PS4, Xbox 720, or Wii 2 – which next-gen console will come first?

August 31, 2008

PS4, Xbox 720, or Wii 2 - which next-gen console will come first?This generation of consoles is still very much alive and kicking, with many consumers not yet having upgraded to a PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start thinking about what will come next.

After yesterday urging everyone to take a look back at the history of videogames, and remember the old consoles that have been and gone (but still remain alive in our hearts, mind, and living rooms), I thought it would be fitting to now concentrate on the future, and look ahead to the next-generation consoles. In particular: which will come first, the PS4, Xbox 720, or Wii 2?

The first place to look to try and predict which company, Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo will jump first is to look at what happened last generation. The Xbox 360 was released just four years after the original Xbox became available. Nintendo waited five years between the Gamecube and the Wii. And the PS3 first came available six years after the launch of the PS2.

Based on that data, and the fact that Sony seems wholly committed to the 10-year-lifespan plan for every new piece of hardware, I would suggest that the PS4 is completely out of the running, and will probably be the last of the big three to launch. There’s also the fact that Sony is going to need that long to claw back the huge amount of money it spent on developing the Playstation 3 in the first place.

Which leaves the Xbox 720 (hopefully not its final name) and the Wii 2 (probably accurately named) to be the first out of the traps.

We’ve already heard from Nintendo president Satoru Iwata that the company is working on the next hardware release, but with the Wii still selling in huge numbers, what would the reasoning be behind planning its release any time soon? Sure, the Wii’s phenomenal sales figures can’t be sustained forever, and there will come a time when they drop off substantially, but until then, Nintendo is earning billions of dollars in profits and would be mad to make a change to the matrix.

Microsoft doesn’t have that security, with sales of the Xbox 360 stalling in recent months. The company seems to be embarking on a round of endless price cuts to try and generate some sales, but if that fails to have the desired effect, what next?

It’s for this reason that I think the Xbox 720 will be the first next-gen console to see the light of day, possibly with Halo 4 making it as a launch game. And when will all this be happening? It could be as early as 2010, but more likely is either 2011 or 2012.

As always, we’re interested to hear what you think. Which console will be put out to pasture first? When will the next-generation console battle begin in earnest? Let us know in the comments section.

56 Responses to “PS4, Xbox 720, or Wii 2 – which next-gen console will come first?”

  1. Bourne:

    I have an insider tip that its actually the WiiS4 720 which is being developed by all companies. But on a serious note, history suggests its the next Microsoft box.

  2. sonny j. petro:

    i say the next gen game console will likely come from apple

  3. people:

    Microsoft has already stated that it’s new system would be 5-6 year after the 360.
    If they do it right the PS4 will be ancient when they release the new Xbox system.MS has always had a stable ef excellent games.The Xbox one wasn’t popular until the end of it’s run when tit’s base of games was much better than any other system.Hope they put together a rock solid system this time.

  4. Matt:

    @ people, M$ actually has the gayest games that are very short and not worth the money or even my time. i have no time for stupid nonsense. PS3 games are better than the Wii’s(definitely)and the 360′s games. And M$ probably will make a better system than before(well actually yes, we learn from our mistakes, and boy, that comment you typed was a little mistake), but im not worried, Sony ALWAYS makes good products. People that are jealous or stupid will hate their products, but we all know Sony is a great company who has been around for a long time

  5. wetblanket:

    Just to liven things up a bit:

    Sony uses consoles to tout proprietary digital storage media (CD-Rom/DVD/Blu-ray). With the rise of online storage and since Nintendo has the patent on holographic storage there won’t be any more of these for Sony. So there won’t be a PS4. Ever.

    Microsoft uses consoles – and throws shareholders money at them – to keep Sony out of the home/living room space. Since Sony won’t be in that space (see above), and since Microsoft has failed in this endeavour anyway, there won’t be an Xbox 720. Ever.

