Wii wins because Microsoft and Sony can’t explain Xbox360/PS3 benefits

August 9, 2007

Wii wins because Microsoft and Sony can't explain Xbox360/PS3 benefits It seems that many gamers out there either don’t know or don’t care about the capabilities of their Xbox 360 or PS3.  Some Xbox 360 users were clueless about its HD capabilities and some PS3 owners didn’t know/care that the PS3 had a Blu-Ray drive.  Perhaps that is the reason for Nintendo winning the console war.

A study released by the NPD Group says that only 40% of PS3 users polled knew it had a Blu-Ray drive and only 50% of those have actually made use of the feature.  To compare with the Xbox 360, it would have had to gather data about the Xbox 360′s add-on HD-DVD drive but did not because that is not a standard feature.

Only 30% of Xbox 360 users were aware of the HD capabilities of the machine.  I’d bet even money that a majority of those 30% had an HDTV.  Why do you think Microsoft is building HDMI ports into the new units?  (There are quite a few clueless users out there.)

Sadly, the study pretty much proves the point that many people don’t know or don’t care about HD technologies which is perhaps the lowly Wii is winning the console war, of sorts, it still hasn’t overtaken the Xbox 360 in deployed units but the last time I checked it was very close.

Perhaps it’s because that Microsoft and Sony are having just a bit of trouble explaining the advantages of their consoles.  Of course, I know what 1080p means but I’m left wondering what goes through the mind of an “average” person.  That leaves the question of not knowing about the Blu-Ray drive on the PS3, I don’t know how you could really explain that any better.

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  1. Matt:

    With the number of people who don’t know about the bluray on their PS3, I wonder how many people know about the Wii’s motion control or the DS’s 2 screens. You never know!

    Spending $50 on anything you don’t know about is terrible, but spending up to $600 is insane; flat out insane!

    That being said, I can understand not caring about all the features of your purchase, but know about the core features that make it different from other things that are almost the same.

    Not caring, ok. If I had a PS3, it wouldn’t be hooked up the the HD TV, because someone is always watching it, so I’d never play bluray movies on it. Or the 360 has the nifty feature that lets you play songs while you play a game, so long as you put them on the hard drive, or something I’ve been doing with CDs for years, anyway.

    But if you don’t KNOW your PS3 has bluray, or your 360 can play in HD, I have to wonder if you know if your last car came with tires, because that’s pushed a whole lot less than bluray on PS3.

  2. John:

    Matt = totally right. 100 % true and I could not have said it any better. Somehow though, I don’t know if I believe this study. I see how it could be very flawed. For instance, let’s say a dad buys his family (let’s say they’re a girl and a guy) an Xbox 360 for Christmas. The girl hardly uses the system and the boy worships it. Well the girl gets polled one day because she is “an Xbox 360 owner” and guess what? She doesn’t have a clue what the system does because she doesn’t play it. I know this is stereotypical but stereotypes are created for a reason. I am just giving a very possible scenario that would totally skew the data. You need to consider polls like this very carefully and only take them with a grain of salt.

  3. Laura:

    I don’t know why some of you can’t figure it out.

    Fact is, HD is still in its infancy. Barely 17% of US homes have HDTV’s (28% according to the trade group). And most of the people that have them, use them to watch sporting events and HD movies and HD content on cable.

    Therefore, most people still own CTR tv’s. Thus it makes little difference to them if the Xbox 360 or PS3 have HD capabilities or not.

    And unlike what Mr. dufus Schlaffer said, it has more to do more with people being practical and not because of stupidity. Like 1up.com said, SD content looks like shit on any HD. And since most of the media content out there in the world is created for standard definition, most people aren’t in any hurry to jump in to the HD bandwaggon yet. Besides, not everybody is a techie-nerd who owns HDTV because their job demands that they own one… right, Schlaffer? ;)

  4. The Future of Sega:

    Comment deleted by admin for use of unacceptable profanity.

  5. Z101:

    Wii wins because nobody cares about the blu-ray or the xbox360 hd. If i want to see hd-films I use an standalone player because it use a fraction of electricity power and is much quieter (do someone really view films with the extreme loud xbox360?).

