Sony: Killzone 2 most impressive on any platform

February 20, 2009

Sony: Killzone 2 most impressive on any platform Killzone 2, one of the most anticipated titles of this year seems to be getting quite the attention. The game is picking up even more steam as the days count down to its launch next week. with two gigabytes worth of textures per level, there is little doubt that the game truly is a technical marvel. But the question still remains – can the game deliver? 

Scott Steinberg, head of Sony marketing indicated today that he is confident that Killzone 2 will “inspire” those sitting on the fence to go out and buy a PS3. He said that this game is a true testament as to what “Only on PlayStation” means. He also made the bold claim that Killzone 2 “is one of the most impressive games in recent memory – on any platform.”

Steinberg also revealed today that the marketing team has been hard at work on coming up with a marketing strategy for Killzone 2. The team actually flew overseas to meet with the development team to come up with an innovative idea to market the game. The studio created an interactive demo of the commercial that is planned to air soon (see below).



The thing that impressed me so much is how detailed the texture maps were even while being extremely close up. In just about every game out there except Metal Gear Solid 4 (in-game texture zoom option), if you get too close up to a texture you start seeing pixelation. I suppose that is why there is about 2GB worth of textures per level due to the reduced compression.

The team wanted to highlight the technical capabilities of the Killzone 2 engine and also prove without a doubt that the commercial was developed with the in-game engine. Sony will be releasing an interactive version of the commercial where gamers can rotate the camera within the engine and listen to commentary describing the technology behind it.

He states:

At the risk of stating the obvious – the Killzone 2 engine is phenomenally powerful. To offer you some insight into the technology behind this game, we will release a playable version of this in-engine ad vignette on the PlayStation Network coming in March. You’ll be able to control the camera and hear director commentary on how the production was completed using only the game’s technology. The project codename is “Killzone in 4-D” – hope you can check it out.

It seems that I may have spoken too soon when I criticized Sony for the lack of advertising Killzone 2 in the States the other day. Steinberg revealed that the new ads will start airing tomorrow. He also confirmed that they are planning on airing the ad during UFC 95, Saturday. The marketing team looks to have brought their A-game for Killzone 2. I just wished that they had done the same for past titles. It also seems that Sony may be onto something with the interactive commercial idea.

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  1. kevo:

    friends all around me are starting to get ps3 and its because of the hype ps3 is getting with all the games coming out this year and of course that its da best money can buy PEOPLE PERIOD

  2. darkwhitehair:

    the ad sucks…

  3. chillyfish:

    8th on Metacritic.

    Not bad, but not “the-best-game-evar” either.

    …resume hype.

  4. SW:

    “we will release a playable version of this in-engine ad vignette on the PlayStation Network coming in March.”

    Very cool!

    ’8th on Metacritic.’

    8th on of a list of 290 games is just ‘not bad’. Right-o then.

  5. Zoar:

    Wow! Very good ad!

  6. phranctoast:

    They should have just shown in game footage. That’s impressive enough to sell the game.

  7. Royzy:

    Killzone in 4-D sounds awesome if it is a making-of kinda thing.

    I liked the videos they had for the making of Uncharted on the PSN. They had the sort of stuff I’ll hopefully end up doing.

  8. CAD:

    I’m under the impression that Playstation People are not use to seeing textures. This need to emphise the 2 Gig of texture per level is ludacris. We all know that Sony knows shit all about compression and that compressed files on a bluray means longer load times. It means absolutely nothing. One screen shot of Gears will show you what texture really is. I also agree that the commericial sucks. That is what’s suppose to make me get off my ass and buy a Playstation 3!

  9. kevo:

    i just wish master chief was on the receiving end of the bullet juss to let halo geek’s know who’s in boss now!HAHAHA

  10. phranctoast:

    The reviews certainly aren’t making you want the game nor is the countless videos you could simply obtain off the net…..why would anyone think you’d get off your ass to buy a ps3 for anything. It could print money and you’d still find a way to criticize…

    errrr.. Ps3 is going to cause inflation.

  11. kev:

    mike – please stop with your editing of quotes. he said “one of the….” your title does not say this…

    further proof that sony fans are the least ethical and most dishonest of any game fan.

  12. kev:

    CAD – the textures hype is just that. it holds ZERO bearing on what a game looks like or how it compares to others.

    sony was the one who started the “bit”-war of older consoles as a marketting point. they’re trying it again here.

    if the textures were really that groundbreaking, the game would speak for itself…but it doesn’t…

    it’s a good looking game, no doubt, but hardly the groundbreaking, evolutionary, gaming experience that was promised by sony and their fanboys…

  13. kevo:

    oh shut the fuck up…u know this game is goin to sell millions even with a shitty marketing strategy cause it is ground breaking the game i heard looks better than the demo so eat it!!

  14. phranctoast:

    Sega started the bit war (16 bit plastered on their Genesis). 32X anyone????

    I recall Jaguar claiming to be the first to reach 64 bit. Nintendo 64??

    You lack of memory makes me believe you sleep with your bong.

    High rex textures > Low rez textures.
    High rex textures memory > low rex texture memory

    compression can only get you so far. There are better ways to optimize, but to simply say that “texture hype” in regard to size of texture hold zero bearing on how a game looks is wrong.

  15. kevo:

    this game will take a plentiful dump on crysis

  16. kev:

    phranc – i thought sony beat sega to market with the playstation over the saturn. forgot about carts….

    regardless, if the lighting and mapping itself is poor (normal mappping, bump mapping), the amount of textures is pointless.

    it’s dependent on other variables…so by itself…zero…

    the game itself has shown nothing that’s not currently in other console’s games. this wouldn’t be the case if you were correct…

    i agree it’s ONE of the most impressive on the ps3, but the title of this article is very dishonest.

