Soaring sales of PS3 thanks to 60GB model, 40GB version flops

October 17, 2007

Soaring sales of PS3 thanks to 60GB model, 40GB version flops Yesterday, reported that sales of the PS3 were up 178% in the UK but at that time it wasn’t clear if that was due to the introduction of the cheaper 40GB model or the soon to be discontinued 60GB model which is being sold with two games.  It’s now been determined that the 40GB model is a certified flop.

According to PSPSPS, almost 90% of people buying a PS3 opted for the 60GB model which included two games for only £50 more than the 40GB model which did not include games.

It’s not really clear what Sony’s game is, first it was a 20GB and 60GB model and no one was interested in the 20GB model so it got discontinued and then it was only the 60GB model and now it’s being discontinued and replaced with a less capable 40GB model. 

The new 40GB model only has two USB ports (as opposed to four on the 60GB version) and has poorer backwards compatibility with PS2 games as it uses a software emulator and contains no PS2 hardware as the 60GB version does.

What’s next Sony?  Resurrecting the 20GB model, perhaps by introducing a “Slim PS3,” who knows?

It’s been suggested that Sony is using a bit of reverse psychology which makes about as much sense as anything else that’s been said.

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