    The most people don’t need bombastic graphic, they want only good games. And the Wii has as much good games or more than the xbox or ps3.

    The study don’t say that the Wii wins because the people dont’t know about the hd-features of the other consoles, it only says that the people don’t care about this features.

  6. latinoheat300:

    Zfuck101 – look at the sales figures!
    Wii rules!

  7. Luke:

    As I’ve said: historically the console with the best graphics has never won the console war. The masses of people don’t pay near the amount of attention to this stuff as you do.

    Do you think the majority of consoles sold go to game nerds (idiots who call themselves hardcore)? No, the majority of consoles are sold to parents of kids. The richer the parents, the more they pay. People are broke right now.

    I’m glad to see that you’ve finally accepted that the Wii has won. Move on with your life. Don’t get too mad about it. There are real problems in this world. Want to hear about one?

    Chiquita Banana sponsors terrorism (true).

    If you gotta hate, hate on somebody who actually deserves it.

  8. Josh:

    Wii is winning cause its cheap. i gurantee is xbox or ps3 are the same price as the wii they would be winning. everyone knows playstation! not many people i know know wii at all, especially adults.

  9. Rudeboy Stu:

    I think that’s what you get for overstuffing the PS3 and making it ‘future-proof’. I’ve got loads of functions on my mobile phone that I don’t use… the reason? I don’t need them. Wii all the way baby, yeah!

  10. raindog469:

    My parents have an HDTV because they wanted a bigger set that wasn’t too heavy to move, and all the LCDs are HD now. They still have standard cable and a standard DVD player and they don’t care.

    I’m thinking people like them are most of the country, and some of those people eventually want to buy a video game. Why would they care about Gears of War in HD (or Gears of War in the first place), or Blu-ray movies? There’s the negative keeping them away from the 360 and PS3. On the other hand, everyone had a blast playing Wii Sports bowling when I had it over there after xmas, so there you go.

    The people who express surprise at the Wii outselling the PS3 and 360 tend to be people who just can’t believe everyone buying a game system wasn’t already a gamer…. and apparently, a home-theater nerd.

  11. Mojo:

    The PS3 has Blu-ray, apparently after buying your
    future proof console and acquiring a £3000 1080p screen, and some overpriced vintage blu rays, you can then play some choppy 2 year old ports at full cost.

    Benefits indeed….

  12. Jonathan:

    raindog, Gears of War is a great game and looks awesome in HD, why wouldn’t someone want to play it like that would be my question, otherwise it’s just a shade of its capable HD goodness.

    About the only game worth owning on the PS3 (IMO) is Fall of Man and of course, the PS3 the same price as some competing Blu-Ray players, you get a console, you get a hard drive and you get a Blu-Ray player, add TiVo functionality and I’d probably buy a PS3.

    Wii Sports is more of a group game… it’s not very much fun solo and a majority of my time is spent solo gaming or online multiplayer…

    Also, 1080p displays don’t cost £3000, let’s try £749 for a 46″ 1080p display.

    Why would I play two year old ports of a game?

  13. nairB:

    You fools. Wii has not won yet. Sure, Nintendo make great games, but it is a fad, affordable to the masses. Millions upon millions of PS1 and PS2 owners did not just disappear. As soon as they decide to upgrade (with PS3 price drops), PS3 will quickly begin to dominate. As for nobody caring about HD, then why would 90% of the TVs on display at Best Buy be HD. They may not care, but they’ll be forced to upgrade

  14. Jonathan:

    No, it hasn’t won, but it is catching up, I’m not trying to defend the Wii but it’s hard to ignore the numbers at this point. I just hope you are right, nairB, I really do.

  15. Brent:

    Has anyone considered the fact that there are 100+ million ps2 systems in the world and that they keep selling thousands every week. I can almost bet that alot of the people that own these ps2 systems will eventually migrate to a new system once they feel the time is right. If you go into a large electronic store you can barely find a TV that isn’t HD. People will need to replace their TVs and will want to replace their ps2 as well. Odds are these people will upgrade to a ps3, espically when the price comes down more.

