They still make new games for Dreamcast: RedSpot announces two of them

August 20, 2007

They still make new games for Dreamcast: RedSpot announces two of themRedSpotGames has announced the development and release window of two brand new games for the Dreamcast: Dalforce and Wind and Water Puzzle Battles… and you thought the Dreamcast was dead!

The console that developed its own cult following after being disowned by it’s father, Sega, refuses to die. It really was a "dreamy" console, and I don’t think the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 experience is be any better on any other system.

Anyways, RedSpotGames will showcase the two games at the upcoming Leipzig Games Convention, and they should be released within the first quarter of ’08.

Dalforce will consist of your basic a vertical shooter with 11 levels but will feature a multiplayer mode of up to four players. RedSpot promises to feature a unique scoring system, intense bullet patterns, and huge bosses. Sounds interesting.

They still make new games for Dreamcast: RedSpot announces two of themWind and Water Puzzle Battles features the most creative name ever given to a game, and it is essentially a port of the GP2X Arcade/Action/Puzzle game that will also be featured at Leipzig. This game also promises intense four player action.

As for pricing and distribution, no word on that yet.

I’ll always remember the Dreamcast as having the coolest memory card ever, the only memory card that allowed you to play mini-games that would effect the real game when loaded back up to the Dreamcast.

3 Responses to “They still make new games for Dreamcast: RedSpot announces two of them”

  1. Sean P. Aune:

    YES! Dalforce shall be mine!

  2. Forbes Longden:

    This is as always most excellent, I like countless over Dreamcast fans was worried about the discontinuation of the GD-Rom format, so its good to see independant developers will keep the Dreamcast alive, though to be honest Sega had to kill the Dreamcast or there would be no Sega now so I can live with that!

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