Sony admits PS3 failed in first year against Wii and Xbox 360

December 4, 2007

Sony admits PS3 failed in first year against Wii and Xbox 360Despite anyone who knows anything about the games industry realising that the Playstation 3 has underperformed, both in terms of games, and sales, in its first year, Sony has refused to admit anything of the sort… until now.

Jack Tretton, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America gave an interview to MSNBC on Sunday, and under questioning about whether Sony could and should have done anything different with the PS3 launch, he seemed to finally let a chink of admittance in about how well (or not) the PS3 has done in its first year.

“I think it [the PS3's first year] fell short of what we’d ideally like. But if you put it into perspective, we’re not taking the safe route. We didn’t take the Playstation 2 and add a few bells and whistles to it. … What we’re trying to do here is … refocus the game industry towards high-definition gaming, a real state-of-the-art, future-proof machine for the next decade.”

Well done, admitting failure is the first step in being able to turn it around, which I think Sony will do in time. It’s also true that the PS3 is a huge step up from the PS2, but, what must be galling (at least in a let it die and move on kind of way) is how well the PS2 is still doing. It seems gamers aren’t quite ready to jump ship to the next generation quite yet, despite Sony’s best efforts at persuasion.

Tretton also spoke about the big titles coming up, with new Metal Gear and Final Fantasy incarnations due out next year. Instead of focussing on those titles, he talked up the games coming out for the holiday season.

“I think there’s a tremendous amount of software for the holiday season — 160 games coming out on PS3 alone for this holiday, on top of the 200 games that have already been out there, so there’s more than enough great software for consumers to sink their teeth in for the holidays. And as you pointed out, there’s some absolute blockbusters coming post-Christmas.”

I think the PS3 will definitely pick up, both in sales, and the quality of games available for it, but there’s no guarantee that it, or Sony will be able to knock Nintendo of its well earned top spot. What’s very clear is that Sony isn’t looking at the short term, instead aiming for the marathon win, rather than a short term sprint. Tretton claims that this console generation will last 10 years, giving Sony 9 more years to climb its way back to top.

Sony has put a lot of time and technology in to the PS3, to see it last the course, whereas I would predict very confidently that Nintendo will release at least one more console in that time. In fact, they are probably already planning the Wii’s successor.

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  1. wendy house:

    WTF is this headline? They dont say that its failed in its first year so why are you saying they said that and why are you saying things like ‘Well done, admitting failure is the first step’? What the fuck are you on? Its sold 6m which is the same as the 360 did in its first year. Was that a failure?

    It hasn’t failed in any way shape or form its just sold slower than was predicted. You have to remember that Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5 and Final Fantasy 13 were all due to be released in its first year which is why sales were expected to be way higher. As it is those titles are just going to make 2008 huge for the PS3 instead of 2007.

  2. dan:

    to be fair if you dont admit where your going wrong u cant ever improve. considering the success of the ps2 the ps3 could have sold that amount no matter what it released.
    arguments like the big games arnt out yet are silly. neither were the Wii’s, or for that matter the 360′s in the 1st year and were really only talking about halo there.
    i belive the ps3 can do well but it needs the games and it needs to carry on dropping in price. hopefully it isnt too late, luckily it shouldnt be too dificult to carry on porting 360 games. now isnt it sad that the only reason it has a game library is because it happens to be similar in spec to the 360…..

  3. wendy house:

    Are you retarded as well?

    “arguments like the big games aren’t out yet are silly.”

    Its common sense dickhead. The PS3 has sold really well despite not having the big games it was supposed to have. The reason it was supposed to sell better this year is because it didn’t have them. If the 360 hadn’t had its 3 biggest titles of 2006 it would have sold slower as well.

    Engage your brain.

  4. mark:

    6m is not a good sale for a playstation console, and nobody has said that the xbox 360 sold well the first year, also bad sales. The reason why the ps3 sells bad is first of all the high price and second that the ps2 is still doing exceptional well.

    People who now buy a ps2 will not buy a ps3 a couple of years to come. That’s bad business for Sony. Well ok the ps2 will give the wii more competition than the ps3, that’s true.

    Everybody knows what makes a console successful. The first two years crucial, you need to sell a lot of them. NES-SNES-PS1-PS2 did that. Second hardware is not important. N64 was far superior to the ps1, both the xbox and the gamecube were more powerful than the ps2. Nintendo had gotten their ass whooped, they analysed the whole situation and did exactly the same what Sony did, making a successful console.

    Sony rethink your position, you won’t make it for 9 more years with this ps3. In about 5 years both microsoft and nintendo will come with cheaper and more powerful consoles. If you are not ready you could follow sega’s same faith (they were big too)

  5. Greg:

    Sony will make it, but just enough to stay in business for the next 10 years from the sound of things or thats shooting for. In the next 5 years MS or Nintendo will come out with another new console and believe me it will happen!

    At that time new technology and new standards will be in place and company’s will know which direction to take. Sony is still going to rely on the 10 year shelf life plan. Why shoot your self in the foot already.

    Lets get down to the real deal. Games! Its all about the games and so far Sony can’t get anyone to make a good game yet, or better can’t keep an exclusive title. I don’t care if you have 500 games if they suck, they suck!

    I am not anti Sony, I would like to seem them do well, just so the gaming market has strong competition and keeps moving forward like it is.

    But lets look at the flashing red lights in front of you already! Time to get aggressive don’t you think?

  6. eddie:

    okay, i see these quotes are a bit outdated. ps3 is going to have a MONSTER 2008. sonys console will indeed have a much longer lifespan than its competitors but that works in sonys FAVOR. any new console by ms or nintendo will be very expensive if it is to out perform the ps3. developers will need time to “catch up”, sound familiar. also any new console will begin with a lame game library. ps3 will be producing insane games at that point. sony had a GREAT game plan. the ps3 will end up #1, mark my words. its getting easier to see with each coming day, lol.

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