Xbox 360 will never get Metal Gear Solid 4 due to size

March 3, 2008

Xbox 360 will never get Metal Gear Solid 4 due to size If rumors surrounding Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS4) are true and it can’t fit on a Blu-Ray disc then the Xbox 360 doesn’t have a chance.  This would be due to the storage “limitation” of DVDs.  DVDs cannot hold as much data as a Blu-Ray disc; though, it is hard to believe that MGS4 requires so much storage space.

We reported earlier that the developer claimed it was a difficult task to fit MGS4 on a Blu-Ray disc; though, the reasons given by the company were not convincing enough.

If MGS4 could not fit on a 50GB Blu-Ray disc then there isn’t much of a chance the game will make it to the Xbox 360.  Maybe if they would stop filling Metal Gear games with useless dialog and/or cutscenes but that’s something the company seems to enjoy.

The reason the game won’t come to the Xbox 360 is one of storage capacity.  Double layer DVD discs which contain most Xbox 360 games hold about 8GB~8.5GB.  That would mean MGS4 for the Xbox 360 would have to ship on 7 DVDs.  I don’t even want to know how much the game would cost for the Xbox 360.  It would certainly cost more than $60 and maybe as much as the special edition of Halo 3.

It would be quite inconvenient to be in the middle of a level only to have “insert next disc” pop up on the screen.  Or, maybe it could require the 120GB hard drive, that’s it!  Kojima and Microsoft could team up to sell a “special edition” Xbox 360 hard drive with MGS4 preinstalled, brilliant!

The one problem with that is about half the storage capacity would already be taken up by the game.  I don’t know many people willing to spend $180+ for a game but it’s cheaper than buying a PS3 if you’re not in to the whole Blu-Ray thing, yet.

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  1. coldfusion:

    With the fall of the HD-DVD will Microsoft not just release an external Blu-ray drive?

  2. shadowpal2:

    Good job posting this article mate. Personally, it was dumb how this whole mgs 4 on xbox 360 rumor started. It was started by the stupid geeky lovers of the xbox 360, which just tells you how stupid someone must be in order to think that this was ever coming to 360. It was first said simply “no, it’s not coming to the xbox 360.” Then they had to make an explanation saying that the disk space was too small, but the dumbass xbox fans never listened. Then the rumor started getting bigger since ps3 lost some exclusives. They asked Hideo Kojima about what they thought of “Devil may cry 4 going multiplatform” – he knew where this was getting at and he repeated again, “It’s not coming out for 360…” Then Ryan Payton made an exclusivity an announcement. Then Sony’s E3 2007 conference did w/ Hideo Kojima. Then KONAMI did! WOULD THESE FUCKING NERDS EVER SHUT UP?! What dumbasses. It’s ps3 exclusive forever.

  3. WTF:

    The guy who wrote this artical is stupid. The only reason storage is a prob is cause they have to duplicate tons of data to make up for the slow loads times of the ps3.

  4. Idiots:

    Before MSG4 i was a gamer, during mgs4 i will be a gamer and after mgs4 i wiil still be a gamer, my point is fuk MSG4. can’t fit on a blu ray disc? lmao

  5. Hugo:

    How about using dvd and the hard drive in tandem? How hard would that be? And remember, MGS on PS1 was a multi-disc game to begin with.

  6. imaballa:

    Did you know Metal Gear 4 cutscenes are all rendered in-game? da-da-dummmmmm!
    Now all the idiots slap themselves in the forehead.

    No video, just gigs and gigs of beautiful textures, and tons of audio dialog!

  7. Serious:

    So if the 360 version had video rather than rendered cutscenes, and compressed audio (Mp3), that would reduce disc size dramatically. If they can put it on 4 discs maximum with these modifications then I can’t say that it would be impossible for MGS4 on 360. I for one don’t have any issues with taking 10 seconds to change a disc.

    PS3 owners should be happy with exclusives going to 360, and vice versa for 360 owners. These are great games and should be enjoyed by everyone.

  8. joe momma:

    This site is a bit of a joke, every time I search Google News for Xbox 360, some lame ass 360 bashing article from Tech.Blorge shows up.

  9. Travis:

    Hasn’t anyone ever noticed that whenever Konami or Kojima deny the xbox 360 version they always state something like. “At this time we are saying if you want to play MGS4 you’ll need to get the PS3.”
    “At this time…” that leaves a big f-ing crack in door. As far as it not being able to fit on a 50 GB bluray disc, I call Bullsh**. Unless this game is projected to take 200 hours to play through.

  10. CAD:

    It seems to me that Sony doesn’t know shit when it comes to compression. That is why Sony is a hardware company and Microsoft is a software company. I really dare them to try and put it on 360. I would really like to know. Because if it can fit then all that talk about space on a bluray is just air coming outta there ass holes.

  11. Jesse2004:

    This is clearly a publicity stunt to sell the game….MGS4 is SUPPOSE to sell like HALO 3. I mean come on…..this is the killer app for the PS3. How is it possible to not fit a game on a 50G storage???Bull-crap. This is just an attempt to praise blu-ray storage capacity.

  12. imaballa:

    Wow lots of idiots on this site,
    There are no VIDEOS in Metal Gear 4 Xbot idiots! All in game rendered cut scenes!! get it through your think-ass skull.

    MGS4 cutscenes are all rendered with in game engine watch the tech demo.

    What does Sony have anything to do with Konami or Kojima Studios? retard. Your not allowed to talk anymore.

