Metal Gear Solid 4: Big three says best game ever made on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii

June 21, 2008

Big three says best game ever made on all systems PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii Reviewers have said Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is one of the best video game ever made and that includes this gen systems such as PS3 and Xbox 360 all the way back to NES. High praises are given by the big three industry review giants: Gamespot, IGN and Gamepro. These reviewers have been in the industry for over 22 years. Practically most of us grew up reading their reviews.

These review sites are no slouch, especially IGN and Gamespot with their very strict 10 point scale. IGN has only 15 some games that have ever received a perfect score of a 10. They define only a game that is revolutionary or truly defines a genre deserves a perfect score such as Metal Gear Solid 4.

Gamespot is known to be even more strict in their scoring, only giving five games in their entire history back to 1996 a perfect 10. With the addition of Metal Gear Solid 4, that makes it a total of six games in their history of deserving a perfect score.

Gamespot and IGN both rate Metal Gear Solid 4 above other blockbuster games such as the Orange Box or Halo 3 which both received a 9.5.

"Not only does it sum up the full franchise of Metal Gear, its depth and its complexity, coupled with its technical prowess, make it one of the best games of the year and, indeed, one of the best games ever made."

"Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is the most technically stunning video game ever made. It’s also a fine example of storytelling prowess within its medium, combining gameplay and narrative so slickly and beautifully that it’s impossible to extricate one from the other."

"Metal Gear Solid 4 is a masterpiece, an unforgettable game that shines like a beacon amidst a sea of mediocrity. It is not only the best Metal Gear game, but one of the best games ever made, period."

Even veteran reviewer Famitsu, who has only given seven perfect score of a 40/40 through their entire history dating back to 1986 awarded Metal Gear Solid 4 this prestigious perfect score.

So does the game live up to the hype and the reviews?

After playing the game extensively, I must admit it is quite the masterpiece. The way the story is told and integrated into the game is quite ingenious. The graphics are top notch considered to be the best looking game ever. You will be hard pressed to find many low res textures in the game.

The last game to hold the "best looking game so far" title on consoles was Uncharted Drake’s Fortune, before that it was Bioshock, then Gears of War. Definitely Metal Gear Solid 4 surpasses all of these games in the graphics department. In these previous games low res texture usage were evident in close proximity to the textures with pixelation and blurriness when viewing an object up close.

In Metal Gear Solid 4 you will have difficulty finding pixelation even when pressed right up against an object, truly a fantastic feat. As Gametrailer puts it, Metal Gear Solid 4 gives you the option of zooming in and out of cut scenes daring you to find any fault in the graphics knowing that it looks good.

When Kojima said he will take full advantage of the 50GB Blu-ray disc he wasn’t kidding. He uses high res textures for just about everything from the little belt buckles on Snake to the bumpy grip on the bottom of his feet.

The intro is fabulous mixing cinema with gameplay, also as a way of introducing the controls and giving a tutorial on how to play the game. There is even an info box popping up telling you what to do. The weapon customization adds a whole level of depth without being overly complex, something you won’t find in many games.

Cut scenes are at checkpoints and usually you could spend up to 45 minutes between checkpoints spacing out those cut scenes. I recommend everyone who play the game to take your time and help out each little battle between the PMCs or militia factions. Once you help one side win their battle they will thank you and become your comrades.

The controls are great; they add a high level of depth to the game play. CQC makes combat a skill, being able to do various moves between choking someone out with a jujitsu "bare naked choke hold" or use an enemy as a meat shield like the previous versions of Metal Gear Solid.

The ability to switch between first person and third person view gives you the best of both worlds. Third person is great for taking on many enemies, but if you want to get that sniper on the roof in the distance swap to first person view and take them out with a red-dot sight or a scope attachment.

The first Metal Gear Solid is the game that invented the stealth genre and Metal Gear Solid 4 breaks new ground and invents a whole new genre of cinematic storytelling while raising the bar in the stealth genre for years to come.

You can bet anyone who has any clue about gaming and is a true hardcore gamer will tell you if you don’t have a PS3, Metal Gear Solid 4 is the game you buy a PS3 for. Of course if they tell you otherwise just politely let them know they have no idea what they are talking about.

