GDC 09: PS3 selling game en route and Gears 2 DLC exposed

March 25, 2009

GDC 09: PS3 selling game and Gears 2 DLC exposed With GDC in full swing many have been expecting blockbuster level news to come out of the conference. However, so far its been as mild as any other conference out there, with session after session. I wouldn’t tune completely out just yet, as there are a few rumors that look like they just might be true.

Before the GDC started, gamers were expecting a plethora of news to be coming out of the conference. However, it is day two and nothing groundbreaking has come out of the conference yet. It has been like any other conference, with morning and afternoons filled with sessions where developers are talking about industry best practices.

Although, some rumors have actually started to pick up steam such as this mysterious bombshell Sony is set to drop during the conference. It’s difficult to say if there is any merit to the rumor, but apparently Sony is set to announce a game that will move PS3s. Some have speculated that it could be Grand Theft Auto V or Metal Gear Solid V.

Another likely rumor that has been picking up steam could be related to Gears of War 2. According to the rumor, Gears 2 will be getting a nice expansive DLC coming out soon. If true, it could be in the form of a map pack or a single player expansion. Geoff Keighley said something interesting earlier on his Twitter. He said that he found it interesting that Variety is not expecting any “Gears of War 2-level” announcements. He also goes on to state that they are wrong.

It will be interesting to see if the announcement is literally an actual Gears of War 2 level or expansion pack. Forum posters have seen Gears of War 2: Dark Corners listed on the Marketplace in Japan earlier in the day. Considering that Microsoft is horrible at keeping secrets, this rumor has more weight than anything else. Make sure to stay tuned for more news coming out of GDC.

26 Responses to “GDC 09: PS3 selling game en route and Gears 2 DLC exposed”

  1. Bourne:

    Cmon MGS V, Hideo don’t let us down.

  2. Barnabe Jones:

    My guess is that the mysterious bombshell will be Team ICO’s game. I think we’ll also hear about the slue of PSP games being released, Resistance 2 DLC, LBP Update, & Firmware 2.7 with rumored multiple PSN logins on a single console.

  3. Ivan_PSP:

    Xbox 360 is just for DLC
    PLAYSTATION 3 is for full must hot exclusives
    I don’t care about Team Ico.

  4. CAD:

    What!!! You don’t have multiple PSN login on a single console. What the hell is that. Sony tries so hard to make the PS3rd look like it the best thing on the market yet there is all these little things that they don’t get right. It’s basically been an inferior console trying to be a 360 but at a higher price. You guys are truly fooled. As for Gears of War 2 that would be a great announcement and I hope your right Mike. But I noticied last night there was a update on the game and they changed the ranking system. At first I missed the symbols for ranking up but the new numbers system is better and you can see your progess as you go now and it make the game more fun and seeing your accomplishments makes you want to rank up even more. This update is great because before people did not know what the hell you had to do to rank up. I would play forever and not rank up. I went up 3 ranks yesterday. I think they just breath more life into this game with such a simple change.

  5. Barnabe Jones:

    CAD, I know the 360 can have multiple users on a console, but can you use your own login in on someone else’s console? Example: When you are at a friend’s house, you can login with your own GamerTag that you normally use on your console? Just curious.

  6. CAD:


  7. phranctoast:

    ps3 has multiple logins per console! Just not at the same time. The only benefit for this is for split screen games where the other user can be tied to their account.

  8. Barnabe Jones:

    Actually, I tried to login to my Girl Friend’s PS3 and it wouldn’t let me. I got an error message. You know how you are allowed to download something you purchased from the PSN up to three times? I was trying to download my games to her console, but I couldn’t even log on.

  9. lock_down:

    Final Fantasy VII remake I’m going for this secret game.

  10. SW:

    I’m betting on FF7 remake.

    Prolly end up being Haze 2 or something ;)

  11. Arvis:


    Do you TRULY believe there is a chance of that happening? The FF7 remake, I mean…

    I WANT to believe… I really do… Can you convince me?


  12. SW:

    Well I was going to type up a long response.

    But I guess the answer to the question:
    “Can you convince me?”

    Is, erm, no.

  13. lock_down:

    I think the remake is most logical given that the FFVII PS3 tech demo was shown in 2005…that gives them more than enough time to work on a remake.

    GTA V already? No way. MGS5 already? No way? And there’s no other big console selling game that could be announced as an exclusive.

    Square Enix know it will be be huge; it is the largest selling FF game after all.

    If it’s gonna happen though, I reckon Sony will save it for E3, just to show up Microsoft; who in turn showed up Sony last year.

  14. Royzy:

    Da da da dah da dah! [superhero intro music]

    Well Barnabe, you have to create a new ‘user’ on the PS3 (far left of XMB), then click sign up to PSN, choose ‘use existing’.

    Basically you have to get your own little area on the console to stop your save files conflicting. Though any downloads are shared.

    My friend downloaded the Wipeout demo and I used my ‘access key’ (comes with the full version) on his console to make it the full version. But when I deleted my user, it deleted the key too. So you have to keep your user on there for people to use it in their area on the console. Not sure that it’d matter if you actually downloaded content (rather than just the key) though. Worth trying with a demo or something to see.

  15. Royzy:

    ‘Prolly end up being Haze 2 or something’

    SW, that wasn’t very funny was it. I’ll blame you if it is.

    If it was up to me, out of GTA5, MGS5 and FFVII remake, I’d go for FFVII. Actually VIII, but VII will do.

    MGS5 I’d love, but I’d rather wait longer and get something mind blowing perhaps next gen.

  16. Barnabe Jones:

    Roy, now that you mention it… that makes total sense and seems painfully obvious. Thank you! You are truly the Chuck Norris of gamming.

  17. bigmickyd:

    wait for it

    wait for it…

    still waiting…

    Gran Terismo 5… from no where :O:O:O:O

  18. bigmickyd:

    or some sort of purple monkey dish washer?

  19. harry sachz:

    Noby Noby Boy Sigma?

  20. kev:

    it took hideo 4 years to get MGS 4 up and out to market. expect MGS5 around 2012 at this rate.

    regardless of what it is, to have sony claim another impending game is a “console mover” since so many have failed, just seems weak and almost sad…..

    they don’t need sales spikes, they need trends… but alas…too little, too late and farther they fall…

  21. phranctoast:

    Xbots Talking about the ps3 failing are weak and sad.
    Especially when the wii is owning the 360 up and down in sales, while the 360 was out for a year earlier and is $50 cheaper now!!!!

  22. SW:

    So Sony and MS are in one big familly of failure? :)

  23. phranctoast:

    in comparison to Nintendo….unfortunately.

    Now we can look forward to next gen where nooone will bother pushing graphical upgrades because, apparently most people don’t care.

  24. Barnabe Jones:

    If I ever meet Shigeru Miyamoto I will kick him square in the nuts!

  25. SW:

    “pushing graphical upgrades because, apparently most people don’t care.”


    I wouldn’t mind sitting where we are right now in terms of power, however game devs have to *try*. E.g. Look at Animal Crossing. The game is fugly on Wii, a big fat jaggy fugly mess.

  26. phranctoast:

    I’m more for pushing resolution higher. You can have a fairly simple game that could look great simply being in 1080p. Look at Tekken 5 DR on the psn. Game looks great since it’s so damn crisp.

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