  13. VB:

    Obviously the fool who wrote this article doesnt realise that a game isnt compressed when on blu ray to give decent load times, so a 50Gb game on blu ray would equivilate to around 7-8Gb on a dvd. So no ps3 games dont have the ability to be bigger than 360 or wii games while maintaining livable load times.

  14. fiddle:

    “Maybe if they would stop filling Metal Gear games with useless dialog and/or cutscenes but that’s something the company seems to enjoy.”

    Hahaha, this says enough about you and a large part of the faceless “gamer” mass: It’s only about “cool guns” and jerky trigger fingers. Story, puzzles and anything remotely intellectually challenging makes your brain lock up.

  15. thief:

    to imaballa,

    your the idiot here, games are games. you are probably ten years old. you make the ps3 community look bad. its because of crap talkers like you that make all ps3 fans look bad. if a 360 fanboy wants to play mgs4 that bad they will just buy the ps3, and if they dont they wont.
    i enjoy my ps3 and im planning on buying a 360 soon so i can play their great games as well. mgs4 is going to be a great game so dont get mad because people want to play the game without having to buy a ps3. so who cares if the game goes multi platform. i cant wait till ninja gaiden 2 comes out, i wish it would come on the ps3, and if i heard rumors that it might come to the ps3 i would be just as excited, if not im just gonna buy a 360.

  16. mr4ed:

    Umm… Imaballa? I don’t think it was ever said that there were any videos in MGS4. It was just suggested that doing so my reduce the amount of disk space usage.

    Why is it that, even when an article’s subject is in your favour, people like you still get all defensive and insulting?

  17. your stupid:

    How dumb……Do you know how big blue ray is.
    Cmon man some of the biggest music software synths are 40 gig and that would fit on blue ray.

    I cant imagine mgs cant fit on a blueray disc. And if it cant its coz they dont want it to not that it can be done.

    Dont make shit topics like this dude

  18. Moustachio:

    Fiddle wins best comment so far

    VB wins the dumbest most ill informed comment of the century award, I can’t even begin to tell you where you’re wrong so I will express it in a numerical value so that you might understand how “right” your comment is. Ready? -1000

  19. serious:


    Read my post again. I suggested that rather than having these rendered cutscenes which apparently chew up a lot of space, replace them on the 360 version with video and compressed mp3 audio.

    Why are you so upset with people wanting it to be on 360? It would be a great addition to the 360 library, and more people will be exposed to this game.

  20. Mizu:

    Hasn’t anyone ever noticed that whenever Konami or Kojima deny the xbox 360 version they always state something like. “At this time we are saying if you want to play MGS4 you’ll need to get the PS3.”
    “At this time…” that leaves a big f-ing crack in door. As far as it not being able to fit on a 50 GB bluray disc, I call Bullsh**. Unless this game is projected to take 200 hours to play through.

    Payton said it straight from his mouth. “We are telling fans. If you want to play this game you have to get a PS3.” There was none of that ‘ At this time’ BS.

  21. Moustachio:

    @Mizu, QFT, maybe Travis is one of those xbots that beleives whatever they want.

  22. Dan:

    The developers of Oblivion have gone on record saying that they had to place assets on the disc in several places in order to keep loading times down on the PS3…

    So what does higher storage capacity do you when you have to put redundant data on your disc to optimize your game?

    “The PS3 Oblivion team compensated for the slower drive by duplicating data across the Blu-ray disc, making it faster to find and load”

    Devil May Cry is also evidence of this having to make users do a 20 minute install before they can play it. Sure that’s cool…until you realize they are taking up a good chunk of your HD space just to compensate for Blu-Ray’s slow data access.

  23. Michael:

    Hey leave mgs cut-scenes alone, i for one love them

  24. Michael:

    Hey leave mgs cut-scenes alone, i for one love them

  25. yomama:

    Everyone are idiots! Mgs4 can be done on xbox360. Ryan Payton and kojima said it can be done before. What they were talking about is that they couldn’t put as much story or content on the disc as much as they wanted to. That is why they said it couldn’t “fit” on to it!

  26. yomama:

    Another thing, I’m a huge mgs fan! I was just like ya’ll I didn’t want it to go multiplatform. Thought is should stay with sony and be loyal. But lately, I can care less about it now. C’mon guys, its just a damn game!

  27. darkwhitehair:

    if this is true (I have troubvle believing ANY news nowadays) do you realise what this means???

    Blu-ray (nex gen) has already become obsolete before getting a chance to even start properly…. HAHAHA!!!……… lets not even talk aboout hd and normal dvds…….

    I think this is going to be a good game… hopefully eaasier than the previous ones (couldnt finish subsistance and cant even play properly the others)………….

    maybe more developers should stop making pre-rendered cut scenes and present them in game graphics format…… gears of war did it (take that 360 fanboys :P)……

    I dont want anymore ton of dialogues…… less talk more action…….. and less loading times……

    oh and ANY game can be maddee in ANY platform…. but doing so will severly change a game’s gameplay and graphics and core….. er design…… the same way sega tennis is made on wii ps3 and 360…….

    if u made mgs on 360 many things would have to be sacrificed….. so it wouldnt be the developers wanted it to be…. it may not take as long to load in the 360 version…. but u will not get the same thing ps3 owners got….. you’d be getting a crappy deal……

    sorry 360 fans you’re gonna have a tough time with new games (they need more space) with the end of hd dvd (m$ could just buy the patent rights and release games in hd dvd)………. but you’ve still got kickass multiplayer and some awesome exclusives (masseffect and bioshock was GRRRReat…. while halo 3 pissed me off)

  28. Mike:

    I love the rants by the 360 owners, its kinda like a real life size issue. Not all of yous can be 8″ or bigger rofl. And wtf wrote:The only reason storage is a prob is cause they have to duplicate tons of data to make up for the slow loads times of the ps3. Um why would that be an issue with a game now, and number two gmes can be put on the ps3 harddrive unlike 360. The 360 can have games and movie on the harddrive too yes but only downloadable ones. Oh did I mention this week that 360 sucks.