70 Responses to “Metal Gear Solid 4: Big three says best game ever made on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii”

  1. Bourne:

    agree,ive just finished this game (unfortunatly) but all i can say is WOW. Anyone who has a ps3 must own this game. Im sad ive now finished it, but cant wait to re-play it and start going online!

  2. Dan:

    Ye i fully agree too. I have also finished it now and its the first game i have ever started from the beginning straight after completion. An absolute masterpiece in every way possible. Snakes battle with liquid will still look stunning in 5 years time. If you own a ps3 BUY MGS4 NOW! If you don’t own a ps3, BUY ONE FOR MGS4! I honestly can’t see any game beating it for sheer quality in this generation.

  3. robb:

    again agreed, truly amazing game. got it last weekend, havent even got halfway yet (been a busy week) and probably wont get to play it for a while either!
    never played a MGS game before, but owning it and playing it just makes me smile in the wake of all my xbox loving friends ;)

  4. DaveP:

    With some of you finishing it so quickly, is it too short?

  5. AndyJ:


    Its not short to be fair, it took me around the 19hour mark to complete first go, however it depends how you play it

  6. Makidian:

    Took me 24hrs to complete, and immediately started a new game. There is nothing to compare Metal Gear to, nothing, it set the bar so high I doubt another game will be able to match it for quite some time. Literaly brought tears to my eyes at the end several times, and I never thought a game could do that, coupled with the fact I had never played a MGS game except five minutes of the first one.

  7. Arjun:

    Yeah I own a 360 and a PS3. I just got the ps3 recently on the release of MGS4. Ive been a huge MGS fan and now im even more loyal towards the franchise. I tool about 18 hours to complete the game ( according to the game’s counter ) but i suspect its even more when you add the cutscenens and so on. The game is an EPIC masterpiece in all forms. Kojima san, I bow down to thee. Thank you ever so much for making this game!

  8. thetwinsnake:

    20 hours isn’t short ,even though nearly half is cutscenes, take COD4 for example that is short; only 5/6 hours.

  9. Me:

    Not really, MGS for alot of people is the ultimate media experience so alot of us have played it non-stop. I clocked in at just over 20 hours (ok alot of that is cutscenes, but for us MGS vets it’s part of the experience) gameplay wise it still has more than most games, plus a nice demo for MGO as well. Plus lots of replay value there is tons to unlock.

  10. Sk8man:

    Hi DaveP, I’ll try and answer your question.
    It took me 19 hours and 54 min. to get through the game
    I’m on my second play through now and I’m trying to find all the secrets(plus playing photographer) and I’m half way through the second act and my play time is nearing the 10 hour mark.

    I think it just depends how you play the game, stealthy, run and gun, collector, etc. there are so many different ways to play and so many different types of weapons/gadgets to use that I think it will differ from person to person

    oh, and one more thing: MGS4 IS THE BEST GAME I’VE EVER PLAYED

  11. Sk8man:

    Oh, and I want to add that this is the only MGS game I’ve played and I had no trouble following the story.

  12. Me:

    Has everyone seen the guns u can buy!?? I’m currently using the same kind of sub machine gun Solidus had, Crying Wolf’s(which is like Fortune’s) Rail gun and a similar Tranquliser Sniper Rifle (Mosin Granst?, something like that) that The End had how cool is that!!!!

  13. Steve:

    @ Me. The MGO on the MGS4 disc is NOT A DEMO. It is a full-fledged online mode. It is a starter pack, not a trial or demo. It is a full game which you can indefinitely use, and it will be growing with more DLC that will be available for download on PSN. It contains the first 5 online stages, and gives you everything you need to play. That is the full-fledged online mode, and through PSN DLC, New stages, Characters, weapons, game modes, and new character creation slots, MGO will continuously grow.

  14. Martin:


    The game isn’t short if you play it fully. There are probably 50 checkpoints in the game and like the article says if you milk each checkpoint by completing the side objectives like help win a PMC battle it could take up to 45 minutes between checkpoints.

    Also if you go spend alot of time collecting Drebin points to get all the weapons and buy attachment such as supressor, red-dot sight, scope, gernade launcher attachment, shotgun attachment… you are looking at a much longer gameplay.

    If you actively fight in every PMC battle the game will last about 50 hours or so.

  15. David:

    I have been playing video games for about 25 years and this is the best single player game I have ever played. Its certainly the first time I have ever finished a game and immediately started it again.

