PS3 goes 3D while other consoles remain 2D

December 19, 2008

PS3 goes 3D while other consoles remain 2D Some of you may have seen the bit about the stereoscopic 3-D technology during the Video Game Awards. Apparently the technology will make images on the screen appear to be popping out. It is an interesting approach, but such gimmicks may not last in the video game market.

The 3D technology requires a user to purchase stereoscopic glasses, which plug into the PC. Blitz has confirmed that Sony has agreed to fully implement the technology into the PS3. Apparently this will require changes on a bios level. According to Blitz the PS3 is uniquely suited for these changes as the console has the ability to modify the bios via firmware versus other consoles such as the Xbox 360.

This sounds like another gimmick which could fail as badly as the angry red Virtual Boy from Nintendo. However, anything is possible, considering we live in an age where the Nintendo Wii is the dominant console this time around. As many of you may know, the secret to the Wii’s success stems from all of the gimmicks it uses.

I will admit the concept does sound a bit cool to be able to play Warhawk with the planes flying out of the screen. However, I have to see it to be sold on such a gimmick. The Playstation division has tried to woo us in the past with other gimmicks, such as the sixaxis capabilities.

If Sony were to invest in some 3D movies such as Beowulf with Angelina Jolie, then the device would become an instant hit. If the device is implemented correctly and marketed properly I do see the potential in such a device. According to the report, Sony plans on implementing the device in 2009. It seems we will just have to see if it can deliver on its promise next year.

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  1. harry sachz:


  2. SW:

    Almost as silly as rumble…

    Give sony a break. Who’d have thought ‘rumble’ would’ve become so important – but it did (to 360 bots – well until the dualshock 3 was released, not such a big deal now…).

    It could bring a new dimension to games, just like feedback (aka rumble) did.

    Do I think it will take off? Probably not. If its REALLY cheap the implement on the hardware AND software side (i.e not a whole shit load of dev time), and is debuted with something like GoW 3 or another blockbuster then maybe it will take off.

    I’d like to try it tho :D

  3. me too:

    You guys know you need twice the graphics power to do this kind of thing. Sure you could play Warhawk but you’d be playing at 15 frames a second or you’d be playing it at 480p.

  4. CAD:

    Didn’t Ubisoft said they were making a 3D game for the 360 earlier this year and that they had it working and it would be released next year. So how is this new.

  5. CAD:

  6. CAD:

    3D Xbox 360 games up and running at Ubisoft

    James Cameron, director of hit movies Aliens, Terminator and Titanic, has revealed that Ubisoft has a 3D version of forthcoming title Avatar up and running on Xbox 360 consoles, reports Cnet.

    The game is a tie-in to Cameron’s 3D Avatar movie, due for release in 2009, and is anticipated to be one of the biggest films to make use of the new stereoscopic film projectors being fitted in US movie theatres.

    “Stereo production is the next big thing,” said Cameron during a speech as part of Microsoft’s Advance 08 advertising conference. “We are born seeing in three dimensions. Most animals have two eyes and not one. There is a reason I think.”

    Cameron believes 3D will help games become more immersive, and he also suggested that displays for laptops, phones and Microsoft’s Zune could go stereoscopic without special glasses.

    “You are in the game,” he said. “This is the ultimate immersive media.”

    Ubisoft announced last summer that it had acquired the rights to Avatar, with CEO Yves Guillemot suggesting the game would be a “unique interactive experience.”

  7. metal:

    This is a big story, who is your source?

  8. Bourne:

    Hmmm i thought it was silly until you mentioned warhawk. Combined with dualshock AND sixaxis the 3D in Warhawk could be awesome. When people fire rockets at your planes and you dodge them, they’d feel like they’re whizzing past your face, and the same when people are firing at you with a machine gun on the ground.