  29. Mike:

    One more thing, 360 has halo ps3 has mgs4. They were both shown to be exclusives way before the systems came out at the gdc and ea shows. Konami might not say it but I will. If you want to play it buy a ps3. I aint running out anytime soon to buy a new 360 to play gaylo. Deal with it. BTW 360 sucks.

  30. serious:

    Very informative and educated posts there Mike. Well done.

    I still don’t understand why people are so upset with the suggestion of this game going to 360. PS3 owners still get this game, it’s not like they are losing it to 360. But what will happen is that more people will be able to play it, Konami makes more money, as do game shops. Everybody wins.

  31. bd:

    well I don’t see why and probably never will why some of you 360 fan boy and girls even care. If you want to play it buy a PS3 if you can’t afford the system tough. It is possible that MGS4 is much to big a game for the DVD I am certain it is possible for them to release it on 5 DVDs or cut out allot of the extras so it can be played on the 360. as far as it being untrue well I doubt they would lie about the size, use your head it is a very simple thing to check. all I have to say to ALL you FAN BOY’s and GIRLS is don’t be a TOOL if your happy with your system stop trying to derail the other one it is weak and pathetic. If you are unhappy sell it and buy the other…as serious said Everybody wins

  32. thief:

    oh i forgot to say mike sucks…………you obviously are just dumb. i dont know why someone would say a system sucks because they don’t have it. so mike
    everyone, including ps3 , 360, wii, dreamcast, atari, owners know you suck. so go ahead and reply to me with some lame comment, i dont care and no one else does either, but everyone still knows you suck.

  33. Travis:

    Trust me PS3 fans, you better actually buy MGS4 because Konami is also on record as saying that if the game doesn’t sell a million copies in its first week they will lose money on it. All you PS3 fans do you realize that multiplatform games on the xbox outsell ps3 games 3 – 1. And xbox has more hi profile games available.

  34. Travis:

    by the way aren’t there only like 4 titles that have even sold over a million copies TOTAL not in their first week either. I think they are
    Assassins Creed (1 million)
    COD 4 (1 million)
    Resistance (2 million)
    Motorstorm (3 million)

  35. saw:

    i am a ps3 fan and i think 360 is a money sucking barstid

  36. serious:

    That is interesting about that quote that Konami did say that they need to sell a million in their first week. Personally I hope they don’t, it gives more incentive for putting it on the 360, so I don’t have to spend money on another console :)

  37. Mike:

    Im sorry theif did i offend you in a politically incorrect way. Let me reiterize my post. I have a 360, it sits in a closet because I refuse to send it back for a 3rd time. All the people I play with have either given up finally after months of game discs not working, rrod, and same games coming out for both systems. The only exclusives at this point for 360 is its arcade line. Most of the japanese deveolopers are not making games because 360 is a hard thing to program for, no they arent producing games cause of the failure rate either. The truth is they arent programming games for 360 cause it cant utilize the harddrive in any of the games. FFX exclusives are no more for 360. So I really am truly sorry if you dont understand the full concept of the 360, yes great online, yes in game music, yes in game freinds list, yes al coming to ps3 also. Only thing is 360 sucks. :/ Have a great day.

  38. Moustachio:

    @Travis, you are dead wrong, Ryan Payton has since calrified that quote and said it was taken out of context and also said that it is illogical to base a games success off of first week sales, but you knew that already right? O SNAP, you didn’t? well then, I guess it’s back to school for you junior.

  39. serious:


    Not wanting to shoot a hole into your theory (who am I kidding? I want to) but the 360 does in fact use the hard drive for games. Things such as the new plasmid downloads for BioShock and the Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion is proof of that.

    Why are you spending so much time on this site bashing 360? If your PS3 is so great, shouldn’t you be playing it, rather than being here? Just wondering.

    I’ve said this a few times, but obviously people just don’t get it. Both machines are great, and both have their high points. 360 has produced some fantastic games, and PS3 may have some fantastic ones in the pipeline. The winners here are both Microsoft and Sony, as well as developers, game shop owners and the economy in general.

    Seriously Mike, grow up and stop acting like a tool.

  40. Moustachio:

    @serious, the difference between the PS3 and 360′s use of HDD, is substantial, while the box can use it for DLC, like you mentioned, it cannot use it to make load times faster, The PS3 can do both, I need only to point out that you need a HDD in your box to play burnout online, that says worlds about the profound misjudgement on MS’s part not to include a HDD in every system.

  41. Travis:

    @ Moustachio
    lets do some easy math for you. $50 million cost of development + $10 million marketing= $60 million
    1 million copies sold @ $60 each = $60 million
    - licensing fee’s to Sony (20 %)
    - licensing fee’s to BluRay disc assoc. (5%)
    - manufacturing (5%)
    - Retailers profit (20%)
    Numbers you can understand $60 million – $30 million = $30 million in the red for Konami

    Do you think that Konami wants to lose money on this game just to stay “loyal” to Sony, they are only concerned with staying loyal to shareholders and that happens from making money.