    When an Xbox 360 site is declaring a PS3 exclusive the best game since The Legend Of Zelda you know it must be pretty damn good lol

  16. Arvis:

    Not to beat a dead horse, but this game is by far one of the greatest video games ever created. Without a doubt. Even Metal Gear Online, which is not something Kojima and Konami ever needed to give us, is amazing. I’ve played maybe 7 full matches, and I already have a handful of great stories from my online experiences.

    @David: That is an awesome site. The comments section gives me hope for all of us gamers. When a game this special comes out, one would hope we could all unite in sharing the experience.


  17. Jim:

    It really is amazing. The graphics are probably the best ever. I finished it somewhat quickly but I think that was due to the ferocious amount I played it since launch. It really succeeds in being accessible to both hard core MGS fans by tying the loose ends of 20 years, and at the same time not being a geek fest that people who haven’t played mgs can’t get into. Its like a bad ass movie. And the replay value is probably higher than the previous games with the emblem system. Its going to take me about a month to complete the game on The Boss extreme in five hours with no alerts or rations. At least I can save all the time.

  18. Royzy:

    Sk8man, your times are very similar to mine. I’m using my second time to get the (traditional) stealth suit.

    When you play it second time around, you realize there is still a lot more to discover, in terms of secrets (weapons, locations, miscellaneous,etc ).

    Metal Gear Solid has always been my favourite series, and this is a really mind blowing way to end it. The more you play the more you love too (I have found).

  19. Kall:

    I know a better game: Mario Kart 64 or Golden Eye. either way I win.

  20. Kall:

    oh and yer I played it. The stories okay not a Driver tho (OH GOD HE WENT TO A oh… war-torn Middle Eastern city joy never been done before. AND THEN Easter Europe well it could have been worse I mean it could be comies in Russia couldn’t it, THEN AT THE END snake has to shut down a defence grid WOW Has the Ever been done before(I Don’t know I have only played this one I am sure its been done in other games) and it ends with a fist fight (so original and new) well you get the point I am making). And wouldn’t say it “shines like a beacon amidst a sea of mediocrity” I would say its A shooter whoop de do ON THE TWO “real” Game consoles I didn’t see a shooter coming out on them.

  21. Me:

    I didn’t understand a word of that, is he praising or dissing the game?

  22. elliot:

    i couldnt wait for MGS4 to come out as ive loved the other ones but was dead annoyed when i found out i can only get it on ps3 nd i dont have one.

  23. Kall:

    It’s not that great. Easily beaten by Mario Kart 64 (it didn’t need a story cuz it had 4 players and was above all a racing game) or Golden Eye (well cuz it’s Golden Eye).

  24. Bourne:

    Kall – please refrain from drug abuse as it seriously screws your head.

  25. darkwhitehair:

    damn… where is CAD and kev and kevin???
    why arent they commenting that this game is pure horse shit since ET??

    Damn you people… I still dont have my copy.. .yet… but… Geow2 is going to be better :P

    This article is pure PS3 fanboy-ism… DAVE PARRACK!!!

    Where is the article about the new Map of Halo 3?? or the latest GTA glitches in the PS3… and the list of awards that Splinter Cell has won??
    You guys suck :(

  26. darkwhitehair:

    I had to post again… I updated my “webite” link… check it out 360s fanboys xD

  27. Sk8man:

    someone wanna buy Kall a time machine?( ie; Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360) he seems to be stuck in the past.

  28. web design company:

    Buried for pretending Gamespot is a creditable source.

  29. Bourne:

    lol the games of chuck norris seem to be the best line up this year, beating the wii?? the sites users must be on crack cocaine

  30. Me:

    I guess CAD and Kevin finally realised that MGS4 is universally considered to be the best game of this console generation(possibly best game ever), and no petty nit-picking by them of some of the games minor flaws will change that.

  31. CAD:

    Ahh isn’t that sweet your waiting for me. I will give it another go at since it is being given so much acclaim. As for the comments about This being the best graphics game ever I have a hard time buying that. To even dare put Bioshock 3rd on the list tells me that that you are a blind fool. Gears of war 1 sports better graphics then this. Are you just stupid. The Unreal Engine is the best graphical engine there is.

