Wii shortage could cost Nintendo billions

December 19, 2007

Wii shortage could cost Nintendo billions The Nintendo Wii was one of the most popular consoles last year and it is the most popular this year.  Only there is a problem, the company is still having problems meeting demand.  Conspiracy theorists may think this is by design and that argument may never be settled but it is unlikely this is the case as the situation will hit Nintendo financially.

If you were hoping to provide your children, family or other loved one/friend with a Wii this Christmas, dare I say that it is far too late to do so.  No store will have it in stock though you may be able to purchase one that has been jacked up in price on eBay, chances of receiving it in time are slim.

It seems a parts shortage has struck Nintendo and it is going to hurt the company financially.  The Scotsman provides information which states it could have sold double the 1.8 million consoles it has been producing each month.

Despite the shortage, the company says it is doing everything it can to meet demand.  But that’s not enough, the it may end up loosing just slightly over a billion dollars if it cannot fix these problems.

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