  42. Moustachio:

    @ Travis, well duh, thanks there captain obvious for the math lesson that anyone with half a brain already knew, but you seem to have overlooked what I was talking about, bah, you’re too dense, here read this: RYAN PAYTON’S QUOTE WAS TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT, I NEVER SAID “GUH, MGS4 IS DA SONY PWNZERS” I SAID YOU ARE WRONG IN YOUR THINKING THAT IF IT DOESN’T SELL 1 MILLION IN 1 DAY IT IS GOING MULTIPLAT, SO GET LOST, GET FACTS STRAIGHT, AND GET SMART, I AM NO FANBOY, I AM THE ANTI FANBOY, I AM A COW’S, XBOT’S, AND WIITARDS WORST NIGHTMARE

  43. Moustachio:

    @ Travis, well duh, thanks there captain obvious for the math lesson that anyone with half a brain already knew, but you seem to have overlooked what I was talking about, bah, you’re too dense, here read this: RYAN PAYTON’S QUOTE WAS TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT, I NEVER SAID “GUH, MGS4 IS DA SONY PWNZERS” I SAID YOU ARE WRONG IN YOUR THINKING THAT IF IT DOESN’T SELL 1 MILLION IN 1 DAY IT IS GOING MULTIPLAT, SO GET LOST, GET FACTS STRAIGHT, AND GET SMART, I AM NO FANBOY, I AM THE ANTI FANBOY, I AM A COW’S, XBOT’S, AND WIITARDS WORST NIGHTMARE

  44. Travis:

    cite a credible source or provide a link to where he says it was taken out of context. If you can then you can “Shut Me up and put me in my place” and I will forever have nightmares of being Pwned from the great moustachio the king and ruler of fag boys everywhere.

  45. Moustachio:

    wow, you need a source from something that was all over the news 2 weeks ago? Your memory is that bad? OK.
    There you go, happy now?

    And even without that quote did you really think it was true anyway? No game, movie, book, anything has been said to need to sell x number on first day in order to be profitable, that just doesn’t make sense, unless you are only selling it for 1 day only.

    And i reiterate, I am no fanboy, but you are, you’ve proved that, tell me where I show my fanboy bias, because I haven’t

  46. Travis:

    I guess you win, I will forever hold my head in shame. I will admit I have a preference for my 360 that doesn’t mean I dislike any system I also have the Wii and it hardly gets played, and I plan on purchasing a PS3 sometime in the near future, I was sort of waiting for Killzone 2 to arrive, but it looks like that game is going to eventually be vaporware, maybe GOW 3 will convince me to finally buy it.

  47. Moustachio:

    Oh and Travis, since I was so nice to provide you with hard evidence backing up my statement, perhaps you would be so kind as to provide a link that shows where you got those numbers from, you know, these ones:

    “lets do some easy math for you. $50 million cost of development + $10 million marketing= $60 million
    1 million copies sold @ $60 each = $60 million
    - licensing fee’s to Sony (20 %)
    - licensing fee’s to BluRay disc assoc. (5%)
    - manufacturing (5%)
    - Retailers profit (20%)
    Numbers you can understand $60 million – $30 million = $30 million in the red for Konami”

    Hey, I believe it to be plausible that all these numbers are somewhere within the realm of truth, but since you were so arrogant in requesting proof from me, it seems only fitting I filp the table in your direction. Ball is in your court.

  48. Moustachio:

    Traivs, I’m not out to get you BTW, you just seem to have a deep bias, and where ever I can, I try to right these wrongs, my appologies for my naturally arrogant way of debating. I’ve always been like that, and also, I’ll defend the wii and the 360 where fanboys are being stupid aswell. Just so you don’t think I’m a sony fanboy.
    After all, MS, Sony, and Nin. are only out for money, it is the developers that are most deserving of our praise, like the devs behind titles like: Bioshock, Uncharted, Mass Effect, and COD4, and even Ratchet and Clank(that game was too fun)

    Also, I agree Killzone 2 will be 2008 vapourware, in fact I have a bet riding on that with a friend.

  49. Tyrant:

    Nearly every game development company has to develope for multiplatform as they won’t make enough money to continue to develope future games. It’s not hard to understand, is it? (which to my understanding is why it’s an exclusive for sony)MGS has to help ps3 sales as sony’s sales predictions are seriously off. MGS4 exclusive deal doesn’t last forever and if MS wan’t the game on 360 they’ll get it. (Money talks)

  50. Moustachio:

    Sorry Tyrant, but posting things that are over a year old and irrelevant to the topic is blatant troll behaviour, try again!

    Also, then why isn’t Insomniac games bankrupt? By your logic they should have gone multi-plat ages ago

    I agree about money talks, but don’t you think that games tailored to a system’s strengths are good? Like Bioshock for the 360, or Uncharted for the PS3, both exclusives, both utilize the hardware they were given.

  51. Travis:

  52. Moustachio:

    Thanks Travis, I knew it was “in the realm of truth” but links with proof are always nice.