  32. Sk8man:

    @ CAD, Uncharted and GT5:P have better graphics than Gears, heck even UT3 on PS3 looks better. You fanboys make me laugh

  33. CAD:

    What is even funnier is that you mention the top 3 that get paid for reviews.

  34. CAD:

    sk8man dream on!!!!

  35. CAD:

    I bet you get paid to spread propaganda too!! Open Wide and swallow.

  36. Sk8man:

    I know you only own a 360 CAD, but try for once to open your eyes. I own both a PS3 and a 360, and I agree that Gears is a stunning graphical powerhouse, but the games I mentioned do look better.

    And if your propaganda comment was directed at me then all I have to say is LOL where do I allude to some kind of undying love for any particular system? You on the other hand appear to be neck deep in propaganda and anyone who reads your comments can see that

  37. mack:


    too bad your a poser and your just a wannabe PS3 owner. You don’t own no PS3 or MGS4.
    We caught you in your lie the last post when you said there was no tutorial, anybody with MGS4 knows there is a tutorial at the beginning integrated with the Intro. Read article it says the same thing.

    If you owned the game you would know you can zoom in very close on every texture and see how you see absolutely no pixelation at all. It uses high res textures for just about every texture area.

    I have Gears of War and it looks good but uses low res textures mostly. If you get close up to a texture you can see pixelation in every texture in the game. It only looks good from far away.

    Unreal engine is only the best commerical engine, but dosen’t compare to propertity inhouse engines like the ones Uncharted and Metal Gear uses. It only makes sense engine built ground up for a specific game would be the best.

    Unreal engine does not allow you to have high res textures thats why even in Bioshock if you walk close up to any wall texture you see lots of pixelation.

  38. darkwhitehair:

    BURNED CAD!!! BUUUUURNED!!! and by mack.. damn…

    Okay… I havent played MGS.. yet… but I know for a fact…. Uncharted had better graphics than Geow… dose that mean Geow was a crappy game?? HELL NO!!! It got game of the year… from the same review sites that are praising MGS… so why the hippocrasy??
    If the review sites arent credible for MGS… then they arent credible for EVERY SINGLE 360 game they EVER REVIEWD!!! Stupid fanboys… but Im not gonna insult Geow and Mass Effect and Biochock… they are terrific games… each of thejm better than the other and they bring something new to the games genre… and I really hoped that Geow and Mass Effect came to the PS3.. so I could own the original… but no…

    So… as much as Im pumped for geow 2… Im pumped more for MGS 4… its not everyday that a PS3 game is said to be the most perfect game of all time by a 360 REVIEW SITE!!!
    Stupid fanboys…

  39. CAD:


    Let me explain tutorial for you. It not a tutorial when it the game blurts our instructions and doesn’t tell you what button to push. That is a bad tutorial.


    I now that this is PS3 fan boy bullshit site and all of you suck Sony’s cock and get nothing for it but promises and IOU’s. Even though all of you suck Sony’s cock my comment was directed at the site and not you. As for your delusion, if it’s not Unreal Engine then you don’t have the best graphics. Excuse me for being blessed with pleasure of viewing better graphics majority of the time. The only reason MGS4 even looks good to you people is because it the best thing the PS3 has produced yet. For me it’s like going through a downgrade.

  40. CAD:


    Reviews mean nothing. Sales do, and all those titles you mentioned for 360 have had amazing sales that Sony cannot even touch. I don’t even pay attention to review sites. The only review I look at is reader review. It is better to get collective thinking then to take the word of a paid person.

  41. CAD:

    OH and Mack

    I don’t ever want to own a ps3. I have had the oppertunity many time but I offically hate Sony and will not buy there products. I don’t even want to use my stupid Sony MP3 player. Sony with it’s stupid ATRAC format. Talking about ATRAC it is simply irionic that they don’t even supply Sonicstage for use with the PSP even though it has PSP compatibabilty and it shrinks files the best for Sony products. Does Sony ever use their brains. Anywayz what I really came to say was I have access to play PS3 anytime I want and I have played a few titles and compared. So I don’t need to have both systems to know what I’m talking about.

  42. kev:

    “beacon amidst a sea of mediocrity” – i agree with this statement. the ps3′s library is a very large pile of mediocrity.

    having played it, i can say it’s a good looking game, nice gameplay but NOTHING that’s worth paying for a ps3. the cutscenes are incredibly stupid and useless.

    it’s funny dwh and me claim this is the best game ever from 3 out of dozens of reviews. it’s not suprising dave or mike don’t have the balls to post up the other reviews that mock the level design, story, and cutscenes.

    kids and their computers…lmao..

