Week in PS3: Free Metal Gear DLC, New Firmware, Final Fantasy priority

June 19, 2008

Free Metal Gear DLC, New Firmware, PS3 'Dress' game, Final Fantasy Hello folks, its another round of “a week in PS3.” There has been so much news lately it’s just impossible to get everything in here, so I’ll go over the ones that stand out the most. There is news of a new PS3 firmware update, Square Enix gunning to finish Final Fantasy XIII and free downloadable content for Metal Gear 4.

See below for details.

Firmware update

in-gameXMB There has been a rumor going around that with the next firmware update, PS3 will finally get in-game XMB, trophies, universal in-game friendlist and custom soundtrack. All of this have been speculation until recently when Sony confirmed this on the official Playstation blog.

Eric Lampell director of PSN operations posted a short blog announcing features such as trophies and in-game XMB will be heading to the PS3 with firmware 2.4 which will be coming very shortly.

He also announced that firmware 2.36 will be coming out shortly (which actually was released yesterday) to improve system stability, no doubt to get things ready for firmware 2.4.

Should 2.4 be released soon, PSN will become on par with Xbox Live feature wise.

Square Enix complete Final Fantasy XIII

tgs-final-fantasy-xiii-3 We have been waiting and waiting for a very long time on news of Final Fantasy XIII. This is the most anticipated RPG for a long time and its been over two years since it’s unveiling, yet we have no idea about the story or game mechanics yet.

Square Enix recently announced its plans to take all the resources from Final Fantasy Versus XIII and shift them to the main Final Fantasy XIII game to finish the game up for release as soon as possible.

This is the best news yet considering double the effort will hopefully translate into half the development time.

Free Metal Gear contents

mgs_4_database_001 There is free Metal Gear Solid 4 downloadable content all over the place. A free iPod song is available from the menu in “Extras” inside MGS4 game. There is also a free octo-camo add on there as well.

Also, recently on the Playstation blog, it was announced that a free Metal Gear database will be released. It will be an interactive timeline that will answer all of your story plot questions about the whole Metal Gear franchise.

This download should be free and available on the latest PSN update tonight, so keep an eye out for it.

42 Responses to “Week in PS3: Free Metal Gear DLC, New Firmware, Final Fantasy priority”

  1. OMEN:

    This can only be good news for xbox LIVE users because users will demand that they come up with some new features considering it’s free for ps3

  2. CAD:

    Well I finally Played MGS4 and if this was suppose to be the best game to come out on the PS3, I feel very sorry for you guys. I honestly don’t understand what the hype is all about because I did not see anything to get hyped up about. The controls are not easy , and maybe it is because I have played with the 360 controller for so long now but I feel so awkward playing with the analog stick positioned where it is. I really cannot believe how bad the PS3 Controller really is in terms of design. As for the game it would ask me to do something and did not give instructions for anything. Every 360 game I play always has a tutorial in the first stage that tells you how to use the controls. As a first timer to the series it left a bad taste in my mouth. The movement is so slow the controls and not easy you have to hold down one button to bet another button to work. there is no blind fire I always have to aim just to shoot. that camoflage suite does not even adapt to the environment well or take on the same design. I also hardly played the game because every little step I took I was watching a cut scene. Well there you have is PS3 boys your best game is a movie on bluray. How ironic because Sony has already shown that it’s all about the bluray and not games and the best game for the system is a Movie. Also I could see where the 360 would have done a better job at the graphic and the textures and I have look at numerious comparisons of games between the 360 & PS3 and you can see the same elements of a PS3 game in MGS4. It has environment but the textures that show themselves in 360 are just missing from this game. If this game never comes to the 360 I could really care less. Also the faces and colour of people look so plastic like. I have seen way better facial construction in certain 360 games to the point you can see the emotion even in he eyes. I don’t see that in MGS4. The graphic are good and acceptable but even Ninja Gaiden 2 has better graphics then MGS4.