  53. Mike:

    The funny thing is serous I never said ps3 is great either lol. Actually all the companys are horrible. Im sure the owners of the Nintendo wii have eaten one of the types of dogs you like. Im not stating the companys are good or bad im stating something about one individual product.
    The ignorance of people is why we have a president desroying the country, insane gas prices, probally a muslim future president named after a terrorist with no experience and as far as you know may be one of those hidden cells they been talking about since 2001. Dont let ignorance make you a fool, face it 360 sucks, they have stood behind things that dont work long before the 360 came out. They abandoned all the WE operating systems, They have abandoned the first xbox all together. They have abandoned all the people who bought their HDDVD add on drive. They only gave a 3 year warranty on their first 2 sku consoles due to a court order. 4 of many things I have just mentioned regards to them taking money out of your pocket. Sounds like the rest of the world thats finacially crumbling doesnt it. Unless of course mommy and daddy buy everything for you then you wouldnt understand and hence the word ignorance. Its a new day with a new date, and did I mention 360 sucks.

  54. deadred:

    jesus christ, “this system sucks, you suck, blah blah blah” Are there any forums that arent over-run by prepubesent shit-slingers?

    Face it, both PS3 and 360 have their good points, they both have their exclusives, and they are both here to stay for a while.

    All this ‘he said, she said’ bullshit doesnt make the consoles look bad, it just reinforces peoples idea that gamers are a bunch of whinging little kids!!

    I own a 360 for me and my family, and my nephew owns a PS3, we just swap when he wants to play something different and vice-versa. I have to admit though, it’s normally him who wants to trade for the weekend :)

  55. saw:

    i think that 360 will not get MGS4 becoz ov memory in the hdd is not that big.

  56. saw:

    i agree with mike 360 sucks and 360 suckers are with half a brain.

  57. deadred:

    lol “360 suckers are with half a brain” sounds like a bad japan translation, maybe saw just needs to go to zoolanders centre for kids who cant read good.

    If your gonna say someone has half a brain, at least use 1% of yours to word it properly lol

  58. Mike:

    dreaded:I own a 360 for me and my family, and my nephew owns a PS3, we just swap when he wants to play something different and vice-versa. I have to admit though, it’s normally him who wants to trade for the weekend.

    This is exactly my point, kids want the 360. Another reason I got off the 360, kids whining into thier mics with the stupid voice changer yelling obscene gestures when they lose. And yes all the systems or online games will have its moments even adults doing it, I understand this, it just seems to happen quite extensively on the 360 due to the fact its a kids machine. Only problem is the 360 is like those fake kids laptops at toys r us, it sucks. :/

  59. Mike:

  60. Mike:

  61. Mike:

  62. deadred:

    omg!! sony and ps3 website say that a ps3 is better than a 360! wat a shock!!

  63. deadred:

    plus the point i was trying to make is that the xbox suits my family (me 31, wife 26, son 9) while the ps3 is owned by my nephew (9). Not saying one was better than the other, it’s a matter of opinion. I consider the playstation to be a console for kids (not as much as the wii of course, but thats a different story) whereas you obviously think the opposite, soes that make one of us a dick or a ‘sucker’? no! it makes us normal people who have different opinions! It’s getting worse than having different religions!! They both have games, games are fun! whatever system you choice to play them on is just that, a choice!!

  64. bigboss11:

    k hold on a sec. are u ppl retarted? where are these rumors of mgs4 goin to 360 comming from? and where the hell did u read that konami comform that mgs4 will be goin on 360? kojima said himself n made it clear that mgs4 will be for ps3 and ps3 only. if u wanna play this game u gotta buy a ps3 get that through ur damn heads, there wont be no mgs4 for 360!there are features in the game that u can do only wit the ps3 controller! kojima said this game was specailly made for the ps3 its on the site!so enough wit the rumors, ps3 is much poweful than the 360 n can handle alot more n every1 knows it!

  65. bigboss11:

    o and another thing to mr serious all the way up there sayin how ps3 fans shouldnt be angry about mgs4 if it were to go to 360 n how it wouldnt be a loss for us n how the company would make more money n all that crap. well i can say the same bullshit about halo! wouldnt they make more money if it went to ps3 also? if halo went to ps3 they can do much more wit it, cant they? make the graphics better, bigger levels n all that crap! dont give me that bullshit. the consoles r competing with eachother, thats wat its all about! so let 360 bring their games n ps3 will bring theirs! its like the ps2 n the xbox! sure ps2 had more games buh the xbox won the war wit better graphics n all that shit. cant u see that the same thing is happening here? this time the tables hav turned!

  66. PS3 kicks 360's A$$:

    LOL 360 SUCKS MAJOR ASS!!! Halo 3? fu$king 3 hours of story gameplay!!!! microsoft can shove the romor of MGS4 on 360 up their tight little stupid asses. SAME GOES FOR PPL BELIEVING A 360 PORT OF MGS4!!!!

    The only thing microsoft is good for is their computers….THATS IT
    (and only a select few actually good games for 360)
    (but not many, only like GoW, and Oblivion, thats it)

  67. nemesii:

    If this MGS4 thing is to be believed then it is very bad news for me and all the rest of the PS3 owners out there.
    The first so called killer app we are getting is probably not gonna fit on the storage medium that our system employs.
    I find it strange that some ps3 owners are lauding this as a positive thing rather than seeing it for what it really is. The PS3 is not as efficient as the Xbox 360 when it comes to game compression.
    I can’t stand the MGS franchise anyway, cause the stories are pure and utter garbage. The gameplay may be decent but I honestly could not be bothered sitting through a full 15 minute cutscene that meanders through completely irrelevant information about ridiculously named people,

  68. bigboss11:

    well it beats halos gay cutscenes! mgs has the greatest story in gaming history n its been said!

