Sony making big mistake not supporting Home game launching

July 23, 2009

Sony making big mistake not supporting Home game launching Game launching within Home on the PS3 is one of the most useful features for gamers. However, it seems like this feature won’t be mandatory for all games and will be up to the developers to implement. This could be a huge mistake, making Home less attractive to gamers.

Home on the PS3 is Sony’s ongoing virtual world experiment akin to Second Life. However, unlike Second Life, Home is gamer-centric with many game spaces focusing on popular titles. There are game spaces for many titles all with mini-games to keep gamers occupied. EA Sports has a huge presence within Home with a massive complex housing a Texas Hold’em, mini-golf and racing area.

Playstation Home Online Community Specialist, Locust_Star recently announced two new spaces within Home on the Playstation Blog. Home will be getting a new EA Fight Night game space with some mini-games including a DJ game. Home will also be getting Buzz! HQ space where Home users can get together to play with 64-players in this quiz-centric game.

An interesting tidbit Locust_Star revealed is that it is up to the developers to implement game launching within Home. Currently there are only a handful of games that can be launched within Home. I understand Sony’s open attitude about development, but something as crucial as game launching should be made mandatory by Sony.

It really is disappointing that Sony is neglecting one of the most useful features within Home by not enforcing developers to implement this feature. It is strange that Home was capable of launching any game during the very early phase of the beta but Sony took that feature away later on. Hopefully users will complain enough for Sony to change its mind like the decision to make Trophies mandatory on all games starting last year.

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