Sony: Killzone 2 most impressive on any platform

February 20, 2009

Sony: Killzone 2 most impressive on any platform Killzone 2, one of the most anticipated titles of this year seems to be getting quite the attention. The game is picking up even more steam as the days count down to its launch next week. with two gigabytes worth of textures per level, there is little doubt that the game truly is a technical marvel. But the question still remains – can the game deliver? 

Scott Steinberg, head of Sony marketing indicated today that he is confident that Killzone 2 will “inspire” those sitting on the fence to go out and buy a PS3. He said that this game is a true testament as to what “Only on PlayStation” means. He also made the bold claim that Killzone 2 “is one of the most impressive games in recent memory – on any platform.”

Steinberg also revealed today that the marketing team has been hard at work on coming up with a marketing strategy for Killzone 2. The team actually flew overseas to meet with the development team to come up with an innovative idea to market the game. The studio created an interactive demo of the commercial that is planned to air soon (see below).



The thing that impressed me so much is how detailed the texture maps were even while being extremely close up. In just about every game out there except Metal Gear Solid 4 (in-game texture zoom option), if you get too close up to a texture you start seeing pixelation. I suppose that is why there is about 2GB worth of textures per level due to the reduced compression.

The team wanted to highlight the technical capabilities of the Killzone 2 engine and also prove without a doubt that the commercial was developed with the in-game engine. Sony will be releasing an interactive version of the commercial where gamers can rotate the camera within the engine and listen to commentary describing the technology behind it.

He states:

At the risk of stating the obvious – the Killzone 2 engine is phenomenally powerful. To offer you some insight into the technology behind this game, we will release a playable version of this in-engine ad vignette on the PlayStation Network coming in March. You’ll be able to control the camera and hear director commentary on how the production was completed using only the game’s technology. The project codename is “Killzone in 4-D” – hope you can check it out.

It seems that I may have spoken too soon when I criticized Sony for the lack of advertising Killzone 2 in the States the other day. Steinberg revealed that the new ads will start airing tomorrow. He also confirmed that they are planning on airing the ad during UFC 95, Saturday. The marketing team looks to have brought their A-game for Killzone 2. I just wished that they had done the same for past titles. It also seems that Sony may be onto something with the interactive commercial idea.

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