  69. Rorkimaru:

    its not useless dialogue, its why many people buy the game, if you want one liners play Unreal engine games

  70. chea:

    look, all of u people are lookin at the wrong side of things. maybe it is the hardwear, but maybe its because konami feels it has an obligation to sony. capcom thew in the towel, and so did rockstar. konami is an old fasioned japenese company who believes in the historic bonds they have created. konami will never let mgs4 go multiplayform because of a promise they made to sony. maybe futur games will, but not mgs4.

    and bigboss made a good point, all u xbots are sayin wahts the big deal about mgs4 goin to 360? well how would u feel if ur star game halo came to ps3. oh but then we ps3 owners can experience what a great game it is too. never mind that. these systems are at war, so stop sayin crap like “oh all the systems have there good points” choose a system, but dont bash other gamers who have made theres. its a simple as that.

  71. me:

    games are only big in filesize due to the shoddy, unoptimsed code. Search the net for the 4kb game challenges and see what people make, full 3d engines like doom, yet only 4kb.

    Games just are not optimised due to money and time.

  72. Bourne:

    poor 360 owners will never get mgs4. hahaha 7 dvd’s get real

  73. kevin:

    bourne – most 360 owners don’t have an interest in mgs4 since splinter cell hit the scene. i know i don’t.

  74. Xbot:


    xbox fanboys owned as usuall.

    no GOTY of 2008 for you.

    only possible on PS3.

  75. kevin:

    xbox – the GOTY is leaning more towards GeOW II than MGS… sorry…

  76. Royzy:

    Says who, Kevin I want the cold hard facts dude.

    I know GeOW II is big news for anyone who owns a 360, but MGS4 is big news for anyone who has owned PS1, PS2 or PS3.

    If 360 owners haven’t had an interest since Splinter Cell, it is because they know Splinter Cell is all they are going to get. No point having false hope.

  77. kevin:

    royzy – given the fact geow (1) took goty… noone is even looking at mgs4 for goty…unless you count the teenage fanboy populace…

    splinter cell (love it or hate it) won SERIOUS awards from the AIAS (read: the Oscars of gaming)…. why? b/c it’s an awesome franchise….

    uh..i guess you forgot about the xbox.. since mgs was on the xbox last gen…;)

  78. Bourne:

    kevin, u can get a million awards for previous versions of a game , but that doesnt mean you will get GOTY 2008.

  79. Bourne:

    kevin, u can get a million awards for previous versions of a game , but that doesnt mean you will get GOTY 2008.

  80. Bourne:

    kevin, u can get a million awards for previous versions of a game , but that doesnt mean you will get GOTY 2008.

  81. kevin:

    bourne – the point being, the developer (cliffy b) has already proven he can deliver. Kojima? not so much this gen.

  82. Bourne:

    give him a chance! he’s been working on mgs4 and hasnt had an opportunity to work on anything else. God im glad he’s a sony developer, were lucky to have him, not only just from a games point of view but the way he comes and speaks to the fans, my point in case –

  83. Me:

    Erm ok, I think we can all agree that Gears of War is good but game of the year? no way, not even top five, maybe even top ten. 1. COD4(I think we can all agree to that) 2. Super Mario Galaxy 3. Bioshock are definatly top three with the rest of the top ten filled out by Uncharted, Orange Box, Tools of Destruction, UT3, Crysis so maybe just get’s in top ten, but game of year? stop foolin urself.
    As for 2008 I don’t think GOW 2 has advanced enougth plus MGS4 we can already be confident it has great story and charcters(I think we can safely assume that won’t be the case for GOW 2), as for gameplay well I havn’t played either but I watched a whole gameplay presentation on MGS4 and I have never seen anything like it, what I’ve seen is amazing, think COD4 crossed with well.. MGS!, but still has base infiltration like classic MGS. GOW 2 has so far failed to impress but still seems quite good. As for GOTY 2008 I would say between MGS4 and Fallout 3, however based on popularity it’ll be GTA4(great game, but still disapointing as well, more interiors!!!!)

  84. Me:

    Oh and GTA 4 being a bit disapointing, brings us back round to the space issue for this article, there’s alot in GTA4, but doesn’t it feel like there could be more? maybe it should have been delayed again. But really it should never have been made on DVD, it just limited it. Story was great thougth and great atmosphere, the Darko decision was one of the best moments in videogame history

  85. Royzy:

    Kev I cannot believe you can narrow down the MGS4 fan base to a teenage fanboy populace, I think you missed something somewhere.

    I do remember MGS being on the old xbox, and those who want it will still have to pick up a ps3.

    What something won one year means nothing the following year because the competition line up will be completely different.

    GeOW (1) didn’t exactly have huge competition the year it won, apart from maybe Elder Scrolls.

    MGS4 has shown far more promise (from completion feedback, not just hype) that it is going to be something quite special.

  86. kevin:

    royzy – mgs is about the teenage, anime-loving, crowd. you don’t see too many adults into those ridiculous storylines that NOTHING to do with reality, while calling itself a Tactical Espionage game.

    GeOW had huge competition, it’s just that you refuse to acknowledge it.

    MGS4 has been stated by kojima HIMSELF as not living up to his vision. promises are nice, but broken ones are not. and that something the ps3 seems to know a lot about. :)

  87. Bourne:

    lol since when do games ever have to make sence/reality kevin? And i dont think that geow is keeping in touch with reality. im so sick of your pointless comments kevin so im just going to play my ps3 and games very happily and think of you next time im having a rrod free blast on my free internet service.

