60GB Xbox 360 may have Blu-Ray, to take on PS3

March 7, 2008

blubox If you still haven’t purchased a Xbox 360 but were thinking about it, you might want to hold off just a little bit longer.  It seems that it’s almost “official” that Microsoft will be replacing the 20GB Xbox 360 with a 60GB version.  The possibility of a Blu-Ray drive is not out of the question either.

TrustedReviews names a “rock solid” source that says the 20GB Xbox 360 is finished.  Specific release dates were not mentioned but it appears that Microsoft wants the 60GB unit out by the second quarter.

It is also considering the possibility of three Xbox 360 models.  The Arcade (sans hard drive); the 20GB version and the 60GB version with a possible Blu-Ray drive.  There is also a rumor of an external Blu-Ray add-on; the company is currently in talks with Sony in regards to that matter.

There are more rumors about a coming price cut to the US market before the new models come out.  At the very least it is certain that a 60GB model is due which may include a Blu-Ray drive and if Microsoft knows what’s good for it, integrated WiFi.

We could also hope for a design revision as well, at least for the Blu-Ray model, if it exists.

If Microsoft sees it way to indeed including Blu-Ray and WiFi on the Xbox 360, it could hurt sales of Sony’s PS3; but only if the Xbox 360 includes Blu-Ray.

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