    Nintendo makes gaming machines so people can play games on them, and it keeps the technology light so that they are affordable to buy and to develop for. They will continue to reduce the cost of Wii technology and will licence it to every TV manufacturer (except Sony) so that every TV comes with Wii. There won’t be a Wii 2. Ever.

    But then Nintendo will go off and do something else entirely unexpected, which it is completely pointless to try and predict because we will get it wrong.

  6. Akers:

    The Xbox 720 or Wii 2 will be first out. I’d say the Xbox 720 because of the slowing Xbox sales. The Xbox 360 is fatally flawed because Microsoft developed a lot of the chips in house as opposed to approaching an expert (eg ATI), and that cost them a lot of money with the RRoD. Many games are actually good on the 360, and on the PS3.

    However, the PS3 has blu-ray. I’d expect the next gen Xbox to include Blu-ray and just to be mega-quick. Given Microsoft’s relationship with Intel, I’d think they’d use a quick Intel multi-processor chip.

    The Wii will need to be superceded soon after the Xbox 360, but its strong sales will keep it going. That will probably be largely the same but with beefed up graphics and possibly blu-ray, along with better online. Nintendo don’t need to change much else; they won’t make ‘the best’ hardware because they prefer to make a profit on each hardware unit sold.

    Anyway, Xbox 720 next, PS3 to last a long time (the Cell processor is barely getting tested on any games yet, and it has blu-ray) and the wii to get replaced whenever people get bored of it.

    The DS and PSP though? When will they get replaced? And will Microsoft try to tap into that market? (and inevitably fail dismally; its a difficult market)

  7. nonstopdeath:

    matt you are a fool. i just saw mgs4 and if thats the best sony has to offer then you guys are in trouble. the online multiplyer looked like a 5yr. old shooter. warhawk looks like like one of those arcade racing games with the power ups. zipper isnt making socom, your flagship game. the top three games at e3 2008 were 1. left for dead 2.gears of war 2 3.fallout 3 a which are all xbox 360 exclusive. check in the gameinformer issue 185

  8. nonstopdeath:

    hard discs are on their way out. the future is streaming media. there wil be no more blu ray, hddvd cd dvd. microsoft already nows this and has known this. thats why im going to be streaming hi-def movies into my living room. sony sold all you suckers on another lie. $700 later anyways

  9. James:

    Doesn’t even matter. Pachter says today there will be no PS4.

  10. Rhino:

    @ nonstopdeath…you’re alter ego wouldn’t be CAD would it cause you’ve got it wrong that fallout 3 is xbox exclusive. It’s a PC/Xbox/ps3 game.

  11. Nathan:

    Streaming media would seem to be correct except for the fact that on October 1st Comcast will put a 250gb download limit for each consumer per month. That kind of puts a damper on HD movies plus HD gaming. AT&T and other DSL have already been experimenting with these kind of caps. So I guess Verizon’s fiber optic FiOs needs to hurry up and spread everywhere. 16 mbps and up baby!!!

  12. SW:


    Does Blorge create fake user names & post bullshit to stir things up now? Half of these posts are just fucking retarded.

    Anywhoos, the next unit released will probably be the next offering from MS. Ill be interested to see how well the successor to the wii sells tho.

    Oh and hard disks are not on their way out at all. They may move to solid state for sure, but they can deliver data (from a game) WAYYYYYYYYY faster than a cd/dvd/.

    On top of that, streaming is cool and all but I don’t think the ‘internet’ (i.e isp’s etc etc.) is really ready for wide spread, hi def (at least 720p) mainstream usage.

  13. craig:

    @non stop death ok you are stupid since littlebigplanet was voted the best game at e3…. fallout 3 isnt exclusive, left for dead is resi5 but worse and gears 2 looks awesome but so do killzone 2 and resistance 2. also if you really judge mgs4 on multiplayer and warhawk on the fact it has pickups then you really are stupid.