  9. CarlB:

    “The SMS’s most interesting accessory was the Sega 3D Glasses, which was quite innovative at the time of its release. Gamers raved about them (and still do), because they provided a very immersive experience. Unfortunately, only six 3D games (Blade Eagle 3D, Maze Hunter 3D, Missile Defense 3D, Space Harrier 3D, Poseidon Wars 3D, and Zaxxon 3D) were released, and the glasses only worked with the first version of the SMS (SMS I). It never gained too much of a foothold, mostly because the SMS wasn’t that popular to begin with. VictorMaxx also released a similar “VR” device (although it was more of a helmet) called the StuntMaster.”

    Of course the technology has matured and gone through generations as have consoles:

    “there have, in fact, been four generations leading up to today’s 3-D glasses.

    The first generation modified the games themselves to make them compatible with stereoscopic 3-D. The games’ creators had to specifically support each type of LCD glasses — hardly an ideal situation. There was no guarantee that the glasses you’d bought would work with your favorite game. As you can imagine, that didn’t appeal to many people; so a second solution was developed.

    This second solution was to override the game, actually taking over the computer’s screen and altering what was displayed. As far as the game was concerned, it was just doing what it normally did, except, of course, that some of the computer’s time was taken up processing the image to make it 3-D. The result was slower performance and low-resolution, blocky images. It did work with hundreds of games, though, and that was a definite improvement.

    The third generation worked in a similar way, modifying the graphics driver but also maintaining the resolution of the images — no more blocky graphics! Unfortunately, it wasn’t compatible with many games, though it was a definite forerunner to the 3-D glasses we have nowadays.

    In the fourth-generation models, compatibility is high, the complicated work is done by the graphics card, and the lightweight LCD glasses flick so rapidly between the two images that all we see is crystal-clear, 3-D images.”

    A few problems remain, but if they are overcome and the tech is incorporated well the glasses should be able to provide a quality gaming experience, for about $100+:


    High quality shutter glasses provide the best 3D experience. this solution have been used in the most sensitive environments like medical operations, military applications and automobile modeling. Priced at $1000 per unit, the shutter glasses were beyond the reach of entertainment users, and until XpanD came up with the Cinema Glasses in 2005 the shutter glasses quality was not achievable in entertainment environment.

    High quality shutter glasses completely eliminates “ghosting” which is a critical problem in 3D. the fact that shutter glasses do not permits a small amount of light to transmit from eye to eye, the users experience perfect images from the alternate channel.

    High quality shutter glasses completely eliminates “color bending” which can typically be seen with polarized 3D systems.

    Quality assurance

    There are many manufacturers of active glasses. The glasses differ in their light efficiency, lance size and transitions rate. the only manufactures that deliver high quality glasses are XpanD and CrystalEyes (part or RealD). priced at $100 (XpanD) and $600 (CrystalEyes) they deliver suburb quality. most of the 3D post production houses and stenographers use high quality shutter glasses in their daily work. Low quality glasses such as Nvidia 3D glasses, IO glasses, DDD glasses and more, provide a fun experience, but not long term user capabilities.


    The problems associated are the cost for the Glasses, and that the flickering can be noticeable if the Glasses are of low-quality or if the refresh rate of the display is less then 120 frames per second, as each eye is effectively receiving only half of the monitor’s actual refresh rate.

    Until recently, the method only worked with CRT monitors; some modern flat-panel monitors now support high enough refresh rates to work with some LC shutter systems.

    Because shutter glasses require a screen refresh rate twice that of a normal display, extremely high performance graphics technology is required to support it. Most inexpensive products advertised as being shutter-glasses compatible are only capable of 120Hz refresh, equivalent to the industry minimum of 60 frames per second. But on a standard CRT, 60 Hz is slightly too slow and the flickering is often readily apparent when looking away and the screen is in the periphery of the visual field. Long-term viewing of 60 Hz refresh on a CRT can lead to headaches and eye strain.

    Like the SMS, PS3 will probably see only a few games incorporate this (I’ll guess 10-30 over it’s entire lifetime).

  10. phranctoast:

    I’ve seen this done in PC’s and the result was pretty cool. I’m just worried that games wouldn’t be made to support the feature.

  11. Barnabe Jones:

    I’m filing under cautiously optimistic. I would have to have some hands on time with it. If done right, it could be a very cool feature.

