Sony to publish Ghostbusters as PS3 exclusive?

August 7, 2008

Sony to publish Ghostbusters as PS3 exclusive? This goes in the rumor bin, but as many of you many know with the Activision Blizzard merger several games became orphans without a publisher. Two high profile games that were left without parents were Brutal Legends and Ghostbusters. Now the word on the street is Sony maybe looking at publishing Ghostbusters as a PS3 exclusive.

Ghostbusters is the latest video game in the series created by Terminal Reality and originally a planned effort between Vivendi Universal and Sony Pictures. However once the merger between Activision and Blizzard finalized developers Terminal Reality found it’s latest game Ghostbusters without a publisher.


The Ghostbusters IP is owned by Sony Pictures and it has been stated that in light of this game losing Activision as the publisher it gave Sony Pictures some time to reevaluate the marketing strategy.  

“this has presented [Sony Pictures Consumer Products] with an opportunity to reevaluate the game release marketing strategy to potentially coincide with the 25th anniversary of the original film in ’09.”

This hints that the game either already has a publisher or Sony Pictures plan on releasing this game eventually by finding one.

Now the word on the street is Sony Pictures turned to internal Sony Computer Entertainment division to have this game published under the Playstation branch. Up to this point everything sounds plausible.

Now the part that isn’t clear is if SCE will indeed publish this game because Sony only publishes PS3 exclusive games, which would mean the Xbox 360 version would get the axe even though both versions are near completion.

I am not so sure Sony Pictures is willing to let that happen with the time and amount invested in this project.

However just recently Terminal Reality boss Mark Randal said:

“Ghostbusters will be published,…” “That’s all I can say at the moment.”


That sounds like verification they have found a publisher but they are not revealing who it is right now. Now that’s odd, why on Earth would they choose not to reveal the publisher?

Don’t get too worked up folks it’s just a rumor at this point, so it may not even be true. It could be Microsoft for all we know, surprise, surprise.

29 Responses to “Sony to publish Ghostbusters as PS3 exclusive?”

  1. CAD:

    I have seen this game for sometime now but I never really cared about it. To me it was like the game should have come out when the Movie was in Theatres. So to me it’s a little dated even though I like Ghostbusters. I don’t think I would have ever given it a try other then to rent it so I don’t care if Sony takes it.

  2. The Future of Sega:

    ^^^ Yeah what he said. I’ll pass. Sooooo……..

  3. Bourne:

    er is it me or is there 2 posts of this article.

    Looks fairly good, i’ll wait for more screenshots/reviews before buying.

  4. Matt:

    CAD… are just being negative bc it might be a sony product….im pretty that game will be good—story line, weapons, destructable and usable environments, and challenging…..i would buy it if it went to 360.

  5. HunKee:

    More made up stuff, awesome.

  6. BRad:

    I saw this rumor on a couple sites, i think it’s very viable considering Sony owns the Ghostbuster IP….


    If you love Ghostbuster movies you should get this one because according to Dan Akroyd instead of a movie sequal he wrote the script for this game and it’s suppose to be Ghostbusters III in video game form.
    How awesome is that?

  7. DavidB:

    True that, IF whatever deals are being worked can keep Akroyd involved….

  8. Winston18:

    Damn, if this is true I REALLY don’t want to buy a PS3. Rats.

  9. Cruiz Dwyer:

    OMW, just put the story for GB1 and 2, add the supposed 3 story, and we’re set.

    THis would be awesome if true, though a PSP version needs some love imho.

  10. B Shears:

    Go for it Sony, your movie division already owns the rights to “Ghostbusters”, so why not?

    And I can’t believe some comments here have spit on this game… blasphemy!

  11. kev:

    …um…yay..? … i guess….

  12. Royzy:

    If it turns out good, then woohoo, otherwise, I can’t say I care much about the game. I’m looking forward to my Bioshock sloppy seconds (well not that sloppy, kinda polished with some nice buttons and tassels added to it) at the minute.

  13. darkwhitehair:

    well… well.. well…

    a … notable achievement… Sony… if it is true…

    ohh and CAD.. yeah the game shouldve came out with the movie… it wouldve been a super duper hit like that ET game… dumbass…

    just dont screw this up sony… Im counting on your future games…

    though the idea to slash the prices of good PS3 games was a good idea… they are now half off… yay!

  14. harry sachz:

    They’ll screw it up, don’t worry.

    I am pretty sure a Ghostbusters game was released on the Commodore 64 when the original movie was out. It sucked and was a repetitive as taking a dump each morning.

  15. CAD:


    Hey I liked the ET Game at least what I can remember of it. Wasn’t that on Aari. I’m going to look at my collection tonight.

  16. SW:

    I think there was a Ghostbusters game on the C64 like harry said.

    As much as this is a yay for ps3 ghostbusters fans, just remember – this game could easily be a turd.

    So don’t be like an xbot! ;) And lets not repeat the haze fiasco :)

  17. kev:

    Has there been any movie based game that didn’t suck besides Riddick?

    i wouldn’t hype this one, fellas…

  18. Arvis:




  19. Arvis:

    P.S. Yeah, Riddick on the Xbox was pretty sweet. Wasn’t that the first video gamr to use the normal mapping technique for graphics and textures and whatnot?

  20. kev:

    forgot about golden eye…

    good question. don’t know if it was the first, but is sure looked nice….

    it really came out of nowhere… i, for one, NEVER thought a game with Vin Diesel (i mean, seriously.. VIN DIESEL?..) would be worth anything… i was very suprised…

  21. kev:

    ARVIS – Halo was the first using normal and bump mapping. not bad for a launch game. :)

  22. kev:

    i hope the ps3 fanboys remember that link the next time they think MS didn’t bring anything to console gaming… :)

    but they prolly won’t.. :(

  23. harry sachz:

    BOL @ Haze.

    I think Vin Diesel is not going to be so lucky in his next outing. Wheelman looks crap, I am surprised they only delayed it and not canned it altogether.

    Riddick is an awesome character, Diesel got lucky landing that role.

  24. kev:

    on a side not; did you guys here LBP may have lost it’s exclusive-ness to the ps3? it may end up on pc too….

    think it’s true? ….anyone…? anyone…? bueller..? bueller…?

  25. SW:

    Am I the only one not creaming my boxers over LBP.

    MMmmmm micro transactions to play 5 minute games probably.


  26. Arvis:


    I could have sworn I read a GI article about Riddick and normal mapping… maybe Riddick was the first to use normal mapping in a certain way/type/method?
    Either way, it would make sense that Halo was using the technique. I broke my “never touch anything xbox related” rule for that game. My friend and I spent a good 100 seconds or so just looking at the grass when we touched down on the Ring for the first time. Blew us away.

    As for LBP on PC, it could happen, but I’m not particularly concerned about it. I’m less worried about this title pushing PS3s than I am about it flying under everyone’s radar.


    What microtransactions are you talking about?


  27. Ivan_PSP:

    I hope Sony’s game division SCEA publisher’s this game, Columbia Pictures already owns the movie so why not keep it for themselves. Besides making more money from other consoles…

  28. kev:

    arvis – he’s talking about sony charging for user created maps on LBP.

  29. Norm:

    what is LBP?

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