  14. James:

    Fallout 3 was voted Best of Show by the Game Critics Association, just fyi. Fallout 3 also won way more Best of Show awards among the industry.

  15. SW:

    And it could still suck.

    (not saying it will, but hey it easily could :) )

  16. craig:

    my bad it was console game of show.

  17. Matt:

    @ nonstopdeath….haha…what a retard…..uhh little big planet is like the biggest…its been in development for over 2 years, not 5 minutes like Queers of Whore….and Gears of War 2 looked so bad..the online for Gears was pathetic, worse that MGS4… and havent you noticed like every week another game is revealed for ps3….i havent seen any for 360….dumbshit

  18. Archer:

    Microsoft will come out with the next console for sure. In 2 to 3 years i would guess. About the same time home will come out for the PS3.

  19. Liam:

    This was destined to be a flame war as soon as the header was typed! Xbox will more than likely release a new console first. Halo was a game to get people interested in the xbox, Halo 2 was a reason to own a xbox, Halo 3 was a major title to boost the 360 sales. Gears was to get interest in 360, Gears 2 is a reason to own a 360, Gears 3 to boost next xbox? And PS3? Well I think it is doing well despite the slow start. Little big planet does look great and so much fun. Metal Gear 4 looks and plays fantastic and is a must own title for anyone iterested in the series or even stealth based action/adventure games. And the Wii is quick fix of fun, with a few titles like Resi 4 and Smash Bros that really stand out. They are all great, and have different advantages to the others. Ideally you need to own all 3 plus a decent pc.

    So, back to topic – I thing next xbox first. Feel free to read through all the above again, and witness an intelligent person making an unbiased comment. Strive to one day be like me. Making the most outta what we have, and not wasting time bitching about other peoples preferences.

  20. Ben:

    I think the PS4 with still have a blu-ray drive, only it won’t be important to gaming as this generation. It will just have a much greater read speed, and more layers.

    I think the Xbox 3 will not have any disc-based media, as it will place a much greater emphasis on Xbox Live.

    Processor wise, I’m expecting the Xbox 3 to have a fairly new Intel, and the PS4 to have a processor with Cell architecture, but vastly improved speeds.

    Graphics wise, the PS4 will have the latest Nvidia, and the Xbox 3 will have the latest ATi.

    But enough of boring technological specs, let’s talk about NEW FEATURES in the consoles…

  21. SW:

    20 million users would crush the Live servers.

    Disc based media ain’t going away yet :) (plus its dirt cheap to produce)

  22. Zombiefan:

    God of War 3 is going to blow Gears of War 2 and all those other Xbox exclusives out of this world.

  23. DAVE:

    ahhhhhhhhh why cant you just play the games

  24. Spideydog:

    Streaming media is the future….bah hahahahah.

    Streaming media is all yours buddy

  25. The Future of Sega:

    @ Matt “Queers of Whore” hahahahahaha good one man. Did you pick that up from one of my rants on here? LOL I remember a while ago I mentioned the same thing saying Queers of Whore, The Orange Cock, and Bioshit.

    But hey Bioshock is actually good now since it’s heading over to PS3 on October I don’t know when :P

    ……..And to that 360 cock sucker (nonstopdeath) towards the top ^^^^^^^, Gears of War 2 is going to suck gorilla balls. I haven’t even beaten the original Gears of War yet and I HATE that game!!!! Almost everything is repetitive! The graphics are decent at best.

    There are so many PS3 games that have superior graphics and textures than Gears of War that it’s not even funny. And if Gears of War and Halo is all you have to bolster, than you can kiss Microsoft goodbye.

    Halo was good when it first came out (the original). Almost EVERYONE loved the first one! It was original, the storyline was excellent, at the time the graphics were superb, the game contained plenty of humor which is why I love the game, and it was perfect for the new millenium.

