Sony making big mistake not supporting Home game launching

July 23, 2009

Sony making big mistake not supporting Home game launching Game launching within Home on the PS3 is one of the most useful features for gamers. However, it seems like this feature won’t be mandatory for all games and will be up to the developers to implement. This could be a huge mistake, making Home less attractive to gamers.

Home on the PS3 is Sony’s ongoing virtual world experiment akin to Second Life. However, unlike Second Life, Home is gamer-centric with many game spaces focusing on popular titles. There are game spaces for many titles all with mini-games to keep gamers occupied. EA Sports has a huge presence within Home with a massive complex housing a Texas Hold’em, mini-golf and racing area.

Playstation Home Online Community Specialist, Locust_Star recently announced two new spaces within Home on the Playstation Blog. Home will be getting a new EA Fight Night game space with some mini-games including a DJ game. Home will also be getting Buzz! HQ space where Home users can get together to play with 64-players in this quiz-centric game.

An interesting tidbit Locust_Star revealed is that it is up to the developers to implement game launching within Home. Currently there are only a handful of games that can be launched within Home. I understand Sony’s open attitude about development, but something as crucial as game launching should be made mandatory by Sony.

It really is disappointing that Sony is neglecting one of the most useful features within Home by not enforcing developers to implement this feature. It is strange that Home was capable of launching any game during the very early phase of the beta but Sony took that feature away later on. Hopefully users will complain enough for Sony to change its mind like the decision to make Trophies mandatory on all games starting last year.

49 Responses to “Sony making big mistake not supporting Home game launching”

  1. CarlB:

    “Hopefully users will complain enough for Sony to change its mind like the decision to make Trophies mandatory on all games starting last year.”

    I wish they would incorporate Trophies on PSP as well.

  2. kevo:


  3. harry sachz:

    God bless Home. I had fun times before I got my brother in law banned from there.

  4. Knighthawk:

    I’m sure it had nothing to do with you doing or saying something perverted! ;)

  5. harry sachz:

    If asking strangers if I could go knuckle deep is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

  6. Bourne:

    So i’m not sure how game launching works. You meet in a space such as say resistance, meet mates there, insert the disk, and then all go into a game together? Is that what it is? Haven’t been in home for a few weeks, i love the resistance game, and the inFAMOUS game was pretty addictive.

  7. randygland:

    n1 harry! :D

  8. Rimmer:

    How does that relate to the Headline? The fact that Sony are implementing games start from within Home means that they are supporting it, or? Mike & Dave, I do wish you guys would stop trying to use inflammatory headlines that bear little resemblance to the actual story.

  9. Ivan_PSP:

    harry sachz:
    Stop the a lies… You wish you had the privilege of at least touching a high quality must have product like the Sony PlayStation.

  10. harry sachz:


    What’s there not to believe?

  11. phranctoast:

    standardization is one of the positives MS implemented. It would be nice if Sony could follow suite on something like that.

  12. kev:

    Home IS the mistake…..

  13. Roca.:

    Home is NOT all THAT Great, but it is not bad at all… i go in there once in a while just to see whats up and play some arcade games.

    Home is just a optional Feature for me that i use between games. but Home is a huge project and i dont expect it to be a hit anytime soon. so far it is still a BETA and it is free so i cant complaint.

    Gamelaunching was kool for Warhawk.

    ***Mike you made me buy the Killzone 2 “Flash n Thunder” map pack last week for 5.99 and now they are releasing a bundle with all 3 map packs from $11, that’s messed up u didnt metion nothing about the bundle*****

  14. ncaissie:

    ^^ Ha! Ha!

  15. ncaissie:

    I don’t go into home often. I think Home has potential to be a lot more then it is.
    Launching games from within should be mandatory for sure.
    I think if you’re in Home and launch a game then when you exit the game you return to where you were in home.
    That would be cool.
    Also there is no way I will pay to decorate my virtual apartment. That is my biggest problem with home.
    I think as you earn trophies you should unlock furniture and stuff in Home.
    Maybe the game developers can add home stuff to their games that is game themed.

