Playstation Home already plagued by sex – is this a problem?

December 14, 2008

The long-awaited, oft-delayed Playstation Home arrived on the PS3 on December 11, 2008. Apart from some initial problems in connecting to the service, most people have responded positively to the new offering. But after just a few days one problem seems to be sticking out like a sore thumb: sex.

When I say sex I don’t mean full on virtual sex like the kind you find in Second Life. In fact, you can’t seem to walk far down the street in Second Life without being approached by a naked person trying to show you their bits. The sex present in Home is more of the horny teenager getting nowhere variety.

Silicon Alley Insider details the issue and posts a video of the kind of thing that is happening. As you can see from the embed below, the few females in the game (as cool as gamer girls are they still only make up a small minority of gamers) are being surrounded by the numerous males in something akin to a display of masculinity. With Home this is made possible by dancing.

Obviously, this video is quite funny, as are the numerous scenes of this happening in Home around the world. But is it a problem? With Home being seen as another way for Sony to draw in PS3 buyers, the service has to be as inclusive and family-friendly as possible. Are men getting trying to pull girls really all that universal?

It was always going to happen as sex is a huge part of everyday life. Sony obviously knew this likelihood, which is why it changed its PS3 terms of use before Home was released onto the great unwashed. But what constitutes going too far on Home? The guys in the video are doing no more than can be seen every weekend in any club in any city in the world. Is it worse because Home is a virtual world for all?

I’d hate to see Home users having their access taken away or account deleted because they were hitting on a girl, something they could do in the real world without reprisals. But harassment isn’t something tolerated in the real world and so probably shouldn’t be in Home. I may sound like an old man who needs to chill his boots and maybe that’s it – I’m just jealous of the young studs getting all the action.

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