Rumor: Insomniac to go multiplatform, not surprising

March 13, 2010

Rumor: Insomniac to go multiplatform, not surprising There is a rumor going around that Insomniac Games, a studio that has been historically PS3 exclusive will be going multiplatform. Considering the fact that Insomniac Games is an independent developer, this is completely feasible.

Insomniac Games is an independent developer that is not owned by Sony. The studio has historically developed exclusively for the Playstation brand. However, according to IGN a “trusted source” has revealed at GDC that the studio will be developing on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 in the future.


This is completely possible and probably most likely given how expensive it is to develop next gen games. Even Bungie, a former Microsoft studio is rumored to be working on a multiplatform, Xbox 360/PS3 game currently.

However, don’t expect Ratchet & Clank or Resistance to pop up on the Xbox 360 anytime soon. According to the US Trademark database Sony owns the trademark for both titles. The multiplatform title will most likely be a new IP with a major publisher like Electronic Arts. I suspect we won’t be seeing the game for sometime as Insomniac Games is currently busy working on Resistance 3.

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  1. Ivan_PSP:

    I can’t for Insomniac Games and Sony debunking this a the lie it is. Also Insomniac Games has multi-year contract. Plus yeah every game they made is %100 own by Sony. All the money too without Sony they are basically nothing no money they even admitted to it. This is just a bad RUMOR.

  2. Ivan_PSP:

    Who ever design thew PlayStation website needs to be fire immediately because they made it looks horrible it looks like an idiot made plus it lags like hell and you can only post when i try to reply the site goes out is shitty now not worth going anymore. I hope they re-design the thing.

  3. RomasantaMC:

    I highly doubt this but Insomniac does deserve to be making more money that it is on games. They are by far my favorite dev.
    Only the games published by sony do they have the rights over. I wonder who would be insomniacs publisher if they went multiplat

  4. Ivan_PSP:

    What else other then Sony’s IP do they make just Ratchet & Clank and Resistance and a few old 90s games. They will most likely publish their own game and their new game would most likely being made by their new North Carolina studio. It might actually be true. I don’t think it will be a bad thing for us PlayStation owners since we won’t lose anything not even their new IP since is also for PS3. The only reason Sony doesn’t own Insomniac Games is because Ted Price doesn’t want to sell his precious company. They still have multi year contract to develop for Sony so you never if IGN is lying.

  5. CarlB:

    “I can’t for Insomniac Games and Sony debunking this a the lie it is.”

    IGN – “We contacted Sony for comment but the company was unable to respond before publish time. Insomniac Games’ president Ted Price said only that the developer does not comment on rumors and speculation.”

    Nice. Next up Sucker Punch and High Impact Games.

  6. Ivan_PSP:

    Don’t get your hopes up just read this title below.

    IGN claims to have “overheard” something at GDC 2010.

    “Though it has a strong and long-lasting relationship with Sony, Insomniac is an independent studio, and free to develop for whichever platform it wishes. Naturally, though, they cannot make a multiplat Ratchet and Clank or Resistance game, as both of these franchises are owned by Sony. They also cannot expect Sony to publish a multiplatform game, so that leaves the question of who would fund development and market the game.

    Insomniac Games’ Ted Price gave the usual “We do not comment on rumours and speculation” response, which reveals nothing.”

    “and 90% of these “insider sources” are completely fictional”

  7. JofaMang:

    Considering that the main drawback to Multi-plat games has been the use of the 360 as the lead platform and shoddy porting to the PS3, this news doesn’t bother me at all. I would assume that multi-plat titles from insomniac would perform very well on the PS3, considering the almost top-notch quality of their PS3 titles thus far.

    Losing exclusivity isn’t that big of a deal, considering the extremely large amount of variety in the 1st and 2nd part studios as it is. Let the 3rd party studios make money however they see fit, if they produce subpar titles, the market will punish them for it.

  8. JofaMang:

    Now that I think of it, wouldn’t it make sense for even 1st party studios to make multi-plat games? I mean, if they got the PS3 nailed down, and can promise quality on sony’s system, wouldn’t it make economic sense to try to tap into the other 50% of the HD console market?

