The reviews are in: Grand Theft Auto 4 just looks sexier on PS3 than Xbox 360

April 27, 2008

Ok, so at this point of the weekend, you are most likely trying to abstain from wetting yourself in anticipation of the Iron Man movie and game, right? No? Well another small title is hitting this week by the name of Grand Theft Auto 4, and the critics agree: GTA IV looks better on the PS3 than it does on the 360.

The one pimple that has always rested on the face of the Grand Theft Auto series was looks. The game isn’t the most visually stimulating. For most reviewers, the Playstation 3 version shone brighter than the 360 because the 360 version suffered from worse frame rate issues as well as draw distances.

GameSpy gave GTA IV a perfect 100, and noted, “For those who have to decide between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, we should mention that these flaws are slightly less noticeable in the PS3 game.”

Of course, all those discrepancies visually are water under the bridge…4 out of 5 websites that reviewed GTA IV gave the game perfect scores, with only Game Trailers giving it a 98/100. They said, “We’ve only played the Xbox 360 version thus far and it has moments where the frame rate fluctuates, and there are some visual glitches here and there, but there’s no other game world as immersive as this one.”

The PS3 is generally agreed to be slightly more powerful (or powerful in different ways than the 360) which tend to explain frame rate issues that occur between cross-platform titles. However, some of us remember the days when Grand Theft Auto was only a Playstation title, so all you 360 owners be thankful for what you can get!

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  1. Spideydog:

    C’mon fanboys, have your say now….. Kevin, winner…. you guys said that your opinions would be vindicated, doesn’t look that way at the moment ???

  2. Arvis:


    You know they’re not going to say anything until this all blows over. I think Kevin is proud enough to at least post something along the lines of “Who cares about graphics when you have exclusive content?”
    Then again, if he says that, it would be major backpedaling… and I have to admit that I may just never let him forget about it. :)


  3. ore:

    Who the F is going to watch Robert Drowning Small Member Junior do a film about a character no one has even heard of? massive flop.

    GTA4 all the way!

  4. darkwhitehair:

    XD nice ore….
    Yup Im not gonna let them forget about this difference either… I asked them to not make stupid comments… it great for the 360 owners to get exclusive content… I would want the 360 version if I had LIVE… but still… Im gonna remind them about this EVERY single day untill they die… nothing against the 360… I have something against stupid people and their retarded comments….

    A thing I didnt understand… MS paid $50 mil for the DLC right??? and the DLC is going to be 10 extra hours of missions….
    I dont think itll take R* $50 mil to add 10 hours of extra missions (IMAGINE THE PROFIT MARGIN!!)
    and how will MS earn this $50 mil back AND make a profit… arent you going to have to pay for the DLC with Xbox LIVE points?? How does MS make money off that?? I just dont know… this isnt a criticism… Im just curious…

    Ohhh theres a rumor going on… now this is JUST A RUMOR!!! probably NOT true… but people are saying that since 360 got the extra DLC… R* is going to make an exclusive game for the PS3 only..
    again.. JUST A RUMOR!!! dont look too much into it… I hope they make another Max Payne… or Bully… or a proper Manhunt 3…

  5. hamburger:

    Its not a rumor. I’ve heard about an exclusive Rockstar franchise for the ps3.

    Here’s the link

  6. Spideydog:

    lol Arvis, yup

  7. CAD:

    Not so fast with your assumptions. There are sites that say the opposite like Koyato. I don’t know if I spelled that right but you internet people know what I’m talking about. There is also people chiming in on the fact that is IGN crediable with the 10 score and esclusive review and the fact that they are probably paid to give good reviews. But really I’m waiting for Gametrailers comparison. I want to see for myself. All reviews do say the differende is minimal so I guess no matter what system you get it for it will be fine. BUT. The DLC coming to Xbox is going to burn you PS3 People when it comes out and remember it 2 DLC. No matter what MS Paid we still got it so thank you MS. Achievements is something you will also miss out on and the excellent LIVE online paly. So even if it is a little edge for the PS3 graphics it really means nothing when your looking at the complete picture. Have fun while it last.

  8. DavidB:

    Flame bait post, nothing more.

