Will the Nintendo Wii outlive both the PS3 and Xbox 360?

March 8, 2008

Will the Nintendo Wii outlive both the PS3 and Xbox 360?Despite being light years behind the PS3 and Xbox 360 in terms of technical and graphical capabilities, the Wii is outselling both of them at a preposterous rate each month. Which begs the question: Will the Wii actually outlive its superior rivals?

The Nintendo Wii isn’t really in the same fight as the PS3 and Xbox 360, it’s on a totally different plain of existence. Whether you think its ahead or behind its rivals though is down to personal perspective, and what you value most in a games console.

What is clear however, is that the Wii is outselling both the Sony and Microsoft machines by far each month, and it has got a much broader range of players into it than any console ever made before. And these facts could lead to the Wii outliving both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Nintendic, a Nintendo supporting website (in case you hadn’t worked that one out from the name) has recently published an article stating their case why the Wii could outlive the PS3 and Xbox 360. Okay, they were bound to say that, but even I, as a neutral (despite what some of the comments here on BLORGE may tell you) found an interesting read, and a quite convincing argument.

Jonathan Schlaffer, our resident Wii hater didn’t find the article quite so convincing, commenting:

“Please God no. It’s a novelty, it’ll wind up collecting dust in a closet while the Xbox 360 and PS3 with their WiFi and Blu-Ray support soldier on. The Wii is nothing more than a child’s toy.”

The bottom line is that technology isn’t always the be all and end all. There are numerous instances down the years of superior products failing to connect with consumers the same way alternative, but inferior, products have done, and the Wii seems right now to be another one to add to the list.

I know from my own experience how the Wii has made its way from pure games machine to the mainstream. My brother, who has never expressed an interest in video gaming, has recently bought a Wii, and was willing to pay over the odds for it too. He’s told me that he’s already spent many an hour playing Wii Sports, and enjoyed it thoroughly. This is a man who last year wouldn’t even play Guitar Hero.

The point is that no matter how powerful a games console is, and the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are certainly very powerful, if they don’t break out and entice non-gamers in, then the Wii has this next gen battle sewn up.

Yes, Nintendo will probably announce the Wii 2 in a few years time, but in the same way the PS2 is continuing to serve many gamers well, the original Wii could carry on providing fun for millions of people many years from now.

Sony and Microsoft can talk bits, frame rates, high definition gaming, and photo-realistic visuals all they want, but meanwhile, the Wii, with its simple graphics, intuitive controller, and pure fun gaming will continue to dominate at the top of the hardware sales charts.

41 Responses to “Will the Nintendo Wii outlive both the PS3 and Xbox 360?”

  1. Gilgamesh:

    Really no need to point this out any longer, it truly is a dead horse, lets move on, shall we?

  2. ktchong:

    I’m not sure where you got the idea that the Wii is a novelty. I’ve been playing it non-stop since last Christmas: Zack and Wii, No More Heroes, and now Super Smash Bros Brawl.

    If you guys even bothered to check the Metacritic and GameRanking websites, you would know that the Wii actually have more “AAA” rated “hardcore” games than the PlayStation 3 — have been so for over a year.

    The one reason Xbox and PlayStation will need to release new consoles is that they need to incorporate Wii-like motion sensor as soon as possible or suffer the consequence of losing the casual and female consumer segment.

  3. khang:

    wii is nothing but a game system for little kids
    360 sucks
    ps3 is the system u should buy cause it will beat all the system with its blue ray and games

  4. Eddy08:

    dear Khang

    wii for kids..hahaha so you must be one of those annoying ps3 fan boys that the only thing they can say about the wii is “is a kid system” i guess he forgot those girls,parents,teens and college students that are buying the wii… so Khang say bye bye to the PS3(this new console war remainds me of the Neo geo vs everybody else,because they were superior on graphics and other stuff,yet fail..same happen during the 16 bit war Jaquar vs everybody and yet they lost)

    how about then Apples khang?

  5. fjjdj:

    In a word, no. It will probably outlive the 360 but definitely not the PS3.


