Xbox 360 owners buy more games than Wii and PS3 owners

November 3, 2007

Xbox 360 owners buy more games than Wii and PS3 ownersIt seems that Xbox 360 owners are the most liberal with their spending on software, with it being revealed that consumers with Microsoft’s console buy more games per head than either Wii or PS3 owners.

According to statistics from research firm NPD, and reported on, Microsoft sell 7 games per Xbox 360 console sold, Sony sell 4 games per PS3, and Nintendo comes bottom of the class, selling only 3.44 games per Wii sold.

Naysayers and doubters will argue that the research is skewed in favour of the Xbox 360 dues to the extra time it has been available to buy over both the PS3 and Wii, and that’s right to a certain extent.

There’s no doubt that the extra year Xbox 360 owners have had to build their collections will make a difference, but it still makes uncomfortable reading for Sony and Nintendo seeing as virtually every console in history, especially of recent generations has sold at a loss, with the manufacturer instead relying on game sales to make up the shortfall.

The PS3 really hasn’t got that many top quality games for it, with all the big, exclusive, must have titles due to be released over the course of the next year. Maybe gamers are just saving up their money for the influx of triple A titles on their way. Maybe they just haven’t got any cash left to feed their gaming habit after shelling out big bucks to be an early adopter of the console in the first place.

But it’s the Wii which is the strange one with less than 3 and half games sold for each console. It looks to me as if lots of people in the new markets which Nintendo has created with the Wii buy the console in excitement, and then don’t have a clue what to do with it.

The console ships with Wii Sports, and then a lot of people add Wii Play to their bundle, if only for the extra Wiimote. But that’s it, and the console gets put away on a shelf only being brought out to show off to visitors intrigued by the little gaming machine which their adult friends have bought.

I can see the PS3 catching up on the Xbox 360 figures if this research is repeated in another year’s time. The Wii however, will have to start selling in bigger numbers to traditional gamers with deep pockets to increase it’s ratio substantially.

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