  9. Dave:

    There’s DLC on both systems. 360 gets “Episodic Content”. PS3 gets content designed to expand the world. The 360 content isn’t free either, you’ll have to pay extra for it. What I don’t get is GTA games are always so huge – do you really need to download MORE content?

  10. darkwhitehair:

    @ CAD
    if you were paying attention the last coupla posts.. you wouldve found out that your fellow “fanboy-mates” were insisting that the 360 version will have better graphics.. and the rest of the people were saying that “Play the game then compare the graphics…” but no they had to act like idiots…
    And I already stated that Iliked the DLC idea a long time ago.. most of the people here (who are not fanboys and own PS3s) admitted that the DLC gave an edge to the 360 version…
    so dont try to make up an argument.. you’re just embarrasing yourself…
    And I was just curious about the DLC and “how MS will make money off of it” thing… I wasnt trying to insult your “SUPER COOL AWESOME” console… although you guys sometimes take it a little too personally.. you act as if its like you’re getting kicked where the sun dont shine…

    So Im looking forward to the 360 DLC.. but I wont have it because Im buying the PS3 version (I stated the reasons in earlier posts).. so yeah I AM going to enjoy this and have fun… meanwhile… keep the retarded posts coming… I love it when I get to prove that someone is wrong…

  11. pfreak:

    if the only reason to buy the game is to download additional content when you’re finished the game, then the game itself must be pretty worthless right?

  12. Arvis:

    Come on, you know that’s not the only reason to buy this game. If the PS3 had exclusive DLC, you can bet I would be making sure that the fanboys were aware of it. MORE of a great video game is never a bad thing… depending on the price.

    Actually, I heard that ALL of Rockstar’s games from here on out will be PS3 only.
    I know it’s not the best source in the world, but I have heard this a couple different times.


  13. CAD:

    Lest be real here. There is no doubt that 360 will be the system that sells the most titles of GTA IV due to install base of 19 Million. It will probably be 2 to 1 Ratio. Your in business to make money not loose it. Rockstar would be stupid to be exclusive for every game after this. Maybe 1 exclusive but I bet Sony will be paying for it. At this very moment in History not making a game for 360 with the best attack rate is throwing away $.

  14. darkwhitehair:

    sure Ill believe you… specially the “You Sony fanboys” comment… If you dont know how MS would make the $50 mil back.. then dont answer… I just wanted to know.. because I wanted to know how much they were going to charge for the DLC… I got interested because I was reading about Shenmue and it was made with $70 mil.. which meant that the every Sega Dreamcast owner had to buy that game twice.. in order for the devs to make money… anyway it was just a simple question and I was just curious… and $50 mil dollars IS a big deal… no company would invest their money on something if they didnt know that they were going to make a profit from it…
    But the verdict is in… all the normal people were talking about GTA 4.. while the 360 fanboys were whining about the 360 version having better graphics (they used the term “sharper”) they didnt even want to use the “We got extra 10 hours missions” arguyment… so Im gonna use that against them… why not??
    ohh and if you read the first coupla entries PROPERLY.. you would see that they were targeted towards POEPLE and not the 360 console… do pay attention next time

  15. CAD:

    That is because Graphically, the 360 in a majority of the games with only a few exceptions always look better on the 360 when compared to the PS3. It’s a fact and it has just become something 360 owners are use to. So we expect the same thing as usual. Sorry for consistency.

  16. Solid Snake:

    Guys…believe it or not, i just played the pirated version of GTA on the 360.!!!! The first thing i noticed was the choppy frame rates. Now, I’m still waiting for my Ps3 version of the game but its bound to be better than that. So, 360 fanboys you better start eating your words about graphics.

    You 360 ppl don’t call the Wii next gen because it has bad graphics. Well the 360 has bad graphics too, and it has longer load times aand it uses DvD’s. So, i wonder which gen it is??

    I also really feel sorry for those poor souls in Australia, especially the idiots who chose to buy a 360.
    Dunno if you’ve heard but GTA’s gonna be censored there. Now the interesting thing is that the 360 owners are forced to buy it from Australia cuz, yup, u guessed it, “Regional Lock”
    But think about the ps3 owners. They can import it from USA, UK, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, China, South America, Africa or in short, anywhere in the world and enjoy the full GTA experience. OK, maybe they miss the DLC but they get the nudity.