  3. darkwhitehair:

    wow… CAD…. yeah… Ninja Gaiden 2 has better graphics… thats why MGS 4 got perfect scores in Gamespot….
    I also played Halo 3… didnt know what the hype was about… What was the big nex gen imrpovement??? Replays??? Map editor???
    But you dont see me crapping on Halo 3 do you??? it aws a solid game… nice experience… just not much “innovation” for my taste….
    You already knew about the rumored 90 minutes cutscenes… if you knew… then why did you buy it?? seems like the only reason you bought it is to bitch about it… maybe you didnt even buy it… if I hated PS3 like you do… I wouldnt have bought it either…
    The 360 could do a better job?? are you serious?? are you THAT stupid??? the game had to be compressed for Blu ray… .COMPRESSED FOR BLU RAY!!! meaning LARGER than 50 gb…. how many dvds is that???

    I dont try to bitch about the 360.. I really dont… all my arguments have been about the old gen format and the multiplatform exclusives and small hard drives…. but when you bitch about a game you know youre gonna hate…. well…. youre an idiot…. do yourself a favor and sell it on ebay… so someone who likes it can enjoy it more…

  4. darkwhitehair:

    also dont bitch about the Ps controller…. this controller has been around for decades… DECADES…. sure its not as suitable for shooters like the 360… but you dont hear anyone else bitchin do you??? and controller is more of a personal preference…

  5. SW:

    Don’t feel sorry for PS3 owners because YOU don’t like MGS4.

    The controller thing – opinion. I love the 6axis/DS, best gamepad ever in my opinion (not a big FPS player on console, prefer my mouse and KB). But its cool to hate it ;)

    No tutorial isn’t fantastic I agree. That said I’ve not really played MGS THAT much in the past, really only parts of MGS2 and I still picked this game up in about 5 mins.

    I’m not quite sure what you are talking about with the ‘hold one button down to get another to work’ thing…

    You may not like the cutscenees, but again opinion. I thought we had the perfect marriage of gaming and movies. I was %100 entertained while I had the game running.

    Well it may not be your run of the mill shooter where you can sprint like a cheetah, jump like a kangeroo, and blind fire RPG’s around corners with pin point accuracy – but IMO it is a VERY good game. Its ‘slow’ as you say, because its supposed to be. Snake is supposed to be an excellent soldier not an action man(tm).

    I can’t comment on the gfx versus NG, but the textures look fine to me.

    As for the faces, the motion capture on them was excellent, they look excellent. Yes there was an element of ‘plastic’ which we’ve all seen on games in the past (e.g. Doom) and they were still lauded as awesome graphically. The ONLY amazing faces I’ve ever seen are in Crysis anywhoos.

    But at least now, you can understand my negative feelings towards Gears and Halo. You know, those feelings, ‘Why the f**k does everyone love these games? they suck!’…

    Opinions are fun aren’t they :)

  6. martin:


    sure whatever dude, I feel sorry for you the best 360 exclusive game is Ninja Gaiden 2. Too bad it scored so piss poor everywhere, and sold like crap.

    If you really did play the game you would know it does give you a tutorial in the beginning.

    Complaining about no blind fire is like complaining that you can’t jump in Gears of War. Scratch that, I would rather take jumping over blind fire.

    The 360 controller is quite the piece of crap actually, that is what you get when all the good patents are taken by Nintendo and Sony.
    Ever wonder why Microsoft had to put the left analog where the D-Pad should be? Sony owns the patent to that layout and they also own the patent to the best D-Pad as well.
    Thats why Xbox controller’s D-Pad sucks so much.
    I don’t see the Xbox controller winning any Engineering awards like the dualshock did, so shutup or putup.

