Evidence PS3 may finally get a Fallout 3 DLC

May 2, 2009

Evidence PS3 may finally get a Fallout 3 DLCThanks to a deal struck with Microsoft, the Xbox 360 has been getting the royal treatment from Bethesda Software regarding Fallout 3. The console is set to receive three DLC contents with two already available for purchase. However, there are clues indicating that the PS3 may be receiving DLC for Fallout 3 soon as well.

Fallout 3 is hands down one of the best RPGs of last year. I have currently clocked over 120 hours including the DLC contents. I am definitely looking forward to Broken Steel which will wrap up the battle between the Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel. If you recall, I harshly criticized Bethesda Software for not making available the Broken Steel DLC to PS3 owners as it is a pivotal closure to one of the biggest loose ends in the game.

According to multiple retail sites, a new DLC bundle is available for pre-order titled Fallout 3 Expansion Pack: Broken Steel & Point Look. The bundle is not all that surprising as Bethesda has done something similar for the first two DLCs. However, the inclusion of an unannounced DLC titled “Point Look” or “Point Lookout” was surprising.

Bethesda and Microsoft announced an agreement to release three DLC for the Xbox 360. However, since the agreement (contract) will have run its course come May 5, chances are good that the fourth DLC will be made available for the PS3.

Another big clue came when Shacknews asked Peter Hines, head honcho of Bethesda Software, about the fourth unannounced DLC. Hines made an interesting comment when he stated:

We have said there will be three DLCs for Fallout 3, for PC and 360… Beyond that we have no announced plans for additional DLC.

The thing that caught my attention besides the “no announced” comment was the wording of the DLC announcement around the PC and 360. Usually a company would be shouting at the top of its lungs regarding a new DLC. However, considering the fact that Hines is only talking about DLC for Xbox 360, it sounds like an exclusivity agreement in action.

This is the same kind of dance you would see if a journalist were to ask a software company if there are plans to bring the exclusive game to another system. With the release of Broken Steel around the corner, we will most likely hear more about this fourth DLC in the coming weeks.

52 Responses to “Evidence PS3 may finally get a Fallout 3 DLC”

  1. CarlB:

    Point Lookout, Maryland… interesting. It makes sense that if you made millions off of the first DLC’s you would want to continue the process with more.

  2. harry sachz:

    I don’t know Mike, you seem to be drawing a long bow there.

  3. darkwhitehair:

    arvis would cream his pants if this was true…

  4. Mike Ferro:


    Well the contract is for three DLCs with Microsoft, It makes sense that after seeing how successful the DLCs sold, that they would want to sell it on both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

    Its not like it would take a great deal of development time to bring it over to the PS3 once finished, since they already have a working engine for the system.

  5. CarlB:

    It makes sense Microsoft would not want to lose DLC exclusivity considering how successful they have been so far with it. A million more copies of Fallout 3 for 360 sold… not bad. If they keep up the DLC they can get another few million over the years for a relatively small cost.

  6. Zoar:

    Everybody, go buy Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason, right now!

  7. Spideydog:

    How much did it cost for Microsoft for the 360 exclusive Fallout 3 DLC Carl ??

  8. CarlB:

    Probably not as much as it would to make the entire game exclusive Spidey.

    Speaking of DLC, I am waiting to play The Pitt and Operation Anchorage until after Broken Steel comes out so I have that much more to level up with…

    So I am playing Lost Odyssey right now and was wondering if anybody else had downloaded the Seeker of the Deep DLC?

  9. SW:

    With every topic about FA3, I feel compelled to tell you all that Oblivion (imo) was a trillion times better.one!!

    Now stick that in your pipe and smoke it whilst you suck a lemon…

  10. Spideydog:

    So you say they got it a relatively small cost, but do not actually know what they paid for it ??

  11. harry sachz:

    I don’t know Mike, still sounds like a long bow to me.

    @ Carl, I didn’t get any DLC for Lost Odyssey. how far have you gone? If it’s any help, I discovered an island down south of the map somewhere which has these pretty tough monsters to fight. Winning one fight would level my players up. As a result I leveled up rather quickly and had no problem killing the bad guy with the goatee.

  12. Spideydog:

    Hey ….. I’ve got a goatee ????? Not a Ivan mou though !!!!

  13. Royzy:

    I agree with harry, I don’t think word play really suffices as evidence.

    But by all means, bring it our way! I’d love some Fallout DLC.

