Shooter titles Haze, Gears of War 2, Killzone 2 could decide PS3 or 360 dominance

May 13, 2008

Shooter titles Haze, Gears of War 2, Killzone 2 could decide PS3 or 360 dominanceIf you haven’t been keeping an eye on the FPS genre recently, you have been missing some serious advances in shooters for both the PS3 and the 360. Is there any chance that these gorgeously killer FPS titles could swing gamers from one console to the other?

Gears of War 2 footage recently hit the web, and it hit hard. I must admit, being an ex-360 owner who adored the first Gears of War, my heart was a little sad that I no longer have the console that can play Gears of War 2. It is simply beautiful.

I was secretly hoping that GoW 2 might look similar if not identical to the original; that way I could justify all the nasty comments I would no doubt feel compelled to make to my friends who still verbally harass me for abandoning my 360. I can’t. GoW 2 will sell 360s, simple as that.

On the flip side, I was not a PS3 owner at the time Killzone came out. The videos shown prior to release were graphically stunning, but I felt let down when I saw gameplay footage. This time to my satisfaction, gameplay footage of Killzone 2 released (albeit off-screen camera work) recently looks very fluid and pretty.

Even as PS3 owner, I don’t think I can say that Killzone 2 will sell PS3s. GoW 2 has it beat hands down in star presence.

Then there’s a little title by the name of Haze that has recently become available in demo form on the Playstation network. My first impression of the game is that Haze is Halo, but jacked up on steroids (or specifically, nectar), and exclusively on PS3. Again, I don’t feel like Haze has that something that will sell PS3s, but Playstation owners should be happy to know they’ll be getting a Halo-like title that might just escape the hordes of 12-year olds that plague Xbox Live.

Will Haze, Gears of War 2, or Killzone 2 swing the console war one way or another? Probably not, though Microsoft stands to gain the most with Gears of War 2. What is more likely is that party lines will only harden, and the divide will increase as the Sony fans rally behind Killzone 2, and Microsoft fans scream hysterically for Gears of War 2.

Personally, my solution will be to stick happily with my problem-free PS3 and enjoy the fruits of the 360 and Gears of War 2 at my friends’ expenses; let them deal with customer support, and I’ll take my Blu-ray, thank you very much.

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  1. darkwhitehair:

    hmm.. I really wanted Geow 1 and 2 to come out on the PS3… so I could buy the special edition version thingy… ohh well… guess Haze and Killzone will have to do…
    Im very psyched about Haze though… looks like a cutdown version of Crysis… but good times are predicted… :D

    well…cept for your obvious love for a particualr console… nice work TRISTON MCINTYRE!!!
    I think these recent onsluaght of Fpss will result in a boost in console sales for both systems… hopefully… meanwhile… well back to liberty city…

  2. Mornelithe:

    It’s a shame that so many people discount Haze, just because it’s an FPS. FRD has never ever given anyone any reason to question the games that come out…until, of course, it comes down the PS3 vs 360.

    I’d seriously urge you to look further into the game…it goes beyond a mere Halo clone, no, I’m not discounting Halo as a good FPS…I’m merely stating that these two games are very different (Nectar isn’t the only difference). And if you’d like me to point out more information regarding those differences, feel free to respond to the email address that I have provided.


  3. Royzy:

    I am a PS3 owner, and I agree that in terms of console selling, GOW2 is the winning game of those 3 shooters – and I’ve never played GOW.

    Maybe Haze ’2′ or Killzone ’3′ will be system sellers IF their predecessors live up to their hype.

    Would help if Sony actually tries to market their games, instead of assuming everyone knows already.

    Ps3′s big games this year aren’t in the FPS area.

  4. TheSketcher:

    resistance 2 anyone!!!!
    had the choice HAZE or MGS4 , i picked MGS4 and i stand by it as i dont know will HAZE live up to the hype people put on it.put theres hope as the same deveopers did make timesplitters:)

  5. kevin:

    wait…first the ps3 zealouts claim, “the xbox only has first person shooters…noone wants those”…now? it’s “first person shooters are the best on the ps3″…

    triston, you really made me laugh. thanks.

    you do realize the 360′s controller was designed FOR fps,right? the ps3′s fps ability is, so far, not very enticing. where’s the trigger? where’s the rumble? firing a gun on a lifeless controller? wow…sounds fun…

  6. darkwhitehair:

    since jevin cant use the “only the 360 has all the fpss” argument… he’s trying to make fun of the controller… do I make fun of your “obese” controller?? no… its as fat as an Average american child XD

    see I can make useless jokes as well as you…

  7. kevin:

    dwh – yes. you can make jokes, but it doesn’t add rumble to the ps3′s lifeless controllers while hyping fps. i can’t imgaine how boring that must be shooting with no rumble….bleh…and to think; suckers paid $600 for that junk….

