Playstation Home finally hitting the PS3 – does anyone still care?

September 22, 2008

Playstation Home finally hitting the PS3 - does anyone still care?Playstation Home has been one of the most delayed products in gaming I have ever experienced. But, now, the wait may finally be coming to an end, as speculation grows over a full open Home launching in October. Well, we can but dream. The question is: does anyone still care?

Playstation Home has been in the making for well over three years now, and most people still haven’t had the chance to experience this supposedly all-encompassing online virtual world for the PS3. The luckier ones have been invited to take part in the Playstation Home closed beta currently taking place, but it’s only a fraction of the millions of PS3 owners there are worldwide.

The rest of us are sitting at home waiting for some official nod from Sony that we’re finally going to be able to access Home and check it out for ourselves. While not official, that nod may have inadvertently happened, with PS3fanboy passing on a tip from a beta tester.

A bug is affecting gamers using the Home beta, causing network problems and their PS3 to freeze sporadically. Playstation Home manager, TedtheDog, responded to the concerns in a message board post, stating how the problem should be fixed in an upcoming firmware upgrade. He said:

“2.5 is what we’re waiting for and ‘October’ is what I’ve heard, later October is my guess.”

So, Firmware Update 2.50 is pencilled in for late October, and Home 1.00 (the beta is currently v0.98) is due to be released at the same time. This could quite easily signal the end of the closed beta and a wider open beta launching for all to try. Possibly. Hopefully.

The Playstation Blog has since also announced the expansion of the closed beta, with a new round of invitations being sent out. This definitely seems to signal that something is happening, and it surely won’t be long before Playstation Home is with us all. So, should we care?

Home has been a long time coming, and with such huge expectations built up over such a long period of time, I’m not sure if it will ever be able to live up to the hype. But, the long development time should have allowed Sony to get enough features in place, and more importantly, working correctly, that new users will more likely be in awe rather than disappointed.

I’ve been quite critical of Home for the past year or so but now that it’s nearly here, I must admit to some intrigue in to having a go. The big test will be whether after the initial Second Life-style open-mouthed gasping, Home offers anything worthy or interesting for the long-term.

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  1. blah:

    Can’t wait to find my friends in home hang out and game together.

  2. Nintendog:

    Its gonna be so awesome, very addictive and fun.

  3. Mornelithe:

    While skepticism is understandable, you should focus on the things that Home is supposed to address. Firstly, being able to jump into an MP match, with friends. One of Sony’s admitted problems from the get-go was hyping too much of a broad spectrum of offerings, rather than focusing on what their initial offering w/ Home would be. I believe they’ve started doing this of late…focusing more on the gaming hype that Home should bring. Anyway, I enjoy testing it…that’s for sure. And once it’s available to all my friends w/ PS3′s, the jump in MP function, should be much much more helpful.


  4. Orlandpark77:

    anybody wanna add me to psn my id is Orlandpark77, we can hang out in home.

  5. ExPresident:

    I think people are still excited for it. Sadly people like yourself who write these articles put a bad spin on it. Games take years to make and the only reason people complain about the time it takes to make them is because there’s a billion game sites out their demanding second by second info of the game from the developers to get people to see their site.

    Had Sony never mentioned anything about Home and out of the blue said, yes it’ll be released tomorrow, everyone would praise them regardless of the bugs and state how awesome Sony was. Yet instead they gave information out about it early on when it was not close to ready and now people are complaining because they are still working on it.

    I can’t wait to hear all the complaining for people who get all worked up over ‘October being the golden month’ only to hear another expanded beta. Humph.