    A goatee Spidey? You should have a facial hair growing competition with Ivan. The newest addition to my face is a black eye.

  14. CarlB:


    “So you say they got it a relatively small cost, but do not actually know what they paid for it ??”

    Yes, but this is just a guess, and I could be wrong. There is the possibility that they paid more for it than they would have an actual exclusive AAA game (say 30-60 million for KZ2?), or that they are losing money with every extra copy of Fallout 3, DLC, or 360 sold due to the DLC exclusivity, I just do not think it is probable.


    Not far (not even past the first chapter), I had just gotten it before I left and am now revisiting it after having finished Fallout 3. Thanks for the tip, I will definitely keep it in mind. Have you played Tales of Vesperia yet?

  15. harry sachz:

    Spidey’s got a goatee?!?!?! …… GET HIM!!!!!!!!!!oneoneone!!!!

    @ CharlieB,

    I don’t think Vesperia has graced our shores yet. It’s strange, we get most games on or around the same release day as the US, but some games take forever to come out here, e.g Rock Bank was released here after Rock Band 2 was released in the states.

  16. harry sachz:

    Sorry, that was ‘Rock Band’

  17. bigmickyd:

    harry, err we got Rock Band 2 yet?

  18. CarlB:

    @ HaroldS,

    Rock Bank is actually a pretty good nickname considering the money it has raked in. Sorry, didn’t remember you were in… Europe? Looks like you will only have to wait another couple of months though.

  19. harry sachz:


    Nope, not yet, although you can probably pick it up from Ebay.


    I am an Aussie, where we pay double the price of any other country for our consoles and games.

  20. bigmickyd:

    yup down here we get games late and very much over priced (aside from fifa which i still dont understand y, but we get about a week earlier then everyone else and i picked it up from JB HI-FI for $80 on day of launch… which aint bad out here

  21. harry sachz:

    I love JB Hi-Fi. Launch games always seem to be the $80 mark while the EB next door is trying to flog them for $110.

  22. bigmickyd:

    my local “game” store had a lil sign in the window saying we match any price* (it litrally had the * next to price) yeah… they wouldn’t match JB’s prices… and i only really shop at game for the games that don’t have a real big market or games that are a few months old, but even JB has a bigger catolog now days

  23. harry sachz:

    gotta love those asterisks….

  24. Spideydog:

    JB’s is good. EB’s is getting better too. If you can hold out a little bit you can pick up games cheaper. The 2 for $50 is cool too.

  25. harry sachz:

    Spidey, true. Although I saw that Kmart is selling Burnout Paradise for $25!

  26. Spideydog:

    I don’t think we have a k-mart in Canberra !!!!

  27. ncaissie:

    I shop at EB games and get some games for $5 $10.
    I find they sell the games at a price they should be. Unlike places like walmart which charges $50 $60 for almost all games.

  28. Barnabe Jones:

    “I am an Aussie, where we pay double the price of any other country for our consoles and games.”

    -Is there any reason for that? I’ve seen you mention that before, and it just seems weird that they would do that to you guys.

  29. Arvis:

    I knew a girl from Trinidad & Tobago who had to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars just for Final Fantasy X-2 when it came out. You Aussies don’t have it THAT bad…


  30. CarlB:


    Walmart has the same deals… keep an eye on this link, it is down now but was up by several more pages of just 360/PS3 games just a few days ago between $5-$10 (I went ahead and picked up Stranglehold for $9 from Walmart.com, and Crackdown for $9 from newegg.com):


    Bestbuy.com also just had an awesome $9.99 sale with titles like Devil May Cry 4, C&C Red Alert, Condemned 2, etc.

  31. harry sachz:

    Barnabe, I think they like to use the old ‘currency conversion plus shipping is why you have to pay more’ line on us, not that any of us believe it.

    No KMart in Canberra? Damn, apart from the zoo (parliament house) what else is there to keep you occupied?

  32. bigmickyd:

    harry, lik my father told me, if ur ever in canberra make sure you dont do a shit in the morning, it gives you something to do at night :)

    and Arvis, the difference between T&T and AUS is that well where ment to be just behind you guys (as in EU/USA) yet we get everything late and over priced annndddd not everything comes out down here… it’s annoying… hell we got socom for gods sake something like 4 months after it droped in usa

  33. harry sachz:

    I just took a look at the Broken Steel trailer, damn that looks like fun.