  43. kev:

    wow…i just thought of something. with all this press of the ps3′s “AAA” exclusive AND the branding name of PLAYSTATION, the ps3 will be flying off the shelves now. this means the ps3 will unseat the 360 as the #2 console. let’s watch…

  44. Kall:

    Bourne How older are you? 10 you cant be a great gamer if Mario Kart 64 wasn’t one of your favourite games and Golden Eye well God dam James Bond what more do you want? Granted there are better games now but this struggles to be one of them. Its tries and fails. Its a lot like Mario without the fact that when you were little he was the coolest thing so to try to have a small bit of your childhood you keep buying the games.

    Nintendo is twice as old and unlike the Xbox and PS has killed two complanys. Its Like The World Heavy Weight EX-Champion(Just Back form a 1 year retierment(unlike Rocky Nintendo realised the game cube was not going to cut it so they moved on to the DS before they could be really hurt) with 6 months of hard training and building up him self with a new set of combos and a new mind set) Brawler VS two no name Feather weight tried to hard Brawlers (one of which has allready been hurt by not training for the fight and trying to beat up the other guy(Yer the 360)).

  45. Me:

    Rabble, Rabble…. Rabble, Rabble, Rabble,Rabble………… RABBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. darkwhitehair:

    I never once claimed that MGS 4 would “dethrone” the 360… you just try to put words into our mouths…
    Real mature CAD… yes… accusing others of commiting homosexual acts with a company really proves that youre NOT a teen… maybe youre confused about your sexuality yourself… thats why you imagine others commiting these homo erotic acts… may I suggest a shrink?? before you go all crazy and shoot up a school?? or a Japanese School??

    and you believe the reader scores?? why not?? specially when most of them are retarded as you are…

    You think Mass Effect and Geow are reasons to buy a 360?? when I can play it in a mediocre PC??? it doesnt need high specifications… a Vista compatible PC can run em both…

    I hope MGS 4 brings in a new era of good games for the PS3… they needed a AAA game leading the others as an example…
    And I will be eagerly waiting the review of Geow 2 from
    lets see whether they praise it more than MGS 4…

    What is all this “MGS 4 looks crap” “PS3 only has mediocre games” gonna prove?? That youre a bigger idiot and that you have no credibility…
    Maybe you should run as a republican candidate for the White House…

  47. CAD:


    You have a lot of shit to talk for someone who pirates games. You don’t even but any of these new games or try them but you always got a lot of crap to say. Go get some games and get a life.

  48. Royzy:

    To be honest DWH speaks the least crap out of most people here; CAD you speak probably the most.

    Kevin is at least much more convincing whilst talking crap (you can take that as a compliment or not Kev).

  49. CAD:


    I know I don’t talk crap. I could come off as being all nice and construct my sentences in a nice way but there is no fun in that so I rather be the ass hole. If there were serious people here, People who can act mature, and just people who have something decent to say instead of blurt out crap and write bullshit then I would not come off this way but I have come here time and time again and confronted many idiots and I don’t care what I say on this site anymore because most time it’s just to piss them off and it works. I will give credit to Kevin and Arvis as they are people I consider to be well rounded in there discusions.

  50. CAD:

    On that note I might as well tell you I’m actually becoming tired of coming here so soon I will just stop visiting as the novelty of this site is weary off for me. It’s only because of work why I even end up here just to shoot the shit and pass time when nothing is going on and I have become sucked in to the non-sence that this site produces. All in all it is fun but soon you won’t see me here anymore. While you PS3 People continue to talk about games I’ll actually be playing some and the 360 library is just amazing.

  51. darkwhitehair:

    hey thanks Royzy… MOM!! LOOK I MADE A FRIEND ON THE INNERNET!!!

