Xbox 360 leads software attach rate – Even the Wii beats PS3

April 27, 2008

Xbox 360 leads software attach rate - Even the Wii beats PS3It’s all well and good selling millions of units of hardware, but unless people are also buying software for it too, then you may as well give up now. NPD has issued it’s latest U.S. software attach rates for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii as well as the PSP and DS, and it makes for interesting reading.

We all know the current state of this generation’s console sales, with the Xbox 360 winning overall, while the Wii is winning every month, and nearing overtaking it altogether. Unfortunately for Sony, the PS3 is lagging behind on both counts.

But the software attach rates, or tie ratios are more confused. Joystiq contacted NPD to find out the latest attach rates, and got the following details:

  • Xbox 360: Software sales ratio: 7.5
  • Wii: Software sales ratio: 5.3
  • PS3: Software sales ratio: 4.6
  • DS: Software sales ratio: 4.7
  • PSP: Software sales ratio: 4.2

So the Xbox 360 wins by a country mile, with owners buying an average of 7.5 games per console. It’s not really that surprising though, as Xbox owners tend to be quite hardcore gamers rather than casual. Also, with the Xbox having been out the longest of the three home consoles, they have obviously had more time to build a collection.

What is surprising though, is the Nintendo Wii coming second, with 5.3 games per console sold. This beats the PS3 on 4.6, and goes against the believed logic that Wii owners don’t buy any games apart from Wii Sports.

The DS beating the PSP is no surprise, with a slew of great games on the little Nintendo console, against the PSP being quite lacking in that department.

These are of course only the U.S. figures, and they could vary wildly for other territories, but it gives a good overview of the attach rates for the various consoles.

17 Responses to “Xbox 360 leads software attach rate – Even the Wii beats PS3”

  1. darkwhitehair:

    again the US statistics only.. arent there any global statistics??

  2. Bourne:

    U.S stats only?!!! cmon, the U.S doesnt count as the overruling opinion/figure when taking into account total game console figures.

  3. will:

    NPD are full of themselves, i bet they are being bribed by ms. i have 6 games for my ps3, by tueday ill have 7 maybe 8 in may definately 9 in june august ill get 2 or 3 games cos its my birthday september ill have killzone 2 and little big planet and resistance 2 in the fall…..
    thats a total of 15…. dont listen to npd… they’re friends with microshaft

  4. Dale:


    ….so are you saying that the ps3 has a better library of games than the ps3….. if so I laugh at you

  5. Jeremiah:

    Oh yeah, those 5.3 games for the Wii… yeah, they fail to mention that Wii sports is equal to 5 of those 5.3 games xD

  6. Jimi:

    Will, you have 6 games, so you are saying an average of 4.6 is impossible? You can’t take a survey of one person and say it overrides a survey of a 300 million person nation.
    I only own an Xbox 360, and I have *goes to count* 16 games. Tuesday it will be 17 (GTA IV). I have friends with both consoles, and they have many more Xbox 360 games. I know people with a dozen Xbox 360 games and only 2 or 3 Wii games… I know people with PS3′s, but I don’t know them good enough to know how many games they own.

  7. DavidB:

    US only numbers are only good for one thing, US marketing. I’ve always felt Sony focuses far too much on the Japanese market and hence 1st and 3rd party games that even we here in the US just don’t sell. The average Japanese gamer is quite different in how they game than the average US gamer. So while PS3 crushes Xbox in Japan, PS3 doesn’t sell well here in the US (due to lack of enough compelling titles). Hence attach rates will remain low for PS3 here in US until Sony changes that.

  8. Smithy:

    Since the US console market, is by far the biggest on the planet(vastly bigger than Japan’s console market), it makes sense to concentrate on US games attach rates.
    Stop whining “Bourne”.

  9. Steve Gordon:

    I am surprised people even found 4.6 games on the ps3 worth buying

  10. darkwhitehair:

    The US is the biggest console market??? You got any proof to back up that riddiculous claijm Smithy??