  12. Barnabe Jones:

    Mike – This is my first end of year at GamerBlorge… will you do some kind of Best of 2008 awards? You should make MGS4 game of the year… that would make things fun

  13. Happyhockum:

    Ifs, buts and maybes.

    There’s nothing concrete happening here from what I can see.

    No 3D game has been announced and nothing definte is guaranteed.

    I’ll wait and see but the comment “PS3 goes 3D while other consoles remain 2D” is clearly wrong as CAD has rightly pointed out.

    In fact the XBox version looks to be more concrete with talk of an actual game coming, not just a tie-in to look at the tech.

  14. phranctoast:

    He kind of predicted who would win for the VGA on spike. Its almost the same.

  15. phranctoast:

    At what point was avatar a xbox 360 exclusive?

  16. CarlB:

    One step closer to the holodeck, but the nanodeck (nanotech creating an actual environment) will be the real deal.

    Here’s a guess:

    2010 – 3D glasses good enough for mainstream.
    2020 – Holodeck price/performance practical for visual sim.
    2030/40 – Nanodeck price/performance practical physical.

  17. Wylie77:

    I think this would be more popular in Japan. I read somewhere that they have developed a 3D TV over there. Not selling very well do to not very many programs were being broadcast in 3D, or maybe because of the pure stupidity of the idea. Who wants to watch everything in 3D!

    The Avatar game is based on a movie? Well I’m sure it will be a great game then. How many movies to games ever turn out very well. I know, there is a small hand full, but not many.

  18. kev:

    uh…mike….you might want to research your headline…..

    how these guys keep their jobs is beyond me.. lol.

  19. Royzy:

    3D has a lot to prove yet, I’ll just sit and wait.

    I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. Timesplitters 4 = Cancelled, because Free Radical have closed down. Why did they have to make Haze and cause all the publisher’s run away?! WHY?!

  20. phranctoast:

    why did they have to make haze suck is a better question……. Free Radical the ones behind Golden Eye and Timesplitters series make a shitty game????? Who would have guessed!!!!

    It would be like Bungie coming out with a spinoff on Halo and it selling extremely poor.

  21. CarlB:


    “Who wants to watch everything in 3D!”

    Who wanted to watch everything in motion back in the late nineteenth century?

    “pure stupidity”

    queue Eeyore: “why bother?”

  22. CarlB:


    Maybe you should submit a story and show them how it is done?

    Ah, but then I answered your question: because you are not writing articles for Blorge, just commenting on them.

    It is very kind of you kev, really, to let them keep their jobs.

  23. darkwhitehair:

    hahahah nice carl…

    Im being “cautiously optimistic” about this… I probably wont buy it on the first day… let the early adopters work the kinks out…

  24. darkwhitehair:

    GUYS GUYS!!!

    while taking a crap today.. I had an epiphany… I only 23% of the trophies in GTA 4… why dont we get online and play the multiplayer and get the multiplayer trophies??

    Whaddoya say??? royzy… can you stop humping wipeout HD for one secong to play GTA 4 with me??


  25. SW:

    I say hump wipeout until your tanks are empty.

    Zone mode alone is worthy of humpage. Especially when it goes orange/red. Rawr.

  26. kev:

    carlb- they don’t work for me so their jobs aren’t mine to take, genius… but thanks for playing.. :)

  27. darkwhitehair:

    dear sweet naive kev… because of flamer trolls like you… more people comment on this site… so they get more views and therefore more money… now we could go along and keep on this useless talk about the consoles and their companies… or we could use this to talk about the games… and set up play dates on the network…

    I vote for GTA 4 multiplayer…

    seriously… the last 108 post on that article… who did it help??

  28. darkwhitehair:

    also… did you guys listen to the podtoid yet?? they make some pretty good points… and destructoid people are really funny… LISTEN TO IT!!!

  29. kev:

    dwh -that’s exactly why i come. i get some really great laughs out of this site. i just want them to get paid for it. :)

    their industry knowledge is sorely lacking tho..

