Capcom ditches PS3 for the Wii – Developers leaving Sony in droves

October 11, 2007

Mario Killing PS3Capcom has decided that the PS3 is too costly to develop for and decided to make the forthcoming Monster Hunter 3 a Nintendo Wii exclusive. Only a month after announcing that the company would be switching development work from the PS2 to the PS3, Forbes has reported that the company has decided the latest Sony machine is just not worth their while, and that the Wii offers a much more viable option for them.

Monster Hunter 1 and 2 were exclusive to the Sony PS2 and PSP and sold over 4.5 million copies worldwide. Monster Hunter 3 started as a PS3 title, before Capcom announced a Wii version would be made as well. Now the PS3 has been dropped completely and the Wii will be the only home console getting some new Monster hunting action.

Capcom’s managing corporate officer Katsuhiko Ichii said yesterday:

“Due to high development cost of titles for PS3, we have decided to switch the platform to which we release our Monster Hunter 3 title.”

This is going to hit Sony hard as it just adds to the opinion that the PS3 is too hard and expensive to develop for. If Capcom doesn’t have deep enough pockets to develop for the machine, how are smaller 3rd party developers going to manage it?

I can see this being the first of many companies to switch allegiances from the PS3 to both the Xbox 360 and the Wii. Both rivals are selling in higher quantities, meaning the chances of having a profit making game are much higher. And if the cost of making games for the PS3 is significantly higher in the first place then what benefits are left for games developers to stick with Sony?

The other knock on effect of this decision could be to encourage more third party developers to start making games for the Wii. Up until now a number of well known companies have held off entering any games in the Wii release schedule due to the console being seen as underpowered and not graphically capable of doing some titles justice.

If Capcom is willing to put the work in and take a gamble, who else may now follow in their footsteps?

45 Responses to “Capcom ditches PS3 for the Wii – Developers leaving Sony in droves”

  1. shamon:

    lies because capcom said next they got something for the ps3 and they will never leave sony.

  2. shamon:

    i mean next week

  3. - Gadgets on the web » Capcom ditches PS3 for the Wii - Developers leaving Sony in droves:

    [...] unknown wrote an interesting post today!.Here’s a quick excerptCapcom has decided that the PS3 is too costly to develop for and decided to make the forthcoming Monster Hunter 3 a Nintendo Wii exclusive. Only a month after announcing that the company would be switching development work from the PS2 … [...]

  4. TGH:

    hahahaha im soooooooo happy about this wonderful news. PS3 to hard to program for, oh thats wonder news people. You know the PS3 was designed with such good hardware that they cant write games for hahaahha.

    Lets bring Street Fighter 2 for Wii
    Ohh have you seen the cool new aracde joysticks for Wii.
    I be buying 4 of them for steet fighter 2 on wii
    When capcom get off the backside and do it

  5. Dontay:

    Great i am happy PS3 is going down slowly. Everyday there is new problems with there system. If they loss there Vendor support, they end up like the dreamcast.


    Capcom is a very good company & now PS3 have lost there support – They are dust

  6. Wiggy:

    But if Capcom left Sony, wouldn’t Resident Evil 5 be cancelled for the system, as well?

  7. willprot:

    It’s not an outright lie but very close, this article is very misleading and bias, makes me feel this is not a very reliable site. Capcom’s game Monster Ranchers is now exclusive to Wii, so for now it is ONE game, from the title of this article it makes it seems as if Capcom is no longer developing for the PS3.

  8. Dontay:

    Ps3 have alot of issues to sort out, if Capcom feel there is profit than they return to PS3.
    There is not as much demand at the moment. This article is true & can be confirmed from a number of sources

  9. NS:

    THY you loser. This is a step backward. Ever think that PS3 harder to program for because of it’s complicated system architecture? The Wii is inferior, anyone can see that. Hopefully more game companies don’t take the soft option out, or we will find technically shitty consoles (wii clones) taking over.