  6. Mr Sparkle:

    Hey has anyone seen the Jar Jar easter egg in Star Wars: TFU yet? hilarious. Good but not great game, but seeing Jar Jar like that more than made up for the prequal trilogy

  7. Greg:

    Very interested to find out what it’s about.
    I think Home will fianlyl catter to that “social” aspect that people always downplay in the PS3 vs 360 comparisons.
    “clubs” to hang out, Rooms for clans to gather before MP matches, events like Game presentations, showrooms and live concerts, there are a lot of possibilities, including mini online games.
    The initial criticisms (for the beta) have been a lot related to the egg/chicken problem.
    To have content, you need people active online, but to have those people online, you need content…
    Now that it’s (almost) here, let’s hope it’ll achieve all that potential.

  8. Wylie:

    I still care, wait, what is Home again?

  9. jammy git:

    one of the most delayed games?

    I thought they first showed it at liepzig 07?, so If it launches in october then it’s about a year late. there’s plenty of games that have been delayed longer.

    I hope sony use other aspects of the company sony music could offer some of the artists albums for a price,some movies streamed to the cinema gohstbuster night followed by the demo. hopefully the big gaming events will be there,
    How about a virtual glastonbury, pay a £,$,Â¥ to get weekend access to every stage and get a live feed,as long as they have good unique ideas I’m sold.

    And make it possible to have private rooms on GT5 with ingame launches.

  10. g:

    hopefully this will be cool. Unfortunately most of my friends have an xbox so i cant play with them but this might cause more of them to pick up a ps3 because it sounds pretty good and this alongside the 2008/ early 2009 games sounds awesome

  11. Firetaw:

    hopefully everyone is already prepared for home with bluetooth headsets. adn can we please get the same video features as the psp on the ps3… i hate having to play my videos one by one. give me the option at least. nedless to say they never though about putting that in so much they are busy with home… get the bloody thing out already so we can move on to more important things. like maibe downloadable movies on the canadian PSN.

  12. Ivan_PSP:

    I can’t wait most of my online buddies got the beta they just love it. I wanna so fucking bad it looks so addictive is gonna rule all.

  13. Nintendog:

    microsoft really needs to step it up, xbox live is looking really old and outdated now.

  14. Costanza:

    man, if Home is the most delayed product you have experienced you must be 10 years old at best.

  15. Raz:

    Home? I already am home. What are you talking about?

    ..Kidding. But not really. The only thing that would get me excited about it now is if Sony lets me fiddle with EVERY last detail in my Home space. If this comes out looking like a scaled-down resolution-boosted version of the Sims; I’ll probably ignore it completely as the waste of time it will assuredly be.

  16. Jordan:

    I cant wait to launch from home with all my friends right into Warhawk

  17. Ivan_PSP:

    I got so many fun things ready to do in HOME. OMG i gonna have the best Home Space ever i will gladly pay to buy hot things. I will never shut my PS3 off i’m so fucking excited all of my friends got the beta they seem to be addictive to it. I know about 10 girls who will move from MySpace to ps3. and all my buds even some of my xbox 360 buddies are gonna buy the ps3 this fall just to play resistance 2 and littlebigplanet but especially to use HOME.


    I still care. I keep on checking almost everyday for any feeds on the internet about home for the past 6 months.

    Finally we come to a close end…

  19. Orlandpark77:

    hey Ivan_PSP what your PSN id i wanna add you

  20. MysticStrummer:

    Silly premise to your “article”. If you were ever interested in Home, then you are still interested in Home. I was and am very interested. I got addicted to There for quite awhile, and that’s just a glorified chat room made to look like an island resort. One of the most delayed projects ever? You need to do a little more research.

  21. SW:

    I never cared and I still don’t.

    BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may care when I get it :)

  22. harry sachz:

    Really Ivan? I would have thought you were scared of girls.

  23. John Smith:

    This is so dumb, i’m in the Beta and I hope it doesn’t come out in Oct just because people keep breaking the NDA, plus these are just rumors Ted and sony have not comfirmed any release date and there is still many more bugs to out for the final release. All I have to say is be patient there is a reason Home is still in Beta. Home is really awesome but still needs more work.