    And I’m sure you 360 owners are gonna enjoy ur precious DLC 6 months later, but by then we ps3 owners are gonna forget about GTA cuz we will be enjoying Metal Gear Solid 4. Yeah Baby!!!
    So you guys can pay microsoft to renew an old game but wee, will be fully immersed in Metal!!!!

  17. CAD:

    Also, the fact that PS3 came out a year later and tooted about the performance and the Cell and how the games would do things that the other system cannot just make it all that much more funny when it does not do what Sony claims. So blam Sony for under performace and not the 360 boys. Were just laughing and you hate us for that. Totally understandable. That is why Splinter Cell is not coming to PS3 because PS3 cannot handel a complex AI. Once again sorry for your limitations.

  18. darkwhitehair:

    hmm… which game looked better on the 360 than the 360?? I would like some links.. or some facts please… Oblivion was a multi platform game butI didnt play it on the 360 (no use on using 200 hours on my 360 for one game) I played it on PC.. so I dont know which version had better graphics…

  19. darkwhitehair:

    its sad that you are so ignorant…. Im not gonna bother with this… I already wrote some of my assumptions on why the PS3 graphics arent what they should be right now… wait if I can find it then Ill copy paste it… but this is taking attention away from the MAIN subject…
    some idiots claimed the 360 version were going to have better graphics.. it didnt… so we are eagerly awaiting their comments….
    and the PS3 has limitations??? Im sorry… what does the 360 use as its medium?? a DVD?? how is it next gen if it uses previous gen tech?? the MAXIMUM a DVD can hold is about 20 gig… (i dont know the EXACT value.. so Im overestimating) how much does the Blu ray hold?? how many processors does the 360 have?? whats gonna happen to the Elite owners and their outdated tech??

    PS that was a typo.. it should be “which game would looked better on the 360 than the PS3″

  20. Arvis:

    Have you guys seen this?
    Hilarious. :)

    And CAD, you don’t need to be so defensive, nobody is attacking you. To my knowledge, you’re not the one who guaranteed that the 360 version would look better. And that’s basically what the issue is here.
    However, I do disagree with your assertion that games “consistently” look better on the 360. The quantity of games may swing a bit in favor of Microsoft’s console, but there have always been a handful of big-budget titles that look/play better on the PS3, like Oblivion, Burnout Paradise, and Devil May Cry 4.
    Also, most computer experts will tell you that the Cell processor is especially adept at handling processes dealing with Artificial Intelligence. The Splinter Cell deal is money-only, it has nothing to do with what console can do what. And I know that you know this. You don’t need to make things up to make the 360 look better. The console is doing great on its own not-made-up merits.

    In the end, the PS3 has the better version of GTA4 right now, and the 360 will have the better version in August for those willing to shell out the extra cash.


  21. darkwhitehair:

    nicely put Arvis… Im seriously bummed that I cant play that extra 10 hour missions… I dont have LIVE.. I shouldve just bought the 360 version last saturday.. yeah you heard me right.. the pirated version that was leaked onto u torrent has already been released in my country in a dvd… but since its GTA 4.. Im not gonna buy the pirated version.. Im gonna get the original PS3 version… YAY!!

  22. superdynamite:

    The PS3 version is uncompressed and runs at a native 1080p Full HD resolution.

    The X360 version needed to be compressed to all hell. Even more compressed then the 640p resolution of Halo3.

    Also, the 360 version of GTA4 uses a anti-aliasing signal process in order to minimize the distortion artifacts from the compression.

  23. darkwhitehair:

    hehe I just saw the same thing on you copy paste a lot :P
    but usefull facts nonetheless… do you have any links or any proof?? Incase the fanboys strike again… cus they are gonna use the “The 360 has more RAM and an ATI GPU!!!! Who cares if we have 8 gig DVDs”

  24. Nomad:

    Boy, You 360 fanboys change tactics at the speed of light. One moment you guys are raving with your made up comments about graphics, and now you’ve gone historical, naming games that might’ve looked better in the 360. But face it, those days are gone. From now on either the ps3 looks the same or better than the 360 version. So, now, the 360 starts going downhill.
    Soon graphics won’t be important to you 360 fanboys anymore cuz the ps3 will overtake you in that department.
    I’m dying to hear what other excuses u guys come up with. It should be entertaining.

