Xbox 360 fans angry at Microsoft studio Rare for not listening to them

September 28, 2008

Xbox 360 fans angry at Microsoft studio Rare for not listening to them Microsoft’s first party studio Rare has been in the video game news recently due to some criticism it has received by Peter Moore, former head of Microsoft Game Studios. We also ran a story yesterday questioning if there is anything Rare has to worry about with the closure of fellow internal developer, Ensemble Studios. It looks like Rare is back in the limelight after confirming that the fan favorite game Killer Instinct will not be brought back anytime soon.

In a recent interview with MTV, Gregg Mayles, Rare creative director, indicated that despite the fan requests for Killer Instinct to be brought back, the studio will pass on that idea.

He said:

“To me, if you’re just doing a game because of IP, that’s not the right thing to do. If someone came up with some revolutionary idea for a new fighting game, yeah, we might think of resurrecting Killer Instinct. But what we’re not gonna do is just say ‘okay, there’s this kind of vocal, fairly small vocal minority of real die-hard fans out there that want to see KI, so therefore, we should be doing KI.’ That’s not how we’d approach it.”

Since then, fans across the Internet have lashed out against Rare for the comment above. Even Destin, host of ScrewAttack: Hard News, had a few things to say about Rare. He said that Peter Moore was correct in that Rare is outdated and have lost relevancy. Destin continues his criticism by stating that Rare would rather make a sub-par Perfect Dark Zero then release a Killer Instinct remake.

He also goes onto disparage upcoming title Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts as well. Destin makes a parallel between Capcom and Rare, stating that Capcom listened to the fans and has brought back Bionic Commando and Mega Man. The outspoken fans on Gametrailers forum have already declared that the end of Rare is near.

However, I feel we should give the studio the benefit of the doubt. Rare’s new title Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, just might keep it out of deep water. It is quite possible that the success of the title might dictate the future of the studio, considering that Microsoft is in a ‘clean-house mode’ currently.

Also, readers should understand Rare is a first party studio; it  no longer has control over what titles can be developed. Considering Rare is owned by Microsoft it is ultimately in the hands of the parent company.

13 Responses to “Xbox 360 fans angry at Microsoft studio Rare for not listening to them”

  1. Bourne:

    so long rare, if you dont listen to your customers, you might as well grow a beard and proclaim that you support Jihad.

  2. Devise:

    I agree with Rare. it would be stupid to release another 2D fighter when it would be lucky to sell 200 thousand copies. And I’m sure those diehard fans you just find a way to nick pick the title if they did in fact release it. I’m sure we’ll see an arcade release at some stage, or a super smash bros style title instead.

  3. harry sachz:

    @ Bourne, what a stupid thing to say. Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised, you’ve come out with some assinine things before.

    Rare know what they’re doing, Microsoft have faith in them, otherwise they wouldn’t have put them in charge of the avatar system.

    This article is just another one of FERRO’s flame bait articles.

  4. Bourne:

    Harry, no company on earth makes money by not following what customers want. I guess you got the Microsoft fever again. Microsoft turn out worthless crap (Windows Vista when Xp was perfectly fine) Forcing loads of people to upgrade to a worthless new system in an attempt to copy Leopard OS. Now my family struggle to use Word, publisher because its far too confusing.

  5. CAD:

    Harry I’m sorry but I got to go the other way today. I was truly dissapointed in Rare for ignoring Killer Instinct. Do they not understand that this game is not just loved by a small niche. This game was big when it came out because it was so bad ass. Many people played this game along side Street Fighter. It was a classic arcade title that needs resurrection. Rare is out of their minds not doing development on this title. Well you can dust off your Super Nintendo and play it there. They have gotten out of the hard core and developed Vivia Pinata and Kameo and Rachet and clank no wonder they can’t see the light of day. Maybe Peter Moore had a point. I do still think thay are relavent but just on another path. For God sakes just give the IP to someone else for development since they don’t think it’s worth it.

  6. CAD:

    If you ask me I think it would be the perfect time to revitalise fighting games by releasing Killer Instinct 2 now along side Street Fighter and It would be cool if a new Dead or Alive dropped to. That would be amazing.

  7. tgrass21:

    Killer Instinct was dumb, it was just another MK ripoff.

    Rare kind of sucks now anyway, they should have been desolved instead of ensemble.

  8. SW:

    I hated KI anywhoos. Altho for the time, the music was kinda funky :)

    I guess rare just isn’t sure if they’ll make any money on the project. They[‘re a business after all.

  9. Matt:

    Great classics that get sequals long after the first release are often killed.

    If a classic has been left alone long enough, its better to leave it alone, regardless of how popular it is. The fans may not always realize it, but they’re almost always happier that way.

  10. Arvis:

    I remember there was one summer where my group of gamer friends played this game non-stop. Getting an “Ultra” combo was always considered the thing most worth bragging about. I remember Orchid was my character, and I got an Ultra combo twice.

    Despite this, though, I still wouldn’t pay money for a remake.


  11. SW:

    But Orchid’s music was damn cool :)

    Well, when I was a young lad anywhoos ;)

  12. Spideydog:

    Regardless of the pros and cons of re-releasing KI (I liked it….the skeleton dude was cool)

    They could have worded thier comments a little better…. It came across as very arrogant towards thier fan base. Treat your fan base well and you will reap the rewards. Treat em bad, and they will bite back.

  13. HighwaytoHell13:

    Ok, some of you need to be burned. First off, Killer Instinct was one of the best games Rare made. Some other titles include Battletoads and Conker (Bad Fur Day & Live And Reloaded). And yes, Rare needs to listen to us because the oldest phrase is correct, “The Customer is always right”. Rare needs to pull out of Microsoft because as far as im concerned Microsoft can suck my dick. They are the real reason why there arent sequels to the game. They give people no options what-so-ever, good example, the new dashboard update. You MUST update it, and there is NO way to roll back to the previous one….hmmm, sounds controlling. Just like everything else about them, considering they charge money to use live when their competitors don’t. And dont you sit there and tell me they have the best connection because they dont, ive used it first hand, you ain’t gonna lie to me. Ive gotten booted, lagged, and kicked off many of times, that aint worth money, they need to make it free to play online. For all you Halo, Gears of War, Fallcry, and all that other cookie-cutter 1st person shooter fags need to understand is that your killing the game industry by buying and playing this crap. But the fact you actually LIKE the same thing over and over shows were all doomed.

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