EPIC disagrees with low Gears of War review scores says it’s bull

August 10, 2008

EPIC disagrees with low Gears of War review scores says it's bull It seems EPIC’s president Mike Capps is displeased by some of the lower review scores Gears of War for the PC have been getting. According to him it just doesn’t make much sense when you take a great game like Gears of War on the Xbox 360 and improve upon it.

According to MundoRare the exact words Capps used to describe these lower score reviews is “bull shit!” I actually agree with him on his assessment considering I’ve played both versions the PC and Xbox 360. On the PC version of Gears of War you can crank the resolution much higher as well as get better performance with various aspects of the game such as load time.

I have to say EPIC execs are some of my favorite when it comes to interviews. Mark Rein is also known to be outspoken and likes to tell it how it is, and Mike Capps seems to have the same mentality which is refreshing. Gears of War on the PC was phenomenal with a huge extra level and a Brumark boss battle to top it off with.

It was absolute fan service after there was an outcry from the fans that you were not able to fight the Brumark in the Xbox 360 version after teasing us with it in the trailers. That seems to have struck a nerve with EPIC with the prospect and hint from the E3 demonstration by Cliff Bleszinski that you might be able to ride a Brumak, how awesome would that be.

Even if you own Gears of War for the Xbox 360 and loved it, don’t think twice about purchasing it for the PC because it is definitely worth it. Just make sure you have a nice video card, a GeForce 7800 GT is more than sufficient and it won’t cost you a kidney.

Also don’t forget Gears of War 2 is set to hit the store shelves November this year. It’s going to be an epic month (no pun intended) along with Resistance 2, another huge franchise with the first one selling more than three million units, it’s going to be a blockbuster month.

As the Hip Hop Gamer puts it in this interview with Insomniac head Ted Price about Resistance 2, “a true gamer, not a fanboy, who has all the systems” will buy both, Gears of War 2 on the Xbox 360 and Resistance 2 on the PS3, hands down end of discussion.. I have to say I definitely have to agree with that.

31 Responses to “EPIC disagrees with low Gears of War review scores says it’s bull”

  1. Ivan_PSP:

    Epic Games should face the facts Gears of War sucks the reason it had better score for Xbox 360 is because Microsoft paid publishers the story is way too short Heavenly Sword for PS3 is twice longer but since all American reviewer is an Xbox fanboy they complain the shit outer it. Plus this game has no nothing for online gamers just 8 players always cheating that just blows extremely sucks. Gears of War 2 gonna suck like the first but Microsoft will pay all reviewer like EGM Gamepro Gamespot Gametrailers and many more fanboy sites. Epic Games sucks at making games that just a proven fact.

  2. bam:

    Yeah that’s why it sold more games than any ps3 release but I suppose you’ll be using the old xbox was out a year longer excuse for that one.

  3. harry sachz:

    yeah, it’s a conspiracy, isn’t it Ivan? Idiot…

  4. Royzy:

    If any ‘exclusive’ (ignoring the pc thing for a min) gets high scores these days people cry conspiracy.

  5. robb:

    never got round to playing gears of war, never really wanted too but am sure its a great game.

    Doesn’t change the fact I dont like Epic though :/

  6. njjnjj:

    GOW is a standout game on the 360 simply because there aren’t really that many. On the PC its still pretty good but (just like Halo) there is a lot more competition on the PC with shooters so on the PC its pretty average.

  7. harry sachz:

    shame robb, it’s a lot of fun. although trying to kill general raam at the end of the game got frustrating, till i got a friend over and we double teamed his arse.

  8. SW:

    The game was an utter bore on PC – repetative, bland, seen it all before. I uninstalled it after about an hour.

    Maybe it just translates on the 360 controller better seeing as most PC users (including myself) used the mouse & keyboard combo.

    I guess my point is, just because 360 users/reviewers love the game, don’t expect the PC users/reviewers to shoot thier loads all over it, Mr ‘Epic’.

  9. Ivan_PSP:

    This game will suck more than the first one…

  10. Spideydog:

    I liked UT3 on PS3 ???? Epic are ok…except holding out on spiit screen on PS3 (bastards) If they had split screen on PS3, I would call em legends……

  11. Ivan_PSP:

    Hey spideydog PLAYSTATION and PC has the best features MODS who cares about about split screen when you can a new map any day there’s millions of mods. Stop the fanboy crap. harry sachz is an IDIOT fanboy.

  12. Spideydog:

    Mods and extra content is the shiz, but I would like to be able to invite a m8 or two over and drink some fine beer and frag fest on a big kick ass TV. Not too much to ask for really ??

  13. Royzy:

    Spideydog, seems splitscreen is a lot to ask for these days, or it seems to of been for a while,at least the Motorstorm team have learnt from their sin now.

  14. harry sachz:

    Ivan calling someone else an idiot fanboy?

    Pot, meet kettle. Kettle, meet pot.

