PS3 goes 3D while other consoles remain 2D

December 19, 2008

PS3 goes 3D while other consoles remain 2D Some of you may have seen the bit about the stereoscopic 3-D technology during the Video Game Awards. Apparently the technology will make images on the screen appear to be popping out. It is an interesting approach, but such gimmicks may not last in the video game market.

The 3D technology requires a user to purchase stereoscopic glasses, which plug into the PC. Blitz has confirmed that Sony has agreed to fully implement the technology into the PS3. Apparently this will require changes on a bios level. According to Blitz the PS3 is uniquely suited for these changes as the console has the ability to modify the bios via firmware versus other consoles such as the Xbox 360.

This sounds like another gimmick which could fail as badly as the angry red Virtual Boy from Nintendo. However, anything is possible, considering we live in an age where the Nintendo Wii is the dominant console this time around. As many of you may know, the secret to the Wii’s success stems from all of the gimmicks it uses.

I will admit the concept does sound a bit cool to be able to play Warhawk with the planes flying out of the screen. However, I have to see it to be sold on such a gimmick. The Playstation division has tried to woo us in the past with other gimmicks, such as the sixaxis capabilities.

If Sony were to invest in some 3D movies such as Beowulf with Angelina Jolie, then the device would become an instant hit. If the device is implemented correctly and marketed properly I do see the potential in such a device. According to the report, Sony plans on implementing the device in 2009. It seems we will just have to see if it can deliver on its promise next year.

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