  24. rat poison:

    OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! I’m so excited!


    what was that again?…

  25. Nintendog:

    Personally i think myspace is for nerds. but Home is really awesome if the xbox 360 had Home i would buy one in a isntand, if the RROD wasnt there.

  26. darkwhitehair:

    lets hope its worth all the wait and bug free…

    It would be nice to have spaces for different games… so far Ive only seen spaces for 3 games…

    It would be nice to have a separate Home space for DC Universe online… like a room only for my guildies… that would be cool…

    Warhammer Online for the PS3 please…
    Lately Im in a MMO mood…

  27. Ivan_PSP:

    My PLAYSTATION Network ID: Ivan-

    harry sachz:
    My girls play X P W

    I know a lot of hot MySpace High School & College girls that are in love with the website. When i visit their house some even have MySpace T Shirt or Hot weird LoL. They all consoles equally i hate that so much…

  28. Brian:

    Why wouldn’t we care? It’s free so it’s not like we have to pay for it. Use it or not. I will be.

  29. harry sachz:

    Wait wait… people let you into their house? I wouldn’t let you anywhere near mine.

  30. Ivan_PSP:

    harry sachz:
    Do you have a house? just wondering… And yes everyone lets me in their crib especially hot girls.

    Good point HOME is free so even if someone on earth don’t care for it it won’t matter. It will have matter if it was a pay service. You can use at your own will.

  31. Omar:

    I am very excited about home. But the thing is most of my friends have a PAL playstation 3 and I have an NTSC playstation 3. I have, I think only one friend with an NTSC playstation 3.
    And I believe I have heard before that home will be region locked. I don’t understand why they couldn’t make it region free. So we could all enjoy spending time with our friends. I am not sure if that was official information. But I remember that it was.

  32. darkwhitehair:

    Omar… if I remember correctly…
    Home isnt region locked… no Ps3 game is region locked…

    However… two of my friends… one has NTSC Ps3 one has PAL PS3… one of them can play games from all the regions… one can only play from a specific region… Im not sure which was which… and I dont know whether this was an anomaly or hardware problem…

    But thats the only region related shit Ive experienced…

  33. harry sachz:

    No ivan, I live in a cardboard box.

  34. Ivan_PSP:

    That’s why you always crying go figure.

  35. Ivan_PSP:

    You a bum we know it already.

  36. Marc:

    Jeezuz people, a virtual world to walk around in…how freakin’ bored can you possibly be to have this seem appealing.

    Play a game… or get a life.

  37. Norm:

    Ivan, Take an English lesson.

  38. Arvis:




  39. harry sachz:


    ………… *teabag*

    - Harry Sachz

  40. Jofamang:

    All my hot 18 year old girl friends are wet and juicy about HOME coming out. When I need a shower, I pack like, 7 of them onto my ferrari hover couch and talk about HOME and the PS3 in a constant monotone voice till I am clean.

    Notice I didn’t mention boning all those hot 18 year olds just to keep my credibility.


  41. harry sachz::

    You wish lol

  42. harry sachz:

    Erm… that wasn’t me. That reeked of Ivan pretending to be me again.

  43. Arvis:


    Yeah, he copy pasted the colon after your name into his….


  44. harry sachz:


    Ah yes, you’re right. I wonder why he does that?

  45. Harry Sachz:

    Hey I just wanted to tell you guys that I also give free blow jobs. If you want your nuts licked or cock wanked, let me know. I appreciate it.

    -harry sachz

  46. lvan_PSP:

    My english superior in Home country of inbred. I love my mothers vaganus, smelling it, licking it. EVERYTHING

  47. Ivan_PP:

    Lmfao another dumb poser Xbox fanboy step really low Xbox sucks haha.

  48. Vinnie BoyEe:

    You wanna talk bout delayed brother, are you like 5 yrs old, this ol’ timer been waitin on DUke Nukem forever for like 15 years aight, id rather waight couple years or 2 to get a product right, why would they rush to release something if it aint ready brother. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE SON!!!!

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