  8. darkwhitehair:

    dualshock 3 anyone??

    no one is hyping anything… only you are grabbing shit in the dark…

  9. CAD:

    Kevin Your right

    The very first time I picked up a PS3 controller and played Resistance, the game felt so dead. Then I realized it was because there was no rumble. Rumble is everything and Sony knows it because first they played it down because they did not want to pay royalties mean while Nindento and the 360 had the feature. Then guess what rumble in not so next gen is it because and were still waiting the PS3 is coming with the capability after they finally decided to pay. No loyality to it’s customers is what Sony is all about.

  10. Arvis:

    I actually refer to the 360 controller by the euphemism “Piece of Ass.” The DualShock 3 is not only more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, but the rumble technology is far more advanced than the 360′s clunky last-gen fare. On this issue I will never budge (especially considering it’s mostly a matter of taste) so I’ll stop right here.

    However, Royzy, I respectfully disagree with your assertion that Gears 2 is guaranteed to be the biggest console pusher of the three. I posit that Gears 2′s main audience already owns a 360, so the jump in consoles sold won’t really be all that huge. When Halo 3 launched, it pushed consoles sure enough, but not nearly as many as the fanboys predicted. We’ll have to wait and see if this happens again, though.


  11. Xbot:

    LMAO gears of war 2 looks like a cartoon game.

    Free Radical’s Haze pretty much kills it in every single way.

    Free Radical > epic.

  12. Triston McIntyre:

    Hey Kevin, have you read my article on why the 360 controller is better for FPS? I’m with you on that 100%. And I think you misread my article. I was saying that the 360 does have the best forthcoming shooter..not the PS3. I have trouble understanding where you’re coming from on some of your comments. The 360 controller is the best FPS controller to date, hands down. That doesn’t really mean much about the games themselves, though.

  13. Triston McIntyre:

    And Mornelithe, I will be buying Haze. I’ve been too busy to really get into it.

  14. Mikay:

    Have to agree with author. As a ex-xbox owner im realy bumbed about gears 2 as it looks so freaking awsome. Had the ps3 over a year now and am enjoying it and cant wait for killzone to comeout as that looks equally as awesome.

    I will be buying the xbox again just for gears of war as i loved the first one and can understand why it might increase console sales as it is a big brand. killzone on the other hand really depends on how good it turns out to be if it is to increase sales whilst gears is guranteed to.

  15. winner:

    Gears Of War 2 looks so tits! At least we have an idea of what it will be like due to the first title.

    Haze still is a bit of an X factor, i’ve heard good things and bad things about it. killzone 2 again is a bit of an X factor, as in nobody has really played it and Killzone 1 was crap. That doesn’t mean that the second one is going to be bad, but I would be cautious before getting excited over it.

    If both of these games end up being AAA titles, I might end up getting a PS3 when the prices drop, seeing that there are 2 spare HDMI ports on my tv that are doing nothing at the moment.

  16. Jeremiah:

    Heheh, apparently no one here has played on a PS3 within the last month. Games now support rumble on the PS3 through the dualshock 3. Starting in June, dualshocks and rumble compatibility will be standard.

    Gears of War 2 may be biggest shooter of the year, however, that’s only one title. The PS3 has Haze, Resistance 2, SOCOM Confrontation, and Killzone 2. Four very promising titles. Personally, I don’t think Haze looks all that great, but some people will get their jollies. Resistance 2 I KNOW is going to be good in the same way we know Gears of War 2 will be. SOCOM has a lot of history with gamers, and will sell well. Killzone 2 looks really nice, we’ll have to see if gameplay is just as good.

    It’s a good year to own a PS3.

  17. Spideydog:

    The conversation was quite civil and neutral, if not very positive for 360 and then Kevin and his buddies turn up and turn it into a S%$^^ fight.

    Triston, Kevin doesn’t misread, he only reads what he want s to read and disregards everything else. And if he can’t do that , he will turn it into something it is not.

  18. Triston McIntyre:

    ah but he’s fun to have around, ain’t he?