    ………But when Halo 2 came out, the story line got shot straight to hell. The multiplayer was phenomenal and basically that was the only reason why people played Halo 2……

    However when Halo 3 came out, Master Chief and his series were pretty much done. Halo 3 ruined the ENTIRE Halo experience! I don’t know if it’s me guys but it seemed like Halo 3 seemed like a copy cat of Call of Duty 4.

    ……Now to Gears of War: this game would be great if it were ONLY a pc game. But to be on a “next generation” console and provide repititious gameplay along with unnecessary swearing to inspire nerds to feel cool when playing this, Gears of War is despicable!!!

    ………Isn’t it ironic how Microsoft is starting this trend with releasing new Halo games “ONCE” for every new Xbox machine??? But not only that, the game will NOT be backward compatible like Halo 3 only on Xbox 360 and not Xbox.

    If Halo 4 only comes out for Xbox 3 then I will never buy another Microsoft console again! Especially if they do the same crap that they did to the original Xbox buy releasing it 4 years after it’s birth!

  26. Norm:

    I think Google will be the next one out.

  27. J5:

    I still don’t get why people keep saying the cell processor is “untested”. Even PS3 exclusives have to be sandbagged to 720p or less in order to run at proper frame rates. If there was unused potential left in the cell processor then we’d already be seeing games that run at 1080p at 60fps with no stutter. This is just not the case. How can you say there is still untapped potential when current games can’t even run at max resolution and 8xAA?

    Both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 have gotten pretty close to reaching the peak of their performance. Any gains from here on out will strictly be creative programming and trade-offs like no AA or lower resolution to increase headroom for detail. That’s the same thing we saw with the PS2 and Xbox with last of gen games like Halo 2 and GTA: San Andreas.

    Sony is kidding themselves if they think the PS3 will last 10 years as their flagship gaming system. They aren’t stupid and they know as well as I do that this statement is just a marketing point. There are already budget GPU cards you can purchase TODAY for around $120 that have TWICE the power of the PS3 or Xbox 360. To say that the PS3 will still be relevant halfway through the next decade is pretty ignorant at best.

  28. Matt:

    @ Future of Sega, i dont remember you saying that, but you probably did….and gears of war, the graphic suck…all they did to make it more gorier was lower the brightness of the game….they made it look dark….drakes fortune wasnt dark and had AMAZING graphics, textures, and facial animation…….i seriously think no one has ever thought about Uncharted 2….if i was a 360 fanboy, id be scared… guys havent even mentioned or thought of that game…do you have any idea how good that game will be?….i bet they will make it as long as MGS4 but with shorter cut scenes…so it will be the longest game, if they make it that way

  29. Wylie:

    J5- I don’t think that Sony has said that the PS3 would be their flagship console for ten years. I haven’t read that anyway. They have said that the life cycle would be 10 years. With the PS1 life cycle being 11 years, and the PS2 currently at 8 years and still going, what makes you think the PS3 couldn’t last 10 years? I know that computers are the perfect gaming machine, but consoles open up gaming to people who don’t want to use their computers for gaming. There is still a seperation, and I don’t see everyone who buys these consoles running out and buying a gaming chip for their cpu, some will, most won’t.

  30. SW:

    Me thinks Wylie hit the nail on the head – but I don’t think its going to pan out that way.

    The ps2 and psx had HUGE install bases and I just don’t think the PS3 (or 360) is going to hit those numbers leaving the ps3 either limping on for its 10 year life cycle or them canning it all together.

  31. Zubs:

    You people do realise that developers haven’t even touched on 50% of the PS3′s hardware capabilities?It is so hugely powerful that 10 years was the minimum estimate of its lifespan.
    Developers have stated on numerous occasions that in only 2011/2012 will they have pushed the PS3 to 80% of its potential.Sony and MS have realised that overly powerful hardware is not the key to sales and in turn profits(Cough…Wii).Yeah BlueRay is the standard for current and future hardware platforms,but the PS3 was over engineered and Sony needs to recover the Billions spent on R&D before they resort to any future console be it PS4 or whatever.

