xbox 360 is going to break, but you can find out if you’re machine is one of the consoles likely to go sour.

Here’s how it breaks down: In response to a staggering rate of failure for the 360, Microsoft decided to fix the heat sink issue with its console. The earlier Xbox 360s tend to lack the new heat sink, and the older Xbox 360s tend to have the new heat sink.

If you’re console doesn’t have the new heat sink, there’s a good chance you’re going to witness the red ring of death soon, but, if you’re curious as to whether your 360 has the new heat sink, has the deets on how to tell without voiding your warranty:

1. Stand your Xbox 360 vertically and turn it upside down.

2. Take a digital camera with the flash turned on and, as Ben Heck says, “Stick your camera up in that hole…” Your camera should focus around the holes in the grate.

How to tell if your Xbox 360 will break

3. Check the picture. If you can see straight through to the side of your DVD drive, than you’re Xbox doesn’t have the new heat sink. If you can’t see your DVD drive, than you’ve got the new heat sink and your machine probably won’t break.

Unfortunately for Ben Heck, his 360 doesn’t have the new heat sink, as you can see below.

How to tell if your Xbox 360 will break

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how to fix this issue, but at least you’ll know if your Xbox 360 will take a trip back to Microsoft HQ.

19 Responses to “How to tell if your Xbox 360 will break”

  1. me:

    is there a picture of an xbox that HAS the right heatsink? the article doesn’t show what it should look like.

    brurry pic’s about the inside of an xbox make me shiver ;)

  2. Danny Mendez:

    Basically, it should look nothing like it does in the step 3 pic.

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  4. candle:

    LOL, comedy gold from Microsoft…n00bs

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  6. Fred:

    There’s a far simpler way to tell if your Xbox 360 will break. If you bought one, it will break. This is simply the reverse of the time-honored “You break it, you bought it.” … “You bought it, you break it.”

  7. jaime:

    Sadly True Fred… :(

  8. Pcbm102:

    Ive had my 360 since launch and havent had a problem with it!

  9. Bloxio:

    Same here! People whine to no end about how their 360s are breaking. Just give the thing some room to breath. Don’t put it in some cramped entertainment center and close the door and you’ll be just fine. sheesh… -_-

  10. Pissed:

    Bloxio: Dumbass know-it-all…

  11. hulkster:

    bloxio – dont be retarded. the official percentage rate of failure for the 10 million xbox 360′s is 30%. thats 3 million xbox owners have had problems…that doesnt count multiple consoles sent back for repair however. i keep my xbox 360 AND power supply out in the open with a floor fan blowing on them to keep them cool. i never move it while its running, etc. yet 8 months after owning it…red ring of death. its crappy architechture. just count yourself lucky that yours hasnt broken and shut up.

  12. Minimoose:

    Well, I’ve been an unfortunate one. I had my 360 from launch until about a year later. -Blam- it got the RRoD before the name was even famous. I was like “…….great.” So I was one of the “less than 1% of launch customers” (according to MS) that got a defective console. I sent it in, they sent me it back with a note saying “Your console was beyond repair, it is now being used for testing and study. We have replaced your console with a totally new one.” So I thought YAY!!

    About a week ago I was playing Guitar Hero II and it froze, this has happened before. Well I restarted it, guess what happened?! DOH! That’s two consoles down. I’m not complaining, i’m just saying it hurts my heart….ahaha. AND IT HAPPENED some 3 weeks before Halo 3…..I hope to god I get it back in time.

  13. Mark:

    Havn’t microsoft stated ALL 360′s manufacturerd to date WILL fail?

    I don’t think the additional heatsink fixes things fully. I ahve mates who have had the new heatsink, and their have since failed also.

    Perhaps the 65nm Falcons will finally fix the horrendous relaibility issues with the 360.

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  16. Connor:

    crap, my picture looks the same i guess im gonna have to buy a new 360 with my Christmas money.

    *sigh* I ripped my warranty sticker off

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  18. james:

    well i gt the newish xbox 360 arcade dose that have the heat sink plz replay 2

  19. james:

    well i gt the newish xbox 360 arcade dose that have the heat sink

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