Man who sued Sony over Resistance ban now suing Microsoft & Nintendo as well

November 22, 2009

Man who sued Sony over Resistance ban now suing Microsoft & Nintendo as wellSome people never learn. The man who sued Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) after being banned from PSN is now suing Microsoft and Nintendo as well. He wants compensation for the “stress” and “sadness” caused by the Xbox Red Ring of Death and the loss of the Homebrew Channel from his Wii.

In July, Erik Estavillo filed a lawsuit against SCEA after he was banned from the Playstation Network for his behavior while playing Resistance: Fall Of Man online. The lawsuit was dismissed in court but Estavillo has since launched an appeal.

Now, according to Game Politics, Estavillo has named Microsoft Corporation and Nintendo of America as defendants in a federal complaint. He is seeking $75,000 from Microsoft for the “undue stress” caused when his Xbox 360 suffered the RRoD and the “sadness he will have in the meantime of finding one he can afford.”

He is also seeking $5,000 from Nintendo as his “pursuit of happiness” was interfered with when the console’s 4.3 update allegedly disabled his Homebrew Channel.

Estavillo claims to be disabled and suffer from “depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia and Crohn’s disease.” In light of these lawsuits he should maybe also add douchebaggery and dumbassness to his list of medical complaints.

8 Responses to “Man who sued Sony over Resistance ban now suing Microsoft & Nintendo as well”

  1. CON:

    What a fucking loser! LOL.

  2. JofaMang:

    …and the home, of the free!

  3. CAD:

    Yes major Loooser

  4. Saber_HAHAha:

    I’m lost for words. He shouldn’t even be allowed to waste some lawyer’s time. Shut the legal screen door on his face and be done with him…

  5. CON:

    At first I’m thinking it was one of those “no win, no fee” companies but would a company be that stupid to take this on?

  6. Akaro:

    It gets even better, the guy also argued that Nintendo tried to make him buy Mario Galaxy to unlock “Rosalina” in Mario Karta Wii since according to him there is no other way to get it (which is false).

    That sounds right, let´s sue companies for adding more content that can be unlocked easier by having more games, yeah!

  7. phranctoast:

    quick question.. I know how the word is spelled in the USA.


    not looser

    Is this a difference in the word depending on location like how the “Z” in NA becomaes an “S” in UK??

  8. JofaMang:

    We say “Zed” in Canada instead of “Zee” for the letter Z. Pulp fiction actually makes sense to us:

    “Who’s Bike is ‘zis?”
    “It’s Zed’s bike, baby”
    “Who’s Zed?”
    “Zed’s dead baby, Zed’s dead”

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