EA focus on PS3 as lead platform for game development

August 4, 2008

EA focus on PS3 as lead platform for game development Everyone knows it’s harder to develop on the PS3 than the Xbox 360. It’s so much more difficult to port a game from the Xbox 360 over to the PS3. EA has commented before they would switch development to the PS3 and make it the lead platform; it seems EA is making good on its promise.

It seems like porting from the PS3 to the Xbox 360 is a much smoother transition than the other way around. According to Sony VP of product marketing, Scott Steinberg even goes further, and says making the PS3  lead platform will make the Xbox 360 games look “even better.”

hmmm.. you know I don’t know about that. Just by looking at Burnout Paradise I really can’t say the Xbox 360 port looks any better than what it would have looked if it was developed ground up for the Xbox 360. However honestly I really couldn’t tell you what it would have looked like if it wasn’t a port; basically it’s all marketing spin.

The only real party it would benefit would be the developers and maybe Sony but the consumers probably won’t benefit from this except possibly a prevention of a la GTA IV style delay due to PS3 development issues.  

EA have commented in the past on their desire to put the PS3 as lead platform and judging by their new titles it seems like the plan is set in motion. It has recently been revealed via OPM that Mirror’s Edge is currently developed on the PS3 as the lead platform. Dead Space is another title that have been revealed to use the PS3 as lead platform as well.

I’m starting to wonder if Sony designed such a convoluted architecture for the PS3 so this could happen. Basically force the developers to use the PS3 as the lead platform for all games, ah that’s the conspiracy theorist in me talking.

There is rumor that Madden NFL ’09 is suppose to be developed on the PS3 as lead platform as well. It’s rumor for now but we will soon know in a couple weeks.

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  1. CAD:

    I really don’t care how they do it as long as the quality does not go down because we all see what happens when EA Ports games over to the PS3. If it’s easiers for them this way then so be it because they needed to do something about their PS3 version of games anyway as they were lacking.

  2. BRad:

    im sure this is probably the best way to do it form companies wanting to do multiplatform releases.

  3. BRad:

    im sure this is probably the best way to do it form companies wanting to do multiplatform releases.

  4. Matt:

    If EA is doing it, its not about quality. It probably is easier, but I don’t know that it will prevent any problems. You do know, though, if EA is doing it, it IS about profit. It is certainly cheaper that way.

    My money is on an all around worse product, though, as EA won’t put in the effort to do it right on the PS3, so the port to the 360 will be bad, as well. When they make games, we all lose.

  5. Bourne:

    Bout bloody time. Hopefully the graphics on both console will be equal.

    I hope that more people invest in dedicated team working on the PS3 (not just in E3 but other devs) to be able to pump out stellar graphics per PS3 game.

  6. The Future of Sega:

    “the graphics on both console will be equal”-Are you insane!?? People have paid hundreds of dollars for the PS3, myself included! I don’t want it to be equal or inferior to another product. I want it to be better!

    By all means the PS3 should have the better graphics! And I agree with teamwork. There’s no excuse to produce 1080p games on PS3! This is the future we are talking about, not the 90′s.

    The days of making mediocre games are over! Game developers need to start making games for the future. Realistic graphics, digital high quality sound, invigorating, stunning, and mind boggling graphics, etc.

    And it the PS3 can’t do that then the 360 needs to take that lead position. I paid hardcore money for my 360 as well and I expect more games like Portal, Halo 3, Bioshock, etc.

    Twenty years from now, what do you guys think video games will be like?

  7. bill d.:

    FInally everyone will be able to see that the ps3 is the better console. Ps3 exclusive (metal gear, uncharted, ratchet and clank, mlb08) look better than anything 360 has offered. The best looking game on 360 is gears but even that doesn’t compare. PS3 is taking over. They will easily outsell the xbox this year and this months npd data will confirm it. Expect to see PS3 = 350 000, xbox 250 000. Even with their price drop both ps3′s are outselling it go to amazon and see.

  8. harry sachz:

    bill d = Ivan_PSP

  9. Bourne:

    Agreed lol. Ivan its fairly obvious that its you. Your statements are faaaaar too obvious, perhaps a wee bit of a toning down would help?

  10. Rhino:

    Hang on …(scrolls back through previous articles) isn’t this the same company that has cancelled Red Alert 3 bacuase the PS3 was too hard (poor babies).

    Wish they’d make up their bloody minds what side of the fence they’re going to sit on, or at least get a big set of f*&king tweezers to pull the splinters out.