  25. superdynamite:


    The PS3 has 2X 256 RAM = 512

    360 has one single 512 RAM


  26. superdynamite:

    @ Nomad:


    Games that are ported over to PS3 will always suffer; Madden08, Orange Box, R6-Vegas, Lost Planet, etc.

    Games that are developed on the PS3 dev kit will be great on both consoles but better on PS3.

    You can finally see the developers adopting the PS3 Dev kit as the standard. They like it better. It has no restrictions.

  27. Arvis:


    It’s good that SuperDynamite is pasting that info in many highly-frequented blogs. He is acting as a counter to the online entity known as “Deadmeat” who is spreading untruths about the PS3 version of GTA4 being an SD-native 640p version a la Halo 3.
    Great work, SuperDynamite.

    As for the RAM issue, this really takes me back to the beginning of the next-gen wars. And I’ll say the same thing I’ve always said:
    The 360 CAN allocate more RAM to the GPU in order to process great graphics, but this means less RAM will be dedicated to the CPU, so things like AI and physics processing will suffer. This, of course, works both ways.
    The PS3 will always be balanced and able to handle both visuals and complex calculations equally.


  28. darkwhitehair:

    sorry didnt know about the RAM… I just heard that the PS3 had less RAM… so many people told me the same thing that I started believing it…

  29. pfreak:

    The point I was making is very few people buy DLC and in this case, very few people will. $50 million from MS is not much money at all. They aren’t planning on making money off it, they’re trying to stop people from having another reason to buy a PS3. Less than 5% of gamers ever buy DLC. I don’t. Is there ever too much of a good thing? Yes. People get bored, don’t have enough time, want to move onto another game etc. If you like it and want it, great, good for you but the vast majority don’t and will not make any purchasing decisions based on DLC. And I know PS3 is getting DLC too, I just am not interested.

  30. SW:

    Breaking even on DLC mite not really be that hard.

    Lets presume it sells 9 mill in the first week with kind of a 1.5:1 ratio in favour of the 360. They only need 2.5 million worldwide sales of DLC at $20 a pop to make back the 50 mil.

    By the time we reach august the amount of copies will have increased quite alot.

    I’m not saying they will get 2.5million DLC sales instantly, but its online, it doesn’t take up shelf space, they can serve it for as long as they want.

    I will be installing my own DLC once sony and R* get it together ;)

    As for FPS and gfx, the general imperssion is that the ps3 looks and runs better in terms of fps (There are exceptions such as kotaku). Popin could’ve been solved if R* allowed the 360 to HDD install – no idea why they didn’t make it at least OPTIONAL, maybe they will release some kind of patch/installer on live or something.

    Regardless, tomorrow (or tonite) we can all join together and use helicopters to slice up hookers :)

  31. kevin:

    where did the reviewer say the ps3 looks sexier? i love the paraphrasing of this blog. tristan, you should (but not suprised you’re not) be ashamed. so a frame rate drop leads to subpar GRAPHICS? wth? are you that desparate to justify your movie player purchase? does this mean that every multiconsole game where framerate is the issue on the ps3 is now a “sexier” title on the 360? the framerate issues have more to do with the varying architectures rather than power. anyone thinking the ps3′s gpu is better than the 360′s is a tech-noob.

  32. kevin:

    spidey- there’s nothing to dispute. NO reviewer has EVER said the ps3 looks “sexier”. just more pseudo-reporting by tristan.

  33. kevin:

    wow…just read this; maybe the framerates are the problems of bad developers.

  34. CAD:

    @ Darkwhitehair

    If you got a 360 then why don’t you have LIVE? You keep saying this and I don’t understand. Is it because you don’t have internet access?

  35. CAD:


    I must agree. No one said the PS3 version was sexier. But it is very obvious this site is dedicated to making the PS3 Look better then it really is. A true Trojan Horse.

