PS3: in-game XMB would be downfall of humanity or Sony’s delaying on purpose

March 16, 2008

PS3: in-game XMB would be donwfall of humanity or Sony's delaying on purposeThere’s a reason why Sony won’t release a PS3 firmware update to add in-game XMB to the PS3: the addition would mean the end of humanity, or maybe the company’s just waiting until it’s perfect.

In a recent post, we expressed our indifference towards the lack of in-game XMB in the latest PS3 firmware update, v2.17. We can’t see why we’d need in-game XMB so much that we’d be outraged by the lack of it, but many PS3 fans seem to want it… bad.  Just check some of the responses to our v2.17 post.

Ron: “Why is in-game XMB so important? Are you retarded?”

They’re not all logical, but some actually felt the need to support their arguments.

vjkhv: “we need it 4 sending messeges u noob hoe”

Others, however, really supported their point.

doober: “The in game xmb would allow us to chat, see who’s in what, (instead of just that ‘message’ that your pal is online) and let you connect with your friends without saving up, closing a game, looking on the bar, sending a chat mail and hopeing they read it before you die of waiting. it could all be done as you play! That’s great!”

It’s exactly these arguments that forecast the end of all that is face-to-face. Think about it: these players want to be in their game to such a high degree and they’re so used to multitasking, that concentrating on simply communicating with another human being isn’t enough — scary. Maybe Sony just wants to gaming to be gaming, and social interaction to be social interaction. Is that such a crazy idea?

No, some fans are like us and don’t care.

OMEN: “XMB is no big deal, i’d rather have them fix the issues on the games than XMB crap.”

Many of us just want to play great games off or online with better network stability!

jaime: “Give all system resources (cell and memory) to the game.

Why should be a running process eating resources that could be given to the game for better graphics or better a.i.?

Why limit every single game, with something that not all will benefit (not everyone conect the ps3 to internet, a lot less play games always conected to internet)

Its a little win for a few and a great lose to everyone.”

Here’s one more possibility: Sony wants in-game XMB done right, and it’s willing to delay the process until the proper product is ready for release. After all, the company’s used to delaying products until they’re ready. Sony’s “successful” Blu-ray format was also significantly delayed, and it slaughtered the cheaper HD-DVD format. In a bigger success story, the company didn’t release the PS3 until a year after the Xbox 360, and the quality-difference between the two almost sets the PS3 in the next-next-generation of gaming. If Sony has a plan for in-game XMB, there’s a good chance it’s going to kick a ridiculous amount of ass.


43 Responses to “PS3: in-game XMB would be downfall of humanity or Sony’s delaying on purpose”

  1. lakerfan:

    how’s the xmb going to kick ass? either it works or it doesnt work. there no in-between. there’s no “perfection”. theres only “works”

  2. DavidB:

    Honestly, could absolutely care less about in game XMB. This is a perfect example of a very vocal minority stirring up so much crap about a relatively unimportant feature, sites think its an important feature to a lot of us. I doubt I’m in the minorty, I suspect hardly a fraction of ps3 gamers care one iota. We are far more interested in keeping the platform stable and improving it with REAL capability (like when divx was added) that introducing this.

    Sony, give us DTS MA (for all those Fox movies). In game XMB is nowhere near as important as that.

  3. Tatsujin:

    David, In reality almost every (about 95% of Ps3 owners that play video games on it) would like an in-game XMB, and needless to say, Sony IS working on it, theres been talk of it for about a year now, and Sony DID state it would be “The aoughtmost perfect addition to the Ps3″
    Yes, we all believe them, cuz sony delivers… and YES, the in-game xmb is a very needy neccessatiy and in reality, you cant really do shit to change that… oke?

  4. TKB:

    I could care less about XMB.

    Now, a unified friends/messaging list available from the PS button is desperately needed. And if you don’t see the need for THAT, Danny Mendez, then its time for you to step into the next gen of gaming.

    Also a clock. Why doesn’t this machine have a clock anywhere?

  5. Jonathan:

    I would like in-game xmb, but only for the custom soundtracks. Whoever chose Moterstorm’s soundtrack should DIE!!!!!!

  6. hoe killer:

    are you out your goddamn mind! So you think those who want it are idiots or something!? in game xmb would be fucking awesome! not having to quit the game to use it would be good.