  34. CarlB:

    Hell yeah. Staying up for the release.

  35. harry sachz:

    I am glad I kept my ‘good’ save. I started again and killed everyone I came into contact with.

  36. CarlB:

    The real trick would be to enslave everybody you come into contact with, then pickpocketing those you couldn’t, then turning them all into goo for your dog to lap up at his convenience. I’d probably still spare Fawkes though.

  37. Spideydog:

    “No KMart in Canberra? Damn, apart from the zoo (parliament house) what else is there to keep you occupied?”

    Porn and fireworks !!!!!

  38. harry sachz:

    haha oh yeah, forgot about the porn and fireworks!

    That sounds like fun Carl, i’ll give that a crack on my third playthrough.

  39. CarlB:

    Set. Broken Steel downloaded in 3 min 50 sec. “Broken Steel has been loaded. Your level cap has been raised to 30.” Oh yeah.

  40. CanderousXOrdo:

    I feel like Microsoft put up that much money for FO3 exclusive DLC because they don’t really have any good exclusives for this entire year. Instead of them trying to start a new franchise, they just keep paying to make expansion packs exclusive, same goes for the GTA IV DLC

  41. harry sachz:

    How is it Carl?

  42. bigmickyd:

    score, just got FO3 and VC for $105 total at JB!!!

  43. CarlB:

    Faster pace than usual… of course I am skipping my usual closet by closet search and just following the arrow… just as fun as before, if not more… the quest levels also seem longer… I want Prime to be my companion, but Fawkes is still doing great, even on the hardest level of difficulty. Let’s just say there is no shortage of nearby Tesla Armor right now. I just hit level 21 (leveling up seems slower)… but I still haven’t finished the first quest, and I’m savoring it.

  44. CarlB:

    Level 22 now and on the second quest… I just found myself (“Carl”) lying dead in the tunnel… weird. Apparently I was a ghoul doctor in a past (or future?) life. What’s even stranger is I found another right next to me who had the fairly unique name of one of my students who I just happened to meet on XBL when I came back.

    As I move farther into it, it just seems like more of the same (which I think is a very good thing), but with some very unique experiences added (I won’t spoil it here).

  45. harry sachz:

    Fawkes is your companion? He wouldn’t tag along with me at the end of the original game, my karma was too bad.

  46. CarlB:

    Yes, I am a good guy… it seems to allow you to experience a lot more quests and content that way. I would say Fawkes is the best companion if you want a tank. I still haven’t picked up dogmeat though, so I might get him and the “puppies” perk. With that I could hold my own dogfighting matches…

  47. JofaMang:

    Just remember that Dogmeat isn’t essential, once dead he stays dead, unlike many other companions.

    He also has pretty low HP, hes a boutique companion at best.

  48. harry sachz:

    I’ve never had a companion! Can we get hookers?

  49. CarlB:

    Jofa, I already finished the retail Fallout 3. None of the companions are essential (at least not yet), and the perk mentioned above (that comes with the DLC, one of several perks added with it) allows him to respawn.

    That he has low HP doesn’t surprise me, as he is a dog. One of his main uses seems to be locating (sniffing out) hard to find items, such as alien power cells (of which there are more of in Broken Steel, man I love the Alien Blaster).

    Harry, you can have the Super Mutant hooker, I’ll take the human woman.

    Seriously though, this game takes the cake for “the weakest hooker” award. That’s the one in Megaton. I want Dukov’s, and I even rescued one, with no professional courtesy.

    You can have Cherry the hooker as a permanent companion with some finagling, but she is mainly a lover, not a fighter.

  50. harry sachz:

    Damn, seems like I only scratched the surface of the game by the sounds of things. I guess i’ll be playing it through again sooner than I think.

    Did you get my friend request Charlie?

  51. CarlB:

    yessir… last night, and accepted… I’ll go ahead and send a party invite.

    This is the best I have found to get all the greatest stuff out of the game without wandering aimlessly for hours or reloading constantly for trial and error… I’ll start you out with the link to the hooker, but the site as a whole (for Fallout 3) is awesome:


  52. CarlB:

    yessir… last night, and accepted… I’ll go ahead and send a party invite.

    This is the best I have found to get all the greatest stuff out of the game without wandering aimlessly for hours or reloading constantly for trial and error… I’ll start you out with the link to the hooker, but the site as a whole (for Fallout 3) is awesome:


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