  19. kevin:

    triston – okay…you got me… i just love putting burs under spidey’s and dwh’s saddle.

    it’s funny watching net nerds cranial explosions. :)

  20. kevin:

    triston – to make a point; GeOW 2 is the follow up to a global smash hit. Killzone 2 is the follow up to a global FLOP. you do the math.
    the 360 already PROVED its the home of shooters. so much so, you ps3 zealouts loved to claim, “all the 360 has is shooters”. but now that sony is copying, it’s all okay and, in fact, sony has a chance of doing it better… riiiiight.

    i feel bad for SOCOM buyers as the ps2 was INFESTED with wallwalkers and cheaters online. With the psn being open, versus xbox live, it’s realistic to expect more cheating in the new SOCOM.

    arvis – it’s funny you claim those wanting geow 2 already have a 360, but the new sony ip will sell consoles. even funnier when you consider the abysmal reviews of SOCOM franchise and Killzone franchise.

    for those thinking “one title” isn’t enough; remember Halo (shooter) created a completely new userbase from NOTHING on the xbox with NO marketing. GeOW II can easily sell 360′s. and will.

  21. Royzy:

    I forgot about Resistance 2, add that to the debate.

    Kevin, just because 360 only has shooters, dosen’t mean that Sony is copying them by having a few themselves which are better and more varied.

    The 360 control has a trigger because all their games need it. The PS3 controller has a nice all round feel for a console which plays non-shooting games AS WELL (‘no! it’s blasphemy!’) as shooters.

    PSN being open is a good thing and don’t compare it to the PS2s network, we all know how bad that was and we are pretending it didn’t happen.

    Killzone’s reviews weren’t THAT bad, it was just wasn’t the game we all expected.

    Arvis you are probably right there, but then that still applies to the PS3.

  22. robb:

    i agree with arvis – i think that pretty much everyone who wants GoW2 will already have a 360. I dont think that it will sell much xbox’s too be honest. No doubt it will be a great game, but it wont be a ‘system seller’ as much.

    Whereas on the other hand, I think many people (including xbox owners who aren’t fanboys) are still waiting for that game that will make them jump to PS3 (well buy it in addition). If isn’t MGS4, it might be Haze. If it isn’t Haze, it might be Resistance 2. If it isn’t Resistance 2, it might be Killzone 2. Get where I’m going here? And thats just all the EXCLUSIVE ps3 FPS’s, not even considering other genre’s.

    So overall, I think that the PS3 shooters will be more succesful, the Xbox in my opinion is only good for FPS’s and pretty much everyone who plays them will have one anyway.

    Oh, and please, please dont use the no rumble argument kevin. There is a little thing called the Dualshock 3 which, in my opinion at least, is FAR better than the 360 controller. Sony couldn’t feature rumble in the SIXAXIS cause of the Immersion case, so thats why it was never included. What were they meant to do? Yeah please buy a PS3 with no rumble that really we should have if it wasnt for a court case :| ofcourse not

    Phew, i feel that may be a bit too long ;)

  23. SwissArmyBud:

    Kevin – Just so you know, the PSN isn’t ‘open’ at all, it’s just free. Resistance (for one example) has paid moderators who can either play the game or simply spectate, with the ability to kick/ban players for cheating. I remember when cheating was a problem in that game, and it took all of two weeks for that issue to be resolved. Do try next time not to be such an ass. Knowing what you’re talking about would go a long way towards achieving that, BTW.

  24. kevin:

    Robb – it’s sony’s fault for not including rumble. Immersion sued both ms and sony. ms was smart and bought around 19% stake in Immersion. Sony, being typically arrogant, thought they could win the case, fought and lost. Then they claimed “rumble is LAST gen”..only to make gamers pay EXTRA for “LAST GEN’ technology. bleh…

  25. Arvis:


    So Sony sucks because they don’t have billions of spare dollars to throw at every single problem that comes their way? This may be a clue as to why you put Microsoft on such a pedestal.


  26. darkwhitehair:

    MS IS COOL!!
    any company that pays off people who question it’s motive is cool… anything else is retarded and Un-American… you’re a PS3 fanboy Arvis and you deserve to rot in HELL!! or Cuba or russia… any one of those “backward” countries…

  27. wu tang:

    haze reviews are in! it is official, it sucks! haha. haze and lair, best games ever!

  28. Mizu:

    @ tang

    The only review I can find is Famitsu ( sp?) which gave it a 34/40. While certainly not ZOMG best game evar considering what hardasses they are about scoring ( Halo’s 1 and 3 got a 32 and 37. they didn’t score 2) I’d hardly call that sucking.