  11. kev:

    “FInally everyone will be able to see that the ps3 is the better console” – gawd i love fanboys… lol….

  12. Royzy:

    Quick spot there harry, you are on the ball.

    As long as the port is good and on time, I couldn’t care less which is developed first. Though with EA, I think I’d be grateful if they did do PS3 first, just to be on the safe side…

  13. DavidB:

    “Everyone knows it’s harder to develop on the PS3 than the Xbox 360.”
    “It’s so much more difficult to port a game from the Xbox 360 over to the PS3.”
    Two flawed premises to start off the article lead to nothing but flame bait Mike. Everyone doesn’t “know” it’s harder, and it MAY be somewhat harder to go one direction versus the other, there is no hard and fast evidence of either, only biased developers making a case for which way THEY choose to do it.
    My opinion is that it’s a “given” that the X360 is “easier” to get up to speed on for development, especially for a developer used to building software for PC gaming. But that doesn’t straight translate to it being “harder” to do lead development on either X360 or PS3. I liken developing for PS3 to learning a new programming language (one that has more capability than what you’re used to using), the learning curve is more steep but the payoff (the game you develop being more capable) can be higher.

  14. kev:

    davidb – how many 360 got canned for being to hard to develop? none. the ps3? quite a few. you do the math.

  15. Spideydog:

    Kev – The 360 has been out far longer and has was pretty much the only “next gen” console they had to develop for…not surprising they got to grips of developing for. The ps3 is going to take time.

    But nice opportunity for you to put the knife in though.

    Oh and while we are at it: “Finally everyone will be able to see that the ps3 is the better console” – gawd i love fanboys… lol….”

    This is typically what comes from your mouth usually, but for the 360. Pot this is kettle…….

  16. kev:

    spidey – the fact ps2 games looked better on the xbox when they went multiplat just tanked your entire theory. if the power is truly there (as in the xbox) the graphics will show it.

    but, back then you sony fanboys claimed, “well, they had more time to work on it than the ps2 version”…

    silly, i know….

    using you fanboy’s logic, the ps2 only won because it launched over a year before the xbox… right?

  17. Arvis:


    Actually, there was no noticeable improvement on Xbox multiplats until the last two years of its life.


  18. kev:

    arvis – b.s…. every multiplat game on the ps2 and xbox looked noticeably better on the xbox. so now you’re saying you owned an xbox? riiiiiiight…*rolls eyes*

  19. harry sachz:

    It’s true, the original Xbox games looked better from Day 1. That’s a pretty widely known fact.

  20. kev:

    harry – i think arvis forgot about the extra vertex shader of the nvidia gpu and the more memory it had over the ps2. fanboys like to forget facts… :)

  21. harry sachz:

    Indeed they do kev, indeed they do.

  22. Arvis:

    Maybe to you two yo-yos they looked better. But to the rest of the (sane) world, last-gen multiplats looked pretty much the same for quite some time before the Xbox versions became noticeably higher quality. Of course, I’d be a fanboy is I brought up the fact that the controller made some games damn near unplayable (looking at YOU, John Madden and Burnout).

    It’s also a “widely known fact” that the Xbox had a 32-bit CPU that took devs some time to get used to when transitioning from PS2′s 128-bit processor. Talk up the graphics card all you want (and I’ll admit the Xbox had great anti-aliasing), but the PS2 has a faster read/write image cache and better framerate on multiplats for quite some time. I guess “you fanboys like to forget facts.”


  23. Bourne:

    its like an episode of beavis and butthead.

  24. kev:

    arvis – the xbox cpu was around 300 while the ps2′s cpu was under 200. bits mean squat. bits stopped being a marketting term (which is all it really is) last gen. and why? because sony threw that number around like you did and then got killed in graphics and performance…

    it didn’t take anyone any time to get grips with the xbox. that’s why halo was ported from mac to the xbox in less than a few months. done with ease. it was said to be the most developer friendly architecture on the market by many, many developers, while the ps2 was (again) called “hard to develope for” due to their Emotion Engine and “reality synthesizer”.

    gawd, do you really get all your “facts” from sony websites?

    and you’re full of crap on the framerate claim…

    let me guess; you actually believe “bits” mean more than increased RAM, newer more powerful gpu and a faster cpu… right? priceless… lol.

  25. kev:

    just for clarification i’m talking about mhz on the cpu issue, not bits…

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