  7. Marc:

    Sounds fine, I really believe that people have just know how easy and well the 360′s interface works, and people always use the dashboard and private chat and great online to defend against ps3 owners.
    I don’t believe that adding the XMB would eat processing power from the cell though, the cell is used for A.I and physics. If anything, the XMB would take from the ram.
    The 360′s mini dashboard was built in from day one, while the PS3 has yet to have a counterpart to the minidash. What the PS3 needs is easy to access and use features, like chat, messaging, joining friends games, and so on, it doesn’t need to come in the form of XMB in game.
    As for the next-next generation crap, seriously, sony has spouted shit about how much more powerful the PS3 is, it is a good system, and superior in the right hands, but it also creates more challenges for developers, as well as having half the ram of the 360. The 360 is easier to develop for, has more ram, while the PS3 has more processing power and a hard drive for cashe ing games, both are very close in power, each is very powerful in the right hands.

  8. Shoot Xbots on sight:

    Only bitches cry over a feature that was never intended to be there in the first place,whats the point in seeing every damn thing your ‘friend’,is doing online?

    a bit girlish if ya ask me

  9. John:

    Look, the simple fact of the matter is that 1) In game XMB is extremely useful and 2) The PS3′s main competitor has had this feature for THREE YEARS. If you’ve played an xbox 360, you know that it allows you to have custom soundtracks during games. This is a feature that is undesirable in highly artistic games, but in a game like Super Stardust HD -which has some truly godawful music- it is really nice to be able to put on some jazz on. Custom soundtracks on the 360 are better than a stereo because it automatically adjusts the volume of the music to be lower than the dialogue in the game.

    Also, if in-game XMB goes full out, you would be able to go online and search for a walkthrough of a game AS YOU ARE PLAYING IT. For instance, I was stuck in Uncharted and had to pause the game, walk across my house to my laptop and turn it on and search for the info and walk back. In-game XMB would allow me to do that all from my couch.

    And finally, people clamor for IGXMB because it would pave the way for GAME INVITES like on xbox live where you could switch over and join into the game your friend is playing online and land in his room. If people really don’t see why these features are not only desirable, but absolutely necessary for the PS3 to compete against the 360, you are really missing the picture here.

  10. PatZ:

    This is probably the stupidest thing i’ve read for a while!

  11. tretle:

    And DTS MA will benefit gaming on the ps3 in what way? At leas in game XMB offers improvements for online gaming.
    “Its a little win for a few and a great lose to everyone.” thanks for explaining what would happen if they listened to you.
    “quality-difference between the two almost sets the PS3 in the next-next-generation of gaming” I like the ps3 but this comment alone screams “the playstation 3 ate my babies but I still love it.
    Yup you guessed it this article was wrote by fanboy, if sony where to release a chocolate bar made of 90% shit and the competitors was normal chocolate for a cheaper price then this guy would undoubtedly by Sony’s shit bar.
    He begins to munch into it and realizes its poo but keeps eating with a smile on his face.
    When his friend shouts chocolate aint chocolate its shit he gives out to him for insinuating sony has done a bad job.
    I could always give you a pair of sony developed wax wings, you could test them out on some cliff. I think the product isn’t up to scratch though. You can fly but better hope its not sunny. This is what online gaming on the ps3 is like right now, home wont fix it. XMB will, its annoying trying to set up games with friends, annoying having to quit everything to send and view messages and more importantly its annoying that the playstation scene is all just junk and rumor. You see the rumors create complacent fans until the rumor turns out to be just that, a rumor. Sony needs to let people out of the dark.

  12. Benjamin Gilbert:

    I think it’s striking that there is such a vocal audience defending PS3′s lack of an in-game XMB. Frankly, it should have been in place from out of the gate, given the argument that Sony consistently waits, “until they’re ready” with regards to releasing products, simply for the PS3 to be on par with the Xbox 360 online experience. I am by no means a specific “fan” of either console more than the other — I am, however, a fan of videogames (online ones too!) In this sense, things that enable my online experience to be more comfortable and user-friendly are hard to dislike or defend being without. Maybe you guys just like watching movies more than playing games.

    Is it a huge deal that PS3 doesn’t have an in-game XMB? No, not so much. Should it probably have one? Yeah, it probably should, and chances are, they’ll have one soon enough. That’s why competition is good, right? That’s my bit, at least.

  13. OH:

    Did you mean, “You couldn’t care less”? To say you, “could absolutely care less…”, means you do care but could find yourself in a definitive circumstance in which you “could” care less than you already do… ;)

  14. The Future of Sega:

    Well as long as the in game soundtrack is good, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem. And you know, I’m so surprise that EVERYONE is crying a river over in game XMB instead of RUMBLE in the freaken dang controllers!

