Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony respond to October NPD

November 15, 2008

The October sales figures for the U.S., released yesterday, show Nintendo remains dominant with both the Wii and DS selling in huge quantities, Microsoft building Xbox 360 momentum after the price cut, and Sony failing completely despite having three consoles on the market. But what do the companies themselves think of the latest results?

We’ll take it in order of which companies did best this month which unsurprisingly means Nintendo tops the bill, Sony bottoms out, and Microsoft is the filling in a Japanese sandwich.


Nintendo clearly won yet again in October but the company seems so used to victory it has almost become complacent in its victory press releases. Total U.S. sales figures to date – 13.35 million for the Wii and 23.02 million for the Nintendo DS – show how far Nintendo is ahead in this generation.

Wii Fit is the game Nintendo is most proud of, which is unsurprising seeing as it sold almost half a million copies during October and 2.83 million in total since going on sale six months ago.

Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing finished off by saying:

Nintendo provides consumers with the best value not only among video games, but also among most entertainment options.

Nintendo also provides an incomparable range of experiences that everyone can enjoy, whether you’ve been playing for years or are just getting into video games.


Microsoft had a very good month in October, not only outselling the PS3 by almost 2 to 1 but also having the biggest selling game on any platform with Fable II. The affordability of the console is once again pushed home with Microsoft clearly pleased it decided to cut the price before the 2008 holiday season.

Worldwide sales of Gears Of War 2 are mentioned as well as the number of people playing the game on Xbox Live during the first weekend after it was released. As every month, the high attach rate is mentioned, and the press release ends with some talking up of the new Xbox Experience launching on Nov. 19.


Last and definitely least is Sony, which seems to ignore the disastrous month on month sales figures. All three Playstation consoles saw a decline even though October was a longer month than September. But no matter, the spin doctors are on hand to right that situation. Remember kids, statistics can prove anything.

The current sales figures apparently constitute a “consistent momentum”. You could have fooled me. Year to date and year on year figures are talked up while the month to month ones are ignored. The 30 titles released on the PS3 are also mentioned, even though it seems none of them were able to persuade consumers to part with their cash in high numbers.

Yet again, no matter what the actual sales figures are, the companies involved seem to be able to put a positive spin on it all. But we know the truth, which is that Nintendo has the generation sewn up, Microsoft is doing fine, and Sony needs to do something fast or risk being totally left behind. Spin that.

18 Responses to “Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony respond to October NPD”

  1. idiot:

    Even though I support the ps3, I want sony to suffer so they can learn a lesson and really step it up. Cuz thats what I think has to happen in order to change sony’s ways

  2. me too:

    Sony will learn from this and the PS4 will probably be a great console, I just hope they don’t wait too long to release it.

  3. Spideydog:

    It’s not the console that is the problem…. ps3 is an excellent console.

    Its the high price and they are not aggressively trying to sell it for some reason ??

    I think maybe they are trying to squeeze every last bit of juice from the ps2 and let the momentum for the ps3 to slowly build while the ps2 dies, and by then the ps3 will be able to take over.

    This MAY be a reason why they aren’t all that concerned and not advertising it aggressively.??

  4. harry sachz:

    They’re not aggressively advertising it because it’s probably not budgeted for, as they’re losing money hand over fist with the PS3 anyway.

    I believe they should cut their losses and begin planning for the PS4 and get it out before the next Xbox. They’ve lost a lot of customer confidence, as well as studios that used to develop exclusively for the Playstation platform. Even then I believe it’s going to be a hard slog for them, as Microsoft is all about keeping repeat business, and they have taken a large chunk of the pie this generation.

  5. The Future of Sega:

    PS3 sucks. It’s garbage. It’s a piece of shit……..And I don’t like it :P

  6. Spideydog:

    I think that is a little negative Harry… While the ps3 is not selling like “hot cakes” it is still selling well.

    All the companies loose money when they first release their consoles and the ps3 is no different. I don’t know where you get this loss of customer confidence from, people are happy with the system (home is another thing all together) If what you are saying is correct, RROD should have killed the 360, but it didn’t.

    Your point about Sony losing “exclusives” is not because of a loss of confidence, it’s because m$ threw insane amounts of cash at the developers to gain the exclusive for themselves, or go multi platform.

    The ps3 is fine, it is just impossible to live up to the hype and expectation after ps2 and keep the price low (a little like halo 2 and halo 3)

    Not having a go at you Harry, I just think your being a little too harsh !!