  16. Tony Todd:

    Just because a ton of people own PS1 and PS2 doesn’t mean they’ll upgrade to PS3. Afterall, many many people had NES and SNES, and all of them sure as heck didn’t upgrade to N64 and Gamecube.

    Bottomline, back in the day Sony got the mass market right over Nintendo by using CD and DVD rom. Today, Nintendo has the mass market right over Sony by not shoving HD and a $600 console down the consumers throat.

  17. Brent:

    Alot of people had NES and SNES and didn’t upgrade to N64 and Gamecube because better systems came out that had better storage capacity and the ability to show better graphics. I also hardly call selling a console with all these features at a loss of $200+ per console, shoving it down consumers throat. Wii is a gimic system and there are a number of Wii owners I talked to who are starting to agree. There is only so much you can do with its limited hardware and motion sensitive remote control. HD is where things are heading not gimicy graphics that could of been product on the last generation hardware.

  18. Angelina:

    Just shut up. Repeating yourself over and over removes all effectiveness of your arguments.

  19. a:

    For everyone “know-it-all” who is obsessed with “knowing” that their counsole will win…

    Okay, when has this turned into some type of political debate?

    There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, but in most of the articles I have read on this site, it seems like a World War III is about to break out. I certainly care which console wins, but I don’t call people stupid or use language just because I want people to think that my theory is actually a fact. A THEORY IS A THEORY, NOT A FACT. (For instance, maybe we should avoid “PS3 WILL quickly begin to dominate” and such. THERE’S NO NEED TO CURSE OTHER PEOPLE FOR THINKING THAT THEY ARE CORRECT. And why debate just because one person likes a counsole more than another counsole? There’s nothing wrong with saying why you think so, but maybe people are trying to get other people to like what they like instead of trying to be lineant. Hey, I wanted XBox 360 to win, until I continued reading and trying out the Wii, then I changed my mind. Why not allow people to like what they like and maybe try it yourself? If you like it, great! If not, don’t think that people are stupid for liking the thing you hate–avoid overemphasizing your point!

    Which brings me to my next point. Headlines…especially this one. “Wii wins because Microsoft and Sony can’t explain Xbox360/PS3 benefits.” Jonathan, forgive me for this, but HOW DO YOU KNOW? What Microsoft and Sony can’t explain, Best Buy, Fred Meyer, websites, etc. can explain. (Have you bothered to notice the stores that let you try out the counsoles?) You should have a headline like “Is the Wii winning because Microsoft and Sony possibly can’t explain Xbox360/PS3 benefits?”

    People, people, people, let’s just give our opinions and try to be nice about it. Curse me if you will for being honest, but I think that we could do better on sharing opinions. Save the Second Civil War for a better purpose.

  20. Flypaper:

    I honestly think that the Wii has carved itself a perfect niche in the gaming world. No it doesn’t have the best graphics. But what it does have going for it is its unique control scheme, family-friendly content, and an unbeatable price point.

    Gamers, both hardcore and otherwise, will be interested simply because it provides a new experience. Families will be intersted because it’s a safe alternative for young gamers (ie. friendly characters) and its a way parents can access and participate with their children regardless of how often they game or how sophisticated they are. Finally price conscious consumers (and believe me, there are a lot of them out there) will be interested because it provides a great entry-level price for a modern video game system.

    So Nintendo may have created the ‘perfect storm’ for sales, and I believe the numbers to date are supporting that statement. Of course, it’s inevitable, that those sales figures cannot maintain their current pace indefinitely. Common sense tells us as the market becomes more saturated, sales figures will slow. But in the end, it’s my believe that the Will will reign dominant.

    The Wii will become both the ideal economically sound choice, and the perfect “me too” system. As a gamer who’s been playing home games since the old pong and Atari 2600 days, I know, because I’ve already got my Wii. I also have an HDTV capable set, and soon I will be picking up my Xbox 360. And if enough people think that way, Nintendo will win by default.

    Kudos to Nintendo. They’re a smart, shrewd company that did their homework and pretty much checkmated the competition after being counted out for over a decade.

  21. Brent:

    Well put, I agree totally.

  22. Laura:

    “Wii is a gimic system…HD is where things are heading not gimicy graphics”

    What a dumbass comment that guy made. Broken English and all.