  16. CAD:

    First Launching from Home is Stupid. Who wants to take the time to log in then update then load again just to walk to the space in Home so you can meet your buddied and go in a room to launch a game. How tedious and stupid it that. The 360 has it way more streamlined, simple and easy to meet up and launch a game. Just start a party room and invite your friends and play a game together or just meet up and talk while we individually play whatever we want.

  17. Barnabe Jones:

    I was in the beta, so I ended up getting a free Summer House and furniture. My place is pimped out. We can party there yo. Just pick up some beers before you stop by.

    I haven’t been there in a while now. I think they got better at designing game spaces. At first they were just empty spaces decorated to be themed like the game (Uncharted), but all of the newer ones actually have games you can play (Buzz, WarHawk, Resistance, Infamous, EA sports complex, etc).

  18. Roca.:

    CAD i havent download a single update for Home in a while, unless I want to go to one of the Added new places. and for me the updates takes about 10 secs Max

  19. Barnabe Jones:

    Have to share…

    Amazon has Final Fantasy Dissidia for $36.99 ($3.00 off). If you pre-order you receive a free 12 track CD with the sound track. If you use the promotion code: SAVE5DIS, you receive another $5.00 off.

    Final price – $31.99
    Retail price -$39.99

    $8.00 off a game that isn’t even released yet is huge.

  20. Roca.:

    Thanks for the info, Barnabe Jones.

  21. SW:

    Awww, shit.

    Kev actually said something I agree with. :(

    I feel kinda dirty.

    Sony should take home out back and shoot it. Either that or put it in a time machine and send it back to the year 2001 where it may actually be innovative.

  22. CON:

    “Home is NOT all THAT Great”

    YOU sound an awful lot like SOMEONE else in this FORUM

  23. Arvis:

    All Home needs is more to do. Recently I met up with some friends to play Texas Hold ‘Em, and that was a lot of fun. There needs to be more things like that to do in Home, and it needs to be a little easier to do it.


  24. Mike Ferro:


    I really want trophies on the PSP as well but Sony has revealed that it won’t be happening on this gen PSP because its hacked. It would compromise the whole trophy system if users are able to get at them through the PSP.


    Sorry about that, I had no foresight on that package. If it makes you feel better Im in the same boat as you.


    Well you can launch in with friends from the XMB without going into Home, but I think Home would be awesome just for Clan Support with game launching within Home.
    For example I would be able to find strangers who love Battlefield 1943 in the EA Home Complex and form a clan quickly and jump into a private match against another clan there.

  25. Happyhockum:

    “you made me buy the Killzone 2 “Flash n Thunder” map pack last week for 5.99 and now they are releasing a bundle with all 3 map packs from $11″

    Hang on, I though only M$ did that, is $ony (wow, see what I did there, how clever is that!?) following suit?

    Will Roca b!tch about this forever too?

    Yeah right.

  26. lock_down:

    I too agree with kev.

    Although I don’t really feel dirty per se, it’s more of an empty feeling.

  27. ncaissie:

    HH, you have problems dude.

    CAD, What if your in home chatting with new people and they have a game you have and want to play. Why not have the option to launch from in Home? And if that happened then why not let the person go back in home from the game so they save loading times.
    Maybe they can find a way to put home as a background process.

    Another thing I wanted in Home is a big TV in each pad.
    Then when you walk up to the TV it shows a controller in hands like a FPS.
    Then show your PS3 menu on the TV with all the things you would see if you were not in home.
    Then allow you to play your videos, pictures and stuff right on that TV.
    Also it should give you a full screen option like the screens in the plaza.

    That would be Awesome! You could stay logged into home and have no need to exit.

  28. phranctoast:

    way to encourage him. Now he’ll never go away

  29. Ivan_PSP:


    I can’t wait for my Visa card to get my money soon first thing I’m buying is this new Killzone 2 map pack. I so far got every trophy for all the new maps.

  30. CAD:


    Well after reading what you and Mike wrote it is an intresting idea. Personally though your going to meet people just playing the game online. I have a stack of friends and I don’t even know a majority of them. You see Microsoft has the whole social networking aspect downpact. Everyone has a headset and it allows for easy communication. As you play you will meet people who you like or who you have a good game with and you befriend each other that way. I don’t need to go to Home to find some that might have the game. I go online and the people intrested in the game are playing it too. For example, most of my friends love to play Gears but I love Racing games and they are not that into it. So I had to develope friends by playing online who love racing and now I have a collection of guys on my list that have the games I have. The same situation happened for my friend who loves soccer. We’re not that into it and therefore he has developed a network of friends just by playing soccoer online. Yes it’s cool to go to Home to maybe meet someone with your intrest but with most people not having a mic it really makes it a tedious thing to do. You’ll find those people quicker just playing the game online.