  88. kevin:

    bourne – hey genius…mgs calls itself a Tactical Espionage. Yet there’s very little to do with tactics and even less with espionage.

    Tactics and espionage are terms used in reality. splinter cell is easier the more real of the two, with a more coherent and believeable storyline and more believeable characters.

    yes, go have fun in you silent ps3 online gaming. it’s a friggin ghost town..

  89. Ivan_PSP:

    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will never come out for Xbox 360. Konami doesn’t even like Microsoft the other Xbox 360 still users old technology like DVD9 so not even compressing everything will help. Also the Xbox 360 is not powerful enough to get graphics like the one on this game trust me. Another reason will be Sony owns the publishing right to the Metal Gear Solid Film and also has a exclusive agreement to have the game only on the PLAYSTATION 3 for ever.

  90. Me:

    Kevin I feel really sorry for u, being to much of a fanboy to look past a console and look at a game instead. From initial reception MGS4 is gettin better reviews than GTA4, u missed out on past MGS, the story is brilliant but sometimes u have to look past some of the weirder aspects. I’am sure fellow MGS fans will know what I’m talkin about like in MGS when when u have to kill Sniper Wolf, in Sons of Liberty when u hav to kill Solidus who is labelled the “terrorist” but actually loves America and stands for the freedom of the “fake” America the Patriots created(althougth he does go a bit nuts) and of course in MGS3 I’m not going to tell u what happens because it’s something u have to see and play for urself, it’s way up there with the best like the ending in Shadow of the Collossus. R u going to accuse Star Wars or LOTR for being to much fantasy? MGS is more realistic story wise than it appears, no piece of media ever including The Godfather was made me think more about the themes present in it.

    Oh and Splinter Cell? u’ve got to be kidding right, get some culture

  91. kevin:

    me – your preaching to the choir. i’ve been a fan of mgs series since the ps1. I just know when a game has been outclassed. Simply put, splinter cell outclassed mgs in every category with the exception of the silly storyline category.
    sw and lotr ARE fantasy. MGS is neither Tactical nor is it about Espionage,while calling itself a Tactical Espionage game. you do the math.

  92. Royzy:

    haha **** off, GeOW had terrible competition the year it won GOTY. Go and look Kevin, I’m not fetching links for you.

    You can use tactics, and it encourges infiltrating / sneaking, so therefore it is tech-nic-al esp-ion-age. I broke up the words so you could read it in bits and perhaps then you could read them properly when you put them back to together.

    Splinter Cell is just a run of the mill ‘churn out another, I know, this time about different terrorists with a different bomb’ series. Hardly any thought went into any of them, you wouldn’t bother playing twice.

  93. Xbot:

    I think gears of war 2 will flop just like ninja gaiden 2, the only reason i see why xbox fanboys are hyping that so much is beacuase they have nothing else to hype LMAO.

    just pray to god that doesnt flop beacuase the 1st one was overated.

  94. Ivan_PSP:

    True Xbox 360 fans only have Gears of War 2 other than that they got nothing. I own both Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 but so far the only console getting a lot of A+ exclusives is the PS3. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will blow any game away including my favorite game series of all times Grand Theft Auto.

    Resistance 2
    Killzone 2
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Final Fanatsy Versus XIII
    God of War 3
    MotorStorm 2: Pacific Rift
    Metal Gear Online
    SOCOM: Confrontation
    Gran Turismo 5
    L.A. Noire
    Siren: Blood Curse
    The Agency
    Eight Days
    Disgaea 3
    Chain Limit
    Brave Arms
    BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
    Heavy Rain
    Redwood Falls
    Tekken 6
    Twisted Metal
    WarDevil: Unleash the Beast Within
    White Knight Chronicles
    Valkyria Chronicles
    Red Dead Revolver 2
    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm
    DC Universe
    The Getaway

    And many more great exclusives from:
    Rockstar Games
    Eat Sleep Play

  95. Mike:

    There’s more where that came from:
    Wipeout HD and PS3
    Team Ico/Shadow of the Collossus new game (working title “TRICO”)
    Uncharted 2 (aparently in India)
    Heavenly Sword 2 (some great ideas in the first game, but did fall a bit short, still good though, I’m sure they’ll take feedback seriously and make alot of improvements)
    Kojima Productions secret game (I’m guessing new ZOE)
    Ratchet and Clank Future 2
    Jak and Daxter PS3

  96. Ivan_PSP:

    I don’t think those have being officially announce yet but thanks for the info on TRICO. I knew about Wipeout HD i forgot to listed and Uncharted 2, Jak & Daxter, Heavenly Sword 2 Ratchet & Clank 2 are not yet in development as far as we all know hopefully they are. PlayStation 4 LiFe…

  97. Bourne:

    i think we should all chip in and buy kevin a ps3 + mgs4

  98. Ivan_PSP:

    # Bourne:
    May 31st, 2008

    i think we should all chip in and buy kevin a ps3 + mgs4

    Kevin is so jealous he can’t afford to get MGS4 and a PS3 that he is just bashing the ps3 with bad comments lmfa Xbox sucks haha it sucks to be ps3 owner lucky i also got my ps3.