    No I dont think you write any crap CAD… seriously… your words dont hurt me…. its your vivid imagination of fantasising about people in here having homosexual relations with a “company”… THATS WHAT scares me…

    DONT GO!!! Seriously… sigh… if Freud was alive.. you would make a perfect test subject…
    I check out … its a nice site… where else woul I get credible info bout the 360?? plus they have a good sense of humor… so you can comment there… but I will still find you :P
    Ive settled the piracy issue with kevin before you CAD… Ive bought Pirated PS2 games all my life… but you dont care about that do you?? you only care that I buy pirated 360 games….
    sigh… I dont want to explain AGAIN why I buy pirated games… its the region lock.. thats why I have to mod the 360… but still I have to buy original PS3 games…

    WHy is it thats a software company have such shit software copy protection??

  52. darkwhitehair:

    by the way brainiac CAD… its nonsenSe… not non-sence…

  53. robb:

    no CAD, its not that we aren’t mature, we just dont agree with your point of view. Thats the problem. None of us here are fanboys, just you. DWH owns a 360 I believe, I for one would not like one (mainly because I hate Micrsosoft, but thats something different) but I can still acknowledge the 360 has great games. Yet when one of the best games of this generation comes out on the PS3, you just grief it and disregard it. I bet you would be extremely happy with MGS4 coming to 360.
    Oh and Kevin being well rounded in discussions? The only bigger MS fanboy than yourself…

  54. kev:

    cad – I’m with you. at first this site was funny in a goofy kinda way. now that i know these guys actually BELIEVE the tripe they write, i’m ready to visit other sites. if it weren’t for work, i wouldn’t be here at all….

  55. CAD:


    That what I’m saying. I only did this at work for fun but now it’s just lame. I got so carried away with these guys that I started checking this thing from home. You guys do provide a sense of entertainment but now I fell like I’m babbeling with kids and now I’m too old for this back and forth over the issues crap. It gotten to the point I can get then to jump just by saying something offensive and the whole site comes down on you. It’s pretty funny. Well see how long I keep this up but I’m going to start by keeping this at work and playing games at night. While the rest of you wait for a good game to play and for your community to build to a decent size.

  56. CAD:


    what is your gamer ID mine is “C DAWK”

  57. Royzy:

    Really? I thought it was “D HEAD”.

  58. Royzy:

    I think it’s funny how people say ‘THAT’S IT IM NOT COMING BACK, IM BORED OF THIS NONSENSE’, but behold, they keep coming back.

    Admit you like coming here boys, since you clearly do.

  59. darkwhitehair:

    as I said before.. if you dont like it… you dont have to visit it… theres Kotaku… theres
    Personally I try to check out the previous ones and blorge and gamespot news… this way I get credible news and “rumors”… I doubt DAVE PARRACK will miss the extra 3 cents that he gets every time you write “SUCK SONY COCK” in blorge…

  60. robb:

    *waves goodbye to CAD and kev*

    see ya in a week…

  61. kev:

    CAD – gt: low roller (altho my kid is currently using my account). hit him up. he’s really good at Halo2 and 3, COD4, Forza, Rainbow Six II. I’m currently working on Shivering Isles.

  62. kev:

    ps… to prove my point; the reviewers say mgs 4 is ONE of the best games ever made.. however, Mike and his 5th grade education, paraphrased it to read that ALL three SAID it was THE BEST game ever on ANY console… when that simply isn’t the case.

    hence why mike and davep are complete fanboys. prolly SDF members… :)

  63. darkwhitehair:

    umm… I think they got a little too excited when they saw a 360 website calling MGS the most near perfect game since Ocarina of time….
    I wonder what they said about Geow and Halo 3 and Mass Effect??

  64. darkwhitehair:

    SDF?? whats that??

  65. kev:

    sony defense force. check the web. (if the site is still there) seriously hardcore fanboys.

  66. Royzy:

    He wasn’t joking, I just looked. Too hardcore for a noob like me. I’ll stick with you guys, I feel safer.

  67. David Herbert:

    I’m not surprise that’s it’s considered the best game thus far. But, I still think that’s too early to call.

  68. Ivan_PSP:

    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is now the standards by which all video game companies look to it set new standard hard to beat. Killzone 2 will soon be the next GTA IV.

  69. WackoJacko:

    Gears of war is average compared to MGS4. The biggest dissapointment for gears of war was the complete lack of freddom, and you can not jump.

  70. drphil3000:

    it is the best game ever not in my opinion just it is and the second best to me at least is re4 and mgs4 totaly blows it out of the water if you are a gamer it is a must have it is coming to the xbox 360 but it probebly is better for the ps3 so even now it is the reson you are going to get a ps3

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