PS3 beats Xbox 360 in February sales – Wii and DS still on top

March 15, 2008

PS3 beats Xbox 360 in February sales - Wii and DS still on topThe hardware sales figures for the US are in once again, and well, not much has changed since last time. Nintendo are still dominating, the PS3 just pipping the Xbox 360, and the PS2 continuing to defy its old age.

Before I started writing at Blorge, I never used to pay much attention to the monthly hardware sales reports, but now they’ve taken on a whole new meaning, and are an important measure of where the industry is headed.

The figures for February really don’t show many surprises, although there are a few interesting tidbits to come out of the NPD report for the second month of 2008.

Hardware – February 2008

Nintendo DS – 587,600
Nintendo Wii – 432,000
PlayStation 2 – 351,800
PlayStation 3 – 280,800
Xbox 360 – 254,600
PS Portable – 243,000

Nintendo are still way ahead of everyone else, with the DS being the top selling console, with the Wii not far behind. Stocks seem to be appearing again after the holiday season shortfall, but are being snapped up just as fast as ever.

The PS2 beat both it’s younger brother, the PS3, and the Xbox 360 in to third place, and by quite a margin too. It seems despite the manufacturers best efforts, there are still a slew of people who aren’t willing to jump generations quite yet, and see the Playstation 2 as a cheap but powerful games machine.

What’s more, the games are now dirt cheap, with classics being available for just a few dollars in many stores, meaning it’ll still be a viable games machine for younger children, or those on a budget for many years to come.

According to Gamepro, even NPD analyst Anita Frazier was surprised by its continuing success:

“I was most surprised by the PS2 hardware sales numbers this month,”

“While it certainly has earned its spot among the now-gen slate of console systems because of it staying power in the marketplace, the fact that it realized such significant growth this month is really a testament to its broad adoption.”

The Playstation 3 did beat the Xbox 360 this month, for the second month in succession, but it’s lead did fall back quite substantially. I thought on the back of Blu-ray winning the DVD format war, the PS3 would do better, but no.

Software – February 2008

Call of Duty 4 (360) – 296k
Devil May Cry 4 (360) – 295k
Wii Play (Wii) – 290k
Devil May Cry 4 (PS3) – 234k
Guitar Hero III (Wii) – 223k
Mario and Sonic: Olympic Games (DS) – 206k
Lost Odyssey (360) – 204k
Turok (360) – 198k
Guitar Hero III (PS2) – 184k
Rock Band (360) – 162k

What’s also interesting is the software sales associated with the major consoles. The PS3 only had one game in the top ten, which would lead me to believe there are a hell of a lot of people either buying the console as a cheap Blu-ray player, or waiting for the big summer releases such as Gran Turismo 5, and Metal Gear Solid 4.

Microsoft need to pull something out of its hat to stop this trend, or the Xbox 360 will be consigned to the dustbin quicker than anyone ever imagined it would. Be it a new Blu-ray add-on, a bigger hard drive, or some manic price cutting across the board, something will have to be announced, and fast.

17 Responses to “PS3 beats Xbox 360 in February sales – Wii and DS still on top”

  1. Anubis66:

    I’d like to note that there are xbox 360′s in stock, everywhere. Not one store that i have been in the past several months has been anywhere near short suppy. And has not sold of of 360′s since about this time last year, unlike the PS3′s recent sellouts there. This is another 16-bit case of trying to fool 8-bit stockholders and a 4-bit public into believing another lie this 2-bit company has to say.

  2. G:

    I wonder how many people are buying PS2′s thinking they play Blu Ray.

  3. bigd:

    The only shortages I heard of this month was Amazon selling out of its stock of 80GB PS3s. Wonder how much bigger the gap would have been if they could have kept up with demand.

  4. Travis Verwayne-Morgan:

    My xbox360 is breaking how can I fixs it now

  5. Travis Verwayne-Morgan:

    please now

  6. Travis Verwayne-Morgan:

    how can u fixs it

  7. Travis Verwayne-Morgan:


  8. nouman:

    dudes, ps3 beats 360 yeh 360 has more games and everything but ps3 has awsome graphic and online is free another thing is call of duty 4 is another good game tht was sold out last month not just devil may cry4 pfftt…

    peace out

  9. darkwhitehair:

    HAHAHAAH!! while the fanboys are arguing about “nex-gen” and “blue-ray” wii and ds are kicking ass….
    now only if 3rd party games were as good as mario and zelda… and if the controls werent so shoddy… I would’ve bought a wii stead of a PS3…

  10. Mike:

    I’ll help you fix your xbox 360. First off go to a mack machine and withdraw 410.00 Then go buy a 11 dollar sledghammer. Bring the 360 outside around 40-80 degrees farenheiht. Dont want to fry it anymore then it already is. Put the 360 on a solid object, like a sidewalk. Swing the sledgehammer ontop of the 360 until you see the motherboard. Locate your motherboard and use it for something usefull like clipping holder. Now go to a walmart or bestbuy or even a target and pick up a ps3. Enjoy!!!

  11. The Professor:

    @ Mike

    brilliant…I lol’d hard

  12. Me:

    360 is in big trouble, If it can’t even beat the ps3 in it’s home turf and it is a poor year for exclusives on the 360. Right know the there about even with lot’s of ps3 led development games like Burnout Paradise and DMC4. The 360 has arguably had a better start to year with Lost Odyssey and Frontline(rubbish but has actually outsold LO) and it still can’t beat the ps3, and the with the big ps3 exclusives just around the corner the 360 is in alot of trouble. In Britain the ps3 has sold 1 mill copies in less than a year (somewhere between 43-46weeks) whilst the 360 took somewhere between 60-70 weeks, the ps3 eveb beat the ps2 which took 50 weeks. The ps3 is know predicted to overtake the 360 in sales by the summer in Britain and it hasn’t even been out a year yet! this will probably echo on a worldwide basis with the ps3 overtaking the 360 betwwen the summer and the end of the year

  13. Me:

    sorry about the spelling mistakes, something’s wrong with my keyboard

  14. dan:

    The PS3 outsells the 360 by a whopping 25,000 units and its dire straits for the 360? So just 25,000 units is the gap between sitting pretty and bing relegated to the “dustbin”? Also no mention of the 360 hardware shortage. Selling 260,000 units doesn’t suggest a lack of demand. A lack of demand would be a next gen console selling 80,000 in a Month…you know like Sony was doing through most of 2007.

    The key won’t be Christmas. It will be April. Whoever sells more units in April will be the winner this generation in North America. If, on the strength of GTA4 exclusive content 360 holds off the PS3 then I don’t see any reason to believe MS won’t win N.A.. People will be going to the store and be able to get the hottest game of the year for either console, and if they choose the 360 over the PS3 then MS will hold onto the lead. If some of those new PS2 owners decide to go with the PS3 instead, then MS should worry.

  15. Matt:

    “If, on the strength of GTA4 exclusive content 360 holds off the PS3 then I don’t see any reason to believe MS won’t win N.A.”

    Well, Dan, I can think of one reason.

    Nintendo Wii – 432,000

    I’d say that’s a pretty good reason for the PS3 AND 360 to lose N.A.

  16. Michael:

    Erm.. I see no mention of worldwide Dan, worldwide sales will force the ps3 as top in N.A(not including the Wii, Matt) and there is no hardware shortage, just excuses

  17. rocketskunk:

    They are all great machines in there own right….just buy all three..easy! 360 for games PS3 for media and Blu-Ray and the Wii for when your mates come round..sorted!

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