Naughty Dog uses SPUs instead of GPU for Uncharted 2

November 14, 2009

Naughty Dog uses SPUs instead of GPU for Uncharted 2Uncharted 2: Among Thieves may be the best looking game on the consoles to date. The graphics look stunning with beautiful high-res textures running at a solid framerate. The secret to Naughty Dog’s success apparently lies in the full utilization of the SPUs on the PS3.

The PS3 has seven SPUs on the processor and a graphics card (GPU). According to an interview with Gamasutra, Naughty Dog’s lead designer and writer, Neil Druckmann revealed why Uncharted 2 looks so good. In the first Uncharted game, the studio utilized about 30 percent of the SPUs and relied more heavily on the graphics card or GPU. However, in Uncharted 2, the game utilizes 100 percent of the SPUs and very little of the GPU.


Druckmann clarifies this statement, by stating that this does not mean Uncharted 2 uses 100 percent of the PS3’s potential power, but uses all seven SPUs at once. The game is truly a technological masterpiece as there is absolutely zero loading time in the game and no hard drive install required.

Druckmann also revealed that the studio is now focusing on building tools first-party and third-party developers can use to make games that look as good as Uncharted 2.

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