  31. Roca.:

    CAD, HAPPY, lock_down, Ivan, phranctoast, ncaissie…

    the point is Home is not for everybody, some ppl enjoy it, some ppl just go in there in their down time, some ppl just dont care for it, and some ppl hate it.

    if you dont like it, thats fine home is not mandatory or something that you have to use to play games or a great gaming expierince. if you like then that’s another option for you to expand you gaming expierence.

    Sony did create Home to make money out of it, they did to bring new ways of gaming. but you can still ignore it if you dont like, no big deal about. so stop complaining.

  32. Happyhockum:

    Er, I wasn’t complaining about it.
    I’ve never used it and have no 1st hand knowledge of it.

    I was asking how come you endlessly slam M$ (I think that’s how you often put it) for charging for stuff or for repricing that leaves some feeling hard done by yet when $ony do it (wow, huh, clever, eh?) you gripe once and that’s the last anyone ever hears of it.


    What problems?
    Given how ‘verbal’ Roca/Ivan is on this sort of stuff how come you reckon pointing out the clear inconsistency is a problem?

  33. Ivan_PSP:

    The problem with HOME is that you can’t really do anything only play mini games and watch the same trailer always. HOME can be so much better Sony should allow CRACKLE to be viewable via HOME free. I use HOME to talk with some people when i need help in a game.

  34. Roca.:

    are you talking about the killzone 2 map pack happy?

  35. ncaissie:

    I don’t think they are the same person.
    They are a lot alike but not the same person.
    You just don’t seem to let things go, and that’s why I said you got problems.
    That Andrew_DS yes but not Roca.

  36. Roca.:

    let them think we are the same person, they dont know what else to say to pissed off PS3 owner.

    like SW said “just give up”
    it is no worth arguing with these ppl

  37. Ivan_PSP:

    Roca damn u level 11 im just almost level 6 you got 704 trophies n harrysachz is level 3 maybe not the same harry as from here. im getting the new killzone 2 map pack the third next week.

  38. Roca.:

    lol…….im a huge gamer. I buy almost every game out there. also i never traded any of my games. I have about 25 PSN games, and about 54 bluray games. wats harry ID?

  39. Happyhockum:

    “are you talking about the killzone 2 map pack happy?”

    Well seeing as I quoted you and mentioned it specifically I think it’s pretty clear.

  40. harry sachz:

    I don’t have a PSN ID, I use my brother in law’s account when I am there, but tell that other harrysachz that I said he’s a grubbly little cocksmoker.

  41. Roca.:


    what does that have to do with sony? its my own fault for buying a map pack a week before rhe bundle came out

  42. Happyhockum:


    That’s just the sort of thing you would slam MS (er, I mean M$) for.

  43. Ivan_PSP:

    Nice to see you added me i can believe that you have such a high level my level is pretty low haven’t play for a long time. Just got the third Killzone 2 map pack and well i love the previous 2 but this new pack sucks i just got it to get the trophies and to own it. I’m going back to Resistance 1 & 2.

  44. harry sachz:

    Awww how cute, you’re talking to yourself!

  45. Roca.:

    Happy u’ll never see me doing that. if you have any proof feel free to prove me wrong buddy

  46. Roca.:

    @ Ivan

    Im at such a high level because I keep all my games, i never trade games in (just sports games like Madden and The Show). I go back to all my games from time to time and try to get some throphies while at im at it.

    Harry why ur so into Ivan, why dont you go to ur brother in law’s house and add Ivan and maybe he will play with you if not, there is always HOME lol

  47. Ivan_PSP:

    I don’t play with fags like harry sachz

  48. harry sachz:

    Again with the gay stuff Ivan? Hey remember that night we spent walking hand in hand down the beach, coming home and making love while on fire? You’re an incredible kisser.

  49. JofaMang:

    “while on Fire”


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