    You are 100% wrong. Firstly the 360 and PS3 could add exactly the same motion control functionality just by releasing new controllers.

    The Wii is a fad. Sure it has some great games but the reason it is currently so popular is because so many no gamers are buying it, not because lots of the 125m PS2 owners are. They will buy PS3s.

    The Wii may have more highly rated games than the PS3 but how many of the PS3′s major titles have been released yet? Do you think the Wii will still have more ‘hardcore games when GT5, MGS4, Tekken 6, FF13, Killzone 2, Haze, GTA4, LittlBigPlanet, The Getaway 3.

    How many AAA titles are there coming for the Wii? I certainly couldn’t name you one that one of the 125m PS2 owners would chose to buy a Wii instead of a PS3 for.

  6. bigd:

    Well it’ll definitely outlive the 360 but then so will a mayfly.

  7. ausbo:

    the wii is good but it won’t outlast ps3 and 360 because the games just aren’t there and many developers are just making their good games for 360 and ps3. My neighbor doesn’t play his wii very much any more and comes to my house to play 360 because of its superior games to the wii and ps3

  8. Fanboy:

    Basically all fanboys need to go back to masturbating on their own private systems. Like khang.

  9. wiiboy101:

    some toy wifi optermized blutooth wiimote flash compatable and the only next gen gameplay avalable ANYWERE ON EARTH FACT

    sonys ps3 is based on a outdated and obsolete consept longgggggggggggg loading times and d-pads

    sorry its 2008 it aint commadore 64 era

  10. cubeboy101:

    aparantly waiting a long time for a level to load up having to download patches to get the game to run and controlling via a 8 bit invention a d-pad according to sony fans is COUGH NEXT GEN

  11. maddog:

    khang your being ignorant, and a fanboy. i personally like all the systems, and hope wii keeps on succeding. i have a ps3, xbox 360, gamecube, and ps2. planning on getting a wii. i think the system is going to be the ps2, and the ds of the current generation, and like the ds, it’s going to take awhile till the games for the hardcore come also. i have the ds, and i’m amazed at how many great games there are for both hardcore and casual gamers. i personally think this is what going to happen eventually with the wii.

  12. PsPoo:

    khang.if that is even your real name. you’re wrong. ps3 may have blu ray but we’re talking games, and ps3s games stink. Inferior versions of 360 games, online gaming sucks theres still no rumble in pad and it cost more than a system that has all these already,so my one question to you sir is:do you feel like sonys mugged you,i would

  13. Mike C.:

    I hate to break it to Jonathan Schlaffer, but the Wii DOES have support for WiFi. In fact it is the default method for connecting the Wii to the internet.

    As far as the Blu-Ray comment, it won’t save the PS3. PS2 got a huge early boost because it was the cheapest DVD player available, but after a few years that was a null point because DVD players became better and cheaper. PS3 has not gotten that same boost, and by the time Blu-Ray really becomes popular, the stand-alone players will be a better choice.

  14. you are full:

    wii should not be compare with ps3 or xbox. Please stop it’s not a next gen system.

  15. Hal Jordan:

    Of course it’s not a next generation system dumbass, it’s the current generation now, so is the Playstation 3 for that matter. How stupid are people that they still say, “next gen?”

  16. guy boy:


  17. yo momma's a fat biotch:

    wii rules xbox drules ps3 is 4 fools

  18. Are you dumb:


    forget blu-ray(winning hd media) forget hdd tsandard forget wifi forget wreless controllers with duelshock 3 and sixaxis forget free online(you can actually chat online unlike the wii), forget the rrod,disc scratch errors on x360, ms and there nickel n dime overpriced add-ons, battery packs, pay 2 play, over priced hard drives(microsoft only), cant even save music to the hard drive….

    the ps3 havs dozens of good/great games, with many more to come this year.Go to play.com

    what good games are coming out for the wii or xbox360 this year… 1 or 2 … maybe 3

    so the xbox360 had slightly sharper visuals LAST YEAR, this year there equal, the ps3 even has better visuals in some games (burnout 3), no harddrive standard(x360 core/arcade) is holding devs back.