  99. Me:

    Has everyone checked out the MGS4 review scores, I knew it would be good but even I’m surprised how great the reviews are, tons of 10/10 from mags, a 5/5 from GamePro, 9.9/10 from IGN UK (which is very good as out of IGN, IGN UK and IGN AU, UK is the toughest to please) 97% from Gamesmaster and an overall Metacritic score of 97%.

  100. Bourne:

    uh oh, mgs4 looks as though it is coming to 360 :( look at this link i found on youtube :(

  101. Ivan_PSP:

    OMG is impossible for this game to be made for Xbox 360 dumb ass plus is never gonna not in this lifetime or any other for that matter if you wanna so bad buy a damn PS3. Stop this bullshit Sony had this exclusive ready for a long time and trust me Hideo Kojima and Konami don’t like Xbox they just release some games to make a little more money that’s all. Sony has the right this game and the film. Xbox 360 owners should SHUT THE FUCK UP and get a ps3 if they want our games so bad omg. I always knew PS3 will have the greatest games lucky me.

  102. Bourne:

    lol ivan_psp i reckon u shud actually follow the link and prepare to LOL

  103. Ivan_PSP:

    I did still it will only be on PS3 just deal with it Xbox sucks the end.

  104. Chad:

    @ kevin:

    So how can you even compare splinter cell with mgs4. YOur just whining because you know that MGS4 is better than any 360 game and doent want to admit it. And you say it apeals only to the teenage anime-loving crowd… wtf are you talking about. It has nothing to do with anime. And its rated M, so its geared towards adults. GeOW 2 wont even come close to game of the year. It looks almost exactly the same as the first one. The major contenders for game of the year would be fallout 3, MGS4, GTAIV, and resistance 2. The only major competition that GeOW had when it won GOTY is oblivion. It was competing pretty much with itself because the PS3 came out in November of that year and there were only launch PS3 titles out.

  105. Ivan_PSP:

    Game of the Year belongs to either GTA IV, Metal Gear Solid or Resistance 2 one of those will win i guaranteed just wait and see . And Splinter Cell is damn lame the only good thing about it will be the graphics. Online it was garbage MGS4 will destroy Splinter Cell any time any day facts.

  106. Me:

    Even though GTA 4 was a little disappointing(still a 10/10 game though), it still gets stellar reviews and considering the amount it has sold, it is likely to pick up game of the year based on public vote.

    MGS4 is definatly one of the favourites considering the reviews and I would put a bet on Fallout 3 being one of the favourites as well.

    Resistance 2 is still a bit of a mystery, RFOM was a good solid shooter, probably the best launch title I have ever played, I’m confident now that Insomniac is used to the ps3 (check out the excellent Ratchet and Clank) they will be able to make significant improvements to the Resistance franchise, a good dark horse for Game of the year, will have to keep an eye on it.

    I wouldn’t totally rule out GOW2, the first was pretty good so this one probably will be to, doesn’t look like enougth improvements and new ideas have gone into the game however, maybe a dark horse but way off the favourites.

    A really good bet would be Little Big Planet, once it’s out I think it will capture the public’s imagination fast and may be on eveyone’s mind when it’s time to vote.

  107. Ivan_PSP:

    I’m a PlayStation addict but i don’t see why bother getting LittleBigPlanet. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots or Grand Theft Auto IV one of those will be Game of the Year like always look at the pass it never changers. And Gears of War 2 will have almost nothing new Resistance well that has a major improvement Gears of war 2 better be hype way more if it wants to sell some DEAD Xbox 360.

  108. PS3 addict:

    I r lovin PS3. U all 360 dumbers. Me kiss Ps3, you all dun no skqwaut. hee hee

  109. Gameh:

    After playing this game I must say it puts ALL OTHER GAMES IVE EVER PLAYED to shame. MGS4 is truly a next-gen game. You HAVE to experience it imo. Kojima should make effing movies imo.

  110. ???:

    I heard that it was a great game. Too bad it probably won’t be for 360′s. But you PS3 owners should enjoy this awesome game. :)

  111. dora:

    you guys, seriously dont know how business goes eh.
    a good bunch of people in the world have a 360
    at least in the place that i live in peole belive more on microsoft then in sony, and here is floded with 360s
    go in konamis shoes for a second
    would he miss making millions. no billions
    ok he makes it for sale on the ps3 1 year before
    but there will surely be one for an xbox
    i dont see the space problems here
    how many games there was with 4 discs??
    yes there are.. so whats the problem??
    there are millions of mg4 fans that owns a ps3
    and million others of mgs4 owning an xbox
    u think he wont release it for xbox.
    well its his call but he will make millions or billions if he gets it on the 360
    i know if i was kojima thats what i will do
    both concoles so everyone enjoys the game :-)

  112. bigboss11:

    u dont know anythin u dumb brawd! sure sony would make more money but they would have to do so much more work to port it to xbox 360. its like microsoft giving ps3 halo. u dont think that there are people that own a ps3 that like halo? u idiot, u dont know what your talking about! (dora) what u said about mgs4 we could all say the same about halo! microsoft would never give up halo so then why should sony? plus konami said its only for ps3 not for the time being they said only! kojima stated millions of times that its specaily made only for the ps3. just shut up and dont talk you dont know what your talking about and before you do read the facts

  113. Blue-Boy:

    Hey, everybody just be QUIET. All you need to know is PS3 is the best, and Xbox 360 is junk. They will never get MGS4, Xbox 360 BOWS before the PS3.

    Ps3 rules!!! XBOX 360 SUCKS EGGS!!!

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