Sega Boss: Most creative games to be on the Wii and better than Xbox 360 or PS3 titles

September 4, 2007

Most creative games to be on the Wii and better than Xbox 360 or PS3 titles The head of Sega North America, Simon Jeffrey has said that some of the most creative and unique games will be on the Wii.  Here we go, tossing “creative” and “unique” around again with something that involves the Wii.  But, it has more to do with development costs than anything else.

Jeffrey claims that the low development costs for the Wii mean that there will be more third party games made for that system and will be more original than titles on the Xbox 360 or PS3 for the next two years.  I guess he hasn’t heard of Mass Effect.  Just because there’s a possibility of those games getting made, doesn’t mean they will and it doesn’t mean they will be good but he seems to think they will be on both counts.

After Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games took the award for best Wii game at Leipzig, Jeffrey spoke with MCV,

“There is no doubt that we will see more risks, and therefore more creativity on both the Wii and the DS in the next couple of years. Just look at what EA is already doing on the Wii – EA doesn’t usually do that kind of game.”

It seems a matter of taste isn’t required when judging these games.  I’ve long given up on anything Mario or Sonic since it’s just old and overdone to me, leave them back in the late 80s/mid 90s where they belong.

He added that Sega hopes to get content to Xbox 360 and PS3 owners using the respective online systems of those consoles.

7 Responses to “Sega Boss: Most creative games to be on the Wii and better than Xbox 360 or PS3 titles”

  1. Wiggy:

    Wah wah, attacking the Wii and Mario again. Get a life. It’s amusing to read the anti-wii stories you dream up.

  2. Craig:

    Yeah, Mass Effect looks good in screen shots. All the game footage I saw from E3 was like 10fps. I would suggest you borrow a Wii and a copy of Metroid Prime 3.

    p.s. There’s a reason why Mario and Sonic have been consistently popular for 20+ years. You might want to try to figure it out!

  3. Jonathan:


    I don’t remember what the E3 footage looked like but IF it was and I’m not saying it was then you’re judging a game on preproduction code.

    I remember when the Wii crashed at an E3 event playing Red Steel… so… well, there.

  4. Late breaking news:

    [...] Sega Boss: Most creative <b>games</b> to be on the Wii and better than <b>…&… [...]

  5. Cabel:

    Why give crap to Mario and Sonic, the big name characters are just there to draw people into the game, If the games is fun it doesn’t matter if it’s sonic and mario or bloody eggbert, it’s only the experience that differs from game to game.

  6. no one:

    Hell yeah Cabel. While these characters are cutesy enough to make me vomit, the games they feature in tend to excel gameplay wise (more so mario games in my opinion, there are quite a few sonic games that i have found just terrible). Nintendo has always been the major risk taker it seems and it’s refreshing to see such an enormous risk (the wii controller) paying off. whether or not the success is short lived I commend nintendo for their efforts, there’s only so much that can be done with a standard controller and i hope to see more creative ways to interact with games in the future.

  7. Andy:

    Its definitely true that the Wii is the most creative console & has the most creative games due to its unique controll method. With it being the biggest selling console out & as more 3rd party developers support it, the games will only get better & more creative, unlike the PS3 & Xbox 360 which seem to have stagnant & droll games, often simply poorer PC ports. As for Mass Effect i have played it and its actually rather poor. It offers nothing new & is rather linear with poor graphics & often stutters on the Xbox 360, so if thats a premier title for the Xbox 360 its really going down hill.

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