    look at LO or bluedragon 3-4 dvds is ok, but blu-ray is bad right?
    The x360 was a mistake, even bill gates left, microsoft was wrong on everthing hdmi, hd space, hd-dvd, native high def games 1080p, wireless controllers, faulty hardware (33% rrod), “blu-ray not needed””7 dvds is enough” … etc

    Does the wii even play dvds, Name one great 3rd party game on the wii…there is none … NONE

  19. cy starkman:

    The only people that seem to post are gamers and fan boys. This is actually about business and not gamer tantrums. Its about gameplay not horsepower.

    Photorealistic graphics? Closest I’ve seen is the movie Final Fantasy Advent Children and you wouldn’t mistake it for a photo, nor could you real time render it. PS3 and 360 chipsets are barely up to current gen ATI / NVidia. In two years they will be like so whatever.

    Polys don’t matter. Gameplay does. Quake 2 vs 4 looks visually primitive but the game play is the same. Halo 3 is still Quake 2. Fall of Man, I played it in the 90′s, its called Quake 2.

    I am so hanging for Grand Turismo 20. It will be so much better, man it will look like real bits of mud on the car. Wow man, I will freak out at how cool it will be to play the exact same game I played in an arcade back in 1994 (Daytona). So totally amazingly advanced. It will like own everything!

    Boring as Bat Shit.

    Blu-Ray? I remember reading about blue lasers in 1993. It is actually 15 years ancient. Blu-Ray looks forward to being the shortest lived media format ever. ROM based and download are already swarming all over it. I suspect the Wii with SD and WiFi will be just as useful for movies.

    PS3 and 360 are like so powerful man. Oh yeah, I was so fully sick with my 68030 powered Amiga back in 1991. People would come over just to see it. Yeah man I remember being so over everyone when I bought 1.5meg of RAM ex demo for $1500 back in 1988. I had the most wicked games man, oh wow, they were like so graphically superior. Shadow of the Beast totally crapped all over Super Mario World 3 so hard that inevitably we played Mario World 3 so much more.

    Heard of Shadow of the Beast? Nah, but you know Mario don’t you.

    Anyway. Tantrums from gamers and fan boys aside.

    The battle (gen) is not the war (interactive entertainment)

    30 years ago as a kid I had 2 ‘game n watch’ games by Nintendo.

    So many companies and formats have come and gone and I’ve played most of them.

    In 30 years I can’t tell you if Sony or MS will be still playing but I know who will. Nintendo.

    From its roots in 1889 to now, it has been about games and gameplay. For 119 years Nintendo has been delivering. Not 13 years (Sony) or 7 years (MS).

  20. ore:

    The Wii was fun for awhile for me then I ditched it. I like full blown story games, the likes of MGS and FF, sure the Wii has Metroid, Zelda and the likes but I don’t want to wave and waggle around when I play those types of games, just let me sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Golf was great with Wii sports but that’s all it turned out to be for me, a Golf simulator and I fucking hate golf. Blockbusters is where it’s at for me and I suspect a lot of others, GTA4 will show the world what Next Gen is all about and that game alone will bring many out of the PS2, Gamecube/Wii, phases.

  21. John:


    If you looked closer at Metacritic you would see that the Wii’s average score is actually very low in relation to the PS3/360. The reason is that the Wii only has a couple quality games, and the remaining games are horrible 3rd party games.

    And you need to understand what “hardcore” is, because the Wii doesnt have any “hardcore” games. Nintendo is for casual gamers/kids.

    Sony’s lineup of games this year is set to wipe the floor with everyone. The lineup is stronger then both the Wii/360 combined.

    If you look at software sales, the 360 outsold it by over $10million last year, even the PS3 outsold it on many occasions.

    Fact is the Wii has lost 3rd party support, Nintendo always loses 3rd party support. The reason is that they neglect the “hardcore” gamers and only focus on the casual/kids.

    Recent studies show that over half of Wii owners dont buy any games except Wii Sports. This is further proof that the Wii is a novelty item, and like all novelty items there sales will slow down.