  10. J:

    Great. Now console developers will be too scared to push technology because of chicken shit game developers. Way to go.

  11. i:

    Maybe they’re not saying everything. What if high-development costs includes the fact that since the PS3 isn’t selling well, they won’t get as much profit for the game? It all makes since, therefore, to develop for the Wii, since it’s still selling for a lot, is still selling out (at least in some places), and can therefore probably sell more games.

  12. OMEN:


  13. tgh:

    Hey NS can you even read my name is TGH
    Since something is hard to program it doesnt mean its better. It means they are sloppy in there hardware design. They made something they cant even program hahahaha, you think in the last 20 years a game company says oohhhh I cant make this game for this console because its too hard. Come on think about it, its not the soft option its the smart way to go. Everyone knows PS3 is finshed & the WII is back & the next generation afterwards. To confirm my words look at the PSP hahaha soo poor in sales & also look at the PS3, they stole the 6 axis idea & its crap.
    If i want good graphics i play the PC, which is soo much better looking than a PS3.I am so happy that capcom pissed off the PS3

  14. tgh:

    Its going to be so amazing CANT WAIT
    haahahah im so happy about this NS
    hahahaha IM LOVING IT

  15. Cregston:

    POOR PS3 – PS3 fans disappointed
    Must buy this game

  16. Yeloo Gootah:

    Capcom said just 7 days ago they were now going to shift focus from the PS2 to the PS3. This hasn’t changed that so they haven’t left Sony at all.

    So this headline:

    “Developers leaving Sony in droves” a bit dumb to say the least considering the story is about one developer (not ‘droves’) who hasn’t even left Sony.

  17. Yeloo Gootah:

    BTW Monster Hunter 2 didn’t even manage to sell 1m on the PS2 in Japan with an install base of 20m so its no great loss really.

  18. Adrian Firmin:

    Where’s the “droves” bit that the sensationalist title claims?

  19. EdwardOCallaghan:

    This is very misguiding !

    PS3 is getting plenty dev support however it will take time due to the work needed to offload _stuff_ to the SPE’s.

    Once more Game engines have been ported like UR3 then we will see more games on the platform.

    Don’t be so quick to judge this wonderful hardware that is doing such good things for us like Folding@Home. Go see how much it has helped the project …

    No one is leaving Sony’s platform they have just realized that they need to keep the number of projects they are doing on the platform to a min until they have enough IP to leverage.


  20. Shawn:

    How can you write “droves”? You are a game journalist, not a marketing whiz! Capcom cut one game from their list to release on the PlayStation 3! (Monster Hungter)

    They are still making RE5 and Devil May Cry for the PS3. So what “droves” are you referring to?

    PS: I’m starting to fucking hate these forums. I come on here to read peoples reports on games and they sit here and write these dumb-ass articles with slogans like “Developers leaving in Droves” to prove that they are bias and to get the forum crowd stirried up. When will this shit ever end? PS: I’m done.

  21. ryan:

    Last generation Sony also made a machine that was just as difficult to develop for, the only difference this generation being that Sony do not have the sales to sway developers to build games for them.

  22. Z101:

    “Project Zero 4″ will be a Wii exclusive game too. Xbox/PS3-Versions are dropped.

  23. darky:

    shawn is right. Sites should earn some cred by providing evidence based reports.. not hyped up fanboy columns. You know what? I have some old articles that crap on about how ps1/ps2 and the original xbox were ‘too hard to develop for’ and that ‘it wasn’t worth the costs!’. And analysts also originally wrote off the Wii for being too gimmicky and only a novelty! Fuck.. as gamers we’re lucky to have so much choice! PS3 will earn its stripes through support from us AND from developers. Why would Capcom turn their back on a company which has provided a fair chunk of its profits in the past? The PS3′s product life cycle has only just begun – give it 2yrs and then judge for yourself!

  24. Peter Weller:

    If devs are leaving ‘in droves’ why does next years lineup for the PS3 look absolutely amazing and if Capcom have left why is there a countdown on their site for an announcement next week they say PS3 owners will love?