  15. kev:

    i think pc games have a higher benchmark of what sets games apart from others.

    there are so many gorgeous pc games with great stories, a game really has to push the limits to be considered great.

    epic needs to laugh at the pc reviews and go back to counting their mountains of money they created from the 360 game sales…

  16. Ivan_PSP:

    Well that’s if they can get a lucky second chance. They better make Gears of War 2 longer than 3 hours and add way more players online because 8 on 8 is for crappy old hardware. Also they should make a real game story worth playing through this time. They will need to make a bunch of need different mode that the same one like Gears of War 1. A lot of improvement need they need Microsoft to stop the cheating. This game needs a major make over. Imaging 60 players or 40 0r 32 online kicking ass with awesome weapons a 12 hour story line that is too good. Image a Godzilla height monster OMG that’s breathe taking jaw dropping amazing. Let’s see if Gears of War 2 can keep with real games.

  17. Wylie:

    Ivan- I have to admit I have never played this game. why do you need more than 16 players online? I hate to compare when I haven’t played GOW but COD4 only has 12 online and most people would agree that it’s a very good online game. I’m sure the fans of GOW will love it either way!

    I guess COD4 can have more than 12, but then it’s not about talent. It’s about throwing grenades and shotguns. Not much fun in my book.

  18. Ivan_PSP:

    8 Players in a single online game sucks it ends too soon not that fun even 12 sucks. I haven’t played COD4. Check out Resistance: Fall of Man or soon Resistance 2 or SOCOM for PLAYSTATION 3 you will see why more players in a single game is more fun and challenging.

  19. me:

    The more players Ivan has the better chance he has of getting just one lucky kill.

  20. robb:

    Ivan, reading your posts just makes you sound like Sony is either holding you at gun point or they are paying you a lot of money.

    Please, I prefer the PS3 and all, but tone it down a little. Or actually a lot :/

  21. Ivan_PSP:

    Duh of course i work for SCEA only an idiot did figure that shit out already wow morons. The more player the better just because Xbox 360 only does 16 players while Sony’s PS3 can out due that amount a huge margin up to 60 players online. I can anyone on any game online.

    robb: and me: stop hating a buy a real PS3 not a imaginary one fanboys.

  22. kev:

    so ivan works at sce? well, that helps explain why the ps3 is in last place and falling farther everday….

  23. Ivan_PSP:

    You just an ignorant FanBoY who has no life and stupid comments full of lies. The Xbox 360 is dead in Japan in Europe PS3 has outsold the PS3 in total region sales. As for US Xbox 360 can barely keep up PS3 has outsold Xbox 360 all year long non stop. Also almost all Xbox 360 timed exclusives like Bioshock are heading to PS3. I don’t hate Xbox 360 i have 2.

  24. kev:

    ivan – yes, japan hates the 360, big deal. the ps3 is getting killed in japan by the wii, so what’s your point. Sony has not come clean with any firm EU sales numbers. At last count, the 360 hit 2 million in the UK (about 4 months ago) and sony has not responded. (sony is only quiet when the news is not good for them). The ps3 is still multi millions of units behind the 360. (read: THE largest gaming market). So far, the 360 is still in second place and the ps3 is last place.

    know what’s even funnier? the fact you state the 360 has no good games, then celebrate the scraps you get from the 360′s library like bioshock, mass effect, etc….

    you singlehandidly make ps3 owners look like idiots. nice job… lmao…

    ps… go read NPD genius… the ps3 has only outsold the 360 in 4 of the 8 months….

    what’s your gamertag, Ivan?

  25. Ivan_PSP:

    Well i know what i said but the reason PS3 killed Xbox 360 in Japan is because first Microsoft doesn’t even create games second they have just FPS image and timed exclusives. And in Europe Sony has outsold Microsoft already. And in the US the PS3 catching up to the year Microsoft had 2005. As for the Wii that toy is ending 2011 Wii 2 in order to keep selling. LoL Xbox 360 is in trouble with many developers like Rockstar North Square-Enix Konami and many others for having dated technology like DVD9 and no HDD in all models.

    Gamertag: Ivan PSP
    Yes that’s my gamertag but i hardly use it i got like 5 new Xbox games not listed i don’t go online very much not worth wasting my time with laggers and cheaters.

    Do you want a PLAYSTATION 3 free of charge?

  26. kev:

    ivan – i’d rather have $400 worth of 360 games than a ps3, but hey, if you’re buying, i’ll take it…

    send it on over..

  27. Ivan_PSP:

    I knew your answer before you, you will love to own a PS3 wow.

  28. Andrew:

    “You just an ignorant FanBoY who has no life and stupid comments full of lies”
    you just described yourself.
    Do you think that because you so blindly fight for Sonys PS3 on many online forums they they are going to offer you some sort of reward? They won’t do anything for you and you need to realize that because no one cares about your extreme bias opinions

  29. Andrew:

    And by the way- tell your buddies at SCEA that the online element of the PS3 completley sucks. Whats the point of doing 50 players online if its laggy, terrible, and un managed. By the way, where is the Sony Home thing??? over a year late and counting.

  30. TheTru7h:

    Ivan. Internets #1 Troll.
    Keep patrolling all those forums and filling them with crap- it gives me a good laugh. daily

  31. Victor:

    The game is repetitive, hallway-esque, and a bore. Taking cover is a hinderance, and I only use it to watch AI get stuck to it as i run up and shoot them point blank. There is no depth here. It’s sad when a game makes boring halo look good. If you’re immature and lack true gaming skill, you’ll love this game… totally makes sense why it’s doing so well for the X-box demographic. Rake in that money Epic.

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