Gears of War boss talks about paying extra for the ending of a game

November 10, 2008

Gears of War boss talks about paying extra for the ending of a game The boss of EPIC Games talks about the alternatives that could be utilized to combat used video game sales. One curious option is to develop a game where the final boss battle or ending has to be purchased for second hand buyers and renters. Such measures would hamper the used game market greatly.

Used video game sales are a delicate part of the video game industry eco system in the US. Various video game brick and mortar chains rely on such transactions like EBGames, GameStop and GameCrazy. Killing the used video game market could be detrimental to most of the retail chains. Some retailers such as GameCrazy have reported that up to 30 percent of the total sales were due to used video games.

Used video games also offer customers an alternative option to purchasing a game that they might not have considered acquiring at full price. However, the argument from the developers have been that none of the profit earned from the used video games trickle down to the studios or publishers.

According to an interview with, Michael Capps, president of EPIC Games, indicated that other developers in the industry have talked about creating games where the ending or boss battle has to be downloaded via either the PSN or Xbox Live.

He states:

I’ve talked to some developers who are saying “If you want to fight the final boss you go online and pay USD 20, but if you bought the retail version you got it for free.” We don’t make any money when someone rents it, and we don’t make any money when someone buys it used – way more than twice as many people played Gears than bought it…

I understand the need and want to make a profit on every single experience, but making it so that a gamer has to pay $20 extra if they were to purchase a two-year-old game sounds a bit ludicrous.

You could actually follow this logic to all consumer products such as cars, movies and electronics. It is difficult to tell what is fair and what is not, as it could affect both parties negatively. Do you believe that the used video game market needs to go away, or are the developers getting a bit too greedy?

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  1. Spideydog:

    I in no way condone piracy, but if the games companies are going to be like this, they will only help spur on piracy.

    This stinks rotten of penny pinching. They are essentially saying that 2nd hand stores shouldn’t be allowed to trade either. In their way of thinking, any goods bought at cash converters is robbing the original manufacturer of re-sale funds….. Absolutely silly talk….. they got their money from the original sale, get over it

  2. DavidB:

    If they want to keep eyes off their games they should pursue this. It would kill 2nd hand sales, rentals, heck I couldn’t even sell the game to a buddy directly or at a yard sale after I’ve played it through. What a dumb idea, and I think some clever lawyers would be able to drum up a lawsuit (class action likely) based on this violating the doctrine of of “first sale”.

    Gamers will revolt. The bad press will abound.

    Now, I think what could be cool would be to charge a modest fee (more like $5) to get EXTRA downloadable boss’s. That way first timers, 2nd timers, renters, etc all have a way to generate additional revenue.

  3. phranctoast:

    Maybe charging companies that rent games out 3-4X the cost of the game, knowing they are going to profit off it at a much higher level.

    Another idea would be to give extra incentives to purchase the game that would not be available to people that got it second hand. (Kind of how they did the pre-order levels for Farcry 2.

    At no point should someone get a half assed game (lack of end bosses).

    I could see that the industry really wants to go with downloadable games ASAP. To make that work it, your downloads would have to be tied to your account and console. Making it possible to have them on different consoles (if one breaks) but not just freely passed along.

  4. Arvis:

    This reeks of evil. I almost never pay full price for a game. I wait until I can get a deal. If they’re going to implement this kind of system, then I likely won’t ever play their game at all.


  5. Barnabe Jones:

    For this reason alone… I think people should boycott Epic and Gears.

    Let me make this analogy, if you buy a used car. Let’s say it’s an Accord… Does Honda get money from the subsequent sale? No. They do not. They made there cut off of the initial sale. Games already sell for $65 (with tax). The developers make large profits. This seems like a very petty, greedy, sleazy way to try to squeeze more money out of gamers. I won’t stand for it, and I hope no one else will either.

  6. SW:

    Seems pretty simple to me. Buy pre-owned, play %90 of game. Read ending on wikipedia. Fuck Epic.

    I don’t buy preowned ever anymore, but what a retarded thing to attack…

  7. Branden:

    This is stupid, Barnable Jones is right about the car stuff, resale is resale!!!
    I think the gaming industries is trying harder and harder to milk us, first games were 50, PS1, 2 now they are 60, and you have to buy extra content at 1.99 or more a piece, one game pissed me off was NFS pro street, if you bought all the extra cars the game would cost over 100 dollors, other games is Map packs, its stupid. I buy half ass made game for 60 but I have to buy 1.99-10.99 dollar upgrades

  8. Barnabe Jones:

    good point about DLC. I didn’t even think of that.

  9. phranctoast:

    I find it hard to be pissed at Epic though when it comes to DLC. They have always offered it for free. If you ever paid for something from Epic, it was MS’s doings. All PC maps pack and PS3 map packs have been free.

  10. Barnabe Jones:

    No. I wasn’t pissed about DLC in general. If there’s enough content in the retail game… then later on they release add-ons at a reasonable cost, then it’s totally ok. I have noticed that there are games (no necessarily GOW) that come out, and then immediately have add-ons that just as well should have been included in the retail release.

  11. SW:

    Yeah games with ‘instant addons’ blow. Its a sneaky way to give consumers the same price tag they’er used to but with a little less content.

    I was also kinda annoyed with the whole darth vader/yoda stuff for SC.

  12. The Future of Sega:

    Yes!!!! The Future of Sega is back!!!! Ahhhhh the air smells good…..Ermmm

    Now to start things off……I heard a rumor that War of Gears 3 will go mutliplatform. Is this true??

  13. harry sachz:

    Yeah Darth Vader / Yoda was a rort to make money.