    You even dare to mention gimmicky graphics? Damn fool. That’s exactly what the PS3 and Xbox 360 offer. Do you even know what a gimmick is?

    In marketing language, a gimmick is a unique or quirky special feature that makes something “stand out” from its contemporaries.

    The PS3 and Xbox 360 offer gimmicky graphics as a way to lure techie-nerds like Jonathan. The Wii does a similar thing with the Wii remote. Only that in that case, Jonathan uses the wiimote to pleasure himself.

    So far the Wii does a better job at convincing consumers with it’s “gimmick”. Hell, it already has sold 10.10 million units thanks to it. And all that in less than 10 months.

    What does that tell you? It tells you that REAL GAMERS like to experience new ways of PLAYING their videogames. Instead of WATCHING HD graphics. And that’s why the Wii rox and the others sux. Yeah, it’s that simple.

    And the Wii’s sales will only continue to shoot up for the rest of the year with the release of Metroid Prime 3, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles (RE4 Wii Edition already sold nearly 400.000 units since June), No More Heroes and if Rockstar gets it together, even Manhunt 2.

    And yeah, Best Buy is trying to sale HDTV’s because that’s what they need to sale in order to remain relevant. It would make no sense for them to push CTR tv’s. However, that doesn’t mean shit because the great majority of people still don’t own HDTV’s and thus don’t care for HD content. And they wont care until HDTVs cost as much as a regular CTR tv. :)

  23. Tony:

    WAIT A MINUTE! The Wii Has a motion sensing controller?!?!? I’ve had one for months now and i didn’t even know till i read this! Coooooool! (runs to go play Wii)

  24. Rebma Boss:

    No problem in not knowing that, Tony. If you seriously didn’t know, that is one of the reasons that the Wii is selling a lot. It gets people involved! ;) :)

  25. janus:

    OMG. I read half of these posts and just laugh. Some of you are just fanboys or talking out of the side of your neck and dont really know what is going on now do you?

    The facts are rather plain and simple. By 2009 all TVs must have an HD signal. What people dont know now they will buy this time if theey are in the market to buy a TV.

    HD, Laserdisk, DVD. I wasn’t the first to have any of those. In fact I waited on the sidelines until I was ready. There are many like me. not to mention we just came out of a housing boom and a slowing market. Disposable cash is being spent on making the mortgage.

    But on to the poll. Poll this poll that. Show us the questions, the demographics, the stats, and what program was used for analysis. Was there a significant difference or is this an inference? What group/demographic had a significant difference? Was it all of them? Blacks v. whites v. non-white….what about SES….what about geographic location, income, etc. What did you do take one small statistic and spin to make this stupid article?

    Ok…now let me get on the Wii. This is a trend item. There have been many like and there always will be. This is not a legacy system. What don’t you get about that? The systems graphics capabilities limit this thing. 1-2 years out you’ll see this. Just remember my post. Its not a lasting system no matter how many games you make for it. The content is already graphically limited when compared to the PS3 or 360. They may have a good Christmas but its not a lasting trend.

    Ok so about the 360 and PS3. PS3 wins outright. BD sales prove it. And if you decide to point me to some article on the net, first and foremost do your research. I’m not passionate about either of these systems but I’ll tell you this:

    1. XBOX 360′s defect ratio is high. Not high but high like Bob Marley high. Sending replacements that have had parts added on to your clients while at the same time admitting that the console had a design problem doesn’t make sense fundamentally to retaining users long term. Hence the extended warranty and price drop.

    2. PS3 doesnt fair much better when you have multiple price points and confuse consumers. Honestly it may be a “supercomputer” but I’m personally tired of hearing that one. I heard that with the PS2.

    3. Both play HD games. 1 plays HD movies without an add on. If you think this doesn’t matter you’re foolish. Americans like convenience even if we have to pay a bit more for it. How many people eat fast food…please raise your hands? How many have bought something at 7-11…How mmany have bought that oversized box of cereal, chips, whatever it may be cause it had more….etc, etc.