  29. robb:

    ok so sony decided to fight for its case whilst microsoft just decided to cough up millions of dollars :S
    well to me, that seems like Sony were trying to do what any respectable business would do and try to PREVENT losing millions of dollars, just like that. Ok, they may not have won in the end, but at least they tried to fight for their cause instead of microsoft, as usual, throwing buckets of money in people’s direction.
    Oh and them fighting for their cause does NOT mean Sony is arrogant. To me, it makes them respectable.
    And wu tang, I cant find ONE review. And if it got 34/40 from famitsu, that is certainly not bad.

  30. kevin:

    robb- the responsible (and ethical) thing would to be to PAY the owners of the IP they’re ripping off….

  31. kevin:

    arvis – sony sucks because they’re unethical, liars, and deceivers. not the kind of people you want running the show with $400 toys and $60 games.

  32. mizu:

    I suppose you think M$ isn’t unethical ( rushing out half assed, unreliable, and untested products to get a jump on the competition), aren’t liars ( The 360 will be the most reliable console), and they certainly aren’t decievers ( Saying they have the cheapest media center console when to make a decent center out of it you need to buy several hundred dollars worth of Hardware).

  33. Royzy:

    “MS IS COOL!!
    any company that pays off people who question it’s motive is cool… anything else is retarded and Un-American… you’re a PS3 fanboy Arvis and you deserve to rot in HELL!! or Cuba or russia… any one of those “backward” countries…”

    Ha, I really hope that was sarcasm, because that is precisely the reason most countries think Americans ARE retarded.

    Yeh Kevin, Microsoft are so ethical. Even Jesus wouldn’t want to pay for their sins.

  34. robb:

    maybe so. maybe that would be the ethical thing to do. but the fact is, a company will do what a company does, it will try to make money. Or atleast try not to lose it whenever possible.
    And thats what I saw Sony doing. Anyone who thinks that businesses and companies are morally in line and ‘loyal’ to the consumer is deeply dreaming. Companies are there to make money or atleast stop losing it, and just because Sony doesn’t have the millions to just throw away, they fought their case.

  35. Arvis:


    Your argument would not hold up in a court of law. In your wildly subjective opinion, Sony is operated entirely by horrible human beings who you have never met personally but can somehow pass judgment on. And yet computer technicians the country over consistently blast Microsoft for unethical business practices (programming time-release bugs into their software that force people to purchase upgrades after so many years) and somehow you don’t seem to care? Google “microsoft unethical” and see how many matches you get. Actually, I’ll do it for you:

    Personally, I don’t see businesses as “unethical” unless they’re KNOWINGLY releasing products to the public that don’t work the way they’re supposed to. Like… say… a video game console that breaks constantly, regularly, and with startling immediacy.


  36. kevin:

    arvis – if you want to reach outside of gaming, look no further than sony’s drm fiasco, exploding batteries, etc…

    i’m talking about GAMING. where sony has lied, lied and lied to sell hardware.

    look you’re too new to gaming to remember the early 2000′s but many, many do.

    it’s more than the ps2 breaking. it’s sony’s promise of an AOL/sony partnership, “xbox live killer” to sell network adapters. only after the satisfying amount has been sold, THEN sony drops the bomb and says the partnership won’t happen. They did the same thing wiht GT4. The swore it would be online to sell network adapters and preorders. two weeks before launch they said online wouldn’t be there. a developers knows waaaaay before 2 weeks whether a game will be functional online, but sony kept the promises coming. “Spring 2006 the ps3 will launch”… is what sony said in hopes to get many to wait and not buy a 360 in hopes of waiting for a ps3. it wasn’t until the MIDDLE OF MAY, did they come clean and say it won’t launch in time. (forgetting the fact most know it takes much longer than that to ramp up production. there are waaaaay more lies, but you get the point.

  37. Ty:

    This isn’t even an argument. Epic is running the show for Gears of War again, nothing will stand up to it, not resistance, not haze, not even killzone. The hardcore gamers, the shooter fans play the 360, when you match it with Live you have the best Gaming system money can buy.

    Seriously, this isn’t even an argument. Gears of War own’s anything sony can put out. Hell it’ll probably even outsell sony’s longstanding game metal gear. Bank on it!

  38. Carl Borrowman:

    I would have to agree with the author’s conclusion. If GTA IV isn’t selling more consoles, how could Haze, Gears of War 2, or Killzone 2?