  14. The Future of Sega:

    Mike, I apologize for the remark I made earlier please forgive me and delete that post of mine please? Thanks…..

    I totally disagree with making final boss scenes into downloads. That is absolute horse s^@#! Thats 30 freaken percent that will disappear, are they insane!???

    Personally myself I hate to buy used games because you never know if someone has wiped their ass on it or whatever. Erm……quite frankly I am disgusted with this idea.

    If you don’t want people buying games cheap THEN MAKE GOOD GAMES!!!! When was the last time you’ve heard of Halo being pirated or Mortal Kombat Triology on Playstation original and N64??? My point exactly……NEVER!!!!

    If you make kick ass games then people will be willing to shove their money out for them!

    But if you make games like Lair, Vampire Rain, Little Big Dammit then lol yeah people will not buy it.

  15. darkwhitehair:

    hmm… publishers are OUT OF CONTROL!!!
    The main guys on my crosshair, EA… they had two of the most innovative and awesome games out this year… Mirrors Edge and Dead Space… then they fuck things up with retarded DRm and other stuff…

    Also LBP… buying costumes… WHAT THE!!! Im not paying $2 for a goddam snake costume… what they should have done is integrate those costumes with the trophy… so it is only available to players who have put in the time and effort…

    Look ar Mega Man 9… buying extra hard modes… RETARDED!!!
    I think one of the games that pulled the DLC off was COD 4 map pack… I havent played it… I think $10 is a bit too much for it… maybe if it was $5… but new maps are always a nice add on… specially when you integrate it into a GOTY release…

    Wow… too much words today… makes my head hurt… next on the show we will talk about DRM and how they suck ass.. and how people will ALWAYS PIRATE GAMES!!! no matter what you do…

  16. Barnabe Jones:

    LMAO Good to see you’re back Future of Sega. “…..Shitface…. Oh no I’m sorry. I’ll be good I swear”. I needed a good laugh. :)

    At any rate, did any one see that Gears 2 managed to sell 2 million copies in a single weekend? That’s an amazing amount of sales for a tittles debut. So, what is Epic’s problem? They are making a ton of money on Gears 2, but they are pissed that they can not make more money down the road when the game ends up in the used game store. This just really seems very wrong to me.

    I know Gears is a great game and it’s a lot of people’s favorite franchise for the 360. In all honesty if they tried to do this with Gears 3 would the fans stand for it?

  17. Arvis:

    Ah, those good ol’ “tittles debuts”. Can’t get enough of them, personally. :)


  18. Barnabe Jones:

    lol type-o. ;) I was literally to busy laughing at The Future of Sega. I have seen him around the web a few other places lately.

  19. The Future of Sega:

    Okay new topic Mike. This crap is boring. I’d rather scratch my ass than continue this nonsense……So……..Will Gears of War 3 arrive on PS3?

  20. The Future of Sega:

    Nice article by the way Mike :)

  21. Barnabe Jones:

    It’s possible that Gears 3 will arrive on the PS3…. Epic had a 2 game contract and retain the rights to the IP. But if they try this crap with paying extra just to fight the boss, I will not be buying it. I would seroiusly boycot the game.

  22. Ivan_PSP:

    Gears of War 2 sucks more of the same bullshit. You can’t compare those games.

    Resistance 2 Wins by default instantly

    Resistance 2 Wins by default instantly

    Resistance 2 Wins by default instantly


    Resistance 2 Wins Trophy Medals is better than just crappy useless Achievement Points done rush.

    Replay Value
    Resistance 2 Wins by default instantly

    Gears of War 2 Wins by default instantly

    Over Hype
    Gears of War 2 Wins by default instantly

    Worth Buying
    Both Wins For Sure

    Epic Games vs Imsomniac Games
    Imsomniac Games Wins by default instantly

    SCEA exclusives all kick serious ass in graphics, story, multiplayer, replay value and reputation.

  23. The Future of Sega:

    Well i haven’t played Resistance 2 yet so I’ll hold my peace for now. And for once I agree with you Ivan that Gears of War 2 sucks. The first one fucken sucked too!

    I had to replay the last level almost 100 times to beat the game! It’s too fucken hard to beat. And thats why I say that Gears is only for hardcore nerds. That games is definitely not for the regular American consumer or video gamer!

    I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have flicked off my tv screen and sweared at it due to Gears of War……..

  24. Barnabe Jones:

    I know you have been banned already but… below is one of Future of Sega’s posts. He was crazy, bi-polar kid.He would say something… then contradict himself in the next sentence.

    • The Future of Sega // Oct 23, 2008 at 5:22 pm
    Resistance 2 pales in comparison with Gears of War 2. Tell me Sony fanboys…..who will make more sales? Resistance 2 or Gears of War 2? Hmmm that should be a no brainer

  25. Ivan_PSP:

  26. Ivan_PSP:

    Resistance 2 kills Gears of War 2 that shit sucks not worth buying over hyped the first was better.

  27. Arvis:

    Barnabe Ninja Whatever,

    Future Sega Boy is not bipolar. He just likes making people annoyed. Ignore him, and he will get bored and go away.


  28. The Future of Sega:

    @ Barnabee Jones…..I have NEVER contradicted myself! And why in the world would anyone on here consider that quote as “valid”? What, because you said it is? For all we know, you could have made that quote up stating that I said that.

    I’m sorry but you have no hard proof evidence to prove that I said that. You’re pulling facts from you ASS dickhead. lol PWNED

    Rule of Thumb: I’ts not what you know, it’s what you can prove :P

    PS3 rules and 360 drools :P PWNED

  29. Barnabe Jones:

    @Arvis: Will do. ;)

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