  36. darkwhitehair:

    CAD I dont have LIVE because LIVE doesnt have a server in my country.. and my net speed is no way close enough to the minimum that is needed for LIVE… does that clear it up??? thanks for asking though…

    Yes kevin PLEASE make up more crap… even though we gave proofs in the last coupla topics…

    meanwhile.. Ill just copy paste the last things I wrote in another topic… (incase you forgot to read the one Arvis placed)

    and these are direct quotes…

    ” Sure, there are framerate hitches here and there and (particularly on 360) there is some texture pop-in, but it actually runs better than I expected.”
    PARTICULARLY on the 360… I wont be act like an idiot fanboy like you and look too much into it….

    “For those wanting to know which version looks better, the edge goes to the PS3. The textures
    and framerate are comparable, but the PS3 has far less pop-in. The 360 has richer colors, but the PS3 has better anti-aliasing making it look a little cleaner. Because GTA IV can preload onto the PS3 hard drive, the in-game loads are faster. Don’t worry Xbox owners, the load times are rarely more than 30 seconds and don’t occur very often. The slight visual edge goes to PS3, but the 360 is no slouch. Either version will do you proud.”

    So……………….. what do YOU think….

    so keep reading between the lines JUST because the author used the word “sexier” (probably for dramatic effect) atleast hes not making retarded assumptions like you…

  37. darkwhitehair:

    well CAD I dont have LIVE because there are no LIVE servers in my country… and my net speed is no way near the minimum that is needed for LIVE.. I hope that answers you question… thanks for asking though….

    Well kevin.. I have to hand it to you.. you saw the MAJOR flaw in this article.. the word “sexier” (probablky used for dramatic effect)… that ruins our ENTIRE PLAN and proves that you… are right…

    but heres the links and a coupla other stuff I wrote in the previous topic.. enjoy :D (incase you forgot to read the one Arvis placed)

    and these are direct quotes…

    ” Sure, there are framerate hitches here and there and (particularly on 360) there is some texture pop-in, but it actually runs better than I expected.”
    PARTICULARLY on the 360… I wont be act like an idiot fanboy like you and look too much into it….

    “For those wanting to know which version looks better, the edge goes to the PS3. The textures
    and framerate are comparable, but the PS3 has far less pop-in. The 360 has richer colors, but the PS3 has better anti-aliasing making it look a little cleaner. Because GTA IV can preload onto the PS3 hard drive, the in-game loads are faster. Don’t worry Xbox owners, the load times are rarely more than 30 seconds and don’t occur very often. The slight visual edge goes to PS3, but the 360 is no slouch. Either version will do you proud.”

    and the link you provided… YEAH THEY ARE SOOO CREDIBLE!!! they got “reports” from
    “readers” who “claim” that the PS3 version has more problems… Im sorry but how many people bought BOTH version and compared them??
    You know who DID buy both versions and are more likely to be trustworthy?? IGN and gamespot…. but then again… they could be wrong… and you could be right…. I mean seriously… TWO WHOLE DIFFERENT GAME REVIEWERS could be wrong.. and a coupla “reports” from “readers” could be right…

  38. darkwhitehair:

    sorry for writing the same thing twice.. please delete the first one… not the latter.. Im pretty proud of the latter :D

  39. Arvis:


    You’ve resorted to arguing semantics. I’m sure you realize what this means.

    Look, man, we all make mistakes. We can’t be right all the time. If someone rams it down your throat, well… I’m sure that person will make a mistake sometime and you can return the favor. But arguing semantics and trying to act like you’re still smarter and better than everyone who dares to disagree with you isn’t going to help your cause. You’re just going to further invalidate any future opinions or predictions you will have.

    A little humility goes a long way.


  40. CAD:


    Do you mind me asking what country that is. Because if that is the case then sure get the PS3 version. I hope you don’t get the freeze ups that I’m hearing is happening to the PS3. Well anyways there is a video camparison of both running at Gamevideos.

    As I watch this it is really hard to tell which is better at times the PS3 looks better and then at times the 360 looks better. So I really don’t know and I’m calling it a wash. It really does not matter at all. So I guess DLC is what is really going to make this game after all.