  7. harry sachz:


    My point about the loss of customer confidence was derived from the fact that they’ve lost ground this gen, thus less customers are confident in buying a Playstation branded system this gen than they were last gen.

    Your point that MS threw money at developers does have some merit, however on the same token, I am sure some developers have chosen to go multiplatform rather than PS3 exclusive to recoup development costs.

    At the end of the day, the Playstation brand is the more known brand due to the success of the PS1 and PS2, however the PS3 has not reached (or maintained) the heights of it’s predecessors.

    The thing that saved 360 from RROD was the proactive step that Microsoft took in regards to extended warranties and from what i hear, rather fast turnaround. I have never had an issue with my machine, however it’s a good thing to know that if I ever do, I can send it back and expect it back within a week.

    Sure I am a little too harsh, but where’s the fun in being diplomatic all the time??

  8. SW:

    They just need to release at a decent price to fleece the early adopters, but drop it down to the 200 mark. Give it half decent graphics and ‘try’ to appeal to casuals too – keeping the focus of gaming.

    Sounds alot like the ps2…

    This time around in my opinion (yes i purchased a ps3 before my 360…), the ps3 has fine games! BUT! It seems more like a ‘home entertainment’ system as opposed to gaming with a dash of media player like the 360.

    I figure that the image of the ps3, coupled with ms’s buying of exclusives made most ‘gamers’ go to the 360. Whilst the ps2 ‘semi casual’ crowd, still buy games for thier ps2′s (because almost every new game for the ps3/360 has a ps2 version) or have gone with the wii. Oh I alsop believe sony bought thier own hype and thought they were console gods.

  9. Spideydog:

    All good Harry, all good. Besides I will have a 360 at Chrissy anyways (but my heart will stay with PS …. lol)

    Being an ex-pc player (my pc broke – pcRROD) I wanted a gaming system with next gen graphics and play so anything less than a 360 or ps3, I am not interested in (ie, wii)

  10. harry sachz:

    My friend’s retarded nephew has a Wii. He seems to like it.

  11. Barnabe Jones:

    The NPD is only North America. Yes – it is a massive market, but it is only a snap shot of the market as a whole.

    That said I would be happy if either beats the Wii, but unfortunately I’m not sure that is going to happen at this point.

  12. SW:

    Wii will slaughter all this gen.

    And when (if) the sales taper off from the wii… I don’t think it will give the ps3 or 360 any kind of a significant sales boost.

  13. Barnabe Jones:

    I think you are right. The 360/PS3 is an entirely different market than the Wii.

  14. Arvis:

    I’m still sad the Wii is selling so well. It’s Gaming Death in a little white box, people!!!


  15. SW:

    I actually agree arvis. It scares me to think that gaming could go the way of hollywood (more crap that gold) when manufacturers/developers realize that the ‘casual gamer’ can give them alot of sales.

    I’m just hoping that huge releases such as halo, gears, GTA, etc etc show them that ‘hardcore gamers’ are willing to buy tonnes of HIGH QUALITY games!

  16. Barnabe Jones:

    SW & Arvis: I fully agree with both of you. As you said, the massive success of triple a titles, coupled with the fact that third party exclusives on the Wii tend to bomb – should mean that hardcore gamming should continue and will not be destroyed by this casual phase.

  17. Arvis:

    SW & Jones (sounds like a law firm),

    I’ve been worried about this since my roommate got his Wii shortly after release. It didn’t take me long to realize exactly what sort of console it was becoming. I hope it turns out to be mostly a fad, with the general public moving on to something else in a few years, leaving the crux of gaming largely untouched. Still… like SW said, look at Hollywood…

    And to think I actually supported the Wii before launch…


    P.S. My roommate has actually become pretty addicted to Valkyria Chronicles lately, so there is hope! The Wii, though, is still good for multiplayer Brawl and Kart sessions, just like its father, and its father before it.

  18. Barnabe Jones:

    I think part of the Wii’s appeal and massive success is due to the local multiplayer aspect of it. There is no denying that it is fun to sit around with other people and play Sports, Mario Kart, or Brawl. I just wished that both Nintendo and Third Party developers took the console more seriously. Instead it is being used as a dumping ground for cheaply made shovelware.

    It’s funny to compare the Wii to the Gamecube. I loved the Gamecube (Zelda, Mario, Eternal Darkness, Resident Evil series, etc). It was a great console that essentially ended up flopping sales wise, due to the lack of developer support. Now, ten years later we have the Wii that is just about the same power wise as the Gamecube. The console now has massive third party support, but the games are total crap – and the console sells in record numbers. I just don’t get it.

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