Playstation Home already plagued by sex – is this a problem?

December 14, 2008

The long-awaited, oft-delayed Playstation Home arrived on the PS3 on December 11, 2008. Apart from some initial problems in connecting to the service, most people have responded positively to the new offering. But after just a few days one problem seems to be sticking out like a sore thumb: sex.

When I say sex I don’t mean full on virtual sex like the kind you find in Second Life. In fact, you can’t seem to walk far down the street in Second Life without being approached by a naked person trying to show you their bits. The sex present in Home is more of the horny teenager getting nowhere variety.

Silicon Alley Insider details the issue and posts a video of the kind of thing that is happening. As you can see from the embed below, the few females in the game (as cool as gamer girls are they still only make up a small minority of gamers) are being surrounded by the numerous males in something akin to a display of masculinity. With Home this is made possible by dancing.

Obviously, this video is quite funny, as are the numerous scenes of this happening in Home around the world. But is it a problem? With Home being seen as another way for Sony to draw in PS3 buyers, the service has to be as inclusive and family-friendly as possible. Are men getting trying to pull girls really all that universal?

It was always going to happen as sex is a huge part of everyday life. Sony obviously knew this likelihood, which is why it changed its PS3 terms of use before Home was released onto the great unwashed. But what constitutes going too far on Home? The guys in the video are doing no more than can be seen every weekend in any club in any city in the world. Is it worse because Home is a virtual world for all?

I’d hate to see Home users having their access taken away or account deleted because they were hitting on a girl, something they could do in the real world without reprisals. But harassment isn’t something tolerated in the real world and so probably shouldn’t be in Home. I may sound like an old man who needs to chill his boots and maybe that’s it – I’m just jealous of the young studs getting all the action.

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  1. harry sachz:

    hahahahaha @ the guy bending over at the end of the clip.

  2. darkwhitehair:

    wait… we are NOT SUPPOSED TO GRIND TO RANDOM PEOPLE!!! I didnt know that…

  3. Matt:

    Is it a problem?

    Yes, besides the fact its rude (how many people here want to play something like this and have tons of people come up to you randomly?) it IS disrespectful.

    These guys could do it in real life, sure. But if they did it to a woman that complained, they could end up in some trouble, serious trouble in a large group like that, for that matter.

    Will anything be done about it?

    No, its too hard to try to do anything about it. It would be easier for Sony to let the female players change to looking like men or just quit playing (and they don’t need to spend as much in that case, since the servers have fewer people) than ban the people that do this.

  4. SW:

    Who cares. Its the influx of younger users.

    Also, the player can warp out at any time to any other zone.

  5. harry sachz:

    Where has Ivan been lately?

  6. Kradie:

    Sony should make more servers available for their users to pick from. Like, one Family Friendly, and one Insolent Reality or something.

  7. Bourne:

    Its stuff like this that means i won’t play it around my family. I Think they ought to add to their repertoire of words that can’t be used. But it was fairly obvious that this was going to happen, i mean people created cock levels on LBP so this was really inevitable. I bet half the girls on there are actually just guys pretending to be girls, suckering in guys just for kicks. But its fairly sad.

  8. CarlB:

    Not sure what constitutes a positive response from most people, but this is a different take from 3 out of 4 on the IGN team:

  9. CarlB:

    IGN Playstation Team that is.

  10. phranctoast:

    Looks like the NYC Puerto Rican Day parade.

  11. ncaissie:

    “Where has Ivan been lately?”

    He is in Home dressed as a girl trying to get the boys to dance for him. LOL

  12. DavidB:

    Like the hubbub over Second Life sex, this will pass us by and soon be long forgotten or so “who cares, move on” that it becomes another non-story.

    And don’t be jealous Dave. Its the only way these “young studs” can get anything approaching “action”. Remember, you may be old but you CAN go to a club. The punks acting like this online can’t go anywhere unless mommy or daddy gives “em a ride.

  13. Bourne:

    Dave your voice is very…black

  14. Royzy:

    The girls are dancing back and clearly loving it. If they didn’t like it, they could always of moved away. If the guys chased them, well, that is a bit different.

    And harry, I was wondering where the hell Ivan has been to. I…kinda miss him.

    Home is a nice addition to the network for when you just want to chill out for a bit in between games and it is free after all. I will use it from time to time, to chase a few female avatars around the mall.

  15. Bourne:

    Royzy has Ivan added you yet? I think he’s confirmed me… but i haven’t seen him on.