    The Wii sales have already started to slow down. The Wii used to outsell the PS3 at a rate of 6:1 at the start of 2007. Now that figure has dropped to 2:1, this is due to the PS3 increasing sales and the Wii slowing down.

    The GC failed for the same reasons that the Wii will ultimately lose it’s novelty aspect.

    And if Wii-like motion sensors are the future like you claim, why is it that the Wii’s biggest game this year…….doesnt even use the motion sensors.

    To Pspoo,

    PS3 games stink? Talk about ignorance. The current trend with multiplatform games is the PS3 versions actually being superior to the 360. Online gaming is also better in a lot of games due to dedicated servers instead of inferior P2P setups on the 360. Rumble will be released next month.

    You shouldnt underestimate the effect Blu Ray has through the PS3. Toshiba underestimated it, and we all see what happened to them and HD-DVD.

  22. Usaryan:

    The wii will fade out, people have been taken in by the idea of moving their hand in games. Though bowling was good for a week or so I soon tired of it. Zelda and metroid were good but could easily have been made for gamecube. I think that the long lasting battle is between the blu ray driven, HDD containing PS3 and the inferior DVD driven, no HDD containing 360. I own all three syatem and much prefer my PS3, for all the PS3 haters, if you give it a try its actually damn good, the onlines free and catching up with the 360 in terms of feature, I hope the PS3 lives on for a long time but the wii needs to be replaced soon as does the 360.

  23. maddog:

    ore, and usaryan:

    um right, even though it hasnt even been past two years yet , i believe that wii is here to stay. more doom from some fanboys. right, um i play my ps2 more than my ps3, and xbox 360. i’m sick and tired of all this elitist bull, that what i think of when i read this comments. i dont see why the wii can coexist with xbox 360, and ps3. but that’s just my personal thoughts on the matter. i believe the wii has a winning chance this generation. i also have a ps3, and xbox 360, i play my xbox 360 more than my ps3. i dont believe grand theft auto IV is going to change anything, maybe be bigger and stuff, but seriously it’s more of the same. i dont see what’s exactly next gen about that game other than graphics. i dont really understand this whole thing about graphics, ps2 won, ds is winning to the psp, hell even ps1 won over nintendo 64. i dont think graphics are going to make a differences. hell, i like all the systems. also, i believe nintendo wii is really innovative itself, sure games like zelda and mario that they release might be thought by same people to be the same, but isnt it said on every game practually that come, and at least nintendo tries to do something new with each new installment of a game they come out for their franchises.

  24. you're stupid:

    Whoever said PS3 games stink is a stupid moron who should be shot.

  25. Rebma Boss:

    It’s all in the games. Nobody doubts that PS1, PS2 had the least best graphics, but hey, they are/were selling for ten years.

    I’m not arguing whether Wii has good games or not, but consider that if the Wii has good games, a 10-year life span should not be out of the question.

  26. Ananyomous:

    I didn’t know you believed in God, Jonathan. Why do you use his name so loosely?

  27. mushroom:

    It’s all about GTA 4.

    This is it folks, less than 2 months to go and we will all be playing one of the greatest games ever (until GTA 5 comes out for a PS3 exclusive of course) and the dust will settle shortly thereafter (give it a year) with a victor in the console race. I digress; the Wii has already won, so this fight is between the PS3 and the 360. I must confess I am a PS3 fanboy, but I can respect MS for trying but I cannot respect the console, made in America…..we should have known.

    Now 50 million bucks is a lot of chips and that’s 50 million out of MS’s own pocket that they gave to Rockstar so that Rockstar could make some “downloadable episodic content” exclusively for the Xbox Live scene. Again 50 million? That is a huge amount, that could quite possibly fund the next 2 FULL iterations of GTA 5 and 6, so what the hell is MS going to get? And more importantly, how much are they going to charge you, the Live user who already pays a yearly fee? Add to that a fully priced game when it hits the shelves and it all adds but hey we love it.

    GTA 4 a system seller? You can bet your life on it, let the stats do the talking after, then there is only one question left but with many other questions that follow…which system do I get?