    Hey, what good is it to play your own music in a game, and your not even aware that you’re being shot in the ass by a camouflage troop! Or that your car engine in GT5 is overheating! Or that the floor is getting ready to cave in the more you step over it in Resident Evil 5!?

    Huh!??? Who gives a Mermaid’s ass about in game XMB! So what! GET OVER IT!!!! Rumble is more important! Top quality games that get a ranking of 9.0 or higher is more important! A smaller chipset to keep the system cooler is more important! Having a freaken clock on the PS button menu instead of in the System settings is more important!

    To have your PS3 automatically turn on to record or play something at a specific given time is more important! As you can see, in game XMB is one of Sony’s least problems…..You do the math :)

    Have a good day now :)

  15. whoelse:

    Or Home. Homes been delayed a lot and we now know how good that’s turned out from all the leaked stuff.

  16. Ivan_PSP:

    I love PS3 the way it is who cares about that only Xbox fanboy want claiming they own a high tech PS3.

  17. Oskar:

    Xmb in-game isnt really necessary but I would really bow to sony if they could atleast bring in the friends list ingame. BUT I can wait for it, i wouldnt like a buggy version slowing down the system unnecesary if they could come up with a better solution later on.

    also if you could talk to friends ect then the xbl dosnt have any advantages that really matters over the psn. And this is the only downside with the psn from my point of view.

    Also like this subject wouldnt be as big as it now is if people didnt want the xmb ingame right?

    Aslo, I like the last possibility that you wrote down Danny, thats what i hope it is ^^

  18. timestoby:

    why wouldnt we want to have xmb.should have been standard and not an after thought.noob hoes haha i love that one.

  19. Jake B.:

    You know, they already said they’re releasing it with the new PSN store this June. The PSN store is going to be a programmed application instead of a website, with a smooth interface. Something I’ve wanted for a while. But, if they don’t make a big release, people will just downgrade. Jeez… I hate when people post this stuff before they do their research…

  20. Alex:

    Are you people out of your mind?
    How is in-game XMB not important!?

    Let me give you a little scenario, one that occurs far too often, to way too many of us:
    I’m online playing CoD4/Resistance/Warhawk/etc, and a little icon appears in the top right of the screen notifying me of a message I’ve received. So what now? If I want to read the message, which often-times I do, I have to quit the game I’m in (Which, when playing competitively, is very annoying), scroll through the XMB, read/reply to the message, and either A) Sit there and wait for a reply, or B) Go back into my game and risk going through the same process. Plan A usually involves the person who sent you the message going through the same process you went through, and option B just adds to the annoyance of the situation.

    Now with in-game XMB, I could message friends and get organized with them into a game at anytime, and hell, play my own music to boot.
    This is, absolutely, one of Sony’s top priorities when it comes to the PSN, other than completing Home on a timely matter (Another issue in itself). When you consider that with in-game XMB, Xbox Live would really only have an advantage or two left, it’s mind-boggling that Sony has yet to implement it.
    Lastly, it isn’t that hard to achieve. Adding in-game XMB as a feature won’t require Sony to halt other projects, so I am once again at a loss, as there really isn’t any reason to not add the feature.

    /rant, although some people still won’t give in to reason. And whoever said people who want in-game XMB are the vocal minority, are sadly misinformed, or just plain clueless.

  21. Daztroyer:

    Any does it need XBM, if your used to xbox live and only just bought a PS3 you’d know why. Just the ability to chat to a friend whilst playing your seperate games is fun and the “social interacting” you say we’re not getting involved in. Mind you just fixing the voice chat in game would be a start. Great macine sony but you need to polish up your PSN.

  22. Daztroyer:

    Change “any” to boy fella’s. Bloody predictive text my arse. Lol

  23. InFaMuSs:

    Yeh, i think that XMB is not totally necessary but messaging/friends list is…

    It is annoying having to quit out of a game jst to read a message that may just say, “I love Call of Duty 4″ or something ridiculous like that, and then having to load the game back up again….

    So even a Mini-XMB would be good like Xbox 360s mini dashboard…

    I also think that the more simpler Xbox 360 interface is also more attractive than the PS3s, and im saying this as i own the PS3, yet have every family member in town own a 360, so it has grown on me abit but thats just my honest opinion.

  24. Atownzone6Atown:

    Sony ceo should kill himself for not putting the XMB.

  25. kevin:

    this is a total letdown. why can ms do it so easily and sony, with a supposed console with “more power” can’t get this feature up and running? i was really hoping sony would keep their word with this promise, for once….

