Week in PS3: Free Metal Gear DLC, New Firmware, Final Fantasy priority

June 19, 2008

Free Metal Gear DLC, New Firmware, PS3 'Dress' game, Final Fantasy Hello folks, its another round of “a week in PS3.” There has been so much news lately it’s just impossible to get everything in here, so I’ll go over the ones that stand out the most. There is news of a new PS3 firmware update, Square Enix gunning to finish Final Fantasy XIII and free downloadable content for Metal Gear 4.

See below for details.

Firmware update

in-gameXMB There has been a rumor going around that with the next firmware update, PS3 will finally get in-game XMB, trophies, universal in-game friendlist and custom soundtrack. All of this have been speculation until recently when Sony confirmed this on the official Playstation blog.

Eric Lampell director of PSN operations posted a short blog announcing features such as trophies and in-game XMB will be heading to the PS3 with firmware 2.4 which will be coming very shortly.

He also announced that firmware 2.36 will be coming out shortly (which actually was released yesterday) to improve system stability, no doubt to get things ready for firmware 2.4.

Should 2.4 be released soon, PSN will become on par with Xbox Live feature wise.

Square Enix complete Final Fantasy XIII

tgs-final-fantasy-xiii-3 We have been waiting and waiting for a very long time on news of Final Fantasy XIII. This is the most anticipated RPG for a long time and its been over two years since it’s unveiling, yet we have no idea about the story or game mechanics yet.

Square Enix recently announced its plans to take all the resources from Final Fantasy Versus XIII and shift them to the main Final Fantasy XIII game to finish the game up for release as soon as possible.

This is the best news yet considering double the effort will hopefully translate into half the development time.

Free Metal Gear contents

mgs_4_database_001 There is free Metal Gear Solid 4 downloadable content all over the place. A free iPod song is available from the menu in “Extras” inside MGS4 game. There is also a free octo-camo add on there as well.

Also, recently on the Playstation blog, it was announced that a free Metal Gear database will be released. It will be an interactive timeline that will answer all of your story plot questions about the whole Metal Gear franchise.

This download should be free and available on the latest PSN update tonight, so keep an eye out for it.

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