  7. Me:

    Err… CAD u do realise this game is meant for fans of the series, don’t moan on and on just because u never got into the series (u are missing out alot by the way)
    The controls are easy for MGS vets, i’m guessing your to used to playing FPS’s on the 360 shoot, run, duck, shoot, jump etc. I think the MGS controls are excellent considering the amount of different interactions available.
    Movement slow.. u do realise this is a stealth game, that said I don’t think they where to slow or I didn’t notice seemed fine me.
    OF COURSE THERE IS TONS OF CUT-SCENES U IDIOT IT’S MGS!!!!! that said I do think there is still alot of gameplay, I completed the game in 20 hours even if half of that was cutscenes in still leaves more gameplay in the single player than COD4, Halo 3 or Gears.
    The graphics are the best I have ever seen (there nothing mind-blowingly better, but there still the best I have seen)
    360 can’t run MGS4 (it’s a bit to powerful for it),even if it could run it would need a hell of alot of discs.
    I have seen your 360 fanboy posts on here before CAD, i’m guessing u played this game with the sole purpose of looking for anything bad u could find, it looks like u couldn’t find much though because u r really nit-picking.
    I feel sorry for u, not being able to enjoy such a great game just because it’s on the ps3.
    Anyway I love the MGS series and MGS4 is a perfect end (wait to u see the ending it’s long obviously but absolutly brilliant, thrilling, moving and sad) to he greatest saga of all time (hopefully it’s not the end), up yours Star Wars!

  8. harry sachz:

    I played some of it a few days ago. It sucked! Let me run down what happens.

    Cutscene – walk 5 steps – cutscene – crawl under a truck – cutscene – walk into a building – cutscene – run away from a monster that sounds like a cow mooing – cutscene. It was around this time I gave the controller back to my poor friend who bought a ps3 and laughed at him.

  9. fngfnfn:

    MGS4 is the most incredible game I have ever played.

    I thought it would be brilliant but it turned out I underestimated it by a long way lol

    BTW the Final Fantasy story isnt true. Square Enix denied it earlier today.


  10. max:

    u kidding me cad, mgs4 was an awesome game.. this is my 1st time playing the series,it took me a while to figure out the control and the mechanics of the game but after that it was an awesome experience.. u can play the game in 1st or third person screen.. i advice people to play the 1st person screen, u get more head shoots and a better experience all the way..

  11. ph:

    MGS4 is the best!!!!

  12. CAD:

    I believe the bottom line for me is that I was never really into these sneek around games. I never really got into Hit Man or Splinter Cell or MGS or anything like it. To slow for me. I don’t get much time for gaming so I just want instant action. I appreciated the physics of Hit Man as it was one of my first games when I got my original Xbox. But I really didn’t get into it that much but it was a good game. As for the controller thing I just felt as though my thumb had to drop so low that it just started feeling ackward. I’m holding my 360 controller right now and the distance and feeling between the thumb stick and the directional pad feel natural. Both positions feel comfortable. On the PS3 my only beef about the controller is that same setup. The directional pad feels good but the thumb stick feels ackward because your thumb drops so low because of the design of the controller. As for the graphics for MGS4 they are good I just see things that I know the 360 can do better but don’t worry about that the graphics are good, OK. It’s like that developer said that the 360 has a certain look and the PS3 has a certain look. I do plan on trying Splinter cell when it comes out as I have never tried it. But I don’t know if that will be a good experience either as I just don’t seem to get into Tom Clancey Games. And if there is any compensation, I don’t like the left bumper on the 360 controller. Sorry but I knew writing it like that in the style of Dave Parrack would get people all rilled up.

  13. mike:

    IMO cad, seems you havent had much experience in any game franchise until the recent next gen ones. Im here to help you get instant excitement.
    1st Gen – Hook jumper cables from your dads car battery to your nads.
    2nd Gen – Put the handle of a fork in your mouth and stick the other side into a wall outlet.

    1st Gen – Lay in the sun until your skin blisters.
    2nd Gen – Take a bath in Sulfuric Acid.

    1st Gen – Put your tongue on a frozen peice of metal.
    2nd Gen – Dip both hands in Liuquid Nitrogen then Clap.

    Now if these activities dont provide instant action gratification, I dont know what will. BTW 360 sucks.