  28. John:

    Wow my comment got deleted, guess the facts were not what this site wanted to hear.

  29. Jason:

    The Wii will only last as long as they can think up for some other inane way of Mario doing something.

    What I cannot figure is why they don’t cross the technology with the PS3 then it would reach god like status.

  30. byron:

    blu ray, PlayStation 3 will outlive wii outsale dont know

  31. Frobozz:

    I’m amazed by the number of people who insist the Wii will eventually fade into obscurity. Claiming that the inferior graphics, etc and the lack of Blu-ray are going to kill it. Blu-ray is a nice feature and all but pretty useless if you don’t have an HD television (I currently have just SDTV) and if you’re not willing to pay $20 to $30 per movie.

    Also the target audience of the Wii is the casual gamer. From what I’ve seen of their selection over the years, the PlayStation and XBox don’t strike me as something a casual gamer could just pick up a controller for and instantly have a chance of winning (much less not getting killed every few minutes).

  32. Ian Connal, Scotland:

    It could be argued that Wii is the only true NextGen/Current Gen (call it what you want) console as it has taken gaming to a never before reached level. It could also be argued that it’s the only true gaming console, the other two being pegged as multi-media centres, it depends on your perception of what defines next gen or a games console. The idea that cool, great gaming or popularity should be defined by horsepower is laughable. Console popularity is decided by the masses, not fanboys and the masses are speaking. All the “Wii Sux, PS3 rox” and “Xbox 360 4eva, Wii blows chunx” comments you see on the net can’t detract from the fact that it’s what most people are buying at the moment, that and the DS.

    As for the Wii having “childish” games, i hardly think pretending to be a space marine running around blowing aliens up is adult. I played soldiers as a kid. A true adult game would probably involve getting up, going to work, cleaning your house, paying your bills et all lol

    Fact is, hardcore gamers are firmly in the monority now, the market has expanded way beyond the perceived demograph. Better get used to this all you upscaling-hi def-frame rate-cell processor- squillion gig hardrive fanboys…. most of us just want to have simple fun.

  33. Jeff:

    “Please God no. It’s a novelty, it’ll wind up collecting dust in a closet while the Xbox 360 and PS3 with their WiFi and Blu-Ray support soldier on. The Wii is nothing more than a child’s toy.”

    Umm… last I checked, the Xbox had neither WiFi nor Blu-Ray. As a matter of fact, it’s the ONLY current system without WiFi.

  34. nisa:

    Wii has a very unique differentiator. As long as PS3 and XBOX do not make remotes like Wii (the remote handling is Wii’s main unique differentiator) – Wii will always get their target market -> family-based and simple game players. Wii also should always develop new and interesting games to fire up the Wii lovers’ spirit, including mine!

    hehehe.. that’s my 2 cents for today ^_^

  35. maddog:

    just so you know, grand theft auto 4 is coming out for both ps3, and xbox 360, so it wont really change anything… still calling wii a fad, what fanboys..

  36. Xbox-Eddie:

    I think the measure of a games console is according to what you want out of it. A Wii would be a dissapointment to somebody who puts a lot of value on HD graphics but for a family who just wants light social fun its perfect. And yes the wii will always get its target market as long as good games are being produced. There are a lot of usually non gamers out there who dont want to spend ages on deep involving games. The Wii is a novelty because its new and different but that has made it successful. Wii Fit is going to be the next boost to the Wii, you could call that a move into the lifestyle category, so should we really compare the Wii with the Xbox and PS3 given its audience?