    4. Disney – the unseen factor. Disney movies are on Blu-Ray only. So…exclude the Wii…no Hi Def. The 360…HDDVD so it gets no Disney. Oh but wait…PS3 does. So now you can see why this is a legacy system. It will allow your kids to watch Disney while theey are young, lets your teens play games, and lets you watch HD movies. When the young ones get older they play games and the older ones movies. And just to throw it up a notch add in a keyboard and mouse with webcam and you have the Internet…

    The move for the PS3 is so enormous it will tajke some time but when it builds up its pace it will be hard to stop. Think about a sports car Wii…fast from the start…360…a sports truck….and PS3 and Big Rig…cause thhat’s what it is. A Big Rig. It can “carry” more and when all of the cylindeers are firing and the thing is moving, the truck and sports car dont really stand a chance. You’ll see the momentum shortly.

    BTW look at your sales figures. PS3 has millions sold worldwide as does Wii. Look at the 360 numbers and you’ll see the stats commonly referred to are U.S. only. What company has or had a stake in media??

  26. Rebma Boss:

    Ok, janus, explain the PS2. IT’S STILL SELLING! And there’s no way that it has the best High-def capabilities. But it’s fun!

  27. Flypaper:

    Further to my arguement, history has proven that superior technology doesn’t necessarily win out.

    Recall the Atari 2600, which dominated the field in the late 70′s and early 80′s despite both the Intellivision and Colecovision consoles being both technologically superior.

    Remember the old VHS vs. Beta format war? Beta was a better technology, eventually being adopted as the defacto tape standard for professional broadcast television, while VHS, an inferior technology in many ways, went on to sweep the consumer video recording industry.

    Microsoft Windows has been proven many times to be technically inferior and infinitely more unstable OS than both Linux or Mac’s OS. Yet who has taken the lion’s share of the market?

    Is there any question of who’s technology was superior – Sony or Nintendo’s – when the PSOne went head to head against the N64? No, because Nintendo’s graphics chipsets had been developed by Silicon Graphics (Hollywoods CGI sweetheart for years) with built-in mip mapping and z-buffering. Yet Sony’s cheaper, less advanced machine annhialated the competition.

    Finally, there’s the example of the PSP versus the Nintendo DS. The PSP is a superior technology hands down. Bigger screen, faster chipset, larger storage capacity, multimedia capable – yet it’s getting blasted by Nintendo’s DS. An inferior device.

    It’s time for many people to realize that technological superiority does not necessarily guarantee success. History’s technological graveyard is littered with examples of technology that was supposed to be superior and was, yet didn’t catch fire in the market. This trend will continue as long as products are manufactured.

    Why? Because the degree to how advanced a piece of equipment or format is is not the only deciding factor in success. There are economic and social reasons at play, which, arguably hold more influence.

    Now, I will concede that, yes, HDTV is the future and over time, the general trend toward higher definition pictures will push the television, film and video game industries in that direction. Faster, more powerful systems are inevitable, and consumers will have to follow.

    But with the Wii, Nintendo has not only guaranteed it’s consoles mass appeal, but it has also bought itself a smaller development cycle. Microsoft and Sony HAVE to make money off this generation. They’ve sunk billions of dollars into development of their current consoles, and actually have to turn a PROFIT from them before they can think about the next generation. If they don’t, they’re out of the game. Period.

    Nintendo, on the other hand, is already making profits from the Wii, and can develop TWO consoles within the same time frame – the Wii and its follow-up – and conceivably take a leapfrog ahead of the others in that time frame. That’s genius. And no, I don’t have any worry about backward compatibility with the Wii. If Nintendo has proven anything, it’s that they can pack in successful emulators to keep old games (and past consoles) relevant. Something Microsoft and Sony seem to have had problems with.

    So let’s keep history in mind when talking about format wars. There are some big companies who have been humbled by forces other than technological superiority.