  41. Arvis:

    Ok guys! Never mind! Ignore every review site on the internet! CAD says that they look pretty much the same, so forget it, the PS3 version doesn’t really look better. CAD said it, and therefore it is true.


  42. CAD:


    Is that the sound of bitterness? I come back here peaceful and you start with me already. I would at least think that you would check out the camparison and give me your opinion. Instead you carry on like a child.

  43. CAD:


    Did you even buy the game as yet? Because as soon as Im done work, GTA is waiting for me at home. There are achievements to accomplish instead of waisting time with you.

  44. kevin:

    arvis – just show me ANY reviewer that 1. even calls the ps3 version “sexy” or that 2. has ever said it is “sexier” than the 360′s version. it’s not semantics, it’s more b.s. “reporting facts” from the bloggers. i have to wonder; how much time did Triston play with the finished version or is he simply putting words into the mouths of the people who actually played it. it’s funny tho; the real issue is why the ps3 is barely keeping pace with the 360 when it’s supposed to be so much powerful with a price to match? sorry arvis, but at least CAD puts up links with his facts. you? not so much.

  45. kevin:

    i wonder why the game freezing up on the ps3 was not mentioned as part of the graphics comparison while pop-in and frame drops were. you can’t get any lower frame drops than freezups.

  46. darkwhitehair:

    whoa kevin.. if there are freezes then why didnt IGN or Gamespot report them?? they played the ENITRE game… thats 20+ hours… so please… explain why there was such a statistical anomaly??

    and you’re using the “achievements arugments NOW CAD???” glorify it all you want… but you cant take back what the other 360 fanboys said the last coupla days…

    and this is a blog… so they can write WHATEVER they want.. whether its the title… or the content… its up to you to decide whether you’ll believe them or not… I personally check the facts on Google news after reading them here… and the “Sexier on PS3″ isnt that big of a deal.. dont try to take the attention away from your earlier stupid comments…

  47. kevin:

    darkwhitehair – so, to paraphrase, the bloggers here can write whatever they want, put words into people’s mouths, and you consider them credible? wow… i stand by all my comments. NO reviewer has ever called this game sexy. in fact NO gta game has ever been called that. yet there it is; used as headline disguised as fact when noone ever said it. google ps3/gta freeze. you’ll find MORE than enough reports.

  48. Arvis:


    I was sarcastically asserting that your opinion does not outweigh those of the dozens of reviewers who disagree with your assessment. If IGN said that the game looked better on the 360, and some PS3 fanboy stated that they looked the same, you would have had a few choice words for him I am sure.
    And to answer your question, I don’t feel very good about spending money on overtly amoral and violent video games, so… no I won’t be purchasing the game. I might try it out at a friend’s house, though.


    You’re still arguing semantics. Replace “sexier” in the headline with the word “better” and you would have absolutely nothing to argue about. You sound so very much like the fanboys you deride weekly.


  49. Stoneman76:

    I have both the 360 and the PS3. The disadvantage that GTA 4 is starting to point out is the medium that the game is stored. A DVD stores only 5 gigs of info while a Blue Ray disk holds 40 gigs. making tradeoffs for graphics for gameplay and vice versa should not be a problem for PS3 owners because of the size of the storage media that the game comes on. Yes, the PS3 does look better in this instance while games on my 360 somtimes has better graphics. What I am now reading is that programmers are now fully versed in using the code to create games for the PS3. Apparently programmers are wanting to start making the original on the PS3 if it is gonna be a cross platform game because they can make sure that the PS3 will have superior graphics and then port the games over to the 360. Dont get me wrong, I love my 360, but the PS3 gets used more often because of how versatile the machine is. With HD-DVD falling to the wayside, PS3 is going to be growing saleswise by leaps and bounds, and yes it does have to do with the ability to not only play state of the art games, but also the state of the art BluRay movies, and video conferencing. If you have not seen a BluRay movie then you are missing out. They play in full 1080P. It also plays TRUEHD sound with a fiber optic cable that plugs directly into the PS3 rather than having an adapter that basically takes a fiber optic cable and switched it to a regular headphone size jack, not cool since you cannot have true Digital sound without a direct fiber optic cable going into the 360.

