Xbox 360 leads software attach rate – Even the Wii beats PS3

April 27, 2008

Xbox 360 leads software attach rate - Even the Wii beats PS3It’s all well and good selling millions of units of hardware, but unless people are also buying software for it too, then you may as well give up now. NPD has issued it’s latest U.S. software attach rates for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii as well as the PSP and DS, and it makes for interesting reading.

We all know the current state of this generation’s console sales, with the Xbox 360 winning overall, while the Wii is winning every month, and nearing overtaking it altogether. Unfortunately for Sony, the PS3 is lagging behind on both counts.

But the software attach rates, or tie ratios are more confused. Joystiq contacted NPD to find out the latest attach rates, and got the following details:

  • Xbox 360: Software sales ratio: 7.5
  • Wii: Software sales ratio: 5.3
  • PS3: Software sales ratio: 4.6
  • DS: Software sales ratio: 4.7
  • PSP: Software sales ratio: 4.2

So the Xbox 360 wins by a country mile, with owners buying an average of 7.5 games per console. It’s not really that surprising though, as Xbox owners tend to be quite hardcore gamers rather than casual. Also, with the Xbox having been out the longest of the three home consoles, they have obviously had more time to build a collection.

What is surprising though, is the Nintendo Wii coming second, with 5.3 games per console sold. This beats the PS3 on 4.6, and goes against the believed logic that Wii owners don’t buy any games apart from Wii Sports.

The DS beating the PSP is no surprise, with a slew of great games on the little Nintendo console, against the PSP being quite lacking in that department.

These are of course only the U.S. figures, and they could vary wildly for other territories, but it gives a good overview of the attach rates for the various consoles.

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