  14. ehutch:

    just bought the game yesterday and played about an hour so far. the first thing that strikes me is the beauty of this game. it is the best looking game out there for either system even surpassing UNCHARTED. maybe you heed to play on a large hd screen before complaining about anything visual. graphics cant get much better than this. the cut scenes are a bit much though.

  15. winner:

    Foxtel showed the first 20 minutes of the game on their ‘On Demand’ service. My first impressions was that it is an extremely polished game. My only issue with it is that there were so many cutscenes, i.e there was about 5 minutes of gameplay and 15 minutes of cutscenes. But then again, it’s probably more of a storytelling thing to get the game started. I can only assume that the cutscene’s die down and more action takes place in the later levels. It did interest me and it will be one of my first purchases if I do end up getting a PS3.

  16. darkwhitehair:

    so… CAD…. you didnt like Hitman… you didnt like Splinter Cell (WHICH IS THE SIMPLEST STEALTH GAME)… you just jumped into the hardest stealth series EVER!
    ohh no… now youre gonna try out Splinter Cell… and youre gonna bitch about that fine game as well….
    Im new to MGS as well… I couldnt play Subsistence… because of the camera… but there was a tutorial… they were in the form of short videos…. just like Splinter Cell… thats a better way of knowing the controls then anything else… anyways…. meh…

  17. Spideydog:

    I suppose he actually played the game and then provided an opinion about it….have to give him that. Some spruk crap without even playing the game/system etc.

    I did find CAD’s comment interesting though, about “if thats the best game to come out on PS3, then I feel sorry for you guys” CAD, you personally didn’t like the game, many million others (I suspect) do like it however, very much.

    Well “best” is a matter of opinion. I am not a fan of the MGS franchise and most probably wont get MGS4. I have a different idea as to what the “best”PS3 game is, so feeling sorry for me is a little pointless.

  18. CAD:


    Yeah I have taken a break in games for a period of After Sega Genisis until XBOX. I just lost intrest between those periods. So dreamcast, PS1 & PS2, Gamecube passed by during that period. As for MGS4 I believe that if the game just gave some type of tutorial in the begining stage while it is setting the story line I maybe would have enjoyed it more. But it probably comes down to I really not fond of stealth games to begin with and I’m not fond of a game with more movie then game.

  19. SW:

    Man Hitman was fun…

    Gotta love shooting the bottom of a hot tub out and watching the guy using it fall to his death.

    It brings a tear to my eye.


    @CAD – Tutorial I agree. A backstory would’ve added even more in game movies ;) BIIIIIIIG backstory compared to most games.

  20. kev:

    dwh – hey bonehead..gamespot also gave tony hawk a perfect 10. you don’t actually think aren’t better looking games do you? geez…

    cad – agreed. the offset analog sticks of the 360′s controller is just too comfortable and intuitive to go back tothe ps3′s clunky side by side sticks. i found the ps3′s controller awkward as well. mgs is no longer about stealth, as splinter cell actually did it right (as did Thief). mgs is just a fantasy action game. it’s days of being a “tactical espionage” game are over. Having played mgs games since the first one, i can say it’s past it’s prime. it’s good looking… for a ps3 game.

  21. Arvis:

    @ CAD: If you readily admit that you’re not into “sneaking” games, why did you even bother going on a rant against MGS in the first place? You should also know that the faces are not pre-rendered for the cutscenes… meaning they’re dynamic in-game textures… and they STILL look that good. This also means that if you equip face-camo, or another character’s face, in the game, that’s the face you see in the cutscenes. Freaking. Awesome. And there is so much emotion in these character’s faces during the game… you just have no idea until you see it for yourself. The game nearly brought me to tears multiple times.

    @ Kevin: Take a cue from your buddy CAD and actually play the game before you pass judgment. Yeah, I know it’s alot to ask, but you’ll sound alot less stupid. The only way anyone would ever think that MGS4 is “not about stealth” is if they’ve never played the game before and know next to nothing about it. Your ignorance is obvious.