  16. kev:

    sony needs to quash this NOW.

    once word gets out that females are being targeted on PSN’s HOME, this will NOT fare well with the parents buying the ps3 for their kids.

    i don’t know about the rest of the world, but the US seems to be on a “sexual predator”-witch hunt. People are LOOKING for a reason to feel fear from the “online predators”. this type of behavior from gamers, young or old, is only something that will underscore those fears.

    sony really can’t afford the negative press this will bring. i’m sure they’ll do something about it. i just hope they do so loudly enough to keep the (self proclaimed) online “watchdogs” of their backs.

    then again, maybe if the ps3 had a better catalog of games, the people would be spending their time gaming online instead of this useless junk….

  17. CAD:

    Bourne that’s what I was thinking. They might be guys dressing up as girls. The world is a scary place.

  18. SW:

    Such a huge over-reaction. So sad.

    CAD – MMORPG – Many men online role playing girls. :)

  19. darkwhitehair:

    holy shit kev… you just totally pwned sony by giving them advice… are you sure Microsoft wont mind you jumping over to their side… youre right… they should shut down this thing they worked on for 2 years… they shouldve shut down PSN when it first arrived… because it didnt have the same functions they do now… they should totally listen to a nobody on the internet… that would make them millions…

    maybe Microsoft will hear my plea and put Halo and gears on the ps3… I can only hope…

  20. CAD:


    That was Funny.

  21. Barnabe Jones:

    This was one of the first things I noted during the Beta. I only saw a few females here and there, but they always had a swarm of guys around them. Now you can write this off as human nature, but what if one of these females is a 12 yr old girl? Is it ok to sexually harass an avatar of a minor? I don’t think so.

    In the end, Home is filled with real people. Real people bring there flaws and problems evolve. Unfortunately I think some sort action may need to be taken. I like the idea of picking from different servers.

  22. darkwhitehair:


    there you go… problem solved… now ONTO THE TEE BAGGING PATCH!!!

  23. harry sachz:

    hahaha SW

  24. Ivan_PSP:

    I accepted and i was shocked add me i currently playing Gears of War 2 and Resistance 2. harry sachz you should add me. And the bs will stop. New Xbox Experience needs serious time to get use to but is good and as for Home is just pure addiction a must have great service.

  25. CAD:

    Wow was that an almost unbias comment from Ivan. Am I sleeping.

  26. CAD:

    Hey Ivan I’ll play Gears with you. C DAWK

  27. kev:

    dwh – this is what happens when you try to create an “open” network.

    wait, it’s gonna get worse. the point is; they need to regulate it more like xbox live in order to considered “safe” by most parents.

    PSN and HOME is in for a very hard time if this continues…. I see lawsuits forthcoming as there are online stalking laws now on the books in NA. This will not end well. quote me.

  28. SW:

    No one will remember this in 2 weeks.

    Home users will trail off anywhoos. The idiot children/teens who are responsible for this will leave as they will get bored with bowling, pool,/watever else and don’t have the money to purchase clothes, apt’s etc. etc.

  29. darkwhitehair:

    I have the solution kev… create the most ugly looking guy in home… no one will bother you… there… problem solved… yes xbox live is regulated.. thats why everytime someone talks about it… all they say is how 12 year olds constantly swear on halo 3… Im sure their parents appreciate that as well…

    what about nintendo?? any way you can prove that theres no pedophiles there?? playing animal crossing or brawl with a 12 year old girl?? you really think the friend code will stop them??

    what about in blorge?? can you prove that assholes like harry and bourne (who doesnt accept fwend request) arent 50 year old guys with german dungeon porn in their closet??

    is anything on the net safe?? no… if parents want to protect their children… put them inside a fuckign bubble… we all know how that worked our for the bubble boy

  30. Wylie77:


    actually John Travolta has gone on to have some successful films. Gotta love Pulp Fiction. Although without Samuel L. Jackson it wouldn’t have been the same.

    Or were you talking about the Bubble Boy that starred Jake Gyllenhaal. He also went on to make some pretty good films. Donny Darko would be my favorite of his films. Never watched Broke Back Mountain, but I hear he did a good job.

  31. kev:

    dwh – comparing playing games online to being sexually harrassed and possibly stalked online is stupid, but not suprising from you.

    Home has been out for less than a week and you ALREADY have large cases of “females” being targetted. it looks to get worse if sony doesn’t do something.

    it’s true the ‘net isn’t 100% safet, but it’s nice to know MS recognized this and took safeguards while sony forgot that there are jerks out there… many with ps3′s apparently…. :)

  32. phranctoast:

    MS took safeguards? when was this?

    Live is filled with bigots, homophobes and 12 year olds who drop the F bomb every other word.

    avatars getting dry humped seems not as bad in comparison.

  33. kev:

    phranctoast – you’re intentionally ignoring the differences in someone talking smack while gaming and online stalkers/sexual harrassment.

    being new to online gaming, i can see how can be confused. besides, it’s not like very many even talk on PSN since the ps3 didn’t give their gamers voicecom, standard, like the 360…

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