60GB Xbox 360 may have Blu-Ray, to take on PS3

March 7, 2008

blubox If you still haven’t purchased a Xbox 360 but were thinking about it, you might want to hold off just a little bit longer.  It seems that it’s almost “official” that Microsoft will be replacing the 20GB Xbox 360 with a 60GB version.  The possibility of a Blu-Ray drive is not out of the question either.

TrustedReviews names a “rock solid” source that says the 20GB Xbox 360 is finished.  Specific release dates were not mentioned but it appears that Microsoft wants the 60GB unit out by the second quarter.

It is also considering the possibility of three Xbox 360 models.  The Arcade (sans hard drive); the 20GB version and the 60GB version with a possible Blu-Ray drive.  There is also a rumor of an external Blu-Ray add-on; the company is currently in talks with Sony in regards to that matter.

There are more rumors about a coming price cut to the US market before the new models come out.  At the very least it is certain that a 60GB model is due which may include a Blu-Ray drive and if Microsoft knows what’s good for it, integrated WiFi.

We could also hope for a design revision as well, at least for the Blu-Ray model, if it exists.

If Microsoft sees it way to indeed including Blu-Ray and WiFi on the Xbox 360, it could hurt sales of Sony’s PS3; but only if the Xbox 360 includes Blu-Ray.

23 Responses to “60GB Xbox 360 may have Blu-Ray, to take on PS3”

  1. Ivan_PSP:

    LMFAO Xbox 360 with PLAYSTATION 3 technology that just keeps showing that the PS3 is the real and only must have next gen gaming system. Xbox 360 will always suck and Blu-ray on Xbox 360 is add-on just for movies not games, so Xb0x will still have game issues in the future like multiple disc.

  2. hockeykid69:


  3. Vince:

    Bluray yeahh right, but just to see movie not games, they have to continue using DVD game format for games to keep old Xbox360 owners Jejeje. 9 Gig Dvds *using double layer* 5 Dvds = MGS4 *50Gigs* jejejeje

  4. Mark:

    Oh ya cause having multiple discs is an “issue”. Ivan you’re a stupid man

  5. Chicken Man:

    Mark your stupider! you probably bought a 360 and thats why your bashin up Ivan! just accept your system is dead

  6. AIDZ:

    lol mark i get what ur sayin, i mean multiple discs for me isnt really a problem, but for those dumb ppl who got a ps3 without knowin y, multiple discs will be too much for them to comprehend, and as most of the people out there who got a ps3 dont even know it has bluray its a sad situation :(

  7. OMEN:

    this would be stupid,ps3 uses bluray for MOVIES AND “GAMES”.360 wont be able to do that.

  8. Nate:

    Microsoft be Sony’s Bitch now!!!!

  9. Dherasa:

    I see that you have some bias about Microsoft. Do you know what you are saying? I am sure that Microsoft wont have a built in blu ray in the 360. That gonna cost around 200+dollar extra. Plus, according to MS, it is not “neccesary.” Because thet said it was enough with content download.

    This blog is not the worst. But it looks more like it is for wishful 360 fans. Just imagine if they make a 360 with built in blu ray to play movies and games, are they gonna design a compressed version of the same games for the built in DVD of all other 360 owners?

    Your posting does not make sense. I would preffer to stay one day witout posting, than posting something like this everyday. No offense.

  10. AIDZ:

    by the way i hav ps3

  11. smoothn00dle:

    who said Blu-ray “forcing” its Blu-Ray DVD technology onto consumers(Xbox UK boss Neil Thompson and Europe boss Chris Lewis)?

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Wish I can say the same thing about Windows OS system and its applications :(

  12. KoolMan:

    I guess thats why Sony uses windows in all those computers…It’s business you guys….A software company beats a hardware company any day…..Sony can hang it up….Blu-Ray will incorporate Microsofts i-HD technology and then in turn give Microsoft a cut on the Blu-Ray. Sony is doomed after that!!

  13. prepareforglory:

    I still don’t understand why people believe that Sony would give its rival one of it’s biggest advantages. There’s no way in hell that Sony will give Microsoft a license to produce blu-ray players.