    If sony was secure enough in the longevity of the PS3, then they should be able to release multi-plat titles from 1st party studios if only to make cash off the 360 install base (and claimed attach rate).

  9. Ivan_PSP:

    That will never happen 1st party games from Sony on Xbox 360 not just because is impossible to do them on console but because is bad for business it makes them less powerful and gives the competition far more power. This is bad for Sony IF IT WAS TRUE

  10. Ivan_PSP:

    I meant on the Xbox 360 console. And you need to learn more about business buddy.

  11. stopstopp:

    Sony, just buy insomniac.

  12. Ivan_PSP:

    Sony ages ago Ted Price just won’t sellout. But they should let Sony own them since Sony owns Ratchet & Clank and Resistance plus gets them the $$$. I know this is just IGN’s way to get some traffic which is sad.

  13. ToshithegreaT:

    Sony, just buy insomniac.

    Wow so you want Sony to buy “insomniac” just coz its rumored that their next ip will be multi.. lol

    Anyone who’s actually a gamer here..

  14. Ivan_PSP:

    Insomniac Games won’t sell Sony has already try that method. But Sony should try to buy them again they are almost as talented as Naughty Dog. This rumor soon too be destroy by Sony. We all gamer.

  15. ToshithegreaT:

    “We all gamer”


    Aren’t you that said, if mgs 4 wud have been multi, it wud suck.. Sure i believe you..

    BTW i m loving this, anybody else noticed these incresed fix your 360/rrod/three red light ads on blorge and other sites

    and here you people say that $ony Sucks at “MARKETING” :)

  16. twilight:

    There is a lot of money to be made for both systems. It just doesn’t make sense for many companies just to develop only for one system. I never understood why people get so bent out of shape because a game goes multi-platform. As long as you are still getting the game on your system, who cares?

  17. Ivan_PSP:

    You said stop but yeah now that you mention that it would suck since they would have to make a whole new game in order for it to fit on Xbox dvd9 supported disc. Just look at ffxiii they cut like half of the content.

  18. stopstopp:


    I’ve wanted Sony to buy insomniac for ages.

  19. ViRuS:

    Seems like alot of people are jumping on the multi platform band wagon.

    I see the self proclaimed “console killer” is supposedly arriving in June.

    Does anybody believe this is actually going to take off?

  20. stopstopp:

    I don’t see insomniac going multiplatform anyways, as the games would suffer.

  21. Ivan_PSP:

    What games Sony owns everything they done so far. And IGN thinks they heard this how pathetic are they for more traffic. Insomniac Games is never going anywhere.

    Not Insomniac Games. Well just according to IGN LMAFO.

    Look at this from Insomniac Games Facebook official profile.

  22. phranctoast:

    I think Insomniac will go multi platform for a XBLA and PSN title that they are working on in the New North Carolina studio.

  23. Ivan_PSP:

    Just got $5 gift for Amazon and i got MLB the show 06 for 0.93 cents lol.
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  24. CON:

    IVSPAM you really shouldn’t dig so many holes for yourself

  25. Ivan_PSP:

    Go back crawling to your hole.

  26. The Future of Sega:

    Those bastards still have Resistance 2 priced at 60 fucken BUCKS!!! The fuck with them. I could give two fucks about whether or not they go multiplatform.

    Those assbags can fuck in HELL for all I care! I’m serious dude, they really pissed me off with that shit.
    And thats why I refuse to buy Resistance 2. Unless the store gives it to me for free…I don’t care.

    ….sell out cock sucking bastards…

  27. Liquid:

    The future of sega

    you should try amazon for resistance 2. really good game. . . . “assbags” lol i like that one..
    hey did you hear i got banned for a week?

  28. Roca.:

    Insomniac said a while ago that they will develop exclusively for the PS3 for this entire generation

  29. The Future of Sega:

    Hey Liquid, whats going on pal? Well I don’t have any credit cards on hand…lol speaking of credit cards you should read one of my old posts where I talked about that. lol if you type in “The Future of Sega Hi uh i rellay got myself into really bad debt…” it should pop up.

    lol good times :-) I loved Resistance 1 but haven’t played Resistance 2….anywho…you got banned for a week? how? when? where? what? and why? lol

    sorry i couldn’t resist saying that. aaah man you should’ve been on gamerblorge back in late 2007 and 2008. I was REALLY crazy back then!

