Microsoft ‘Winding Down’ Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility Updates

January 9, 2008

Xbox If you were hoping that the next Backwards Compatibility update from Microsoft would be the one that would finally allow you to play your favorite Xbox title on your Xbox 360, you’re going to be waiting a while.

Speaking with Kotaku, Microsoft’s Group Marketing Manager Albert Penello made it very clear that Microsoft may not be rolling out any more backwards compatibility updates.

“I don’t know if we have plans to do any more releases,” said Penello. “It feels like we kind of hit the point of diminishing returns there. I know with the Xbox Originals, there are still things happening there, but in terms of a lot of engineering work around bringing out new titles, I think they’re winding that down.”

Penello went on to comment that Microsoft feels that they have been able to bring every game people want to play over to the Xbox 360, though Penello himself admits that “there’s always going to be a notable exception here or there”.

Penello then added, “At this point the stuff that’s left is work per title, every title now is almost a one-off. Right now we have to think, are we going to do 300 one-off titles? I know it’s not exactly the answer everyone wants to hear, but I feel like it’s time.”

So why is Microsoft no longer going to be working on making their library backwards compatible? Perhaps because playing Xbox games on the Xbox 360 isn’t very popular. Considering some of the best titles on the Xbox, such as Otogi, The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay and Deus Ex 2: Invisible War have yet to make the list, it certainly seems that Microsoft is done supporting their original console. A shame, too.

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