  14. morpheusx:

    It really isn’t up to Sony now is it. It would be completely up to the BluRay Disc Association. BluRay needs MS more then they need BluRay. MS has just as much power in this. They will get lower licensing fee’s because BD would be able to get MS to incorporate BD software support natively in Vista and do a Windows Media Player update. Which will push new PC manufacturers to include it in their new machines because then the PC manufacturers wouldn’t have to pay additional licensing to an additional 3rd party.
    The way I see it Win for BluRay, Win for MS, and bigger win for us customers as we all gain more choices.

  15. Grover:

    What a bunch on stupid Xbot fanboys. This has to be the most classic comment of all time:
    “BluRay needs MS more then they need BluRay.”
    What sort of mind numbing drugs are you on? The movie business DOES NOT need MS, never has. In fact it is MS who is DESPERATE to get into the movie business because they want to scive as much money as they can off people for no reason (what could MS BRING to the movie business – fuk all Im afraid).

    Added to this, the odds of MS getting a BD license and putting it in the X360 is about zero. Since they are NOT BDA members, they would have to pay a crap load for the licensing agreement – pushing up the price of the Xbots beloved X360 substantially. The comments of 200 more would be about the right mark – thats just not going to happen as much as the fanoys here at techblorge want it to.

  16. Hamburger:

    I would love to see Microsoft beg Sony for Blu Ray.




  17. Nate:

    It’s funny cos at the beggining of this console war, was it not the Microshite fanboys who were bragging that Blu ray is not needed, and they could not see why Sony incoporated it into their console. Who’s bragging now bitch. You know u want Blu ray, everybody wants Blu ray. And u can have Blu ray. For what i hope is a very very expensive price, the same price that we paid, and you laughed at.

  18. Idiots:

    March 7th, 2008

    Microsoft be Sony’s Bitch now!!!!
    “……………..LMAO lol you sound like a big fat kid with mcdonald/burgerking tatoo on each side of your giant belly……. I wouldn’t mind bluray in the gen xbox @ all.

  19. Nate:

    @ Idiot

    ye thats right i got a Mc D’s and Burger King tattoo on my large belly, in fact, giant belly. I’m waiting for an appointment to get a KFC on my fat ass, so u can kiss it and beg for blu ray. And anyway how do u know what big fat kids sound (or write) like? are they your speciality?

  20. Kev:

    personally im tired of buying stuff for my 360….im undecided on whether to go with sony or stick with microsoft. if i get a ps3 then i wont have to buy any more ad-ons. and 2008 is being said to be sony’s year so i guess it would make more sense for me to go there.

    microsoft is becoming unreliable to its customers.(thats what i think, they keep adding stuff on and upgrading their console and it becomes a hastle keeping up and continually upgrading just to get another upgrade forced upon me.)

  21. Yoda:

    When it comes down to it a game console is “a game console” I have two 360′s and two dvd players, and pretty soon a blueray player. If any one wants to watch a movie in my house they better use a dvd player. even if i had a ps3, i would not use it for movies if that was my gaming system. So when ms comes out with bluray, im still going to use my sony bluray player and not the 360. By the way, I might buy a ps3 and use it to watch bluray movies and maybe play some cool classic ps1 games because for gaming PS3 “SUCKS” Hey, i’m a Gamer, & thats the bottom line!

  22. aussie_casual_gamer:

    Believe it or not, new generation Xbox with Blu-ray for games have to be coming soon (i.e. 360 replacement), otherwise Xbox will be left with the behind, when it comes to game contents.

    If I can predicate, it will be 2009 or the latest 2010.

  23. Chappas:

    I think me meant blu ray needs MS more than Sony! Which is still stupid. Sony is one of the creators of blu-ray, so its partly upto them to decide if MS can use it, which they probably will, because they’ll get a fat load of cash for it which they need after losing so much on the ps3 hardware for the first year or so.

    But imo, it doesn’t particularly matter if MS do get blu-ray, because they can’t use it in their games & “a games console is all about the games” as they’ve so aptly put through this whole war.

    Wireless is good, & should have had that since the beginning, who wants a wired connection anymore, i use wireless games all the time & i’ve never had any lag. People with shitty .5mb connections trying to play wireless thats what gives it a bad rep.

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