Call of Duty: World at War producer insulted by Infinity Ward employee

November 8, 2008

Call of Duty: World at War producer insulted by Infinity Ward employee There is a war brewing between an Infinity Ward employee and the senior producer of Call of Duty: World at War. The community manager for Infinity Ward had a few nasty things to say about the senior producer.  Apparently, he is angry about the constant references being made about Call of Duty 4 in recent interviews.

Robert Bowling, community manager for Infinity Ward had some harsh criticism towards Noah Heller, the senior producer for Activision. Heller, is also the senior producer for Treyarch’s Call of Duty: World at War. Bowling,  on his IAMfourzerotwo blog, criticized Heller on his recent interviews. Bowling rebuked Heller for making constant references to Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty 4 and comparing it to Treyarch’s latest Call of Duty: World at War.

Apparently, Heller made some comments in a recent interview where he criticized past Call of Duty games for not having accurate weapons damage.

According to Bowling, Heller made this comment in a recent CVG interview:

“In the previous Call of Duties it might take three or four shots from a bolt action rifle,” he explained. “We made sure that a single shot center mass would kill that opponent because that’s the expectation of the player.”

In response to that comment, Bowling states:

WTF are you talking about?! “in previous Call of Dutys blah blah blah”. First of all, you didn’t work on “previous Call of Dutys”, so don’t talk as if you’re down with how / why things were designed the way they were. Second, you’re completely f****** wrong.

Bolt Action rifles are one hit kills in every Call of Duty we (Infinity Ward) made!!

Bowling also commented that Heller should stop talking about Infinity Ward’s game and talk more about Treyarch’s game. Bowling then goes on to call Heller a “Senior Super Douche Noah Heller.” It is not known if these comments were made in jest, or if there is animosity between the two.

A commenter on the blog remarked that Bowling should take it up quietly with the boss instead of ranting about it on a public site. Surprisingly, Bowling responded back by stating, “Trust me, this frustration comes only after repeated requests throughout their entire marketing campaign.”

It seems as though there definitely might be some friction going on between the two in regards to the marketing campaign. It is also interesting to note that in Bowling’s profile it states “Douchebags” as one of the “Things I hate.” I wonder how Bowling feels about Heller?

10 Responses to “Call of Duty: World at War producer insulted by Infinity Ward employee”

  1. Bourne:

    Well i reckon they just need to have a game of COD4 and chill the f**k out.

  2. SW:

    ‘We made sure that a single shot centre mass would kill that opponent’

    Only on HC mode AND only if the opponent is not running the ridiculously overpowered juggernaut perk.

  3. Ivan_PSP:

    Mike Ferro:
    You wrote Teryarch the correct way is Treyarch you wrote it both ways. Call of Duty is all hype.

  4. harry sachz:

    Hey Ivan, why don’t you smile in any of your pics? And it’s time to lose that ridiculous moustache!

  5. SW:

    Ivan is bringing the mustache back baby!

    ‘Call of Duty is all hype.’

    Its actually a very fun game on hardcore mode.

  6. harry sachz:

    Well SW,

    I guess it is ‘Movember’ after all.

  7. Royzy:

    I would want a sexy mustache like that too, if I could actually grow one.

    I wish COD4 had a ‘join friends’ option, not just ‘invite friends’ for online matches. It is one of the few games that seems to be a real pain organize a match with. For me anyway.

  8. Ivan_PSP:

    LoL, I don’t have it all the time LoL. I rather play SOCOM II on PS2 then Call of Duty 4: Moderm Warfare i know is good game but SOCOM has more players and is way older and has kick more ass. LoL

  9. harry sachz:

    It is a sexy moustache. If the boner police were around when I first saw it then I would have to demand a lawyer.

  10. Arvis:

    “It is not known … if there is animosity between the two.”

    HA HA! Best sentence in History.Blorge!!


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