  28. Tony:

    Dear Janus…
    The FCC is requiring all TV’s to be digital by 2009 (as you know) and will sell this spectrum to the highest bidding company. (I hope google wins this and not the cell phone companies, but that’s a different story)

    By this time (2009) Nintendo will release the WiiHD that will play regular Wii games and will also play Wii HD games for an equal or lesser price. How can they do this you might ask? Easy, The old Wiis will automatically run WiiHD games at a 480i or 480P resolutions (as it currently does), but if you own a WiiHD and pop in a Wii HD game, you will have the option of playing at 1080P picture quality. By now, (2009) HD technology will be cheap, and game development will also be cheap… but PS3 user will be trapped with the same old boring machine with a controller that does not even rumble… and plays blu-ray which went obsolete along with the HD-DVD back in 2009 when people started renting/buying movies by download since the quality of these will be equal or better then Blu-ray or HD-DVDs…

    Sony plans to have this machine in the market for 10 years? 10 years ago (1997) I game with cutting edge graphics was released for the PS1 called FF7… Now, that game looks like crap… I think (and hope for Sony’s sake) that they don’t keep the PS3 in the market for 10 years without releasing a new console. Cause if what PS3 people want is awesome graphics, the games they play now are going to look like crap by then, and Nintendo and Microsoft will have new shiny consoles every 4 to 5 years… (or even 3 years if Nintendo releases the WiiHD by 2009)

    And by the way… I have a 42” 1080P capable TV with surround sound system that supports Dolby Digital DTS and THX… and Wii games look, and sound just fine.. The only thing the Wii does need in my opinion is more Anti-aliasing.

  29. Sean A. Rhodes:

    I didn’t read all the responses. But as concerning the article, I do agree that are some people out there who probably don’t care about the PS3′s Blu-Ray or the XBOX360′s HD compatibilities, but to be honest, I find it hard to believe that there are that many millions of people who don’t know. Sony used the Blu-Ray player in the PS3 to market it, after all. Just as Microsoft marketed the HD Compatibilities of the 360. If someone really didn’t know about them, it would most likely be because they didn’t pay attention to the advertising.

    Historically, though, the most powerful console usually doesn’t win, though. Look at the Game Gear vs. the Gameboy. The N64 vs. the Playstation. Even in the last generation it held true. The PS2 was the weakest of the three systems and look how many units it sold! The PSP vs. the DS is following in the same footsteps.

    In this sense it’s no surprise that the Nintendo Wii is winning, but you still have to consider why the Wii is ahead. For one, not everyone has $600 to just plop down on a PS3. You don’t have to be “rich”, but it means you’ll have to set money aside. With the Wii you won’t have to set as much. As the PS3′s price drops I’m sure you’ll start to see its sales increase. Usually after a price drop a consoles sales increase. When the 60GB PS3′s dropped to $500, sales went up.

    Will the Wii remain on its high horse, though? Well, we can only wait and see, ya know? It’s a little too early to say the Wii has won. Most consoles need a year or two to find their footing. This is because the console is still fairly new to developers as well. They don’t know what the Wii is capable of and they don’t know what the PS3 is capable of.

    At the same time, however, you do need to keep in mind that there are some gamers out there who really don’t care about HD technology. In the past, gamers have been more typically attracted to what they find to be fun. You’ve got games out there that are pretty but aren’t fun to play (Dawn of Mana, for example). You’ve games out there that ARE pretty and fun to play (Gears of War, for example). What I’m saying is that gamers want to have fun above all else. Most gamers are going to stick with a game because it’s fun, not because it’s pretty or graphically impressive. Certainly Halo 2 was a graphically great game, but do you think it continues to be popular because it’s pretty for the original XBOX? Certainly not.

    Then again, gaming is also a visual experience as well. Your game doesn’t have to be pretty to sell, but it can certainly give it a boost. Visuals, whether gamers care to believe it or not, are important.

  30. Lee N.:

    I agree with this, I didn’t realize even that xbox 360 gave the option for ripping cds to it. If I had known that I’d think harder about getting one.

    My second point is that they need better marketing. For example the ps3 ad campaign showed abstract images of dolls with fire in its eyes, WHAT?

    Maybe they should have made a commercial that said, hey you can play HD movies, video games, rip music etc etc.
    Meaning, explain why exactly you should spend 600 bucks on a box.

    The wii is a no brainer, worse case scenario you spend 250 and the only good game is wii sports, no biggie.