  26. northbit:

    Hello fellow ps3′ers. I would like the XMB to allow in game chat with guys NOT playing the same game. I hate getting a message while playing, cant reply without quitting, thats a joke. I am sure they will have it eventually though and I am patient.

    On a side note, does anyone else get a diagonal dragging/tearing effect on their web page layer and the the icons of the xmb? Sony wont help me, say they want money to repair what is obviously a software error, everything still plays and works except sometimes the screen is ripped in half diagonally…. for the webpages and icons only mind you.

  27. cubehouse:

    I don’t see the point in in-game XMB…
    specially since people occasionally pop the odd point of in game messaging and in game custom soundtrack…
    why don’t you ask for in game messaging and in game custom soundtracks instead?
    Having an in-game xmb will most likely not bring you custom soundtracks you know…

  28. WeZz:

    I’m not really sure what the big deal with in game XMB. Who needs all those features! All I ever needed is in game chat to keep track of friends and add music support to change tracks and maybe just maybe the video settings to make it easier to find your preferred settings. I don’t need the whole damn XMB just a stripped down version of those will be just fine!

  29. davis:

    I think its a shame sony made the most powerful console, yet they messed up with so much at the beginning (even more sad considering ms had their console a year earlier) by no means am I a fanboy of either console, I own them both. If the ps3 is more powerful, even if it does have less ram theres no reason they shouldnt be able to put in-game XMB. After playing the 360s online it pissed me off when I got my ps3 and found out i had to log out of the game just to send or read a friggin message. Sony needs this and to work out a few kinks if they wanna take over this year. If they do that, then they will win no doubt.

  30. Joe:

    I think it is important cause of everything that they said the PS3 could do like blu ray, dvd, chat online while playin games i didnt spend 600 dollars on just a video game system they better get this shit working cause if Sony cant back there words up in this second year there fucked cause even the Xbox 360 can listen to there own music in game hell the xbox could do that come on Sony get yo shit together.

  31. Treefingers:

    IN-Game XMB would not take away from any resources. one of the Cell processors is already dedicated to XMB, and one of the “seven” is disabled. That means games only use the main processor and 4 of the micro-processors. XMB is a necessity, to the extent of in game messaging and custom soundtracks. Video chat will be implemented as well as sending photos (screenshots) in game, another addition will be the access to the internet while playing (looking up game guides while playing will be awesome). Some games already use the web browser in game. all that is extra but we need in game messaging and custom soundtracks at the least.

  32. » Blog Archive » PS3 XMB & Acer enters the game market:

    [...] news. But here are a few headlines from around the web. So the PS3 fanboys out there have been crying for a while for in game XMB. For those of you that dont know XMB is a service that allows you to [...]

  33. Gregero:

    I don’t think the whole XMB is necessary to have in-game. I do though believe it is very necessary to have a friends list and a custom tracks section when you hit the PS button. I think everybody who goes online has a great problem with having to quit out of a game to read a message from a buddy who just forgot the password to your game. Having a message center in the PS menu would allow you to message your friends any time when playing a game. An example could be- you’re playing a game of COD4 and your best buddy hops online and wants to play some Warhawk with you, but you just started this match! You need to tell him that you’ll be right off COD4 after the match. Soon you’re buddy goes offline or plays a different game because he/she thinks you ignored him/her. You just missed out on a really good time with your friend. Now having the message center would allow you to send the message and say, “I’ll join you in a few. Just hang on a few minutes more for me till I finish wiping blood on the walls.” Because of this your friend will now wait for you and get ready for the match (he/she can start setting up the game and send you the password through the message center and ask you what options you would like on or off while setting it up.) Using this technique almost no time will be wasted at the XMB aside from pulling out COD4 and inserting Warhawk. Then you can join the game and use the info in your message center to get the password. When you’re in the game and get tired of the music in it, hit the PS button and throw on your own tracks to run & gun to. The whole XMB in-game isn’t entirely necessary, but using a message center and custom tracks can easily be an advantage when starting up games and keeping in contact with buddies who want to join after it has begun. In-game XMB or a message center along with a custom track set up would be excellent.

  34. The Future of Sega:

    You want to know why PS3 doesn’t have in game XMB???? They’re in a 3rd world country for fuck shit’s sakes!!! Sony headquarters is located in Japan, duuuuuuuuuh! And Microsoft headquarters are located here in the US.