  25. Trev:

    I hate the way sites deliberately have misleading titles to get readers. I thought this was a more honest one but apparently not.

  26. Jews killed Jesus:

    Let them complain. PS3 is just facing some problems in regard to lack of games. Wait until games like FF13 and MGS4 come out. This console is CLEARLY superior to the others. It’ll just take a bit to get the full potential out of it. Even right now it matches what the Xbox360 can do.

    If you don’t like Sony, don’t buy a PS3. IF you have a PS3, don’t worry…things will be ‘wonderful’ in 2008. Lots of killer games coming out. :)

  27. Giterdone:

    This article is the biggest piece of smear campagning I have seen in a while (and there has been a lot of it for Sony lately). No developers are leaving the PS3, they are in fact leaving the grip of M$, because the insider industry buzz is that that the 3fixme is a sinking ship.

    Utterly ridiculous….you have completely lost all credibility and your readers should boycott this site.


  28. Brutus:

    Capcom is not leaving PS3!. Maybe knowing someone inside would help. Good Rumuor though to spread…

  29. Nintendo Wii Zone » Capcom ditches PS3 for the Wii - Developers leaving Sony in droves:

    [...] Dave Parrack wrote a fantastic post today on “Capcom ditches PS3 for the Wii – Developers leaving Sony in droves”Here’s ONLY a quick extractThe other knock on effect of this decision could be to encourage more third party developers to start making games for the Wii. Up until now a number of well known companies have held off entering any games in the Wii release schedule … [...]

  30. Brian Murphy:

    LoL @ Capcom, bunch of n00bs. Too costly huh? PS3 going down huh? Yeah, then you morons better hope MGS4 comes out on another platform (Apparently Konami has better coders than Capcom), or wait, what about Guerilla and Killzone 2? Hmmm? I won’t deny that Street Fighter rules and I love the game, but i’ve already got Campcom vs. SNK 2….if they stop dev for PS3 altogether, i’m not really worried, they’ve not made a good street fighter sequel in a few years anyway. It’s funny though, all these whining developers (Valve guy), who are crying about how ‘hard’ it is to code for the PS3….and yet…other developers are having a ton of success doing so….hmm….sounds like some people need to go back to school to me.

    First year of a new console sporting new hardware is always a bit shaky. Sony’s year is going to be 2008 for games, with or without Capcom. With Killzone, MGS4, Tekken 6, and Gran Turismo 5 coming out as PS3 exclusives in 2008, look for it’s stock to start rising.

    PS. Now taking donations to teach Capcom coders how to think outside the box.

  31. Brian Murphy:

    And btw, I do agree, there seems to be an insane smear campaign targeted at Sony these days. I’m assuming most of this comes from people who don’t own a PS3, because I’ve not had anyone say anything bad about theirs…let alone Red Rings of Death ;). Glad to know that other people are seeing this trend of the media as well. Just goes to show that you can’t trust the media as far you as you can throw them (in the garbage…or a grave).


  32. Wii Rule:

    “Great. Now console developers will be too scared to push technology because of chicken shit game developers. Way to go.” Did you not read the article? It’s costly! You need more than a “Cell” processor to get me to spend $700. That system better make me sandwhich!

    Can the PS3/XBOX get help you bring girls back to you place cause the Wii can! “Hey would you and friends like to come over and play some Wii Boxing?” We even have a Friday Wii Night on our Projector. I love the Wii!! Thank You Nintendo!

  33. jaime:

    “Both rivals are selling in higher quantities”


    please give me a break


  34. yorgonader:

    October 11th, 2007


    OHHH!!!! of all these posts you had the best answer. This monster game worth nothing I swear I have bought and played more than 150 PS2 title but I never found a shitty game as much as this one. This story does not upset me at all and I don’t care if it’s true or not and I am very happy that we won’t have such a stupid game entering the library of the PS3. Enjoy WII gamers you have now another chicken nuggets and roast beef to play with.