    Seriously, I alone changed this site :-) Because of my behavior back then, Gamerblorge established the login systems. I used to hack everyone’s name on here and pretend to be them lol.

    It was so funny back then! For 3 months no one had a clue who it was hahaahahhahahaha….

    but now im more subtle. but hey, what happened?

  30. The Future of Sega:

    I think it’s safe to say that I still hold the record for the most bans on this site. Hell, for the entire internet period! lol. i’ve been banned from youtube, gamespot, gamerblorge, ps3 daily, xboxnews, every free blog posting site, and more.

    lol aaaah the good ol days :-P

  31. Liquid:

    hahahahahaha your posts are hilarious man. i got banned coz i made fun of mike and dave and said a load of insulting things, and just spammed articles with swear words lol

    i tried to get back on with four diferent logins and all got banned until dave emailed me and said he would let me bk on. the logins were. . .

    terry tickleballs
    lord sony
    the return of liquid

    it was some funny lol

  32. Liquid:

    the future of sega

    what 3 ppl do you hate the most on blorge? lol

  33. The Future of Sega:

    Yeah that sounds like me a year ago…two years. lol. i did the same thing. but i got around the ip block. i downloaded a program to change my ip address. lol. aaah it was fun back then.

  34. The Future of Sega:

    Originally? I would say Harry Sachz (who’s no longer with us), Dave Parrack, and Ivan (because of his broken grammar). lol

    But eventually me, harry, and ivan became cool. Dave became my worst nightmare…he would ban me CONSTANTLY dude! lol i mean it was ridiculous back then. lol. but now, that Happy Hockun gokkun guy really started to get on my nerves with his “prophetical” pornbox 360 talk.

    It really became annoying…But now I would say that I’m cool with everyone. I use to have a problem with everyone…ncaisse, barnabee bones erm i mean jones, la cocka rocka, phranctoast, you name it ;-)

  35. Liquid:

    hahaha yeah happyhockum is a fucking idiot. . . i really hate kev, i think he was permanently banned. and ivan. . . .i was okay with him at first but then one day he just really pissed me off, and his grammar really fuckin annoys me! he actually admitted he loved sony, what a loser lol

    i read your post about credit card debt. . hahaha it was hilarious. and harry sachz is still here

  36. SW:

    “I used to hack everyone’s name on here and pretend to be them lol.”

    By hack you mean that you put a different name into the posting box.

    H4x0r indeed.

    You’re both plonkers (man, what an old word)…

    @Jofa – Yeah but you gotta keep your exclusives :)
    As much as carl likes to poke fun at the delayed ports the PS3 gets, some of us are willing to wait if needed (I’m talking more of PC than PS3 tho).

  37. Liquid:


    SHUT the FUCK up you fat spotty bastard who does nothing but play world of warcraft coz your fat and a VIRGIN!!! i HATE you the most! you stupid piece of shit. . faggot pc gamers. . .

  38. The Future of Sega:

    Well technically S.W. (stink wank) it wasn’t a hack. I was just using everyone’s name back then because there wasn’t a login system. I’ll be honest I started the name “hi-jacking” but I wasn’t the only one doing it.

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    he used to piss me off!….but i eventually gave myself up…on another site :-) and barnabee jones gave me away! he linked my “surreneder post” to this website when i first got banned.

  39. The Future of Sega:

    lol liquid.

  40. The Future of Sega:

    Kev was a nut job! I think I was the one to get him banned when I informed Dave of his disturbing picture icon.

    I didn’t find his picture amusing in the slightest. And so I reported him just for revenge :-) he got me banned so i got him banned :-P TAKE THAT FUCKER!!!!

  41. Liquid:

    hahaha fuck, i wish i had known about blorge that den!

    hey SW

    what the fuck have i done to you? is it coz i think the 360 sucks donkey dick? is it coz i annoy and insult nearly evryone on here? or is it your just pissed off about getting your sister pregnant? ha ha ha

  42. Liquid:

    what was kevs picture? lol

  43. Kevo/Sir_Chubs_Alot08:

    who gives a fuck that insomniac goes multiplat…its all business and if shit doesnt sell well, u bet ur ass conpanies will come up with other alternatives…id gladly share insomniac with epic studios or something like that

  44. Saber_HAHAha:

    Epic, Bungie, and Insomniac going multi-plat is a pretty good thing. However, we’ll never see Halo or Gears on the PS3 or R&C on Xbox.