    PS3 is here to stay until 2018 and the next console will only be a slight evolution as Sony has learnt a lesson on R&D viz powerhouse systems will take a backseat to creativity instead.Sony is a business and like any business,they in it for the money.PS3 will prove itself in the next few years,more and more developers are only starting to understand its architecture and how to code for it,and have realised they have only thus far scratched the surface of this powerhouse.

  32. kev:

    ms will be first to market again. bookmark it. sony is not positioned to hit the market first, as their ps3 will still be losing them money by then.

    ms already knows the advantages of the first-to-market approach (as we are reminded daily by the ps3 fanboys). there is no reason why they wouldn’t take the same approach again…. and almost completely destroy the ps name in the process…

  33. kev:

    spidey – read it and weep loser.. unless you think you know more than samsung…

    oooo..teh blooooray is teh future… LMAO!!!

  34. the one:

    @zubs-who told u that the ps3 has that potential ?

    Go there and u will see that the ps3 isn’t that good. Do u even imagine how a high-end pc will perform in 2015.LOL “over engineered” how much do u think the ps3 will resist. I say 2013 maybe 2014. Lets say that the next xbox will be released in 2012(ps3 2018): Lets say we are in 2015, u are in a mall and u want a console what will get a ps3 or an xbox “720″ ? Think about it.


  35. Who gives a f*ck:

    Who gives a flip about how much they still can squeeze out of a PS3? If it becomes to costly to make the games – which they will be in order to use the full potential – then they won’t make them! It’s all about profits, nothing more nothing less.

  36. OMEN:

    how about a BAD ASS Playstation X.
    sony and M$ together will kill nintendo.

  37. Scucci:

    If the price of the nextGen systems increases as it did between the launches of the PS2, PS3 and Xbox, Xbox 360… then with the next generation of consoles will probably be the last from Sony and MS. It’ll be cheaper to build a gaming computer than it would be to buy a console.

    It kills me because I remember growing up with games… we weren’t rich by any means when I was a kid, but we could still manage to afford an Atari2600. and I played that thing day in and day out, kids these days are missing out on that. The consoles are just too expensive for most families to afford, and gamers have a shelf-life on them as well. It you keep marketing these things toward adults, then eventually, the adults will have better things to do with their time than play games. They should be marketing these things towards a younger fan base that could atleast conveince their parents to buy them a system for their birthday or Christmas. Then they’ll grow up with the games, and the market will always have “fresh meat” to sell to.

    Targeting the audience they’re targeting with some of these systems is, well… just bad business. The only current-gen console that anyone in my family owns is a Wii, and my mom owns that… and she’s 60. Why? It was fun, and “cheap”. The other guys have HD this, and Blu-Ray that… great, that’s adorable. A lot of people don’t have HD TVs and have no Blu-Ray movies… so why are they expected to pay a premium for technology that they can’t use? Maybe it would be worth if if they could get the new system for a few of it’s games, but still be able to play their library of “old” games… nope, not gonna happen either. Backwards compatibility is horrible with some of these systems.

    Well, this post is completely off topic… as far as which one comes out first? For some of us, it really doesn’t matter because we can’t afford, or just don’t want to, keep up. But, since that’s what this is about I’m going to go on a limb here and say Sony will probably be first out of the gate. My second choice would be Nintendo.

  38. Fireaxe888:

    Console gaming is SOOOOO last gen.
    after around 5 years,consoles are extremely slow compared to pc’s.
    Pc’s update constantly.
    No such thing with consoles.
    (I expect the flames to start now.

