Wii wins because Microsoft and Sony can’t explain Xbox360/PS3 benefits

August 9, 2007

Wii wins because Microsoft and Sony can't explain Xbox360/PS3 benefits It seems that many gamers out there either don’t know or don’t care about the capabilities of their Xbox 360 or PS3.  Some Xbox 360 users were clueless about its HD capabilities and some PS3 owners didn’t know/care that the PS3 had a Blu-Ray drive.  Perhaps that is the reason for Nintendo winning the console war.

A study released by the NPD Group says that only 40% of PS3 users polled knew it had a Blu-Ray drive and only 50% of those have actually made use of the feature.  To compare with the Xbox 360, it would have had to gather data about the Xbox 360’s add-on HD-DVD drive but did not because that is not a standard feature.

Only 30% of Xbox 360 users were aware of the HD capabilities of the machine.  I’d bet even money that a majority of those 30% had an HDTV.  Why do you think Microsoft is building HDMI ports into the new units?  (There are quite a few clueless users out there.)

Sadly, the study pretty much proves the point that many people don’t know or don’t care about HD technologies which is perhaps the lowly Wii is winning the console war, of sorts, it still hasn’t overtaken the Xbox 360 in deployed units but the last time I checked it was very close.

Perhaps it’s because that Microsoft and Sony are having just a bit of trouble explaining the advantages of their consoles.  Of course, I know what 1080p means but I’m left wondering what goes through the mind of an “average” person.  That leaves the question of not knowing about the Blu-Ray drive on the PS3, I don’t know how you could really explain that any better.

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