  11. tgrass21:

    PS3 doesn’t have enough GREAT exclusives. I know some one here will name off all the PS3 exclusives but lets face it, only 1 ouf of 3 are actualy worth getting.

  12. kevin:

    darkwhitehair- NA being the biggest market with the most gamers is as commonly known as the sky being blue. remember, NA encompasses US (bazillions of gamers) and Canada (suprisingly a lot of gamers). the attach ratio is faaaar more than “marketting” but rather the KEY measure of a consoles success in the razor-to-razorblades business model the consoles adhere to. (ninty notwithstanding). this proves: the average 360 finds more titles compelling enough to dish out $60 than the ps3 has, the 360 is making money while the ps3 continues to hemorrage money, and the idea of combined bluray/game player is having the predicted affect of one (game or movie) suffering at the hands of the other. I have no doubt the 360 sells that much, since the games are insanely fun and immersive. I have to wonder about dave’s assertion that the higher attach ratio is because of “hardcore gamers”. the ps2 had a higher attach ratio than the xbox and the ps2 was clearly the casual gamers console. i’d love if dave would remove his fanboy goggles long enough to realize the 360 is clearly the superior gaming machine.

  13. darkwhitehair:

    HEY kevin.. long time no see… yes you’re right.. we all know your “assumptions” are ALWAYS true… why shouldnt I believe you?? You have no proof or statistics to back that up.. but sure kevin I DO believe you…

  14. Arvis:


    I don’t believe in making lists of exclusives, because I’d rather not endorse games as “worth playing” that I know I wouldn’t play, so instead I’ll just list the games that I have purchased for PS3 and why…

    1) Oblivion – looks and plays better on the PS3.

    2) Madden 08 – wanted to play online and not have to pay for it.

    3) Burnout Paradise – looks and plays better, free online

    4) Warhawk – exclusive (and FLIPPING AWESOME, no I’m serious, like better than Halo 3 awesome. In fact, that’s usually what me and my friends refer to it as when we’re playing: “Better than Halo 3.” I mean, for real! Anyways… sorry about the tangent. Suffice to say, it’s awesome.)

    5) Blast Factor – exclusive, and it was, like, 5 bucks.

    So yeah, I think there are alot of reasons to get games for the PS3 rather than the 360. But this works both ways depending on what you’re after.


  15. darkwhitehair:

    soon.. arvis… soon I will get PSN…and then I will KILL YOU!!! in warhawk…
    I like NFL Street 3 more than Madden 08… partially because I played madden 08 on the PS2.. which sucked…
    never heard of blast factor.. can you gimme a link???

    OBLIVION GAME OF THE YEAR EDTION!!! WOooo HOoooo.. gonna buy that…

  16. Arvis:



    And Blast Factor is a fun downloadable game from the PSN. There’s not alot to it, but it is pretty exciting when you’re trying to beat people’s high scores. And it’s only $5. That reminds me, I also bought the downloadable version of Tekken 5, which has online play. I’m currently re-playing that again. I forgot how fun it was.


  17. Joe:

    What most of you aren’t taking into account is this is sales of NEW games divided by the estimated total number of consoles sold. I have dozens of games for my 360 (not counting compatible games from the old XBOX) but I buy most of mine used so they don’t go into the official attach rate figures. We also need to know how they actually count the consoles. The number of consoles in use can be distorted greatly by consoles still in retail channels waiting to be sold, units held in reserve by the console makers for warranty claims, and used units in retail at places like Gamestop. Simply taking Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony’s console sales figures isn’t entirely accurate and neither is not including used game sales as many used games are no longer attached to a console but are sitting on the shelf at Gamestop waiting for someone else to buy them. The way they figure attach rate is useless because it doesn’t take all possible variables into consideration. As long as there are consoles with no games attached and games with no console attached, the figures will always be horribly wrong.

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