  39. dchamp18:

    hey nonstop death mgs4 is a taste of what the ps3 can do first all get your facts straight before you start making up random ones. MGS4 pushed the memory you dimwit not processor. processor is where all your goody’s come from not memory. PS3 is ATI powered unlike x-box. what do they got o yeah some piece of shit card that get the RROD thats red ring of death if you are confused. oh and our online is free. i can keep going,but plainly stated your an incompetent x-box fan

  40. dchamp18:

    hey Nathan you dumb shit i work for comcast and no we are not putting a 250 GB limit on what you download. if you don’t believe me call comcast and ask them. we are however boosting our speed up to 16mbps. i do admit tho that you are not getting the full 16 more like 13 or 14. this release is coming in October so you incompetent ass-hole get it right

  41. the one:

    @dchamp18 i don’t give a shit on what you’re saying i will get a Xbox 360 BECAUSE the ps3 didn’t got hacked and if it will the games will be like 25GB+ and a bluray disk costs 25$ and u will not be sure if it will work or not.This doesn’t look like reasonable. PLUS a game costs 59$. 10 games cost 590$ so i could get a ps3 easily (later) when the xbox 360 graphics will look like shit compared to the ps3 (which i don’t really believe read my other comment) and omg u noob the Xbox is ATI pwered and the ps3′s processor is from IBM and videocars from nvidia. And u consider YOURSELF a ps3 gayfan ? U really dissapoint me boy and the rrod problem is resolved whit the falcon chips and jasper one’s(google “xbox 360 jasper”) so u are not even a decent ps3 gayfan so i suggest u to never again use the keyboard and just get somethin’ that looks like a ps3 joystick for ur pc because u really suck my friend. I am just telling the truth, nothing elese. Ciao

  42. ty:

    does anyone here realise wii is the best next gen system?

  43. james braselton:


  44. Jen Lovee:

    I cant wait for a new system…what is the new xbox going to be called?

  45. Wolvesgod:

    It’s kind of hard to say which comes out first unless you look at sales/affordability it will propally be the X-Box 720 then Wii 2 then PS4. Yeah the xbox is good but they were out far too long compared to wii and ps3 and the wii is saleing like it’s a mustang. then the ps3 isn’t salling anything hardly and it parley beats the ps2. Hell you can hardly even find Wiis in stores still and when the new Wii Speak channel and The Conduit comes out it will be like a “halo” wii game. and Nintendo is actually doing pretty dam good with internet conectivity with the Wii and soon to be DS-I.

  46. JTelementaly:

    Honestly, I see it as it has been for the past 7 years. The company’s will keep getting bigger, better games and all. In my opinion, the Wii doesn’t have a chance unless it gets a graphic boost or a decent online game. Also, to the people that say if Microsoft didn’t have Halo 3 or Gears of War, and that it would be a piece of crap, your wrong. It would just be a Playstation 3. I mean don’t get me wrong, Playstation started it all, but it’s time to move on Sony. Microsoft will ALWAYS be one of the top gaming industries. Up coming games like Halo 3 Recon and Gears 2 with many, many more, it will be incredibly hard to compete with them.

    Also, what’s up with Apple?

  47. TheWhitePaladin:

    Only thing i have to say is ———>Wii = Fit,Sport,HD for older games and fairly good loading times.

    PC = Updated constantly, Can Download shit, Multi task, Build to your preference, Cheaper in long run, More enjoyable.

    Ps3 = $$$$$$$$$$$ (and if you dont have the right screen your graphics suck no mater how good your Play Station 3 is)

    xbox 360 = Last gen falure in Hd dvd, Decent game and nice controller layouts.

  48. tim:

    future of sega i agree that there are too many halos and they need to stop but Gears of War is a pretty tight game the swearing oh well who gives a dam do u play games to listen to the people talk at you…..You are very biased opinion to the PS3 you deffinatly said that you like bioshock JUST BECUASE it is going over to the PS3 so dont talk about anything on this forum just stop makin decisions because if you are going to make a decision make one based on the actual games and systems because no one really is going to base there buying games and systems on you thinking Gears of War sucks because it uses bad language. That is a terrible way to base an opinion and who gives about the difference between graphics on PS3 and Xbox 360 they do not even look that much different go into a game store in a mall or something and play them both together and you will realize that they are not far off from each other and it comes down to the games which is not a fair way to base your opinion because everyone likes different kind of games. But i will restate halo 3 did kinda kill the series and the first one was the best in my opinion