    I think Fable 2 will do more for Microsoft than Gears of War 2 if it turns out right. The Xbox 360 has already proven itself superior for shooters in both it’s sheer number of quality games and it’s controller, though I would have to admit that the mouse and keyboard are still the best for FPS control to date.

    Unfortunately though, it looks as though PS3 customers will have some problems after their one year warranty runs out. At least the 360 has customer support for free up to 3 years.

    The PS3 still hasn’t aged over 2 years, so it looks as though up to 3% or even more of PS3 owners will be out of luck, and at the very least have to buy another controller in addition to the sixaxis they already paid for (good for Sony to suck $10.9 million more out of it’s customers last month alone). Not to mention there is only about half as many people to play GTA IV online with.

  39. Royzy:

    We all know why 360 needs that extra few years of customer support…

    Even if there was only a 100th as many people to play GTA online with, I couldn’t care less as long as they fill a game, which they always do.

    My only issue with Sony is that they exaggerate sometimes, but then so does Microsoft (Microsoft also like to play dirty with PR, which is a bit sad).

    Kevin, delays and big ideas which cannot be fulfilled are just a fact of life. It’s like Microsoft’s incident with that HD DVD ‘add on’ which they said would be the future of HD movies. Oops, Sony won that format war – Microsoft couldn’t of known that would happen, but unfortunately for them and everyone who bought that pricey add on, it did.

    Those lies you described are pretty minor really, since the network adapter still worked for other games. Surely you can think of better ones.

  40. Carl Borrowman:

    Royzy, agreed and MS is paying dearly for it.

    Good to see there is no problems on your side with GTA IV issues, none with me on the 360 side either.

    Sony and MS are both massive companies with a bottom line and it’s shareholders interests to protect, spin is to be expected when billions of dollars are at stake, I guess.

    Fortunately I got my $50 back from Amazon and 6 free movies on the HD-DVD, which are still better than DVD, and I have an upscaling DVD player (with extra USB ports) for Netflix. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been, especially because I wasn’t planning on purchasing movies anyway.

    Hats off to Sony for winning the format war, let’s see what they can do with it before Blu-ray becomes obsolete. Even if I get a PS3 or BR player, I won’t be building my collection of discs. It just doesn’t make sense when movies can be downloaded on multi-terabyte hard drives in seconds within the decade.

  41. Carl Borrowman:

    Media format timeline?

    1890 – film reel – 86 years
    1976 – VHS – 20 years
    1996 – DVD – 11 years
    2007 – Blu-Ray – 3-5 years?
    2010 – Magnetic/Flash drive – ???
    2012 – Streaming – ???

  42. Arvis:


    “Within the decade?”
    I’m skeptical. While clearly on-demand digital ditribution of almost ALL entertainment will be the future, alot of people stay old fashioned for a long time, and will want the physical disc to add to their collection. Trust me on this, my parents still have a huge RECORD collection and don’t really “get” the internet. But they still have a beautiful 32″ LCD set in their living room.

    Not to mention that providing all American homes with the necessary bandwidth to make digital distribution viable as THE leading HD format will be expensive, and I don’t see our economy reaching those heights in two years.

    I could be totally wrong though.


  43. Carl Borrowman:

    Arvis, agreed, that’s why I put 3-5 vice just 3. 2012 may be more realistic. The timeline was just to prove a point that linear thinking doesn’t necessarily apply when it comes to this technology.

    Hopefully, consumers are a little more well informed now than they were back in the record days. But that might be a stretch too.

  44. ehutch:

    digital downloads are at least 10 years away from replacing anything. carl… if you were not planning on buying movies, why would you have bought the hd dvd player??????????????????

  45. Royzy:

    I agree that Blu Ray will probably be the shortest in the timeline.

    Holographics discs are supposed to follow (look them up, they are quite interesting) and after that they reckon solid state memory (like USB sticks) will have developed enough to be the next longest lasting format because it is faster/cheaper/easier to develop than any other format is or has been. That’s for media and hard drives.

    Online streaming will always be limited to a certain degree – as bandwidth gets faster, higher quality downloads will get bigger. It’ll be hard to ensure everybody has access to these downloads.

  46. Matt:

    well yeah, Gears of war will boost sales……because again… is another VERY anticipated game AND GeoW WILL get a MASSIVE blow job by the media…..but there has to be some AMAZING games in that 150 exclusives coming to PS3…..ps3 Will win…..A-PS3owner and proooouuuud of it!

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