    @ everyone: Remember when pre-rendered CG cutscenes in games started looking so good, you thought “Man, that looks real”? Well, there isn’t a shred of CG in MGS4… and I STILL had that thought during several moments in the game! IN-GAME GRAPHICS ALMOST LOOKED REAL!!! If you don’t play through this whole game at least once, you are selling yourself short and should never forgive yourself for it.


  22. CAD:


    I really went on like that just to get a reaction. We did agree that it the reason we keep coming back here.

  23. CAD:


    I really went on like that just to get a reaction. We did agree that it the reason we keep coming back here.

  24. SW:

    Hey Arvis,

    Ever sit there zooming in at things and panning around during cutscenes? (not talking about the Mk.2)

    Neat feature :) I didn’t know the D-Pad was pressure sensitive until I was zooming :D

  25. Me:

    Actually kev mgs4 is about freedom, u can go allguns blazing on liquid easy or naked normal if u want, but for us MGS vets it’s solid normal and big boss hard all the way, making as few kills, alerts as possible. I’m trying to get the highest awards as possible at the moment which means The Boss hard, no kills(unless u hav to) and no alerts, it’s absolutly awesome sneaking through a war torn town subtly knocking out PMC troops to alter the battle in Militia favour the tension is unbearadble it’s brilliant, on Act 4 it’s amazing dodging the small metalgears with those dreaded green lights on the lookout.

  26. Me:

    Can we talk about MGS4 properly yet, is there still anyone who hasn’t completed the game?

  27. Bourne:

    im so close, im fighting screaming mantis, im on the last section and i can taste the finish! ive been hooked since i started playing this game and unlike gta4 its made me want to keep playing everytime i put the controller down, and also the storyline has kept me interested despite the game being 50% cut scenes.

  28. darkwhitehair:

    @ kevin… hey idiot brain… Gamespot gave Halo 3 9.5… do I think they deserved a 9.5?? even after better shooter that are available now?? YES!
    because that game deserved a 9.5 at THAT TIME!! just like Tony Hawks game probably deserved a 10 AT THAT TIME!!!! (though I didnt play that tony hawks game so I dont know)

    10 years from now…. when youre older and more senile… and there are better games in the market… youre gonan ask… did GTA 4 deserve a 10??? yes it did…. because its a “perfect” game… for this time…
    There are exceptions… you can see that Citizen Kane is considered the best movie OF ALL TIME… and in my opinion… Doom and GTA (the first one) probably fits in the category of the “BEST of ALL TIME”

    Stop comparing Splinter Cell and MGS… youre insultinjg both…. Splinter Cell isnt about story structure and big twists… for me… its a good time… a fun game… but with no replay value… and pretty linear… but a great game nonetheless…

  29. Wylie:

    I’m not sure why people even try to post at Kev. Don’t you know he is Moses and M$ is the God of Gaming in his eyes. He thinks everything he types is Brilliant and everyone else is just idiots. Let’s all follow Kev on everything he says, we can play all the games he says are good, and end up lost in the 360 desert of RROD for the next 30 years. Then ask for forgiveness after worshipping a Golden PS3 because Kev. disappeared on a mountain to get the 10 cammandments from Bill Gates. Kev has his head so far up Bill’s ass he can see out of his glasses!

  30. kev:

    dwh-no th, nor gta deserved 10s. but gamespot gave them that anyway.. it’s no coincidence both games were from publishers HEAVY into advertising on gamespot.

    spinter cell is all about the gameplay. which is why it was given awards from the AIAS. maybe you should play the game first before pretending to know what it’s about… bah..that would make too much sense.

    it’s funny you claim sc has no replay value when it used to be full of xbox live matches.

    noob… lmao..

  31. kev:

    arvis – sorry, mate, but i HAVE played the game and it does not meet the movies showed by kojima a year ago. sorry. it’s not very stealthy. now THIEF and splinter cell…now THOSE are stealth genres.

    i understand why you ps3 fans are so excited, as there is little on the ps3 interesting. just understand the rest of the gaming world has more to offer than a nonsensical story, over padded cutscenes, and meh level design. but enjoy it; it’s prolly the last ps3 game worth playing for a looooong time.