    But, say you buy a ps3, it plays games but what else. If it sucks your out hundreds of dollars.

    Not to mention the christmas factor. You can buy a wii with games and extra controllers so the whole family can play, or blow all the christmas money on a suped up ps2 so one kid can play it and hog your tv all day.

    I think it comes down to the fact that ps3 is for the hardcore gamers, how many hardcore gamers are there compared to the casual gamers and the people curious about playing tennis in their living room. Add the price point into it and yeah, you’ll have millions of people giving it a try.

  31. Lee N.:


    August 10th, 2007

    “Wii is a gimic system…HD is where things are heading not gimicy graphics”


    a. A device employed ……
    b. An innovative or unusual mechanical contrivance; a gadget.


  32. Mojo:

    Say the first thing that comes into your head:

    Blu-ray – cold indifference
    Blu-ray – cold indifference
    Blu-ray – cold indifference

    Motion controlled sports – unrelenting joy
    Motion controlled sports – unrelenting joy
    Motion controlled sports – unrelenting joy

  33. Josh:

    PS3 and 360 aren’t even competing with the Wii anyway! Think about it?
    PS3/360 = hardcore gamers
    Wii = casual gamer

    i think all hardcore gamers all think Wii is overated!
    Wii is going backwards in time, while PS3/360 are the true contenders in this console war!

  34. Matt:

    I wonder why so many people think the Wii is only for casual gamers. I’m sure its because of the games already out, but I don’t see how that really makes PS3 for hardcore gamers. By the games already out line of thought, the PS3 is for non-gamers, since it has even fewer good games out than the Wii, but it has a lot of extra features a non-gamer would want.

    If the Wii isn’t competing against the 360 and PS3, none of the consoles are competing against each other, since the PS3 targets non-gamers, the Wii targets “casual” gamers, and the 360 targets “hardcore” gamers.

    Someone will no doubt cry that PS3 has games comming out, but they all do, and I don’t see a casual gamer playing Metriod or Brawl any more than I see them playing GTA.

  35. LastGenGamer:

    Well I know exactly what benefits the 360 and PS3 have, but this very weekend I brought a Wii home with me instead. A Sony/Microsoft fanboy buying a Wii?… I can’t explain it either but it happened. Perhaps it is because I lack a HD television, or I think the other two consoles have yet to truly shine this generation. (Though the nickname above still applies now IMO)

  36. Grover:

    8 months into GameCube you didnt hear people saying “GameCube wins.. DVD a failure.. ”

    Thats what the title of the article insinuates. Its hyperbole at best. The GC sold extraordinarily well in the first 12-18 months (better than PS2 or Xbox). However, look where it ended up. And take note of the buyers of the Wii. The high majority of buyers are NOT from the causal ‘cheap’ gaming audience.

    A recent Neilsens survey pointed out that the majority of Wii buyers had salarys averaging 100K USD. Does that sound like the new ‘casual buyer’ audience.. or the N fanatic audience.

    In 12 months time the Wii will be another fad, and another GC layed to rest. In terms of longevity the device has little to offer, and no one can argue that in 5 yrs time, ppl will be happily playing the Wii, when the X360 and PS3 will be around similar price ranges.. ignorance for people like this article writer is quite obviously bliss..

  37. Matt:

    Grover, the Wii is better compared to the PS2, because of how weak it is and the PS2 was.

    I think we can all agree why the Wii is in the hands of the wealthy, mostly. They’re sold out in every store. You either need some wealthy connections or be willing to pay though the nose to get one on ebay, unless you want to be up at 4 AM to get in line at a store to wait for the next shipment, but that’s a whole heck of a lot harder than paying $500 for one on ebay.

    Hence, those who make a lot of money have more Wiis.

  38. used cisco:

    I’m constantly surprised at how few consumers actually understand what they purchase. The guy above who asked if Wii owners knew it had motion control may sound like he’s kidding, but he could be right!

  39. Wii puts on the pressure: Nintendo outsells PS3 and xBox in UK - GAMER.BLORGE.com:

    [...] its because its easier for consumers to understand. Maybe its because it seems to be easier to get non-gamers to pick up and play with a [...]

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