Slew of PS3 exclusive titles: Sky Gods and Seed Project revealed?

August 28, 2008

Slew of PS3 exclusive titles: Sky Gods and Seed Project revealed? It seems Sony is keeping its promise to work more closely with studios and developers, as just this past week we witnessed three new PS3 titles that will be hitting the PSN store soon. These titles range from small bite sized to huge gigabyte titles as well. Details after the jump.

We all know Sony has a gamut of first party PSN titles such as: Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty, Fat Princess, Flower, Siren etc… but these new titles that were revealed this week are all developed by third party studios who own the IP.

We already went over Savage Moon a RTS game a couple days ago, now we are revealing two more titles that will be hitting the PS3 soon. The first title is Sky Gods currently being developed by Blackfoot Studios which will utilize the Unreal Engine 3.

This just might be the first downloadable game that utilizes the beast that is the Unreal Engine 3. Using this engine practically ensures the game will be gigabytes, and this seems like why Blackfoot Studios felt the PSN was the perfect distribution platform to have Sky Gods on considering Sony doesn’t impose any size limitation on games.

Sky Gods will be a half HALO jumping, and half team based co-op shooter. According to Blackfoot Studio’s newsletter part of Sky Gods came from a simulation that was being developed for the Military for actual HALO jumping out of a plane, how cool is that?

The shooter part of the game is actually derived from Blackfoot’s Ground Branch title which is slated to launch in the near future.


You can bet we will fill you in as we learn more about this title.

Our next title we will be talking about is from Seed Studio. Seed Studio have a history of working on the DS platform and now is making a huge jump to the PS3. Just last week Seed Studio revealed a new title that is being worked on that will be on the PS3.

It hasn’t been revealed if it will be a PSN or retail game but it does look interesting what they have shown so far. Currently it seems Seed Studio is working on two projects but have not clarified which one will be on the PS3 or if both will be on that platform, so lets just look at both of them.

The first title that has been revealed is Blue Shift, a futuristic post apocalyptic style game. You know how much I love post apocalyptic games, its an instant win for me.

It seems you will be controlling a female lead in the game with a wide range of support allies, besides that information is scarce about this game so far.
Take a look at the teaser below.




The other project Seed Studio is working on is Epoch Wars, a RTS where you can control a battalion of solders focusing on conquering territories and defeating the enemy. This game is slated to be released in 2009 Q2.

Stay tuned as we bring you more info about these games.

11 Responses to “Slew of PS3 exclusive titles: Sky Gods and Seed Project revealed?”

  1. hamburger:

    Why did Mike Ferro suddenly start using the phrase “Details after the jump” in all his articles??

  2. The Future of Sega:

    Will these games be worth it??? So many games receive nonsense hype and wind up turning into a big pile of tyrannosaurus crap!!! Erm mmm can you say Bioshock!!!!???

    Excuse me for going off topic but I absolutely HATE that game! Hacking turrents towards the end of the game can drive a person insane, literally!

    But back to the topic, I hope these exclusives are positive for the PS3. The PS3 cannot afford anymore negative publicity.

  3. Bourne:

    ONE GIGABYTE?!!! It takes me about an hour to download 100mb, so one gigabyte is unthinkable.

  4. Alienange:

    3 games is a “slew” ?

  5. Chappas:

    It takes me about 5 mins to download 100mb, @ most, i’m glad Sony are catering for people who have fast broadband connections. There’s no point staying in the past because some people refuse to move from dial up, or are still using sub 15mbit connections.

    I love DLG; DLC and retail games, each have their advantages and i think all are here to stay for @ least this and the next generation of consoles.

  6. Bourne:

    Im Am using broadband! but im not sure what my connection speed is.

  7. Norm:

    Then you have it setup wrong.

  8. The Future of Sega:

    Wireless fucks all!!!!!

  9. Royzy:

    Bourne that is pretty terrible!

  10. Whoever:

    That top pic is from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky for the PC. What kinda nonsense are you trying to pull Mike Ferro?

  11. DAVE:

    CAD’s gamer tag is CAD1344

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