    The PS3 also did what the previous XBOX did and held on a little longer as to see what the competitors machine is capable of and then making a system that is more powerful.

    Therefore it comes as no surprise that in another 6 months there wont be a debate anymore. The 360 has achieved its maximum graphic output more than likely. However, we still are not close to what the PS3 is capable of.

    I am not a fanboy of either system considering I own the Wii, 360, and PS3. I look at a game unbiasedly and buy the game according to what looks best and plays best.

    My final statement is that I have Call of Duty 4 for 360 and PS3 (dont ask, it was a gift from two different people). The grapichs are almost identical. The main difference is that to play online on the 360 a person has to pay for that privilege, while PS3 owners dont have to worry about it. But what really burns is that the online interface is identical when entering the COD4 online lobby on the 360 and the PS3, however you have to pay xbox to play the game while Sony has all free access to the PS3 Network. Also, is there anything that XBOX LIVE does that the PS3 online does not do for free? Please let me know since I dont really see why people pay for the XBXLIVE to get what you can get for free on the PS3. I look forward to your replies. Matteo

  50. darkwhitehair:

    nice post Stoneman76.. I didnt know those stuff about the digital sound and other stuff… I have all the three systems and I love them ALL equally…
    I believe the 360 still has a lot of potential… if Microsoft bought the patent of HD DVD from Toshiba… then they could release the games on the HD DVD format.. this would ensure that there is enough room for the developers to push some boundaries and innovate…
    Most people say that LIVE has achievements… and thats great.. but the point is that the achievements points are there so you can exchange them for things you would have to otherwise pay for (extra maps and stuff)… but you STILL have to pay for using LIVE… the same amount of a full game… but thats a small disadvantage…
    And I believe the devs release games on both systems for 1 simple reason.. to make more money… and when they do that… when they release a multi platform game.. they cant favour ONE platform.. they have to make sure that each of versions look the same and feel the same… otherwise there wont be enough sales… and they would be marked as a “fan-dev” XD

    But good post Stoneman76.. it was very informative… now all I wait for is GOW !!!…. :(

  51. darkwhitehair:

    ohh and I played COD 4 on the PC… it was cheaper :D *cough* pirated *cough*

  52. CAD:


    Xbox dose not use DVD it uses DVD 9. Which I know hold more but I don’t know the specifics right now. What Microsoft is good at that Sony is not is Compression. I guess that is why all the talk about space and not being able to hold on the disk and yet there is nothing that has not fit yet. There are the few exceptions but you just get another disk. Lost Odyssey is 4 disk long. I have it and to change a disk is not a problem and I love that game. Why people bring up this stupid argument, God knows. It does not affect visuals as majority of games thus far look better on the 360. So why come on here and give useless facts when the masses show that 360 pushes better graphic most of the time.

  53. darkwhitehair:

    ohh so changing disks isnt a hassle… but a 7-10 minute installation in the begginning of the game IS a hassle???
    This is just too easy…

  54. kevin:

    arvis – even if you changed it to “better”, NO reviewer having played the game said it looked “better” or “sexier”. it’s not semantics; it IS a lie. pure and simple.

  55. kevin:

    stoneman – reality check: hd dvd has LOST the war and the ps3 is STILL being outsold and bluray player sales have fallen drastically. a movie format will not prompt people to pay for a console with limited games. proven.

  56. darkwhitehair:

    I seriously didnt know about Lost Odessy being in 4 dvds.. ( I dont like Final fantasy like games)
    but this is just what happened with the Playstation.. remember?? the games were soon released on 2-3 cds….
    Hmm I hope MS does something quick…

  57. pea:

    Who says that DVD 9 is so special, then he/she is a technical noob. DVD-writables and rewritables are mostly 4.7 GB. If these are dual layer or both side writable, then the capacity is double: 9.4 GB. What DVD 9 stands for are the pre-filled discs from movie and softwaremanufacturers which can hold 9.. GBs of data (besides, these discs are also dual layer). I own an X360, but X360 fanboys are sooooo pathetic.

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