Peter Molyneux: 2010 to be “a landmark year for games” thanks to Natal & more

January 13, 2010

Peter Molyneux: 2010 to be "a landmark year for games" thanks to Natal & morePeter Molyneux has been in the industry for long enough to know when an important year in gaming is kicking in. And he just happens to think 2010 is such a year.

Speaking to MCV recently, Molyneux proclaimed:

I’m most looking forward to the end of 2010 as it represents the biggest year ever for both myself and the industry. If we get to the end of the year pulling off half of what’s on the cards it will be a landmark year for games.

Molyneux is no doubt talking about Project Natal and the strange but potentially brilliant Milo, which Molyneux is working on and which he demonstrated at E3 2009. And Natal does certainly have the capacity to signal a change in the gaming landscape, with motion-sensing moving beyond the Wii and moving beyond controllers altogether.

But 2010 is looking brilliant for more reasons than just Natal, with many huge games due out and price cuts sure to drive hardware sales. So, is Molyneux being accurate in his predictions or is he hyping himself, his projects, and the industry a little too strongly? As he’s been known to do in the past.

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