  30. darkwhitehair:

    yes… and Im sure you have a lot of industry knowledge… which is why you share it in here… instead of places like NeoGaf…

    its very honorable… now if only I gave a shit to all the corporate bullshit… it would make your life worthwhile…

  31. darkwhitehair:

    I remember Sly 3 was “3D” with the glasses… since I played the pirated copy… I didnt have the glasses… but still an awesome game…

  32. phranctoast:

    there was a 3d contra game on the ps1.

  33. Royzy:

    dwh – I gotta say considering I restarted GTA recently to get the trophies, now is a good a time as ever to do it. Though I really should be out buying some xmas presents.

    Wipeout is so worth the humpage and I really want to get to Zone Zeus.

    So yeh, let’s multiplayer it up on GTA. Does multiplayer add to your ‘main game save’s playing time? Because I want to make sure I get the complete story in 30 hours one too (didn’t play far before, so don’t know how long story is).

    Wouldn’t mind getting Prince of Persia too, because it is colourful… and has trophies [jizzes].

  34. nraudigy2:

    Rofl mike. Sony is paying him with every one of his header, so he doesn’t cares.

  35. darkwhitehair:

    um… Royzy… better rent Prince of Persia… if you have any other game in mind…

    also… I rushed through the game… not completely… I did do all the side missions… just not the “going out” with fwends and calling them for a job or assassination missions… did one or two of them a day… it wont take you long… but lets get some more people in GTA 4… cmon bourne and arvis/pelvis… lets kill some coppers…

  36. SW:

    PoP is fun.

    My problem is the repetition. Enter area, waste boss, go back thru area collecting new spheres.

    Rinse. Repeat.

    Someone needs to create a new adventure-rpg game tho with that type of platforming. Be awesome.

  37. DavidB:

    1 word answer…pr0n.

    Just imagine the games that could developed, not to mention what could be done with Home with a 3D capability!

  38. Royzy:

    SW, Is collecting the spheres fun though? As long as it is fun, and takes a while, I’ll be happy.

    Unlike Assassin’s Creed, where it is short and the ‘missions’ sucked even before you found out you had to do them again and again for each boss. I really like the free running in Ass Creed, but there wasn’t much incentive to look for those flags afterwards.

    dwh, I’ll stick on the straight and narrow whilst playing the story then.

  39. SW:

    Its kind of fun.

    The game itself is a really cool platformer, BUT its quite hard to screw up. The only times you do is if you try to jump somewhere you shouldn’t or miss time a wall jump.

    I dunno, i found it really fun for the first 2-3 hours, now i have no drive to play it anymore at all.

  40. CarlB:


    They don’t have to work for you in order for you to take their jobs, genius.

    I will break it down for you:

    Since you are so perfect (i.e. “how these guys keep their jobs is beyond me.. lol.”), you can write for blorge in your spare time and nobody else but you would get any hits because of your divine perfection and journalistic integrity.

    You are welcome, though I must say there really is no challenge. Maybe you could learn something, stop displaying symptoms of dyslexia, and step it up a notch or two? :D

  41. Shimynor:

    What is this all about? All other consoles will soon catch up I think! :)

  42. CarlB:

    Catch up to what?

  43. Royzy:

    I don’t think he/she read the article perhaps.

    SW, I couldn’t think of an answer for a Christmas present earlier, so I just said PoP for the hell of it. I look forward to a few hours of running, jumping and looking nice.

  44. kev:

    carlb – the point of my comment is that they are completely WRONG in claiming the ps3 is the only one moving to 3d when the 360 has already been in the works before the ps3….

    dyslexia? what are you brain damaged? what was dyslexic about my post? good gawed carl…you’re becoming as bad as the ps3 fanboys who know little of the ps3 and even less of the industry…

  45. CarlB:


    They are wrong on that point. I guess I just saw it as wrong the way you were criticizing the authors of the site instead of sticking to your point. They are not perfect, but they do keep us coming back to comment.

    And sorry, I am not usually one for personal attacks. I took you too literally, and you misread my response. Even?

  46. Barnabe Jones:

    I would like cooler looking glasses. Maybe a pair of aviators? Those pictured are really not my style.

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