GDC 09: PS3 selling game en route and Gears 2 DLC exposed

March 25, 2009

GDC 09: PS3 selling game and Gears 2 DLC exposed With GDC in full swing many have been expecting blockbuster level news to come out of the conference. However, so far its been as mild as any other conference out there, with session after session. I wouldn’t tune completely out just yet, as there are a few rumors that look like they just might be true.

Before the GDC started, gamers were expecting a plethora of news to be coming out of the conference. However, it is day two and nothing groundbreaking has come out of the conference yet. It has been like any other conference, with morning and afternoons filled with sessions where developers are talking about industry best practices.

Although, some rumors have actually started to pick up steam such as this mysterious bombshell Sony is set to drop during the conference. It’s difficult to say if there is any merit to the rumor, but apparently Sony is set to announce a game that will move PS3s. Some have speculated that it could be Grand Theft Auto V or Metal Gear Solid V.

Another likely rumor that has been picking up steam could be related to Gears of War 2. According to the rumor, Gears 2 will be getting a nice expansive DLC coming out soon. If true, it could be in the form of a map pack or a single player expansion. Geoff Keighley said something interesting earlier on his Twitter. He said that he found it interesting that Variety is not expecting any “Gears of War 2-level” announcements. He also goes on to state that they are wrong.

It will be interesting to see if the announcement is literally an actual Gears of War 2 level or expansion pack. Forum posters have seen Gears of War 2: Dark Corners listed on the Marketplace in Japan earlier in the day. Considering that Microsoft is horrible at keeping secrets, this rumor has more weight than anything else. Make sure to stay tuned for more news coming out of GDC.

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