PS3 port of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus a possibility – among other gaming news

September 29, 2009

PS3 port of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus a possibility – among other gaming newsIn any video game discussion the two titles that are mentioned most frequently as games that all gamers must play are ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. These two games flew under the radar during launch but have since built an army of cult followers. It seems that PS3 owners may now be able to play these two classic titles in high definition with enhanced graphics.

In a recent discussion between famed creator of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, Fumito Ueda and Kotaku, the developer indicated that there is a possibility that these two fantastic games may get the God of War Collection treatment. For those that don’t know, God of War Collection is an enhanced remastered version of the first two God of War games. A dedicated studio, Bluepoint Games will be responsible for remastering the game at 720p native (not upscaled) running at 60fps with anti-aliasing.

It seems Ueda wants the same treatment for ICO and SoC. Its not even a passing interest either as he already has a meeting setup to discuss the feasibility of doing this next week. He does admit that it may be a bit of a challenge because these two games pushed the boundaries of the PS2 so it may not be a straight forward conversion.

In other news, the PSP Go is set to hit the store shelves in a matter of days on Oct. 1. I know some of you are excited to pick this puppy up and ready to go all digital, while others have been skeptical like me. I own a fat PSP and have been satisfied with it. I have a robust collection of UMDs and really can’t see myself carrying both handhelds. I know Sony has indicated that the device is really targeting new customers rather than existing ones, but I still can’t help feeling left out.

I do like the fact that the PSP Go is the size of an iPhone and it has 16GB built in. Well it seems like Sony is trying to make it easier for gamers to take the plunge with the company promising 16,000 pieces of new content Oct. 1 according to Joystiq. Sony confirmed that this Thursday, the PSP Store will get 225 full downloadable games (includes new and legacy titles), 2,300 movies and 13,300 television episodes.


It sounds like the majority of the contents are movies and TV shows that will be made available on the PSP Store. However, the 225 full downloadable games remark has my attention. That super compact PSP Go with 16GB storage is starting to sound pretty good.

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