EA focus on PS3 as lead platform for game development

August 4, 2008

EA focus on PS3 as lead platform for game development Everyone knows it’s harder to develop on the PS3 than the Xbox 360. It’s so much more difficult to port a game from the Xbox 360 over to the PS3. EA has commented before they would switch development to the PS3 and make it the lead platform; it seems EA is making good on its promise.

It seems like porting from the PS3 to the Xbox 360 is a much smoother transition than the other way around. According to Sony VP of product marketing, Scott Steinberg even goes further, and says making the PS3  lead platform will make the Xbox 360 games look “even better.”

hmmm.. you know I don’t know about that. Just by looking at Burnout Paradise I really can’t say the Xbox 360 port looks any better than what it would have looked if it was developed ground up for the Xbox 360. However honestly I really couldn’t tell you what it would have looked like if it wasn’t a port; basically it’s all marketing spin.

The only real party it would benefit would be the developers and maybe Sony but the consumers probably won’t benefit from this except possibly a prevention of a la GTA IV style delay due to PS3 development issues.  

EA have commented in the past on their desire to put the PS3 as lead platform and judging by their new titles it seems like the plan is set in motion. It has recently been revealed via OPM that Mirror’s Edge is currently developed on the PS3 as the lead platform. Dead Space is another title that have been revealed to use the PS3 as lead platform as well.

I’m starting to wonder if Sony designed such a convoluted architecture for the PS3 so this could happen. Basically force the developers to use the PS3 as the lead platform for all games, ah that’s the conspiracy theorist in me talking.

There is rumor that Madden NFL ’09 is suppose to be developed on the PS3 as lead platform as well. It’s rumor for now but we will soon know in a couple weeks.

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