    And I’m also very curious about what Kev’s picture was…

  45. Kevo/Sir_Chubs_Alot08:

    i have a feeling shit is gonna go down on this site lol

  46. Liquid:

    i just cant believe how fuckin shit the 360 is and how gay microsoft is. . .insomniac will never go multi-plat, they will never betray sony. Sony should and they will buy insomniac and sucker punch. nobody listen to what that faggot carlB says. . he is just annoyed coz he has a small dick. and why the fuck would we care if high impact games went multi-plat? what have they made on ps3? they have only made about two psp games and that is it. . .

  47. Kevo/Sir_Chubs_Alot08:

    i wish metal gear wasnt goin multiplat…gaming is beginning to become the perfect definition of sell out

  48. The Future of Sega:

    Kev’s picture was a picture of a tortured Iraqi with a black blanket over his head standing naked with his hands out. This was back when the U.S. marines abused some of the Iraqi’s….personally i didn’t find it amusing but took full advantage of the situation and got his arse banned for good :-)

    I never did like the guy in the first place lol.

  49. Liquid:

    thats CON your thinking of. kev was a massive 360 fanboy who always trolled

  50. Ivan_PSP:

    Interview: Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells

    Read the interview from Evan a real PlayStation guy.

    I highly doubt Insomniac Games would do such thing? As Sony owns everything they have done well basically the entire Resistance series and Ratchet & Clank series plus a few PS1 games they made all belongs to Sony Corp. Also they have a contract with Sony still. The only prove IGN gave was that they overhead this. It sounds to me like they are lying to get attention aka traffic. I see Insomniac Games making smaller multiplaform games with their new North Carolina studio i bet those people might be making the new IP and the main team on a sequel maybe the unannounced yet Resistance 3.

    Wow this blog is just full of people writing SPAM they need to start moderating this blog way better and fix the white background put a damn picture.

    Insomniac Games is awesome but Naughty Dog is better and has proven to have more talent just look at the UNCHARTED series the most awarded series in history plus their games sell way better and yes resistance: Fall Of Man is almost topping 5 million and Resistance 2 3 million soon. But Naughty beats damn here too just check the numbers.

    Game developers bound to make PS3 announcement this year Bioware, Valve and EPIC GAMES the PS3 project Sony pay for them to do a while back.

    My PSN ID: Ivan-

  51. oldschool1987:

    Will never happen lol!

  52. Ivan_PSP:


  53. The Future of Sega:

    Oh you’re right! lol wrong person. Wow I really have been away for some time now. ha ha. Well Kev, I’m cool with him…Con….he needs to rot in hell…in Satan’s asshole!

  54. Roca.:

    Games reply to the multiplatform rumors in Neogaf

    ” Well guys, Ted has spoken so you have that But c’mon, didn’t we just deal with this rumo two months ago? And a few months before th And so on?”

  55. Ivan_PSP:

    I hope they confirm this soon.

  56. Ivan_PSP:

    Insomniac Games belongs Only On PlayStation. I hope they confirm that this is just a bad lying rumor started by IGN for traffic.

  57. phranctoast:

    Rumor debunked.

  58. jojo29:

    Well as good as insomniac is, I would prob not buy a multiplat game from them…simply because all multi games do not run using the ps3s potential..they are gonna go from developing full on games on one console, to developing half ass games across multiple consoles…I’m not cool with that…the sad thing is, no matter how good their multi plat game looks, it won’t look better than resistance or ratchet…and for a studio to go backwards…it won’t be good for them at all…look what yappened to crash bandicoot once it became multi plat form…it tanked…

  59. Ivan_PSP:

    Not true since a long time ago most if not all mutiplaform game look equally on both consoles.Insomniac Games never made any crash games Naughty Dog did. Both Crash and Spyro were license to Sony it was never own by Sony. Insomniac Games can make awesome multiplaform games i bet. Hopefully this a rumor.

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