    If capcom decided that the PS3 is hard to develop games for, while others have developed grate games like heavenly sword, metal gear solid 4 and all the rest (70) games then CAPCOM should stop producing games anyway.

    Again for all PS3 players monster hunter 2 is really worth nothing I bought the game and I threw it the next day. It is absolutley a worthless game where eveyrthing graphics, AI, gameplay etc is NULL.

    However, I think this article isn’t true since they already developed previous games for the PS3 like Resident Evil 5 etc so how now they decided to say such a thing. They know very well by saying so they will be annoucing that coders and designers working by them don’t have the sufficient knowledge to develop games for a new console.

    I can’t hear of Monster Hunter anymore coz its a failure.

  35. yorgonader:

    October 12th, 2007

    “Both rivals are selling in higher quantities”


    please give me a break


    loooooooooooooooooooooooooool Rival!! hahahahaha je t’aime jaime u have absolutley right to say that

  36. FRyFat Hater:

    Nice Flamebait Article. Whats the matter, the blog not getting enough hits?
    This BS with bashing systems to get attention to some piss poor wannabe journalist is really getting old. I think this is making a entire generation of people in to drooling a holes.

  37. Feed The Reaper:

    The announcement next week is “Dead Rising 2″ on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Heard it here first ;)

  38. joel ford:

    dude…it’s monster hunter 3…..

  39. Brian Murphy:

    Yes, popularity has always dictated that a game or a console or…a band…or…a president for that matter, is better. Get with the program, popularity only shows you what the sheep like.

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    [...] development platform. Of ultra importance are the development tools, and we already know that some games companies have argued that the PS3 dev kit is too complicated to get the best out of the [...]

  42. Metallic:

    This is a very misleading article, just read the damn heading “Developers leaving Sony in droves” just because Capcom decided it doesn’t want to create this game for the ps3, it doesn’t mean they left it, Lost Planet just came out on the Ps3.

    Dave Parrack, you shouldn’t be allowed to write an article since you can’t even write the damn heading, you should write you opinion after you told the news, you don’t mix the two together making it sound whatever you said is the f***ing news.

    If you think the Ps3 is too hard to develop for, why don’t you go see Call of Duty 4, I know a few people there and they say it’s just as hard to create for the Xbox 360, in the end, the Ps3 version came on top, quality, gfx, overall it beat the 360, granted they put the best coders on the Ps3.

    But that proves that Capcom has a very unsteady infrastructure, since they don’t even have decent coders to develop for all this generation’s systems.

    But since most of you all are wiidiots here, I’m going to have to add to the fact that wii hardware was released over 5 years ago (Gamecube you morons) so obiously after FiveF***ing years they have to get the hang of the damn console. If you don’t understand what I mean, I’m saying Nintendo just used old hardware, and sold it in a new package and a new controller. Have you ever seen a Wii SDK? it’s a gamecube with an infrared addon.

    So before you idiots start talking, please remember you sound like 10 year olds and you don’t know anything, so I would close my mouth before anything comes out if I were you.

    Please Mr.Parrack, shut up.

  43. Sandman:

    Wow! That’s gotta hurt, considering Capcom is one of the most established, experienced, and celebrated game developers out there… Ditching PS3 is like a slap in the face and kick in the ass! Capcom probably realized they will not ride a sinking ship!

    Tsssk! Tsssk! I wonder what will happen to Resident Evil 5… probably be released to only to 360 only. Hahahaha.

    At least, PS3 owner have their blueray to play movies on.

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    [...] isn’t the first time we’ve heard this however, with some companies bemoaning the complexity of developing games for the PS3, when the Xbox 360 offers a simple, familiar and effective [...]

  45. tom:

    oooo and also loads of people that ive heard are goin to buy ps3 purely for jak and daxter 5 so watch out for that capcom NAUGHTY DOGS BACK!!!!!!!

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