2009 video game industry revenue breakdown

January 16, 2010

2009 video game industry revenue breakdown With 2009 behind everyone, most analysts are busy crunching numbers to assess the state of the video game industry. Just in the U.S. alone, video games accounted for $19.66 billion in revenue for 2009.

The revenue for 2009 was actually lower than what it was in 2008, which was $21.4 billion. Despite the slight decline, analysts have indicated that the video game segment remains strong.

According to CDR Info, It has been revealed that out of the $19.66 billion, approximately $10.5 billion is from software sales and $9.16 billion is from hardware sales.

Sony’s Playstation brand accounts for $5.1 billion of the pie, while Microsoft’s Xbox brand accounts for $4.8 billion. It seems both the Xbox and Playstation brands balance each other out for the most part.

The 360 has double the userbase compared to the PS3 resulting in more gamers buying the same games. In contrast, even though the PS3 has a much smaller userbase (half), this deficit is made up by the fact that each PS3 purchased contributes more revenue dollars towards consumer spending. Also, the Playstation brand consists of the PSP and PS2 as well.

It is unclear what Nintendo’s 2009 revenue was but I suspect it to be around $6 to $7 billion, leaving $3 to $2 billion in third party and PC software sales.

Despite the current recession in the U.S., the video game industry seems for the most part unfazed. It will be interesting to see the sales figures from across the globe.

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  1. Saber_HAHAha:

    It’s great to see that gaming has turned into a huge and rapidly-developing industry. Things can only get bigger and better from here. The recession didn’t make much of an effect on it, and there are good reasons for that.

    Now, some people may growl and nip and each other, but it’s all just fun and games… it’s those dusty old anti-gamers that we should focus all of that rage on ;)

  2. Ivan_PSP:

    PlayStation is the real true brand of gaming. The PS2 is the PS1 and PS2 are the real godfathers of gaming.
    Sony is doing awesome. I wish them the best of luck not like they need any.

    Mike Ferro:
    Thanks for this article. Kudos gave…


  3. Mike Ferro:


    lol, what is that, was that taken from our Google ad banner?
    We have not control over what gets put up there, thats all Google “sensing” tech. :)

  4. Ivan_PSP:

    Mike Ferro:

    This link i found ages ago http://content.yieldmanager.edgesuite.net/atoms/ca/84/d8/ad/ca84d8ad4bea93ab1ec825a430098e49.gif if that’s what you talking about. Anyways i thought it would be fun putting it up i had it bookmarked a for a long time. And yes the gods at Google put things like this but i found that link using Bing by mistake.

  5. Ivan_PSP:

    I gave you kudos for your Gamer.Blorge article not the link since i got it from Bill Gates new COPYCAT search engine. Wow a second post.

  6. Ghost:

    LMAO at Ivan and his google ads…

  7. Ivan_PSP:

    It was not a Google ad it was a Bing ad which was really weird. But yes i adore Google especially Google Adsense is where i make my money without that i would need to get a real job which i usually last 2 months be quitting LoL.

  8. Saber_HAHAha:

    LOL I also saw that banner somewhere yesterday. I looked at it, and rolled my eyes.

  9. CarlB:

    Ivan admires Mike and they get along like peas in a pod… who’da thunk it? :)

    Seriously though, congrats on a much more balanced and informative article this time around Mike… though it’s bound not to get nearly as many hits as “THE REVENGE OF THE PS3″(!) or “NATAL SLOW” articles ;)… please continue maestro, for life would be a little less colorful without them.

  10. Ivan_PSP:

    Why so mad…?

  11. CarlB:

    Actually happy- Lates Issue of Game Informer: Bayonetta gets 92 — Game of the Month Award: “If you’ve always thought Dante and Kratos were too tame or just not stylish enough, you’re going to fall in love with Bayonetta”

  12. CarlB:

    “The Edge… There is no contest between the two versions of Bayonetta. If you have the option, play it on 360. When compared side-by-side, the PS3 release clearly falls short in visuals, framerate, and loading times.”

  13. Ivan_PSP:

    I already knew that from your last comment. But most multiplaform game suck like Army of Two.

  14. Roca.:

    Carlb is still whining. Lol

  15. CarlB:

    No Roca, just quoting the latest publications take on the latest games… why so upset? LOL.

  16. Ivan_PSP:

    You like quoting a lot. Write your own thoughts no biased please.

  17. CarlB:

    Wow, Ivan, it will be hard to follow your example, but here goes… Bayonetta is awesome, a must play. I also read by the way so I quote what I read that supports my existing thoughts as well, or what I find to be interesting news, much the same as you often do when quoting Sony PR, though your posts may seem somewhat biased to a few at times… I don’t know how that could happen.

  18. Ivan_PSP:

    I quote Sony hmm i do? I always write mostly my own factual thoughts.

  19. CarlB:

    Riiight… nothing “biased” about them either “hmm”? You do.

  20. Ivan_PSP:


  21. Roca.:

    Carlb still is whining because of mikes previous articles. If it bother u so much feel free to write ur own articles and stop whining for once

  22. CarlB:

    Still whining about what I write Roca? If you took the time to actually read and understand what I wrote, you can see that I actually complimented him on this article and appreciate his others. Stop whining for once.

  23. CarlB:

    In any case, despite Sony’s billion dollar loss in revenue last year (largely due to falling PS2/PSP sales), it looks like there may be a bright side… possibly even a new PSP:


  24. Roca.:

    I took the same…just like everyone else (including mike) to see and understand why you were whining just because of a negative article about Natal and MS. wow dont be so sensitive next time.

  25. Roca.:

    same = time*

  26. CarlB:

    Ummm… Roca, I cracked a joke about the author and he didn’t like it, then listed the rest of the story… days have passed and you’ve already mentioned it ten times… are you over it yet or still devastated? Wow. Talk about sensitive.

  27. Roca.:

    it is just sad what a whinie you turned out to be…it was about time for Mike to set you straight lol

    next time try not to take it personal and not be sensitive about it.

    you argued his opinion on DA:O, his article about Metacritic and Kotaku giving the PS3 title for best quality lineup of 2009. you argued that Natal which you haven even played…just pathetic

  28. CarlB:

    4 days, over ten comments, and counting… devastation takes a long time, apparently.

    Joking isn’t taking it personal or being sensitive, though it may upset some, like it apparently has you. Try not to take it personal and be so sensitive about it.

    You forbid “arguing opinions” or expressing different ones now Roca? Good luck with that. Heaven forbid we mention what is left out of any informative article… that would just be sacrilegious. Mike hasn’t played Natal either, are you calling him pathetic? Sounds like an “indirect” “personal attack” to me ;)

  29. Roca.:

    who’s upset…im just laughing that you have to whine in defense of Natal…pretty lame.

    “Mike hasn’t played Natal either, are you calling him pathetic?”

    he did play all 3 version of DA:O but there you were arguing with him when you only had played the 360 version…pretty pathetic.

    now I understand why Mike had to set you straight. and you are the only one taking things personal and coming in defense for every little article critizising Natal or the 360.

    I will be out of work in 30 mins. so…..

  30. CarlB:

    Dude. It’s been four days. You can let go now. I like to mention the other side of things when only one side is being presented as I did recently with kev commenting on Sony’s Wand delay being a bad thing, or CAD/HH comments about PS3.

    In any case, now that Sony’s delayed the Wand until Fall, I think it will have a much better chance of beating Natal. so….


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