Killzone 2 to get Co-Op soon on the PS3?

April 8, 2009

Killzone 2 to get Co-Op soon on PS3? With the recent reveal of an announcement this Thursday regarding Killzone 2, many gamers have started to speculate what it could be about. The hottest rumor on the Web is around the possibility of a co-op patch coming to the game.

The Playstation 3 exclusive title, Killzone 2 has been getting its fair share of traction in the media circuit. Some have even dubbed it to be the best FPS of 2009. One thing is for sure, Killzone 2 is definitely one of the best FPS out there. I’ve been spending an incredible amount of time playing the addictive Warzone mode, where objectives can switch up on the fly.


According to Gametrailers Spike TV promo video, the show will be announcing something big for Killzone 2 this Thursday. Many have already speculated that the announcement could be regarding a map pack or a co-op mode addition.

Historically, when Geoff Keighley says, “first look at what’s next for…” it has proven to be something like a DLC map-pack. He said the exact same line leading up to the DLC map-pack announcement for Gears of War 2.

There is also a glimmer of hope that the announcement could be a co-op addition to the game. The reason why this is feasible is clearly apparent to anyone who has played the game. In about 95 percent of the game you have a partner there with you during the campaign. Video game journalists have questioned even before the launch of the game why Guerilla Games would pair you up with an NPC if the studio had no plans to incorporate a co-op mode.

It could be very well that this feature needed some additional work and the studio did not want to delay the game over this mode. If this is the case, many gamers will be pleasantly surprised with the new addition to the game. Make sure to stay tuned for more information regarding Killzone 2.

42 Responses to “Killzone 2 to get Co-Op soon on the PS3?”

  1. SW:

    Kev said its not possible. So nope…

    Being serious here for a second tho… I am predicting map pack.

  2. bigmickyd:

    map pack + new skins + new game modes + new weapons for about $5-10… $10 if included co-op

  3. phranctoast:

    Didn’t the studio already deny this a while ago?

    If it’s in the works why bother deny the rumor?
    If Epic could add split screen MP Co op should very well be possible. I have a feeling it’s just a map pack announcement.

  4. Barnabe Jones:

    My money is on map-pack. Co-op would be very cool though.

  5. jojo29:

    Map pack.

    But, lets not forget that GG had previously stated that vehicle combat would be patched in later :)

    One can only hope :)

  6. kev:

    epic already had a splitscreen engine running for the 360′s version, so all they had to do was tweak it for the ps3′s release (why it took so long to get to market) and viola!- splitscreen for the ps3.

    i seriously doubt Guerrilla will launch a splitscreen coop mode yet….if ever….

    doesn’t matter anyway. the tools writing this fanboy drivel never print retractions or corrections to their 99% failure rate of predictions…… ah..fanboys…

  7. phranctoast:

    kev, I believe Mike was asking a question and not making a prediction. Theres a clue to this. See that little squiggly thing at the end of the sentence.

  8. kev:

    he asked a question, the wrote 4 paragraphs on why it will be so. rumors and speculation is enough for this guy to hype it. the question mark is a good point. they only use it to give the impression of objectivity. it doesn’t work.

  9. phranctoast:

    thats what you got from reading that.

    In the first paragraph the word speculate and rumor pop up.

    second one basically kisses KZ2 ass.

    Third one says there is a big announcement and uses the work speculate again.

    Fourth is a gametrailers history lesson.

    Fifth has the phrase “glimmer of hope” that it “could” be due to the context of the game with the NPC.

    Anyway. I also doubt Co-op will appear on KZ2. This sounds too much like additional maps. Ill be pleasantly surprised if I’m wrong though.

  10. Ivan_PSP:

    Co-Op or New Maps all i need either one is perfect. Fuck Split-Screen we don’t need that shit now. Also new vehicles or Weapons or More Ranks. Wow Guerilla Game can sell more millions adding all of the above of my comment. this game is already amazing. I want Co-Op like Resistance 2 plus a regular one too.

  11. darkwhitehair:

    ok… Mike reports on a rumor… and… kev talks about another company that did something before Guerilla Games did… I dont see the connection here… didnt WaW have co-op too? does that make the game any better…

    jesus fucking christ…

    Mike… PRO Tip…

    Geofff Keighley… great guy… good journalist… but that man is a hype machine… that is all he does… he lives to hype his next episode… I went through his blogs… his twitter… and even his article on gamefly… all he does is hype his next episode of GT TV or Bonus Round…

    doesnt mean he is untrustworthy… but… take it with a pinch of salt…

  12. phranctoast:

    umm… In kevs defense, I brought up Epic first.


  13. kev:

    dwh – just shuddup already. everytime you post, you look sillier…if that’s possible….

  14. Arvis:


    Pretty sure that’s what he’s going for. Pretty silly guy.

    Speaking of which, DWH where is that article you promised Blorge would be running today? ;)


  15. harry sachz:

    Ivan, you don’t want co-op only because your moustache can’t play games with you.

  16. Ivan_PSP:

    I want Co-Op so bad or new maps please god let this update come. Sony

  17. Spideydog:

    Moustache fighting “dah da da da dah da da daaaa” Fast as lightning …………

  18. JofaMang:

    I am going more than a little nutty trying to get the 3 kills in one blast of the m82/st52 trophy in KZ2.. anyone got any hints?

    As for Co-op, I could see myself trying it out, but its not something I have been dying for. I have never cared for Co-Op play, opting more for human opposition than teaming up to kill AI.

  19. Fallen Angel:

    IGN has a great tutorial for PS3 games.
    I love Killzone 2 is so beautiful a amazing achievement. As for new content i would love anything.

    ivan Sony uses that slogan for the camera commercial not PlayStation lol.

