Sony targets Apple Apps with PSP Go!

June 26, 2009 unveiled the super compact PSP Go! during E3 earlier this month. The new PSP Go! will rely completely on downloads, which is actually fairly progressive when compared to what Sony has traditionally done and what’s out on the market. It seems like one of the reasons why Sony went this route was to target the Apple iTunes App Store with the PSP Go!

According to CNET (via Kotaku), Sony’s Al De Leon indicated that even though most of the apps available from the PSN Store will be games, there will be some non-gaming applications available. He also pointed out Sony announced a whopping 80 percent price drop of the development tools to spur this kind of interest.

I am hoping for the development community to start cranking out bite-sized games and applications for the PSN Store like the Apple iTunes App Store. Despite lacking a touchscreen, the PSP Go! has one advantage over the iPhone, its built for games. Developers should have a much easier time taking advantage of the PSP Go! for game development than the iPhone.

Another huge advantage the PSP Store will have over the iTunes store is the video store. Sony announced plans to expand the video store on to the PSP Store so gamers can now download movies from one of the largest digital movie distribution stores onto their PSP anywhere there is a Wi-Fi hotspot.

As Kotaku pointed out, Sony has released some non-gaming apps for the PSP in the past such as a translator and a street guide. There is even a GPS app out in Japan, but unfortunately it never made its way overseas. Focusing more on building up the PSP Store just might be what Sony needs to propel the PSP Go! to the next level.

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