GTA IV allows Jack Thompson to renew assault on video games

April 29, 2008

GTA IV allows Jack Thompson to renew assault on video games GTAI IV is out and Jack Thompson is already having his say.  He is calling for indictments against Take Two software and its Chairman Strauss Zelnick along with two other senior officials with the company.  If that wasn’t enough he wants to take down Sony and Microsoft for "making this pornographic game available to minors" and Best Buy, Walmart, Gamestop and other retailers should be held accountable for selling the game openly to anyone under the age of 18.

I really wish someone would mail Jack Thompson a reality pill so he can join the rest of us.  I realize that those who shouldn’t get their hands on the game will no matter what kinds of laws and regulations are passed but the game is not marketed to minors, technically speaking.  It is marketed to the 18+ crowd and is clearly labeled so, debate the rest amongst yourselves.  Parents will buy it for their 15-somethings and up children, older siblings may buy it for their younger brothers/sisters (but I doubt very much many girls have an interest in this game).

Retailers have gotten better about checking IDs so hopefully a majority of those buying the game will meet the age requirements, who they give it to after the purchase, well, not much can be done about that and I don’t care to hear Jack Thompson whine any more about it, though, I’m sure he will.

What would you compare GTA IV to?  If you’re Jack Thompson, you compare it to Polio, yeah, Polio.  ArsTechnica reports that he says,

"Grand Theft Auto IV is the gravest assault upon children in this country since polio. We now have vaccines for that virus… The ‘vaccine’ that must be administered by the United States government to deal with this virtual virus of violence and sexual depravity is criminal prosecutions of those who have conspired to do this. If you doubt me, look at the aforementioned streaming audio/video. It will make you sick."

I watched the video at IGN called Ladies of Liberty City and you most certainly don’t want to be watching it at work and some may find the content offensive but every GTA game at one point or another will present you with "offensive" content of one sort or another – take part or don’t – it’s your choice and it’s a game, like most adults, I am capable of making this distinction.

To this point, it’s been proven that Jack Thompson has more bark than bite, by far.  And I bet the US Government will get right on shutting down Best Buy, EB Games, Walmart and all the others, yeah.

9 Responses to “GTA IV allows Jack Thompson to renew assault on video games”

  1. kevin:

    oh good gawd…will SOMEBODY find Jack a real job? pleaaase..?

  2. darkwhitehair:

    damn… YOU SEE PEOPLE!!! maybe we HAVe been wrong.. maybe they ARe the tool of the devil… lets face it people… VIDEO GAMES TEACHES YOU HOW TO KILL!!! I bet Osama used… counter strike as a training tool…

    As Ive said before… jail up all the pedophiles… punish crimials.. (like actually punish them not cut a deal with them)… stop jobs being out-sourced to other countries… stop pointless wars… THEN you can bomb R* building or kill the big boss man (Strauss Zelnick)… or shut down ALL the game retailers…
    and declare Jack Thompson the undisputed KING OF THE WORLD!!!

  3. Heidi:

    aww come on.. im a girl and i have it right here in my hands.. waiting to get home from work to play! cant wait :P and i agree, this guy needs a reality check.. they’ll get it if they want it that bad

  4. Arvis:

    D’you guys (and girls) ever wonder if, maybe, we stop putting Jack Thompson in headlines, he’ll just… go away?


  5. kevin:

    arvis – agreed. but as long as he gets press, he’ll continue his silliness.

  6. winner:

    Who is Jack Thompson anyway?

  7. Ron:

    You yanks have all the best nutcases! I wish we had a comedian of Thommo’s talent here in OZ. Well, we did have Mad Mel Gibson, but he prefers America, where being insane seems er…. normal?

  8. Spideydog:

    I cannot believe that I agree with Kevin on something…wonders will never cease… lol

  9. darkwhitehair:

    hehe Ron… dont forget the cell phone chucker Russel Crowe!!
    I like Canberra the best… real peaceful city…

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