    So yeah, the 360 will always have advantages over PS3 regardless of what those cock suckers say! Lol, now I’m a big fan of the ORIGINAL xbox, but this 360 seriously sucks graveyard ass! Halo 3 was a shitload of fuck! Queers of Whore was the most god awful disgrace of ALL humanity!

    The fucken UNO game on demo is hard as bloody Hell to beat! And the RROD is the stress maker :)……..

    But seriously if all of you Sony fans want in game XMB, rumble, Home, whatever…..just pull away your support from Sony and join Microsoft, Nintendo, and soon to be Sega! :) Obviously Sony doesn’t know how to treat it’s fans right and doesn’t deserve to have any fans.

    Sony fucks up WAAAAAAY too much! Too many delays! Too many empty promises! And too many shitty games! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!!?!?!?!!!!!?……..sigh……..I need a drink.

  35. superaktieboy:

    Your MUM!!! nah just joking.. ingame xmb is not necceraly needed, it not as ingame xmb, there are only a few things that we need in-game, such as messaging, some of the settings (like hd output, audio output etc) so only parts of it is needed, and i have the idea that those who say ingame xmb is not needed are xbots!


  36. The Future of Sega:

    Superaktieboy- Listen here you son of an ASS! I’M NOT AN XBOT!!!! I can’t stand Microshaft!!! Except for the first one Xbox. :) Now when my 360 receives the Red Ring of Dick, you better beleive I’ll be raising hell over it! Just like I’m raising Hell over Sony and PS3 for their absolutes tardness, and disgraceful shittyness!



    But the thing that really mother fucken ass lick balls ass shit fuck ass balls BALLS, pisses me OFF! Is that Sony is delaying the RUMBLE!!!!! BRING IT OUT ALREADY GOT DAMNIT!!!! And gives in game XMB already 2!!! Otherwise stick to your Blue Ray crap shit. You’re not fit to be in gaming business you Royal, cum face, ass wipe, FUCKUPS!!!!

    Arrrggggg! I’m getting pissed AGAIN for the 11,000th time at Sony!……sigh……I tell ya, Sony will go down in history as the most disgraceful game company to piss off so many fans, because they were cocky, they didn’t bring out rumble in a reasonable amount of time to the US and UK, a chunkload of fuck games on PS3 are inferior to ANY game console that EVER existed, still….no in game XMB, for the 3rd console life time…..LONG ASS LOADING TIMES, no originality, the corniest load screen and sound when a game is inserted, anndddd……..sigh…………Let’s go Sega!!! Sega forever!!!!!

  37. ehutch:

    hey sega guy… you are a low class loser, get a life/personality. that or lay off the sauce. sony is in the process of resolving any remaining issues concerning the ps3. six months from now, all will be well in ps3 land. too bad 360 cant fix their issues so easily. sony got the most important stuff right the first time. now we are just fine tuning the system, thats all. 360 users are screwed with no mandatory hd, no bluray, crappy hardware, and a live service you pay for. i think we ps3 owners have it pretty good.

  38. The Future of Sega:

    @ ehutch…..Listen here you outdated FUCK! PS3 is garbabge! I had more fun playing with dog terds!!! 360 is my ass and PS3 is my balls!

    I’d rather drink vomit out of a buffalo’s anus than to play PS3! It fucken SUCKS! It sucken FUCKS! It’s a piece of SHIT!………..and I don’t like it :)

  39. TKB:

    I love AVGN

  40. ehutch:

    why were you playing with dog turds? thats not normal.

  41. The Future of Sega:

    AVGN is the shit man!!! He is fucken hilarious! But uuhhh @ Ehutch……LMFAO I wasn’t ok. I freaken love PS3. I paly it every single day. But on the serious side, I’m really pissed at Sony about the rumble. Now I have to go out and spend over $100 for two dipody damn controllers that have rumble, but should’ve already been included in the first place!

    I’ve wasted almost 2 grand JUST for PS3 alone! On controllers, games, the core system, Blue Ray movies, all of it! JUST ALL OF IT! And they fucken screwed me! THEY SCREWED ME! And now I’m going to have to wait until I save up again in order to get some more controllers! ARRRGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. ehutch:

    rumble is a waste imho and kills your battery life. im glad its gone. these pretzels are making me thirsty !

  43. The Future of Sega:

    The hell it isn’t!!! Rumble is the shit!!!!! Thats why the majority of PS3 games suck! Because of lack of rumble……I’m tired of ranting about PS3….Sony has completely proved that they are the absolute shittiest game company of all time!


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