  49. tim:

    As for the wii i think it is fun but the are more based too much towards little kids and family entertainment and for some reason excercise games i mean honestly if u want to do some excercise go outside and do it

  50. Gary:

    Far out. What a bunch of kids. Do console wars really get people THIS adgetated? If this is a MS vs. Sony issue it makes me laugh. Both companies are terrible and extremely unloyal and unhelpful to their fanbase.

    You should buy a console based on its specifications and current/future game releases. As a long time PC-only user I found the X360 to have the style of games I prefered and at a very good price (for the console).

    And the lies spreading about hardware performance are hilarious. The PS3 hardware is so powerful it won’t be fully utilized until 2018! Complete ignorance. Consoles do not use any fancy new hardware that is far ahead of its time. It uses current technology. In 10 years time I can garauntee that the PS3 will be extremely old hat.

    The consumer should be expecting new consoles around the end of 2010 to 2011. Hardware is advancing quickly and we gamers should be demanding better systems in the not too distant future.

    Nintendo is a different story. Their next console will be released when they have another wacky idea!

  51. elduderino86:

    Consoles use new fancy hardware. Find me a PC with the cell chip in it. And when the cell chip came out 2 yrs ago it was a revolutionary new hardware. And tell me of a non-custom built PC with 7 processors. Gary please do full reseach before posting BS about something you have no info about. The 360 or new WII will come out first since the ps3 is software upgradeable for awhile and the PSN is updating as well. New upgrades unlock new hardware potential. This coming from a PC/PS3 owner since launch/360 gamer. I have my experiences with both and they still have far to go, but with PC gaming you have to update every year to keep up as consoles update software and last year cycles.

  52. tommyboui:

    I believe that the newest system will be a hand held system designed by Microsoft. This is because they have yet to make a hand held game system like Nintendo DS and Sony’s PSP and so it would only make sense to create a hand held system to work on the other to to give it an increasing in money revenue because every one wants a system designed by Microsoft because the DS and PSP haven’t really met up to standards of many people.

  53. sarboy99:

    Sony’s system rights and patents will be bought out by either microsoft or Nintendo (or another fourth party). Nintendo will come out with an HD wii that caters to more hardcore gamers while probably next E3, microsoft will release a handheld to match the 360. In the near future microsoft will release an addition to the xbox called NATAL. This would allow people to play controller free(to compete with Nintendo). Microsoft will also change there portable accordigly for the major upgrade as did Nintendo with the DSLite after the wii came out.

  54. malibusnyder:

    … i stopped reading after a while, but if none of you mentioned this… if ther isn’t going to be i thing where you just down load games or something(this is bad anyways incase of virus) they should build in a disc changer so you can put your most used gmes into your system

  55. zenji:

    Listen up, Nerds…The PS3 is the only one to watch out for as SONY ie Blueray is the sole system able to produce games in 3D…And remember: THE SHADOW REMAINS CALM !

  56. sferris33:

    As stated above, I do not think PS4 nor Wii2 will come out anytime soon. However I think Microsoft is tied up with so many things on its plate to try to build another system: Windows7 pad, mobile phones, etc. At most it will only implement a Blueray player in a Xbox revision. The next big system that is coming out is Nintendo’s 3DS.

    The 3DS is a 3d gaming platform that allows players to take games on the go. This is important since society has become increasingly transient, where citizens travel a lot and do not stay in any one place. And its even harder for 2 people to get together at one set place to play on a Xbox360, PS3 or Wii. So the big clash of the consoles will be portable: i.e. Android phones, Iphone, 3DS, PSP. Sony may try to compete with this obvious upgrade to a newer PSP.

    The big question will be is whether players are willing to pay $200-300 for the 3DS.

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