  37. doober:

    Well, I think it’s all pop-culture fad doohickey, and will ALL fade into obscurity, eventually. As an aside, y’know what I love to see? The magazine writers all jump ship at the fall of a market share! How short a career is that? (Yes, Nutter, I am looking at you! English joke). The wii is a great machine, and lets me play my sister at bowling so she can kick my ass at something. She loves it, and THAT is the formula that Nintendo has nurtured for 100 years.. but on that note, They were in the red oh not so long ago, only to be saved by the DS.. and already we have all forgotten.. Hmmm. We just love the tech, the way our P.C.s hook up to our fridges, and god of choice bless Technophiles for sat-nav on my mobile phone! Long live the battle for my cash! P.S. I love my ps3! (mumble, mumble, fan-boy, etc)

  38. nicoli:

    if thats the case, then why is PC gaming still alive? PC gaming is always about hardware and badass FPS, RPGS, and Sports games.
    the only thing nintendo did was used the general public’s ignorance to their advantage. most people dont even know what HDD means!!! SO HTF are people going to know that the wii is weaker than the original xbox. because only about 30% of the world have HD tvs, most people will buy into the fad anyway.
    remember the same thing happened with the gamecube, and everyone ripped on the PS2 because it was complicated, blah, blah, blah,
    but look at it now.
    and look how the PS3 is taking off. and since nintendo has absolutely no more First party games worth the discs they are printed on, and all 3rd party games are half-ass ps2 imports, what will be the point of having one? gay ass motion sensing controllers? ha, they dont work half the time anyway.
    ive had all 3 consoles, 2 PS3s,(had 20GB first, sold it, l8er upgraded to 80GB to get the wifi) 5 360′s,(4 died because the 360 has the worst hardware design ever) and 2 wiis (sold the first one, because everything felt so kiddish, and then bought the second one to play MP3, and SMBros, and now its done, there is no point, so i sold it. plus it looked like complete ass on my HD.

    So just keep watching, blu-ray is dominant, and because people prefer the security of actually physically owning the disc, instead of HDD downloads, and all the games coming out the next two years will def move the PS3 like crazy.

    i will keep my 360 for gears 2, or until it dies, then im done with that P.O.S.

    if you guys have to hate on the ps3 just cause you cant afford it, fuck off. go buy ur little gay ass wii. and ill be laughing when its the next GC.

    just like when i laughed when all u douches said hd-dvd would prevail. ahahahaha.

    im alwayz right about this.

  39. Pcgamer:

    Oh yes once GTA IV comes out Xbox360 and PS3 will spank the Wii.

    And all of sudden families, oap’s, etc will stop playing their wii games, and instead go out and buy a xbox360 or Ps3 to play GTA IV and steal numerous cars, shoot/evade police officers and stomp on numerous passerbys for fun, race through the streets to try and accumulate as much kill score as possible running over people, etc…. yes i’m sure the main target wii audience will be soooo into GTA IV…

    I don’t doubt GTA IV will push sales of the consoles, I don’t doubt GTA IV will sell in the bucketloads (I’ll be buying it), but does anyone honestly think it will affect Wii sales much? the point of the article was pointing out that the Wii is competing by not competing. It has no competitor, and has a much larger target audience than the PS3 and Xbox360 has, which is why its not unthinkable even though its ‘tech is so primitive’ or whatever that it could outlast both.

    As for this 7 to 1 ratio now down to 2 to 1, thats not true, yes its wii/Ps3 has had a 7 to 1 ratio before… in JAPAN. but never world wide.

    The ratio has been 2 or 3 to 1 world wide since both launched and that still hasn’t changed much.

    Believing game x on PS3 or Xbox360 will kill the Wii, is equivalent to me believing Starcraft 2 will kill the PS3 and Xbox360 once it comes out and will herald the end of console gaming and the return to Pc gaming…. Huzzah! mm starcraft 2 will totally owwwwn GTA IV.

  40. maddog:

    sigh cant all systems succed? i’m big supporter of all systems including ps3, but i do think the wii is going to win this gen, and i’m happy about it. i dont see why people want to fail, i think this just stinks of elitism from hardcore gamers, and i’m a hardcore gamer myself.

  41. Usaryan:

    All systems could suceed if the 360 didn’t brake and the wii got some good games. At the mo the PS3 is all I’m excited about in terms of games but guess what, mine just broke, its stopped reading discs and I’m well annoyed, been looking into it and it seems a common fault just kept quiet by Sony, they really need to fix this or maybe the wii will be the only console left standing, perhaps because it gets no play. lol.

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