  17. phranctoast:

    I would say it’s the most impressive graphically over any console game I’ve seen. PC games are another story.

    I also only played the demo and didn’t get the chance to play online. To me it looks like a graphically impressive FPS. What will it do to distinguish itself from other FPS’s with something other than graphics…… Ill have to wait until next Friday to find out.

  18. kev:

    “I would say it’s the most impressive graphically over any console game I’ve seen. ”

    this is because you don’t own an xbox 360.

    it’s odd because even sony’s pr doesn’t make the claim you do….

  19. phranctoast:

    You make it sound like 360 games are some crazy mystery. I know plenty of people with 360′s and HD TV’s and the Gears series appears to me to be the most graphically impressive on that system.

    Killzone2 however looks better.

    Have you seen it yet on something other than a video online?
    I really can’t see how someone, unless they’re visually impaired (or fanboy blinded), claim that Gears looks better than Killzone2.

    Don’t take my word. Reviewers have said it.

  20. Barnabe Jones:

    Crap! There’s no way I’ll have FallOut finished by the 27th.

  21. phranctoast:

    Just finished Bioshock last night. I’m sick so it looks like I can get some gaming happening this weekend rather than go out to the bar. Still need to borrow Fallout 3 from friend. Got Soul Caliber 4 for dirt cheap since Circuit City is closing.

  22. Barnabe Jones:

    I really liked Bioshcock. I think I might even buy the DLC for it at some point.

    Soul Calbur is great. How was the Circuit City sale? I’ll have to swing by and check that out soon.

  23. Royzy:

    “regardless, if the lighting and mapping itself is poor (normal mappping, bump mapping), the amount of textures is pointless.”

    kev, very true, but the lighting (particularly) and mapping in Killzone 2 is very good.

    Barnabe, maybe we were a bit optimistic buying Fallout 3 now. Nevermind ey! Bioshock I will probably return to later on. I bought it at the wrong time and never really got a chance to get into it.

  24. phranctoast:

    got the game for $15.. can’t go wrong. Still need to open it…lol. I tend to try and finish games before I go on to the next.

  25. Arvis:

    Kev said: “further proof that sony fans are the least ethical and most dishonest of any game fan”

    Kev, I literally did laugh out loud when I read that. I really have to believe you were making a joke, otherwise I would begin sobbing.

    You’re not going to start generalizing Jews and black people, are you?


  26. darkwhitehair:

    ohhh no… wait… Arvis can we do that??? cus I have a lot of grievances about Jews and Black people…

  27. phranctoast:

    I was going to send out the NY post cartoon to Zoar after his last Obama stamp post, but i thought better of it.

  28. darkwhitehair:

    hahahahhaahah I got some problems with that cartoon…

    where were all these people when they were drawing cartoons of Bush like a monkey?? its like the N word… some can say it… others cant…

    I guess they wouldve bitched about it if someone drew a picture of Bush in a cracker or something…

  29. phranctoast:

    that’s great DWH. I was thinking about Bush and the Monkey thing too when I first saw it, and considering he made the first stimulus bill it made sense it that respect.

  30. CAD:

    OK so yes Killzone 2 looks great. But there is nothing fancy about it and the developers were lazy in the design of the game and took the easy way out according to a Developer who makes games and gives his opinion on the difference between Gears of War 2 and Killzone 2.

    “I don’t mean to discredit Guerilla Games, but they took the easy route. Killzone 2 looks this good because it is easier to make this type of game look good. It is a game with very little organic and natural figures. I bet they have at least one in there, but for the most part, the game has no trees. The game also lacks vegetation and features very little landscape. Why is this important? Simple, organic content is very hard to make look good and takes a lot of power. Trees in particular require a lot of power to render properly.”

    ” Count how much organic matter you see. Count the number of round edges. Not many, huh? This looks good, but it is just plain geometry. Geometry is very easy to render and take up very little space in memory. Also, notice the similar color scheme. The same textures are being used over and over, and although they look different, it is a result of them stacking multiple textures on top of each other.”

    “If killzone 2 were running on its engine on the PS3 and the exact same game on Epic’s engine on the Xbox 360, I have no doubt that Killzone 2 would look better on the PS3. However, the difference would not be by much. Due to its smaller OS, the Xbox 360 has more memory available to it than Killzone 2. Killzone 2 on the PS3 would probably have a bit more going on on the screen at the same time but the Xbox 360 version would have higher resolution textures. GoWII on the PS3 however would be identical to the Xbox 360 version with slightly blurrier textures. Granted, Killzone 2 on the 360 would probably take up 2 discs unless procedural synthesis was used (which would require all the art to be remade from scratch). With procedural synthesis, developers can fit Gigabytes of information in a few hundred megabytes. There is a 96KB game(.kkrieger) that fits 200MB of data into it due to its use of procedural synthesis.”

    “Yes, Killzone 2 does have a very advanced engine and it does make great use of the Cell processor, however, it mainly looks the way it does because of the art style. Not only did it take the safe path, but it also (in my opinion) selected a superior color palette. Based on what I saw from the demo and other Xbox 360 games, I think that it *can* be done on the Xbox 360, it would just take as long as the PS3 version. If they use procedural synthesis, it would take longer. If they don’t, it would have to ship on multiple DVDs. I know this won’t end the Killzone 2 exaggeration. The game looks very good and is my pick for best looking game out there, but it is not as drastic as people make it out to be.”

  31. darkwhitehair:

    its the same as when South Park was censored from showing a cartoon of Muhammad… but Comedy Central was fine with them showing a cartoon of Jesus and the-then prez shitting on the American flag…

    its pisses me off..


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