How to play NES games on your PS3

August 22, 2008

How to play NES games on your PS3 NES games on your PS3? Yes you read correctly, there is a way to play your old Nintendo games on your next gen system, the PS3 and it doesn’t involve hacking at all. I know its amazing news, hit the jump for details.

Hackers have tried to hack the PS3 since it’s launch back in 2006 (read our console hack story). However so far hackers have failed to do so while other systems like the Xbox 360 and the Wii have been hacked out the wazoo. Beside being able to play copied games one big reason hackers want to hack game consoles is to run emulators and play old school games.

It seems like some hackers have given up on hacking the PS3 directly and have become much more deviously savvy. A Japanese programmer has released an application that takes advantage of the Blu-ray players BD-J which allows for Java applications to be run off Blu-ray movie discs.

This feature is used for the extra interactive content on Blu-ray movies. However since Java is such a widely used language this programmer was able to create an NES emulator in Java that will run on the BD-J format. Thus allowing the NES emulator to run right of a thumb drive since the PS3 is an open platform unlike the Xbox 360.


(screenshot taken from anonymous video)


Now a note of disclaimer before we go any further, we at Blorge do not condone software piracy of any kind no matter how old it is! In order to play games on the BD-J emulator you will need game roms. Playing Homebrew roms should be fine but playing copyright commercial roms is illegal.

1) With that said, in order to get the emulator going you need a thumb drive and download this application.

2) Extract the application to the root of the thumb drive.

3) Place any roms into the the AVCHD folder on the thumb stick.

4) Plug the thumb drive into the PS3, and go to the video section of the XMB (cross media bar).

5) Go to the thumb drive and play the AVCHD application.

6) A menu will appear where you can select from your list of roms.

That’s it!

We tested this using a free custom made homebrew rom and it worked like a charm. There seems to be some sound issue but I am sure future versions will have this fixed.

Your welcome, enjoy.

37 Responses to “How to play NES games on your PS3”

  1. Sk8man:


  2. Bourne:

    hmm…never got to play NES and i have a ps3…. also ironic if you dont condone it that you give instructions hahaha.

  3. BRad:

    Bourne, if you don’t condone it don’t report it? Sounds a bit communist too me… hmmm ; )

  4. Bourne:

    Hey, if you’re not afraid of communism you wont be afraid of what i said ;)

  5. darkwhitehair:

    we here at the normal world condone piracy on all forms…

    specially when there are crap like Britney Spears making silly music… and crappy movies like “Walking Tall” and “The Marine” and shitty games like ET and Lair…

    since idiots make stupid IPs.. they deserve to be pirated.. specially when they cost money…

    but is it worth playing NES games on the PS3??
    wouldnt it be easier to play em on the PC ROM??

  6. BRad:

    Im playing Super mario 3 on my PS3 right now, mmm.. forgot how difficult old school controls were.

    Playing it with the DS3 controller is better than using the keyboard buttons on the PC.

  7. Ivan_PSP:

    Nice too bad i don’t play Nintendo so called games aka crap. It will steal some owners if it works really well hopefully.

  8. SW:

    I’d rather use my PC tbh. I have $7 ps2 pad -> usb converter which i could hook up nicely. Also PC emulation is going to be wayyyyyyyyy further ahead :)

    Its still cool tho.

    Ivan : Nintendo games crap? Wtf?

  9. Matt:

    File Could not be found…….????

  10. Matt:


  11. Ivan_PSP:

    Yes Nintendo’s games are all garbage but if this works well. I bet they will be a N64 Gamecube everything playable on PS3 via emulation soon. Linux works

  12. Matt:

    People really need this?

    My old NES still works. If you want to play NES games, go to a garage sale, and get the NES and a box of games for $1 and save yourself the trouble.

  13. Matt:


  14. Mike Ferro:

    Sorry guys, new Link updated. Its up.

  15. Matt:

    @Matt #2

    My first use of the name “Matt” was on July 20 of last year.

    As I have said before, I will gladly choose another name if you can show a post by yourself before this date, showing that I did steal your name.

    If you can’t, it’s obvious you took MY name.

  16. Norm:

    stop fighting kids.

  17. Matt:

    Sorry to get involved with all the other Matt’s, but I’ve posted as Matt since Jonathan Schlaffer started posting on Blorge. The earliest I could find with minimal effort was:

    Earlier than the other Matt’s. So it’s obvious you BOTH took my name. I’m willing to share, however. :) Just thought I’d point that out so Matt #57 doesn’t fly off the handle again.

  18. snake:

    brad.. how did you get it to work

    it works but it only plays
    little videos of the games
    and the buttons do not work

  19. Jason:

    Same as above plays videos of teh games but the buttons do not work at all and no sound

  20. The Future of Sega:

    Hey Matt are you psychotic or something? You’re talking to yourself dumb ass. Ever heard of the Wack Shack? :P lol

  21. fagboys make me sick:

    Fag boys make me sick

  22. Orlandpark77:


  23. The Future of Sega:

    Is it me, or did a bunch of retards just show up???

  24. Goodtip35:

    did anyone figure out how to make the controler work?

  25. Leo333:

    dont put to many roms in folder it slows down ps3 start with a few game first.controls are ur siaxs .push triangle first (1 is select )(2 is start )red square is to choose another game. exit triangle to start to play (x is a) (square is B) hope this helps..

  26. crook333:

    dont put to many roms in folder it slows down ps3 start with a few game first.controls are ur siaxs .push triangle first (1 is select )(2 is start )red square is to choose another game. exit triangle to start to play (x is a) (square is B) hope this helps..

  27. jacob:

    does anyone know where I can find roms from?

  28. Peterbanning:

    I can’t get it to work. Will someone please help me out. I followed every step but when I get on my PS3 there is no application I can open. I really really really want to get this to work! Thank you!

  29. djsl1k:

    Yea same thing with me. I get the folder on there but then when it loads it says there is an error..Can anyone help me????

  30. George Gardner:

    Thanks for that!

  31. dodgerfan31:

    i guess they patched this out with the firmware updates?

  32. tyler:

    i followed all the steps and i get the following error: 80029945.

  33. prefont:

    Hey Tyler,
    Have you figured out your problem yet? I keep getting the same message

  34. klauzer:

    Do anyone know if this works with PS3 slim?

  35. Semolous:

    I followed all the steps correctly, and i get an error message that says “This video cannot be played.(80029945) Can someone help me please?

  36. roach:

    I know this is kind of old, but im also getting the (80029945) error? Any one find a solution?? Any help is appreciated. I’m itching to play some old school Metroid…

  37. UHO:

    ehhh .. the same error :\ .. any solution?

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