  20. yamumsawersome:

    “Video game journalists have questioned even before the launch of the game why Guerilla Games would pair you up with an NPC if the studio had no plans to incorporate a co-op mode”.
    you are kidding me wright?
    seriously your in a war are you not?
    last time i checked when in a war your going to be on a team not go and take over a country/planet by yourself.
    seriously this would have to be the stupidest thing i have ever herd.
    and BTW co-op IS NOT coming to this game i dont know how many times ive said it so give it up.
    seb moth666 who is the online producer for the game announced like 8 months ago that co-op WILL NOT be patched due to graphical limitations he stated that it would be impossiable why i dont know nor do i care just hurry up GG fix those fucking 5021 BS errors and release the DLC than ill be happy.

  21. yamumsawersome:

    simple do it in the warehouse in the first levl stand back and aim for head shots.
    i found that one easy the revolver and 5 kills with 1 grenade(i think its 5) were a hell of alot harder took me forever.
    ive only got 2 trophies to get than ive got the plat.
    get into the top 1%
    and finish the game on elite its so FUCKING HARD.
    im on the cruser lvl where you fight the heavy and keep duying seriously this game is harder than uncharted on crushing and i almost broke my tv finishing that game i dont think im ever going to beat kz2 on elite if im having so much trouble with the cruser imagine what its going to be like defeating all the enemies before the face off with radec

  22. JofaMang:

    I found the revolver trophy pretty easy, just started the game on easy, and in the first stage, used the infinite gun turret NPCs to get 3 headshots kills in one clip.

    I was under the impression that the 3 kills in one clip trophy with the m82/st52 required one nonstop blast for the 3 kills. I have witnessed friends getting that trophy by accident, but I haven’t been so lucky.

  23. kev: sure was easy getting rid of darkwhitehair…

    i think you’re right arvis. just some kid starved for attention…

    what is “dark white” anyway? dumbest. name. ever.

  24. JofaMang:

    Hurry up Kev, you are late for junior high assembly!

  25. kev:

    jofamang – *sigh* given your lack of industry knowledge, lack of gaming insight and inability to stay on topic, i’d say it was yoiu that are too young to be here. “junior high”…? you’d laugh if you knew how long ago that was…

    now, begone troll…. recess is almost over….

  26. JofaMang:

    The holy trinity Xbot CADCONKEV calls anyone a troll? Priceless!

  27. phranctoast:

    “you’d laugh if you knew how long ago that was…”

    Now it’s just plain sad. When we thought you were 14-17 at least there was a viable excuse. :)

  28. Arvis:


    All I said was that DWH is a “pretty silly guy.” Which he is. I’ve played enough Street Fighter with him to know he is sort of a freak when it comes to social graces.

    But he’s not unlikable, by any means. He’s really into games, geeky stuff, the internet. He’s interesting. You’d like him if you played games with him, instead of just arguing about them.


  29. harry sachz:

    Yeah I like dwh. He’s sick in the head. We get along.

  30. kev:

    arvis – you could be right. but i don’t want to take any chances.

    i don’t like him for the same reason i don’t like 99% of ps3 fanboys. they reject what’s best for gamers and the industry in leiu of blind loyalty to sony and their movie player.

  31. kev:

    phranc – i don’t care how old or young you are, there is no excuse for you, IVAN, darkwhitehair, or spidey.

    loyalty to sony is one thing. to worship them, as you do, is in excusable.

    but hey, i get it; you’re insecure about buying the ps3. i would be too….

  32. Arvis:


    You know you kinda do the same thing with the Xbox brand…


  33. Spideydog:

    100% correct Arvis. I’d agree with him except for the pot/kettle issue !!

  34. harry sachz:

    Well… the announcement has come and gone. Just a map pack, but I am not surprised. I am sure I read somewhere that a staff member from Guerilla (a chick if I recall correctly) said that co-op would be impossible, split screen that is.

    I gave it another chance yesterday incidentally. Boy, there are a lot of warehouses in Helghan. Also, does anyone else find it strange that although they speak English, the signage on the streets etc are in some strange alien language?

  35. SW:

    I havn’t played the game (spare the demo) arry, but are you in some kind of an industrial area perhaps? As for the english thing, guess its just a narrative type thingy. Look at shows like Stargate, would suck if they subtitled em.

  36. Fallen Angel:

    Well if you beat the game you already play the maps.

  37. harry sachz:

    Fallen angel, seriously, is that you, Ivan?

  38. kev:

    Arvis – no really. the facts support my claims. no such facts exists for ps3 fanboys to use.

  39. Arvis:


    “loyalty to sony is one thing. to worship them, as you do, is in excusable.

    but hey, i get it; you’re insecure about buying the ps3. i would be too….”

    Facts support these claims? What are you talking about? You’re just as blindly loyal to the xbox as any playstation fan here…. or is it more accurate to say that you’re blindly AGAINST the playstation brand, and since Nintendo abandoned us this gen, you have nowhere to put your gaming faith other than in the 360?


  40. kev:

    arvis – i have given you facts, told you how to research them, yet you REFUSE to, for fear of learning the truth. I’ll bet you still haven’t googled Dan Greenwalt and the 9,000 parameter issue have you….


  41. Arvis:

    Er… I have, but I didn’t learn anything (except that this Greenwalt fellow is a class act, you could learn something from him). “9000 parameters” is still just an undefined designation and there is nothing out there that says which simulator uses “more physics” than the other.

    You prefer Forza (which to me is insane for any real car lover) and I prefer GT. Neither of us is wrong or right. The fact that you can’t accept this basic truth is why everyone has such a hard time respecting you here.


  42. lock_down:

    Arvis, what’s the point?

    You know he’s still going to spout the 9000/300 nonsense, even though we know that he has absolutely no clue what the numbers mean or what they’re representing.

    Let him be…

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