How to play NES games on your PS3

August 22, 2008

How to play NES games on your PS3 NES games on your PS3? Yes you read correctly, there is a way to play your old Nintendo games on your next gen system, the PS3 and it doesn’t involve hacking at all. I know its amazing news, hit the jump for details.

Hackers have tried to hack the PS3 since it’s launch back in 2006 (read our console hack story). However so far hackers have failed to do so while other systems like the Xbox 360 and the Wii have been hacked out the wazoo. Beside being able to play copied games one big reason hackers want to hack game consoles is to run emulators and play old school games.

It seems like some hackers have given up on hacking the PS3 directly and have become much more deviously savvy. A Japanese programmer has released an application that takes advantage of the Blu-ray players BD-J which allows for Java applications to be run off Blu-ray movie discs.

This feature is used for the extra interactive content on Blu-ray movies. However since Java is such a widely used language this programmer was able to create an NES emulator in Java that will run on the BD-J format. Thus allowing the NES emulator to run right of a thumb drive since the PS3 is an open platform unlike the Xbox 360.


(screenshot taken from anonymous video)


Now a note of disclaimer before we go any further, we at Blorge do not condone software piracy of any kind no matter how old it is! In order to play games on the BD-J emulator you will need game roms. Playing Homebrew roms should be fine but playing copyright commercial roms is illegal.

1) With that said, in order to get the emulator going you need a thumb drive and download this application.

2) Extract the application to the root of the thumb drive.

3) Place any roms into the the AVCHD folder on the thumb stick.

4) Plug the thumb drive into the PS3, and go to the video section of the XMB (cross media bar).

5) Go to the thumb drive and play the AVCHD application.

6) A menu will appear where you can select from your list of roms.

That’s it!

We tested this using a free custom made homebrew rom and it worked like a charm. There seems to be some sound issue but I am sure future versions will have this fixed.

Your welcome, enjoy.

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