  32. CAD:


    That is why I said if this was suppose to be he best game I fell sorry for them. Because 360 is offering so much more and it’s not in the future it’s now.

  33. winner:

    lol @ the hairy sack. I could have sworn I heard a cow mooing during the opening section too!

  34. Royzy:

    Harry Sachz, if you think you can have a credible judgement of a game after running around for 5 minutes on it, you really are as juvenile as you sound.

    Kev – It’s not very stealthy? Are you not very good at it or something? I can teach you the controls if you need help.

    Splinter Cell is dire. Have not heard of Thief so I pass on that one. And how are they genres within themselves Kevin? Typo?

    The only MGS4 criticisms I’m hearing are petty (cutscenes too long, something mooed, he has grey hair, this isnt a sneaking game because somebody fired a gun,etc) and they are opinions, from 360 owners.

  35. The stash:

    CAD and kev(or kevin?) you both have obviously only watched youtube videos of MGS4, stop lying, stop trolling, you’re not fooling anyone.

  36. Spideydog:

    CAD, I thought I would be a little fair towards you (earlier), but after your recent comments, I take it back…… you say PS3 doesn’t have a good assortment of games NOW…get real mate and open your eyes and get your head out of x360 monthly. There is a world outside 360 ffs.

    There is an abundance of good games on PS3 (crap load to come) that I can’t even keep up with. If one can’t keep up with games coming out, I would say there is not a problem “amount of games coming out or available”

    I would agree with you if I had played out everything I had and was sitting here waiting for the next game to come out….but that is simply not the case.


  37. darkwhitehair:

    my question is… if you dont like the PS3.. and you accuse this site of being a PS3 fanboy… then why keep coming back to this site?? why bother?? there are plenty of 360 fanboy sites out there where you can bitch about the PS3 to your hearts content…

    kev.. I did play Splinter Cell… I meant it had no replay value for me because I dont have LIVE… see another reason I dont like the 360 is because of their stupid region lock… nice going guys…

    And I stand by my comment… Splinter Cell is very linear… the double agent brought some new stuff to the genre… but other than the “good” “bad” ending… its pretty linear…

    Wheres MGS is more action shooter.. you can go all guns blazing or sneaky… cant wait to play it..

    Gamespot werent the only site to give GTA 4 perfect scores… what about the other sites??? IGN gave 10 out of 10 to a zelda game (If I remember correctly)
    So which reviews DO you agree with?? Xbox monthly?? or xboxer.tv??

  38. winner:

    Royzy, after watching the MGS4 demo on Foxtel, I am sure that the hairy sack didn’t just play it for 5 minutes, the mooing 2 legged monster things (what the hell are they anyway?!) didn’t come into the game until around the 15 minute mark. Because he thinks it sucks is his opinion, it doesn’t make him juvenile. And just to correct something you said, PS3 owners have also said that the cutscenes are too long, not 360 owners.

    Now, when would you like me to lower my genitals on your eyes? I’ll be gentle.

  39. Royzy:

    That is wrong, and anyone who has played the full game can vouch for me. The first gekko you meet is almost straight after crawling under the truck, which is the first thing you do.

    To me it was kinda like saying ‘Lord of the Rings Trilogy sucks’ after only watching to the bit where Gandalf shows up at the start.

    Some PS3 owners have said it yes, but I’m referring to the people speaking here.

    Doesn’t matter how gentle you are, I’ll still bite them off.

  40. Sk8man:

    Sure the cutscenes are long winner, but unless you have the IQ and attention span of a toothpick then whats the problem? Are you just a product of the ADD generation?

  41. winner:

    Yeah, i’m a product of the ADD generation, how did you know??? You’re a genius!

    And Royzy, I don’t think you want to put your teeth near them. They smell like cheese and feet, I don’t think you’d like the taste.

  42. Royzy:

    Cheese is not uncommon in pre-adolescent teens, but I am worried about the feet.

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